Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix (Breed Information)

Australian Shepherd German SHepherd Mix

The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix is the latest entrant to the world of hybrid dogs.

As from the name, this breed results from breeding the high energy working dog, the Australian shepherd and the loyal and intelligent canine, the German shepherd.

With responsible breeding, you get a medium to large dog breed that is intelligent, active and most of all, a perfect home companion.

However, to the opposite, backward breeding standards will bring out a breed mix that is fearful, aggressive and hostile to everyone.

German Shepherd And Australian Shepherd Mix Dog
German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

Hence why you always check the reputation of every breeder.

So, what should you expect from an Australian shepherd German shepherd mix? Stay tuned to understand more.

The Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix

To help us understand more about this breed, let’s first check each parent of this breed mix.

The Australian Shepherd

It’s a surprise too many that the Australian German shepherd is not an Australian native dog breed. Moreover, this dog breed is from California, United States.

The Australian dog breed originated from Basque, a region in Europe where it worked as a herding dog. Later on, these Basque herders traveled from Spain with their sheep and dogs to Australia in the 1800s. The reason why this shepherd’s dog has this Australian name.

Later on, these herders sailed to California in the USA with their dogs. It is in this region that these dogs became popular to cowboys and herders of that region.

Overall, this medium-sized dog has lengths ranging from 18 to 23 inches, and weight ranges from 40 to 65 pounds.

The males tend to be large and masculine than female dogs.

This dog breed has a medium-length double coat that can be straight or wavy. The coat coloration vary from;

  • Blue merle
  • Black
  • Red merle

This dog breed has high energy levels and love doing its job.

With proper breeding standards and socialization, you will get an intelligent, hardworking, loyal companion.

The Australian shepherd is more of a resilient dog breed that is immune to a host of diseases.

Lymphomas, thrombocytopenia, hemophilia are some health conditions associated with this dog breed, and most of them are hereditary.

With care and all needs met, this breed can have a lifespan of 10-12 years.

The German shepherd

The hardworking, intelligent and all-round dog- such a statement can summarize all about the German shepherd. Hence the reason this dog breed is ranked second by the AKC.

This former herding dog originated from Germany in a place called Karlsruhe. A Calvary captain called Max von Stephanitz made it his mission to have a multipurpose dog. This captain wanted a dog that could herd, protect and lastly be a perfect family pet.

He traveled far and wide before he could get the right combination to get such a dog.

To date, most German shepherds still retain the specific traits that this captain wanted to have.

This dog breed has heights ranging from 20 to 25 inches and can weigh from 50 to 80 pounds.

Furthermore, the German shepherd is double coated. The inner coat is dense and fuzzy, and the outer coat is harsh and wiry.

The most prevalent color combination is black/tan. However, other solid colors like black and red are also acceptable.

This dog breed has a distinctive wedge-shaped head with erect ears fitted right high on the head.

Over and above, with right breeding, this dog is loyal, intelligent and keen to listen. And are always good with children.

Although good with family members, this dog breed can be aloof of strangers.

Consequently, its ease to train, intelligence and devotion to work, makes it a perfect fit in the police and military department.

Common ailments that attack this breed dog are hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, canine degenerative myelopathy, pituitary dwarfism and epilepsy.

The lifespan of this dog breed can range from 10 to 13 years.

Comparing the Australian shepherd dog and the German shepherd dog

Australian shepherd German shepherd
origin California-USA Germany
AKC Rank 17 2
Group Herding Herding
Height 18-23 inches 22-26 inches
Weight 40-65 pounds 50-90 pounds
Coat Medium length –double coat Medium length double coat
Coat colors Black, red, blu merle, red merle Bicolor, black and tan, black and cream, solid black
ears floppy erect
Shedding Moderate high
Grooming needs Moderate high
Energy levels High high
Temperaments Smart, work-oriented, intelligent Loyal, courageous, confident, smart
Affection to strangers Low low
Barking High medium
Life span 12-15 years 9-13 years


The Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix Appearance and Size

With the above guide, you can have a picture of how this dog breed will resemble.

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is a medium-large dog breed with heights ranging from 20-25 inches, and weight ranges from 50-70 pounds.

The dog is masculine and has a bright expression.

Its eyes are either brown or blue and often almond shaped-perfectly fitted on the skull.

As from the German shepherd parent, this dog breed often has a black and wedge-shaped muzzle that is always moist.

Again the ears can either be erect or floppy. It depends on which parent has the strongest genes.

Consequently, this dog breed has a dense double coat that protects it from harsh environmental conditions.

The coat colorations are not standard. The most prevalent color combination is black and tan. However, it’s not hard to get the blue merle, red merle color markings.

Also, the tail can either be medium in length or short. It all depends on which genes of the hybrid parent are strong.

Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix Temperaments

The temperaments of the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix can vary. It always depends on the genes of the parents and the raising of the pup.

With the right training, you will get a trustworthy, intelligent, alert and loyal canine companion.

And the reverse is true.

With poor socialization and handling, you will get a fearful, hostile and lazy dog breed.

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is very protective to whom it calls family. Consequently, it’s reserved when making new friends. It will take time before this breed mix accepts you as part of the family.

Perhaps, more tummy rubs and treats will help you make your way inside the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix heart.

What’s more, this dog breed does well with children. It often protects the children as one of their own. However, it all depends on the raising standard of this dog breed.

If poorly raised, this breed mix can be hostile to children.

Consequently, children should learn how to interact with this dog breed. Children should be taught not to pull the dog’s tail or wake them hurriedly.

Also, this dog breed requires a firm leader who will reign over them. As this dog breed is authoritative, it will try to pick the top hierarchy in your family.

So ensure that the dog understands that you are the pack leader.

If not so, you may get a hard-headed dog, who chooses what, and what not to do.

That said, always consider asking the breeder how this breed mix parents portray themselves.

Don’t get a puppy who is fearful and always hiding from other pups or one that is quarrelsome and hard to maintain. Take a pup that is in the middle of the road.

The Australian Shepherd German shepherd Exercise Needs

How are the Australian shepherd German shepherd exercise needs? This dog breed mix has high energy levels that need channeling in different mental and physical activities.

So how much exercise is needed?

45- 60 minutes of play will keep this hybrid dog joyful and healthy.

Like other dog breeds, lack of play will lead to some behavioral problems that may be hard to correct.

If full of pent up energy, this dog breed can develop anxiousness and may find ways of making himself happy by becoming destructive.

Like most energetic dogs, ensure you meet all the exercise needs of this breed mix.

Exercises like jogging, walking, running playing Frisbee will meet the physical needs of this breed mix. Also, stimulate this breed mix mentally other than physically.

Puzzle toys, or even playing tricks with your breed mix, will prove to be adequate.

As you can note, this dog breed is not suitable for a family that practices a sedentary lifestyle. It requires a family set up that will give this dog numerous exercise sessions a day.

Also, this dog will require a big yard to romp and flex its muscles around. Living with this dog in an apartment will not be sufficient for the Australian shepherd Germans shepherd mix.

Training and Socialization

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is a keen learner who is always eager to learn. And with so, this dog is easier to train.

If unable to train your dog, you can enroll him in an obedience class that will sharpen his strengths.

In those obedience classes, the puppy will learn various tricks and commands that will come handy in this dog’s life span.

Some commands will be essential for this dog breed to learn. Some of the essential commands are come, go, and sit.

Training will be vital in weeding out the independent thinking this dog breed may have at times.

Socialization is important.

Also, let this dog breed interact with different sounds and sightings. Let the dog meet other pets and people.

If well socialized, the dog will never expose any unwanted traits, like fear.

Also, socialization will be vital if you want an all-round dog who is well accepted by the general community.

The Grooming Needs of an Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix may have moderate to high grooming needs.

This breed mix sheds a lot often because of its dense and thick undercoat. Often, this dog blows out his coat in seasons.

To prevent the formation of tangles and mats, ensure you have brushed this dog 2-4 times a week.

Use a fine bristled brush to straighten the hair and remove any mats that may be forming.

Besides, removing mats and dead hair; regular brushing will help spread natural oils on this dog’s coat.

Baths are not necessary on this dog breed. If need be, only bath this dog twice a year. Only use a veterinary approved shampoo. Never use human shampoo.

Human shampoo may clear away your dog’s natural flora and oils, thus causing drying and flaking.

Look at those ears, don’t concentrate only on its coat.

Check for the buildup of wax twice a week. Check for anything out-of-place like abnormal discharge, swellings and foul smell.

If not able to clean your dog’s ears, you can seek the services of a professional groomer.

Here is a relevant article that can guide you on grooming your Australian shepherd German shepherd mix ears.

  • Brush your dog’ teeth.

Use a veterinary-approved toothpaste and toothbrush to keep your dog’s teeth free of plaque and other dental problems that may affect this dog breed.

Brush the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix teeth twice weekly.

  • Nail clipping is valuable.

Don’t let the nails of this hybrid mix overgrow. As a responsible dog owner, trim the nails once a week. You can use a less vibrating clipper that will not frighten the dog.

  • Clean the eyes of your Australian shepherd German shepherd mix

You should ensure the eyes are bright and moist. If you note an abnormal discharge or different eye coloration, consider consulting your vet.

Over and above, if you are unable to meet all your dog’s grooming needs, you can visit a specialized groomer.

However, it may be expensive.


The diet of the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is not special.

High-quality kibble, low in calories, and fat content will keep this dog at an ideal weight.

You can decide to feed this dog proceeded or home-cooked food. However, consider consulting your vet on the best alternative.

The feeding guideline of this dog breed will depend on his age, size, and energy levels. Remember, pups will tend to eat more than their seniors.

Also, a couch potato dog will feed less quantity compared to an active dog.

Over and above1 to 1.5 cups of kibble will be sufficient for this dog breed. Adults can feed two times a day, while pups can eat 3-4 times a day.

Nevertheless, consult your vet on the best feeding guideline suitable for your breed mix.

Remember not to overfeed your dog, or else you will have a fat Australian shepherd German shepherd mix.

Health Condition

As common to other dog breed mixes, this dog breed is not susceptible to adverse health conditions. Some health conditions will only appear if a breeder doesn’t follow the correct breeding standards.

So here are some of the diseases that will often affect his breed mix. Note, it doesn’t mean that this dog breed will eventually get such health conditions- it a precautionary measure to help you understand which health conditions are more prevalent on this breed mix than others.

  • Hip and elbow dysphasia- a painful joint disorder more prevalent in German shepherds
  • Hemophilia- a blood disorder common in Australian shepherds
  • Bloat- a gastro-intestinal condition that affects German shepherds

Other conditions.

  • Blindness
  • Lymphomas
  • Periodontitis
  • Patellar luxation
  • Glaucoma

Nevertheless, consult your vet when you note your breed presenting with weird symptoms.

Also, ensure that you have updated your dog’s vaccination schedules in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does an Australian German shepherd Mix Live (Lifespan of the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix?)

This breed mix can live for 9-13 years. However, it all depends on the care the dog receives from you. Lack of exercise, a low diet will lead to a shortened lifespan.

Will An Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix Make a Good Family Pet?

Yes, an Australian shepherd German shepherd can make a good family pet. However, this trait will depend on his upbringing, socialization, and breeding standards.

If you want a hardworking -protective dog, then choose this breed mix.

What the Ideal Family of the Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix?

An ideal family should be active and have a spacious yard. It needs a family that will exercise him frequently in a day.

A couch potato family will not relate well with this dog.

Also, a family that lives in a confined apartment will not be suitable to have this breed mix as a family pet.

Australian Shepherd German shepherd And Children

This breed mix relates well with children – However, such an attribute depends on whether this dog knows how to socialize with children.

Some may do well with children, and some may not.

What Is the Cost of an Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix?

The price of this dog can vary. On average, this breed mix can fetch a price ranging from 500$-1500$.

The price will be lower if you adopt one as compared form purchasing from a breeder.

Also, the maintenance cost of the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix can be high.

These are the maintenance cost you will have to foot with your stay with this dog.

  • Vet check-ups
  • Grooming sessions
  • Training sessions
  • Feeding bowls
  • Toys
  • Leash and a harness
  • Food

As you can see, it will need a determined pet owner to foot these bills with ease.

Where Can I Get an Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix?

You can get this breed mix from an animal shelter, adoption center. First, consider adopting a pet before you decide to purchase from a breeder.

Adopt, don’t shop!

Final Thought

I know by now you have made your thoughts on whether this breed mix is right for you or not. If you have been seeking a different breed mix that is tough, alert, loyal, and protective to its owner, then consider choosing this breed mix.

Drop your thoughts in the comment box. Do you have this breed mix? Or would you mind having this breed mix on your yard? Tell us.

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