Anatolian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix: The Biggest, Fluffiest, Cuddliest Dog Mix

Anatolian Shepherd German shepherd Mix

Among the many mixed breeds of a German shepherd, the Anatolian Shepherd German Shepherd mix is one of the hybrids that breeders have successfully created.

As the name suggests, the Anatolian Shepherd German Shepherd mix is a hybrid dog created from breeding German Shepherds and Anatolian Shepherd dogs. Anatolian dogs are dominant in the native regions of Turkey.

Breeders of this mix initially were interested in creating a perfect breed of herding and guard dogs. However, due to people’s desire to breed this dog as a family dog, their purposes have changed.

Nevertheless, at the moment, the Anatolian German Shepherd is a rare and less known designer dog. However, the parent breeds have been prevalent herding and protection dogs (the German shepherd) and guarding livestock (Anatolian Shepherd) for centuries.

Consequently, the parent dogs of this mixed dog determine the characteristics and temperaments of the resulting puppies.

Understanding the Anatolian German shepherd mix

The Anatolian German Shepherd mix is a creation between two popular breeds for being loyal, territorial, and protective of their masters. The two-parent breeds date centuries ago when they were created for their unique purpose.

Anatolian German Shepherd
The Anatolian German Shepherd

Due to the characteristics inherited from the parents, the Anatolian German Shepherd mix is known to be territorial and on-watch of strangers.

The breed mix sometimes becomes aggressive and challenging to handle at home since its territorial.

Suppose you have interests in introducing the Anatolian German Shepherd mix as a family dog. In that case, you must purchase a puppy and ensure that it starts associating with household members as soon as possible.

Furthermore, for your puppy to get along with everyone around its vicinity and not scare off your visitors, it needs a reason not to do so–training them through socializing. This way, you will foster a conducive and friendly environment for your pets, children, and your Anatolian German Shepherd.

History of the Anatolian German Shepherds

In spite of the fact that the Anatolian Shepherd and German Shepherd breeds share different histories, they are co-enslaved.

German shepherd

We cannot discuss a German shepherd dog’s history without mentioning the name Captain Max von Stephanitz. He is the famous creator of the German Shepherd Dogs.

This breed was created in 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz to serve the capacity of herding and guarding dogs for herdsmen.

Max von Stephanitz was interested in creating a new dog breed that would work as a herding dog since the native country was dominant in shepherd dogs.

Stephanitz acquired the dog, having expressed interest in its intelligence, strength, temperament, and obedience. Later on, he renamed the dog Horand von Grafrath.

Successful breeding between Horand von Grafrath and other dogs saw the rise in the number of crossbreeds that saw the wolf-like dog’s creation, which became the German shepherd.

The German Shepherd Dog’s demand was due to their working ability and its maintenance of the wolf-like resemblance that many people admired.

Many of us have come across the German Shepherds in various Hollywood movies and even documentaries such as Border Patrol. We observe them used by police officers and military personnel as sniffers and chasers.

Their use is due to their loyalty, obedience, and responsiveness.

Another interesting fact about the German Shepherds is that long before keepers transported them into the United States, the Germans were already training the shepherds to be police dogs.

Following their demand among the police, a sudden surge in the number of people expressing interest in German shepherd hybrids has been recorded within the last two decades.

The German shepherd dogs have featured in documentaries, T.V. shows such as Game of Thrones, which increased their demand among pet keepers.

On a similar count, the demand for any breed associated with a German shepherd, such as the crossbreed between the Anatolian Shepherd and the German shepherd, is elevated among dog enthusiasts.

Today, the German Shepherds are prestigious dogs recognized for their protectiveness of their master and intelligence.

Additionally, German Shepherds are very hard-working breeds and possess a lot of energy. Due to their unwavering strength and commitment to work, the GSDs are very popular among the military and the police.

The German shepherd’s popularity as a family dog is due to the ease to train, and it’s socializing nature.

History of the Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd is recognized by the American Kettle Club (AKC), tracing its history to ancient Turkey. History has it that long before contemporary Turkey was even established, breeders of the Anatolian Shepherds bred the dogs to fight and hunt large animals.

However, as times changed, the Anatolian shepherds also evolved. As they kept wandering across the hills of ancient Turkey, these breeds adapted a committed shepherd dog’s features.

They would protect the flock with their lives.

As time passed, Anatolian shepherds were crossbred with other dogs to produce superior herding dogs.

Interestingly, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a very independent breed and can easily take control.

Interesting Facts about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Although the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs’ journey to popularity in the U.S. was slow, they suddenly became relevant after enacting the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

However, there was a challenge associated with the Act. The concern was how could livestock predators that had now been classified as protected species be controlled without killing them.

A solution to use the Anatolian Shepherd as a guardian dog was identified. The breed could effectively keep the flock safe from predators by simply being present.

For you to understand the reason why the Anatolian German Shepherd mix is not yet prevalent, here are some facts you need to know about the mother breed (the Anatolian shepherd):

  1. Breeders bred them to protect flocks from predators: The Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s creators wanted a dog breed that would take charge as a guard of herds and keep them safe against predator invasion. In contemporary Turkey, the breed’s homeland, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs’ role as guard dogs, still stands.
  2. The Anatolian Shepherd is an ancient breed: Historical articles that date back to as early as 2000 B.C. give a dog’s descriptions in the Anatolian region of Turkey, which match the characteristics of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

The physical features of the articulated dog include a huge and robust body with a heavy head. For instance, the biblical writing of the “Book of Job,” which is believed to be set in ancient Turkey and dates back to 1800 B.C., describes the features of dogs used in the era. The dogs were described as having large bodies and living among herds.

  1. Anatolian Shepherds can survive independently: This hybrid is very independent and can find means of survival without assistance. Further, they have adapted to protecting the flock and feeding themselves without masters’ intervention.
  2. The Anatolian Shepherds were primarily developed to serve Turks alone. The Turks developed this dog breed for their use and did not want to share them. Irrespective of their presence over a long time, the Turks never exported them.

However, until the beginning of the 20th century, the breed was exported to other nations away from Turkey for breeding purposes.

The Turks held onto the hybrid since they considered them very individual and valuable to them. The impartial importation of the Anatolian Shepherds into the United States by ranchers started in the, although they remained unheard until the 1970s.

How Did The Anatolian Shepherds Enter The United States?

The Anatolian breed’s entry into the U.S. resulted from a conversation between the Turkish ambassador and the then Agriculture Secretary Henry Wallace.

The ambassador promised to send Henry Wallace two of the breeds (male and female).

On arrival, the female was observed to be pregnant and had a parasite illness. The female gave birth to 12 puppies.

The puppies acquired huge body sizes to the extent that the premises could not contain them.

As a result, the experiment was closed, and Henry had the dogs sold out, which resulted in their spread across the country.

A Table Differentiating the Anatolian Shepherd and the German shepherd

Vital statistics Anatolian shepherd German shepherd
Also known as Goban kopegi, Anatolian Karabash, kangal Alsatian wolf dog, Berger Allemand
AKC Popularity 90 2
Group Working Working
height 27-29 inches 22-26 inches
weight 80-150 pounds 50-90 pounds
Temperaments and personality Protective and territorial, loyal, intelligent, observant Loyal, intelligent, protective
coat Short. Thick undercoat Medium length double coat
Coat color All coat colors and patterns acceptable Most colors are acceptable. Blue, white, liver not acceptable
shedding high High
Exercise needs high High
Training easy Easy
Barking levels Medium-high medium
Relation with other pets moderate moderate
lifespan 11-13 years 11-13 years

What Are the Distinctive Traits of the Anatolian German shepherd Mix?

The Anatolian German Shepherd mix is recognized for its devotion to its flock or charge. However, their territorial nature makes them less tolerant of strangers/outsiders.

Moreover, due to their immense size and strength, they require a firm trainer.

It is also good to keep in mind that the Anatolian German Shepherd mix is susceptible to boredom when they have little work to perform.

Similar to their German shepherd parent, the hybrid can quickly develop destructiveness and obsession if not given enough mental and physical exercise is lacking in their training.

How Big Is the Anatolian German shepherd Dog Mix?

The Anatolian German shepherd is a medium to large dog breed. It can weigh between 70-150 pounds, depending on which parent has the healthiest genes.

Also, this dog breed can have a length of 24-29 inches. Furthermore, the dog will have a double coat that will help keep it cool and warm in different seasons.

Also, the coat colors can vary. However, the most prevalent coat color is black and tan from the German shepherd.

Temperament and Personality of the Anatolian German shepherd

As a result of the contrasting personalities possessed by the parents of the Anatolian German Shepherd mix, the hybrid’s temperament is more dependent on the number of particular genes they inherit from one parent.

However, if the hybrid inherits more genes from the Anatolian Shepherds, the puppy will be a very serious breed that takes every instruction seriously. Also, the hybrid will adopt the character of a patient and gentle giant dog.

Unfortunately, their patience does not apply to those unknown to them. Despite noted to be less aggressive even around strangers, naturally, the hybrid never gets along with newcomers.

In the presence of strangers, their gentility fades, and they become vigilant.

Since the Anatolian Shepherds possess instincts that they toughly follow, the resulting hybrid is likely to inherit similar traits.

On the other hand, The German Shepherd displays varying personality types, ranging from alertness, intelligence, and loads of courage.

If you are interested in getting an accurate idea of the temperament, your puppy will inherit, then you will have to consult the breeder. Enquire about characteristics of the hybrid’s parents, their traits, and appearances.

Exercise Needs and Training

What you need to know is that the Anatolian German shepherd mix is a high-energy dog. This dog will thrive in lots of exercise sessions. Always seclude 1-2hrs to play with this dog.

Running, jogging, swimming, or playing fetch with your dog will help keep this dog fit.

As both parents of this dog mix are intelligent, it will not be cumbersome during your training sessions.

Ensure the dog learns how to potty or even teach the dog a few commands

The Lifespan

The lifespan of the Anatolian German shepherd mix will range from 9 to 13 tears. How long your dog lives is dependent on the care you give it.

A good diet, regular health checkups, and plenty of exercises will all prove to be vital in ensuring you live longer with your dog.

Is the Anatolian German shepherd Mix Good Family Dog?

The Anatolian German Shepherd mix does not make wonderful family dogs for just anyone.

If you just woke up and considered picking this dog as a pet without its previous know-how, I would advise you to reconsider your choices.

While the hybrid is reliable in providing security and possesses a gentle spirit, busy families may find the dog challenging to understand.

The breed is very different from other family dogs and requires special handling and training. However, if your heart still desires to own this breed, understand that more care and extra training are needed when handling the Anatolian German Shepherd mix.

Unlike other family dogs that are easy to handle, the Anatolian German Shepherd requires special handling by experienced, trained personnel, unlike other family dogs.

Although this hybrid is considered a designer dog, enthusiasts stress that it is yet to gain popularity among pet dog breeders.

The breed’s less prevalence is due to their size (they are huge-sized), temperament, and are generally stubborn.

Additionally, your Anatolian German Shepherd will require a strong handler with a firm hand (not suitable for the first time owners).

The Anatolian German Shepherds shed much of their fur, although they may not require extensive grooming. So, if you are allergic to dog fur, perhaps you need to reconsider your decision.

For centuries, creating these hybrids has focused on devoting the dogs to herding and vigilant on spotting strangers, a trait that makes them very territorial.

However, these traits should not scare you off from purchasing an Anatolian German Shepherd mix.

To summarize, the Anatolian shepherd will need an experienced dog owner who knows how to handle energetic dogs.

Also, strangers and small children should learn how to interact with this dog breed.

Does The Anatolian German shepherd Mix Get Along With Other Pets?

Fortunately, the Anatolian German Shepherd quickly gets along with other pets in the households.

The amount of socialization the breed gets exposed to in its young life determines this dog’s personality.

Their ability to socialize must also be shaped by the level and type of training they get in terms of how they react to strangers and other domestic animals.

If you are going to introduce new pets in your house in the presence of the Anatolian German Shepherd mix, be very cautious about their interactions.

Remember, the hybrid sometimes tends to be very territorial and likes taking charge. Much time is needed for the dog mix to accept the other pet as part of the family, after which there will be very minimal issues between them.

What Are the Best Foods for My Anatolian German shepherd?

Owning an Anatolian German Shepherd mix is an expensive experience. You must be willing to set aside a portion of your wallet for the dog’s food.

Their size alone is evidence that the hybrid consumes a lot of food. Also, if it inherits more features of the German shepherd, the hybrid will be very active.

Therefore, in purchasing food for your dog, you should look for that designed for large dog breeds. Further, the food should for high-energy dogs and carry additional proteins.

The Anatolian German Shepherd should consume at least four cups of food daily. The diet for your hybrid should contain dietary variations, supplementing kibble with green beans, cooked rice, and sweet potatoes. The right diet will improve their immune system and aid digestion.

Did You Know These Facts?

  1. The Germans assumed that the German shepherd’s courage, trainability, intelligence, and strong sense of smell and sight would make them the best candidates for police dogs. More interesting, their assumption was later justified by pet societies to be true.
  2. Anatolian Shepherds are essential protectors of cheetahs in Namibia. Since 1994, the breed has been vital input in the protection of cheetahs in Namibia. Cheetahs have become an endangered species because ranchers kill them to protect their livestock. The solution to protecting them from ranchers was introducing Anatolian Shepherds to help the ranchers protect their livestock from the cheetahs.

Health Conditions

Your Anatolian German Shepherd may be vulnerable to developing or inheriting various health conditions identical to parent breeds. Some of the common conditions include joint and heart conditions that develop as it ages. In this section, we divide the challenges into minor and severe for easy understanding.

Minor Conditions

  • Ivermectin sensitivity
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Eye disease and disorders
  • Bloat

Severe Health Conditions

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart disease
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hemophilia A (GS)

Final Thoughts

The Anatolian Shepherd German Shepherd mix is a creation from breeding German Shepherds and Anatolian Shepherd dogs. The parent dogs determine the characteristics and temperament of the resulting puppy.

The Anatolian German Shepherd mix is recognized for its devotion to family. However, their territorial nature makes them less tolerant of strangers/outsiders. Moreover, due to their immense size and strength, they require a firm trainer for the training to be a success.

Due to contrasting personalities possessed by the parents of the Anatolian German Shepherd mix, the hybrid’s temperament is more dependent on the number of particular genes they inherit from one parent.

Generally, the Anatolian German Shepherd mix is not a good family dog.  However, for an experienced trainer of large, stubborn, and unpredictable dogs around strangers, then you don’t have any reason to worry.

Anatolian German Shepherds easily get along with other pets in the households. However, their socialization level is determined by the amount of socialization the breed gets exposed to in its young life.

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