About Me

Hi, my name is Niels. And this is my little “Jony”. 

I live in Netherland.

I am a blogger and traveller. 

I am a professional German Shepherd trainer and I have raised many German Shepherds and several other dog breeds from my childhood. 

So, I have started writing my experience about German Shepherds on this blog. 

I really hope it will help you to grow your German Shepherd. 

And, if you need any help please contact me anytime using the form on contact page.

In this blog, you may find some affiliate links throughout the articles. 

I’ll really appreciate if you buy the recommended products through my affiliate links to keep this blog alive. 

Though it is not much but it will really help to pay for the web hosting and domain name.

Thank you for coming to this blog and I hope you will find something useful in this blog for you and your four-legged companion. Cheers!

Niels with Jony
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