Best German Shepherd Toys for Boredom: A List Of The Top 12 Toys Out There

Best German Shepherd Toys For Boredom
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    German shepherds need toys to make them physically and mentally fit. Furthermore, various toys will suit any German shepherd’s need, whether it’s for heavy chewers or boredom busters; there is quite a range of these toys.

    Hence, choosing the best toy for your German shepherd is one step toward having a healthy and happy dog. Choose the wrong type or size of the toy, and your money goes into the drain.

    So, which are the best German shepherd toys that will help clear away boredom? Hold on to learn more about these toys.

    A List Of Best German Shepherd Toys for Boredom

    Are there really indestructible dog toys for bored dogs?

    A bored dog can turn to be a destructive fur ball in your house. From your shoes, sofa or pillows all will be torn within a minute. And such dogs who are all in a destructive mood will need indestructible toys that will be hard to break. But first are their indestructible toys for bored dogs?

    Well, there is not a completely indestructible or unbreakable toy. All toys are bound to break; however, the good thing is that these indestructible toys are made to withstand your dog’s battering for long without tearing apart.

    Nowadays, with the rise of counterfeits and crooked marketers, it’s hard to find indestructible toys. Give such a toy to your bored German shepherd dog, and in minutes the toy will be in sheds.

    So, should I invest in an overly hard toy to outwit my destructive German shepherd? No, that’s not the case. Some overly hard toys can be dangerous for your dog. Some of these toys are made of tough plastic, which can break your dog’s teeth. Some may break into pieces thus become dangerous if your dog ingests them.

    You may have won when it comes to getting the best indestructible toy for German shepherds, but that will come with another cost, taking your dog to the veterinary clinic now and then.

    Often cheap toys branded as indestructible or unbreakable are not worth it, as they don’t live up to their names. They break easily.

    When choosing an indestructible toy, the more expensive they are, the more they will last long.

    However, at times premium doesn’t mean high quality. You have to do your research about the indestructible toy you are about to buy—as some marketers may place their toys at a high price, whereas the toy itself is not worth the money.

    Ask your friends or read customer reviews about this toy. If it sounds so good to be true, trust your guts and save your money.

    What material should an indestructible toy have?

    A good indestructible toy should be made from either non-toxic natural rubber or nylon. Some people may recommend indestructible toys for dogs made from plastic as they can be tough to break. However, at times these plastics are infused with dangerous chemicals to make them strong. And these chemicals, when ingested by your dog, can cause serious health issues.  

    Thus always look for the best types of toys made of FDA compliant materials. Additionally, avoid toys made from latex. 

    Is it important to source for an indestructible toy?

    For environmentalists, having a good indestructible toy is a win for you and the environment. The more the toy is durable and away from the trash bin, the more we will have reduced waste that may cause pollution. Consequently, investing in quality and an indestructible toy will help you eliminate the cost of buying new toys now and then for your German shepherd.

    Top 12 Best German Shepherd Toys for Boredom

    1. Premier Pet PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy

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    Hyperactive German shepherds with a strong desire to play need durable toys like this pet safe, busy buddy tug-a-jug.

    This toy has natural rubber glittered on it, and such allows cleaning up of your dog’s teeth and gums.

    It’s a toy that will ensure your dog’s teeth are healthy and free of plaque.

    What if my dog is a tough chewer? Will such a toy become absolute? No, the reason being with the sturdy natural rubber material, this toy can withstand all shaking and biting from your dog.

    Other than that, you can put treats and snacks inside the jug and watch your dog try extracting them.

    By that, your dog’s feeding time will always be fun. And did you know this product is perfect for fast feeders who will swipe off a bowl of food in 20 seconds?

    This toy dispense treats bit by bit, ensuring your dog gets enough time to chew and swallow the food.

    To make it more challenging for your dog, you can put the toy in a freezer and let the dog enjoy the challenge.

    Above all, this product is pet safe as it has no BPAs that may be toxic to your German shepherd.

    Keep your dog mentally and physically fit by purchasing this quality toy.


    • No, artificial color
    • The toy is easy to wash.
    • Good for fast eaters
    • Available in different sizes


    • Easily breaks offs
    • It can at times be hard to unscrew the treat jar

    2. Kong-Senior Dog Toy Natural Rubber

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    Do you have a senior German shepherd whose teeth and gums have seen better days, and his desire for toys can’t stop? Then you should check out this toy.

    Made with unique rubber material, this toy will help solve any gum itching issues from your dog, separation anxiety, and most of all, physically engage your dog.

    With a unique shape that gives this toy an unpredictable bounce, all your games of fetch with your German shepherd will be lively and fun.

    With such a fetch toy, you will have nurtured all the chasing instincts that all dogs have.

    Other than that, you can stuff this unique toy with kibble or peanut butter to captivate your dog’s attention.

    You can also ensure the playtime and enjoyment is longer by freezing this toy.

    What of serial chewers? Yes, this product has factored in that. This toy has strong and durable Kong rubber that will withstand your old German shepherd bites and shaking.

    Especially for a senior German shepherd and its interactive nature, your German shepherd who’s suffering from separation anxiety or boredom will never be the same.

    Just stuff the Kong with some tasty treat and watch your German shepherd have some fun.

    Your German shepherd’s birthday is coming soon? Make sure you get him this bouncy toy, and he will forever love you.


    • Suitable for senior dog gums
    • Natural product, no BPA


    • Can easily break

    3. Kong-Puppy - Tires Soft Rubber Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser

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    Is your German shepherd puppy teething, and she cannot stop chewing your shoes? Is there any solution? Yes, this Kong puppy tires soft rubber chew toy.

    Made up of soft rubber, this toy will ensure your pup’s teeth are well soothed, and your shoes and table corners are free from your pup’s wrath.

    Other than that, you can make it more enticing and captivating by stuffing it with plenty of puppy snacks and tasty treats.

    The puppy will concentrate more on getting the treats and snacks rather than chewing everything around your house.

    Also, you can make it more challenging and more entertaining for the puppy by freezing this Kong chew toy.

    With that, you are sure your puppy will have no chewing behaviors or boredom creeping into her system.

    If you want to work around quietly, stuff this toy with your pup’s favorite snack and see your puppy wiggle her tail out of joy.

    Besides being a perfect chew toy that will help soothe those puppies itchy gums, this toy is a perfect fetch toy.

    Altogether, the toy is free of hazardous materials that may cause any injuries to your dog.

    Also, ensure you supervise all play sessions when your puppy has this toy. In case the toy is torn, throw it away. As ingesting the materials may not go well with your puppy.


    • Easy to wash
    • Assembled in the USA
    • Free of hazardous materials
    • Easy to stuff treats inside


    • May tear or get ripped away by the puppy.
    • Some clients have reported that the toy has an awful smell

    4. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy

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    No age, or size, deterrent, wobble wag giggle is the best toy for German shepherds. The reason being, this interactive toy uses an engaging sound to capture your dog’s instinct to play.

    When your dog licks, rolls, or picks it, this toy will let out a captivating sound, ‘Play with me.’ And such are the things dogs love.

    Perhaps you have tried all toys in the market, and none seems to elevate your dog’s happiness, then consider getting this toy. Fitted with six well-placed clutch pockets, the dog will not find it hard to pick and move with this toy around.

    This toy put the saying; a happy dog is a healthy dog’ in play using this fantastic technology that engages even the dullest of all German shepherds.

    And what of charging this toy? Well, this toy needs no lithium batteries that may injure or choke your dog.

    Quite a great toy that will be perfect for your German shepherd, who always cries and whines whenever you leave the house.

    Also, this dog has hard rubber that will withstand your dog’s wreck during playtime all day.


    • Amazing technology in place
    • Has durable materials
    • No batteries needed at anytime
    • No age or see limit- this toy is perfect for all ages and sizes.


    • The tubes sometimes get off.
    • Can be torn

    5. Nylabone Power Chew Dog Bone

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    All dogs, including the German shepherd, are born to chew. And sometimes, it can be a nuisance.

    The only choice is figuring out how to control such heavy chewing. And that’s where the Nylabone power chew dog bone comes into play.

    With durable nylon, this toy will withstand all the battering from your dog’s canines and carnassials. And with that, you will have controlled all behavioral chewing that your dog may be having.

    With the Multi-textured and bristled surface, your dog’s teeth will forever be free of tartar and plaque as this toy helps clean your dog’s dental with ease.

    And this product has a peanut butter flavor. With that, you know what will happen next; your happy dog will forever yearn to have this bone whenever snuggling, eating, or playing.

    Bade farewell to those reckless havocs that your dog has been causing on your house after he’s bored by buying this Nylabone chew dog bone.

    I can personally recommend this bone as the best toy for German shepherds who are powerful chewers.

    Points to note:

    • Always supervise when your dog is using this toy.
    • Always remember to choose the right size of chew bone for your dog. If you see the dog chewing from the side rather than from the top, know that you have bought the wrong size.


    • Well raised bristles will help clean your dog’s dental
    • Peanut butter flavored to entice your dog.
    • No artificial elements that may cause damage on pups teeth


    • Broken edges may injure your dog.
    • Easily breaks of

    6. Chuckit! Mega Ball Launcher

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Asin=B001B4Tv1I&Format= Sl250 &Id=Asinimage&Marketplace=Us&Serviceversion=20070822&Ws=1&Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En Us&L=Li3&O=1&A=B001B4Tv1I

    Evade all your dog’s droll or muddy balls by using the Chuckit! Mega ball launcher. With the toy only 1 foot long, it can launch a ball for over 100-140 meters.

    So, if you are tired of using your hands to throw your dog’s fetch ball, and your arm joints have already started burning up, then no need to stop all play sessions as this toy is a game-changer.

    Also, the Chuckit! ball launcher has ergonometric handles that will not cause friction on your hands. And with that, your play session with your lovely shepherd will be fun.

    Just get a spacious area, whether in the grass, seashores and see how this ball launcher works.

    You will love how this toy launches the ball for your dog using less energy. It’s also quite a handy tool for anyone who has a German shepherd who knows how to play fetch well.

    Additionally, whether it’s an adult or a kid, this toy is easy to use.

    Another thing is that the toy is lightweight and durable, so you are sure you will get loads of services.

    Also, as earlier discussed, with its cupped nature, this tool ensures your hands are droll and dirt-free. Have this tool, and your play sessions will never be the same again.


    • Cupped nature gives this toy an edge.
    • Durable material
    • Easy to use
    • Compatible with most tennis balls


    • Wears out with time

    7. Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

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    Nighttime signifies the end of play for most German shepherds. However, this glow-in-the-dark ball is here to blow away this myth. With the fantastic technology in place in this ball, your dog will play forever, day and night.

    With its glowing nature, the ball is well visible, and all fetch games will continue even after the sunsets.

    And if you never knew, this ball requires no battery to function. Charging from a flashlight or even the dimmest of all sunlight for 5 minutes will give you an uninterrupted play session of 20-30 minutes.

    This ball is suitable for those dogs who all over sudden become playful at night (I know you have seen such dogs).  The Chuckit! max glow ball is the best toy for German shepherd owners who get in the house late in the night.

    So, with this ball, nothing should deter you from having fun and play sessions anytime with your German shepherd. Just charge and toss the ball high for fun.

    Also, the photo-luminescent material on this ball is safe for you and your dog’s eyes.

    Also, the texture of this ball ensures you have an excellent grip.

    Noteworthy, this ball is compatible with most ball launchers like the Chuckit! ball launcher


    • The photo luminescent surface is safe for your dog.
    • Comes in a variety of sizes
    • Compatible with most ball launchers


    • The dog may swallow the ball.
    • The ball can easily tear.

    8. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Asin=B00L3O3Upe&Format= Sl250 &Id=Asinimage&Marketplace=Us&Serviceversion=20070822&Ws=1&Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En Us&L=Li3&O=1&A=B00L3O3Upe

    Feeding time for your dog should never be boring. Get an outward hound fun feeder to keep your dog engaged at all times in his feeding sessions.

    This slow feeder is designed for those fast feeders’ German shepherds who always get bloat or regurgitation of food anytime they feed.

    With its interactive raised ridges, this slow feeder will decrease the rate at which your German shepherd feeds by ten times.

    With the raised pattern like ridges, your dog will find out fun and amusing as he forages all through around eating his food.

    The outward hound fun feeder slow bowl has an anti-slip base that will ensure the bowl is steady and never distracts the dog’s feeding times.

    So, worry less about your German shepherd who wolfs down every meal, and the next time he’s regurgitating all the food. This bowl will put all that to a stop.


    • Perfect for fast feeders
    • Free of PVC and phthalates
    • Easy To clean for everyone.
    • Suitable for all types of food- dry, wet, raw food, or a mixture


    • Some clients have complained the raised ridges injure their dogs.

    9. Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Asin=B0002Aqpam&Format= Sl250 &Id=Asinimage&Marketplace=Us&Serviceversion=20070822&Ws=1&Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En Us&L=Li3&O=1&A=B0002Aqpam

    I know most of you have heavy chewers in your homes. Right?  Well, the manufacturer of this toy had your dogs in mind as this toy is strong and durable enough to withstand your dog’s chewing.

    Also, to complement its sturdiness, this toy has Goodie Grippers, where you can stuff your dog’s favorite, snack, or tasty frozen treat.  Do this, and your dog will enjoy chewing this toy even if you are away for more than six hours.

    Besides this toy’s physical benefits, this toy will help keep your dog mentally healthy.

    Finding ways of how to flush out the treats and snacks will help challenge your dog mentally and relieve any boredom.

    All in all, this toy will curb any chewing habit and redirect it to more positive chewing that is not destructive.

    This Kong extreme Goodie bone is one of the best toys for German shepherds who live for chewing every moment in their life.


    • Easy to stuff with snack than other Kong toys
    • No harmful materials
    • Sturdy, to ensure it last for long


    • Sometimes treats might leak out.

    10. Durable Dog Bite Pillow

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Asin=B07Mq27Smt&Format= Sl250 &Id=Asinimage&Marketplace=Us&Serviceversion=20070822&Ws=1&Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En Us&L=Li3&O=1&A=B07Mq27Smt

    The durable dog bite pillow is a super-strong pillow that you and your German shepherd will enjoy having.

    Made of tough and quality jute material, this pillow is tough when handling but gentle on your dog’s teeth.

    With its rigid double sewn material, you are sure that this product will last longer.

    It’s one of the best toys for German shepherd owners who are dog trainers.

    This dog bite pillow will absorb and withstand all your dog’s battering without flickering.

    Apart from that, the ergonometric and rigid handles ensure you have an excellent grip when engaging your dog in a tug of war. You are sure with the pillow’s sturdiness; the dog will not rip off this pillow.

    It’s one of the best dog toys whether you want to use it for training or playing tug of war with your dog.

    With that said, throw away all those torn jeans and shirts you have been using to play with your dog and get this toy with a tough surface able to withstand all your canine’s battering.


    • Made of durable material
    • Easy to use


    • Not effective for aggressive dogs


    11. Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog toy

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Asin=B071Zfj2H1&Format= Sl250 &Id=Asinimage&Marketplace=Us&Serviceversion=20070822&Ws=1&Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En Us&L=Li3&O=1&A=B071Zfj2H1

    Apart from physically stimulating your dog, it’s advisable to keep your dog’s mental health in check.

    And you can do that by getting your dog this interactive toy.

    This toy uses a super easy but challenging technology for dogs to retrieve hidden treats.

    So, pull out the drawers on this toy, then put the treats, next push the drawers back. Now lock the treats in by swiveling the dog bones on the top.

    Such an engaging toy will help gauge your dog’s levels of intelligence.

    With that, your dog will be captivated as he puts all his thoughts in play.

    It’s such a toy that will help burst boredom that may creep into your dog. Also, playing together with your dog using this toy will help strengthen the bond you share.

    It’s one of the best German shepherd’s toys that utilizes a dog’s mind and keeps him away from destructive behaviors.


    • Easy to clean
    • The best tool for mental stimulation
    • No removable parts- thus no risk of swallowing.
    • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free


    • Drawers may break if pulled hard.

    12. Banfeng Giant 9.5" Dog Tennis Ball

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Asin=B0714F11Jk&Format= Sl250 &Id=Asinimage&Marketplace=Us&Serviceversion=20070822&Ws=1&Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Language=En Us&L=Li3&O=1&A=B0714F11Jk

    Let your German shepherd flex his muscles around your spacious house by using this tennis ball.

    Fitted with durable rubber material, this tennis ball will absorb and withstand your dog’s kicks and bites all over.

    Apart from that, this toy is large enough, so you’re sure all choking risk hazards are limited. Another nothing the rubber materials are non-toxic and free of abrasive materials that may be harmful or dangerous on your dog.

    Also, its green color will attract your dog and awaken his curiosity.

    All in all, this toy will be suitable if you want to play game of fetch or even during training sessions.


    • Available in different sizes
    • No abrasive material that may damage your dog’s teeth
    • No toxic materials that may cause harm


    • It might tear if used by a masculine German shepherd.


    Why are toys important for German Shepherds?

    Toys help keep your dog busy more so when you are away.

    Toys like Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog toy help in challenging your dog’s intelligence and way of thinking.

    Toys help in soothing your dog’s sore gums.

    Fetch toys help burn your dog’s excess energy.

    Factors to Consider before Buying a German shepherd Toy

    Before considering the best German shepherd toys, check out these factors. They will be beneficial when you are making your next purchase.

    How Big Is the Toy – Does Size Matter?

    The toy’s size will matter a lot. For example, if an adult German shepherd plays with a small toy, he risks swallowing it.

    Also, too big toy balls may tend to be cumbersome for German shepherd puppies.

    Material Used

    Source for German shepherd toys made from quality materials. Toys made from soft rubber will be perfect for Young German shepherd who are calm not for Powerful and aggressive GSDs.

    If the toy you choose is made from materials that you cannot pronounce the name don’t settle for them. As always, the best material is nylon or hard rubber.

    Strength of the Dog

    How strong is your German shepherd? Don’t get small toys to your big masculine German shepherds; they will not last for more than 2 minutes.

    The Play-Style of Your German shepherd

    Is your dog a rough player? Then get a tough toy that will withstand your dog’s style of play.

    Health benefits

    Unknown to many people, toys have lots of benefits other than keeping your dog calm. Toys will help relieve stress and anxiety. They maintain your dog’s dental hygiene, fulfill your dog’s instincts to chase and chew, and, last, they are great during the German shepherd’s teething phase.

    Thus look for a toy that will offer all these benefits to your dog. If the toy you choose is not bringing up any benefit to your dog at all, then it’s time to set it aside and look for a toy that will serve its purpose and prove its worth.


    It’s always good to have a multipurpose toy. If you can find a toy that you can play the game of fetch with your GSD, whereas the same toy can be a perfect gadget for tug of war the better.

    As most dogs get bored a lot, this multipurpose toy will provide the needed entertainment for your dog, thus beating the boredom.

    Why choose the best German Shepherd toys for boredom?

    Is there is any need to choose the best toy for German shepherds? Yes. Having a quality German shepherd toy will help in physically exercising your dog. A toy for playing fetch will help burn all your dog’s pent-up energy and still nurture your dog’s chasing instincts.

    Besides being great for physical stimulation, German shepherd toys help in mentally stimulating your dog. For example, toys that have been stuffed with treats inside help in challenging your dog’s intelligence.

    Lastly, choose the best German shepherd toys, and rarely will you find your teething dog chewing shoes and pillows.

    What do German Shepherds Like to do for Fun?

    As you know, German shepherds are not solitary pets. They like it when in the company of their handlers. And one of the ways to keep them company is to involve them in fun games that will physically and mentally stimulate them.

    So what do German shepherds like to do for fun? Finding what your dog likes is not a hard task; all you have to do is to subject your dog to lots of fun games and see which one your dog is becoming interested in a lot.

    As always, engage in fun activities that your dog loves a lot. Also, ensure that you have control of such games. Letting your dog take control can, at times can bring up other bad behaviors like aggressiveness. Or at times your dog may never respect you as the leader.

    Some of the fun games we find to be great for German shepherds include.

    Fetch games

    Fetch is one of the favorite game that German shepherds love. Toss a ball at a distance, and let your dog retrieve it and bring it back to you.

    You can use the command drop it whenever the dog brings the ball back. If your GSD looks disinterested, then it’s time to stop the game and perhaps practice it another day.

    Agility courses

    This is one of the best indoor fun activities for your dog. Create obstacles in your house using cartoons, pillows and let your dog work its way out by either jumping or crawling underneath them.

    Tug of war

    I bet you are familiar with this fun game which is almost similar to how humans play it. You can use a tug-of-war toy hold on one side; let your dog start pulling it a few times. When in such a game, ensure you take control. Overdoing it may bring up overaggressive behavior on your dog.


    Swimming is another top activity that German shepherds like doing. When in the pool, ensure your dog is in safety gear.

    Which Toys Are Bad for German Shepherds?

    Not all toys labeled as high quality or indestructible will be safe for your dog. Some toys tick the box of being good in stimulating your dog but fail when it comes to their safety. So which toys are bad for German Shepherds?

    Vinyl toys

    Many vinyl toys you will find out there in the market have been phthalates in them. Such phthalates compounds are harmful to your dog if he keeps ingesting the chipped particles now and then. These compounds will cause kidney and liver issues.

    Painted dog toys

    Many painted dog toys are a great risk to our German shepherd, and you should run away from them. Many manufacturers sell them at a low price as they are easy to produce. However, they possess lots of risks. These toys have been painted with lead or other compounds, which can cause a host of health issues.

    Most dogs who gnaw toys sprayed with paint are at risk of getting cancer.

    Rawhide toys

    Rawhide is a popular toy that most people give to their German shepherds to keep them busy or help soothe itchy gums. Treated with chemicals to make it last longer, this toy can be harmful to your dog. One example of a chemical used is formaldehyde compound which is cancerous.

    This rawhide toy can be accidentally ingested, and that’s where the problem begins. On the dog, risk getting choked. Also, your dog risks having blocked intestines.

    Toys not manufactured from the USA

    Toys manufactured outside the USA have less strict manufacturing guidelines. If you buy toys made out of the USA, you risk buying low-quality toys that will not last long. Other toys will less strict manufacturing guidelines cause a host of health issues on your dog.

    Pig ears toys

    Pig ear toys are one of the favorite toys that you can find out there in the market. Although good when used correctly, they risk choking your dog if he ingests them.

    Thus avoid such toys at all cost.

    Final Verdict

    Hoping we have provided you with the information you needed to know about the best German shepherd toys for boredom. I know by now you know which toy suits your German shepherd.

    Suppose you have a heavy chewer get a tough chew toy to suit your dog’s current state. If you want something to strengthen your dog’s mind, you can get puzzle toys.

    It’s you to gauge and see what your dog needs. Right?

    Afterward, consider checking the factors we have raised before purchasing the next toy for your canine.

    Related Questions

    Do German shepherds get bored?

    German shepherds love doing a job. Additionally, they like it when in the company of the people they love. If left alone with nothing to do, the German shepherd may start getting bored. A bored dog will try to find something to do to make itself happy. One your dog many try escaping if he’s caged. Your dog can develop separation anxiety, and still, your dog may start becoming destructive.

    If you are alone and unable to keep your dog entertained, seek a dog sitter, or you can use any of the dog toys we earlier highlighted.

    Why do German shepherds like toys?

    All German shepherds like toys. Try your senior GSD and see him reveal the young puppy he is inside. German shepherds like toys as they help entertain them; they help soothe their gums and fulfill their desire of chasing, chewing, and tearing.

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