Top 10 Best Shock Collars For German Shepherds

Best Shock Collars For German Shepherds
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    Having a dog who is well behaved is one thing every pet owner yearns for. A German shepherd who always barks, bites, or jumps on people needs some good training to clear such inappropriate behavior. 

    Besides seeking an animal behaviorist to curb this behavior, you can work it out using a dog training shock collar

    When used correctly, these shock collars can be effective in putting the inappropriate behavior to a stop. However, if a shock collar is used wrongly, you may get unintended results. 

    With that said, if you have been looking for the best shock collar for your German shepherd, we have compiled a list of the ten best shock collars for German shepherds to make your training sessions easy.

    A List Of Best German Shepherd Shock Collars

    Shock collar Qualities
    1. Dog Care - Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar 330 yards control range.
    USB charging port.
    2. NVK Dog Training Collar - 2 Receiver Rechargeable Collars For Dogs With Remote 2 receivers.
    3 training modes.
    Magnetic charging.
    1600 ft remote range.
    3. SportDog Brand Sporthunter Family Remote Trainers- ½ Mile Range - 3 Dogs Expandable Rechargeable.
    ½ mile range.
    DRYTEK technology.
    4. Flittor Dog Training Collars, Shock Collars For Dogs With Remote 2 rechargable receivers.
    1000 ft remote range.
    Multi dog training system.
    5. Dimunt Dog Training Collar IP67 waterproof.
    3350 remote range.
    Security key.
    6. HKZOOI Dog Training Collar Orange collar.
    3 training modes.
    1640 ft range.
    IPX7 waterproof.
    7. PATPET Dog Training Collar With Remote Rechargeable Nylon material.
    Waterproof receiver.
    3 training modes.
    1000 ft remote range.
    8. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar Yellow color.
    Biothane collar strap.
    Closure type, buckle.
    ½ mile range.
    9. Bousnic Shock Collar For Dogs Nylon material.
    1000ft range.
    10. Funnipets Dog Training Collar 2600 ft range.
    4 training modes.
    IP65 Waterproof.
    Built in LED light reflective collar.

    Top 10 Best Dog Collars For German Shepherds

    1. Dog Care - Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar

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    As with its name, the dog training collar –rechargeable dog shock collar is the best dog training collar for German shepherds. With multiple training modes, it will be much easier to customize the best mode to control your dog’s behavior. These effective training modes are beep vibration and shock.

    Also, the static levels offer adjustability levels of 1-99 to adjust the accurate levels that will give the effective static shock humanely.

    Additionally, this dog remote has a security keypad remote that cuts excess vibration or microcurrents if inappropriate usage occurs.

    Consequently, this dog training collar has a remote control range of 330 yards, thus effective indoors or outdoors.

    Furthermore, this training E-collar is size adjustable. Whether it’s your dog weighing 15lb or 85 lbs, this collar will be a perfect fit.

    Charging this dog gear has been made easy with its micro USB charging port. You can either charge using your pc, laptop, or phone charger. The remote has 45 days standby time when charged, whereas the receiver has 15 days standby time.

    Like most dog parents, we were also amazed by the long-lasting and fast-charging lithium-ion battery.

    Also, the water-resistance capabilities of the receiver on this dog collar are worth mentioning. With such, you can train your dog in rainy conditions or during bad weather, and you don’t have to worry in case the receiver gets soaked with water.

    What we loved about this product. The audio system of this receiver is minute but effective when you are giving out commands.


    • Long battery life
    • Three multiple training modes
    • One remote can control multiple collars
    • Security keypad lock to prevent accidental shock
    • Adjustable strap size


    • Remote is big

    2. NVK Dog Training Collar - 2 Receiver Rechargeable Collars For Dogs With Remote

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    Another addition to the list of the best shock collars for German shepherds is the NVK dog training collar.

    With its training modes, the vibration mode, beep mode, or static mode, now training your GSD who cannot stop jumping the fence or barking will be easy. Consequently, with the ipx7 waterproof receiver, you’ll never worry if your dog gets rained on or when this receiver falls in a puddle of water.

    The safety keyboard feature on this shock collar is one noteworthy thing we spotted. Such a safety feature cuts off micro currents in case of accidental operation. With that, your dog will be safe. Also, this brand has made it safer for your dog by including the eight silicone caps on the shock points to prevent rubbing or hurting your fur friend during all training sessions.

    The battery life of this dog shock collar is not easy to pass. When fully charged, you can use this dog gear for six continuous hours.

    How easy is it to use? We found his dog gear to be much easier to use than we thought, especially the on-off settings. When you want to turn this thing on, long-press the button for 5 seconds. Afterward, to turn it off, you need to press it lightly, and off it goes for the next training session,

    What we liked

    The waterproof design-The receiver can stay in the water for 30 minutes

    Highlights: Most dog parents were complaining of how this receiver has a strong static shock


    • Safety keyboard lock
    • Long-lasting battery life
    • Cheap
    • Easy to customize from one training mode to another


    • The silicone caps tend to wear out with time

    3. Sportdog Brand Sporthunter Family Remote Trainers- ½ Mile Range - 3 Dogs Expandable

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    One reputable brand that has outshone other brands in the making of electronic tracking and Training dog gears is the SportDog brand. And when they made these collars, they surely knew what they were doing, putting our dog’s interest in heart.

    First, this training dog shock collar has three installed training modes. These training modes are the vibration (buzz) tone (beep) and static (with 21 levels of stimulation). With such, it’s easy for any dog parent who wants to customize this training dog collar per the dog’s behavior.

    Consequently, the remote from this brand is easy to use. Amazingly, one can operate it without even having to look at it— only needing a small movement of the dial and push of the button for the receiver to transmit the intended stimulations.

    When looking for the best shock collar for German shepherds, never compromise on durability and comfort. With the upgraded matte collar and strap, this dog shock collar for GSDs will be durable and can be adjusted for your dog’s comfort.

    Also, this training collar for German shepherd has an innovative technology called the dry trek technology, all-important in making this dog gear water-resistant and weatherproof. The company says that this dog receiver can be submerged up to 25 feet in the water, and, when writing this article, we didn’t find any dog parent complain more about this feature which is a big plus, especially when your dog is playing near a swimming pool or when your dog gets rained on.

    Consequently, the lithium-ion batteries in this dog gear are easy to charge with a 2-hr quick charge, giving you 6 hours of straight use. Additionally, the battery life indicator feature was one feature we noticed in this dog gear that most brands forget to incorporate. Thus, it will be easier for you to know when to stop the training and charge the shock collar.


    • ½ mile remote control range
    • Waterproof design
    • Battery life indicator
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Customizable modes of training
    • Expandable to 3 dogs – with purchase of add-on dog collar


    • Flimsily made
    • Expensive

    4. Flittor Dog Training Collars, Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

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    When you want to purchase the best dog shock collar for German shepherds, you will need to look for a gear certified by many regulatory boards.  And this Flittor dog training collar has won our hearts as it has been passed by UL/CE, RoHS/FCC/ UC38. Lastly, it has 3/MDSD certification test, all to win your heart and trust as it did to us. Consequently, this German shepherd dog training collar has three modes of training: beep vibration and shock mode. Such are the essential modes that will enable any dog parent to customize the mode best for his dogs.

    Looking closely at this dog collar, we find it fitter for long-distance training, although it can fit indoor training sessions with its 1000 FT remote control range. Such is a great feature if you want to train your fur friend in a big unrestricted yard.

    Noteworthy, the waterproof ipx67 on this DOG Receiver is one feature we found to be important in case your dog slips in the swimming pool or when your dog gets rained on. However, do not try to operate the receiver in the water.

    The A+B channel design on this dog shock collar is also a great feature hard to find on other dog training shock collars. And the feature gives you a chance to control two dogs at the same time with much ease.

    Whether it’s your puppy or senior GSD, we found this dog training gear as the best shock collars for German shepherds with aggressive behavior or German shepherds who love playing or peeing in the wrong place

    Highlight: most dog parents are happy with the safety lock feature on this dog training collar, preventing accidental shock.


    • The receiver is ip67 waterproof
    • Fit for 15-100 pounds dogs
    • Three modes of training installed
    • Rechargeable dog collar
    • Multi-dog training system
    • ergonomic design


    • Details on the instruction leaflet are not that clear
    • It can be hard to use for first-time dog owners

    5. Dimunt Dog Training Collar

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    When buying the best dog shock collars for German shepherds, you don’t need dog gear that will be cumbersome on your dog. And this upgraded version of the dimunt dog training collar has worked on that effectively. With the upgrade version weighing 42 gm, this dog collar is light enough not to injure or overburden your dog’s neck.

    So far, we find this dog collar to have the most powerful processor as it has a remote control range of 3350 ft. thus, outdoor training sessions will be much easier.

    Also, this dog shock collar mode of training can be customized per your preference and your dog’s reception of these stimulations. You can change from beep vibration and shock modes with ease.

    The eight frequency beep feature in this upgraded version gives you, as the dog parent, a chance to correct your German shepherd humanely.

    Also, the 1-9 shock modes on this dog shock collar are worth mentioning as they let you control the level of static shock delivered on your dog.

    The dual-channel is one feature on this dog shock collar that we find to be effective if you are planning to train two dogs simultaneously.

    Furthermore, the inbuilt lithium-ion battery we find in this dog shock collar is not that long-lasting. However, the good thing is its rechargeable with the micro USB charge port fixed.

    When it comes to maximum protection of your dog, the collar manufacturers have worked out that as they have incorporated a security keypad lock which reduces the risk of injuring your dog with excess shock or vibration In case of accidental use.

    Highlight: This dog shock collar is not that bulky, which most dog parents loved


    • Collar has a remote range of 3350 feet
    • Highly visible with the reflective material on the collar
    • Security auto power protect mode


    • Battery not long-lasting

    6. HKZOOI Dog Training Collar

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    Dog training has come a long way, and gone are the days one would use negative ways of correcting his dogs. With the innovation of dog gears like the HKZOOI dog training collar, controlling bad behavior like nipping, jumping, or barking a lot has never been easier like this.

    With the three training modes present in this dog gear, we found it to be the best anti-barking collar to control German shepherds who love barking a lot. These training modes, beep, vibration, and shock, give any SHEPHERD dog owner convenience when training a dog.

    Looking keenly at this best shock collar for German shepherds, you’ll see they have fixed some permanent conductive silicone covers on the prongs for safety enhancement once on your dog’s neck.

    Meanwhile, the 1+2 channel and the memory function are two key features that we find great for those dog parents who want to train two gads simultaneously.

    Also, the dog training collar has a maximum remote range of 1640 for barrier-free areas and a remote range of 1000 Ft in a barrier area. Such is an essential feature if you love training your dog in the outdoors.

    Furthermore, the remote and the receiver in this dog shock collar are powered by li-ion rechargeable batteries—and you don’t have to wait for long till this battery is full as it can be fully charged for 2-3 hours.

    Although we are yet to test, the receiver has a 15 day standby time, and the remote has a standby time of 90 days. When it comes to working time, the reviser can work for 7-10 days, and the remote can work for 25 days without shutting down. 

    Such is an important feature that we found to be more useful if you forget the charger when going for a 2-3 day training expedition away from home with your dog.

    Consequently, the adjustability feature makes it easier to fit your small or large GSD as it can be adjusted from 8-25 inches.

    We were also happy with the thin design of the collar strap, which won’t be a burden on your dog’s neck.

    Another feature worth mentioning is the pixy waterproof receiver that will come in handy when training your dog in wet conditions.

    Highlight: ensure the receiver recharging port is sealed in case your dog jumps in water or when it starts raining.


    • Adjustable belt for easy fit
    • wide range remote coverage
    • Receive is ipx7 waterproof
    • Easy to use
    • automatic protection mode


    • The remote is not waterproof

    7. PATPET Dog Training Collar With Remote Rechargeable

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    The PATPET is the best dog shock collar for German shepherds as it is lightweight and easy to use. After getting hold of this dog shock collar remote, you will find how it easily fits on your palm, unlike other remotes.

    Consequently, you will find the buttons for control on this remote are not minute nor big that they may inconvenience you during all training sessions.

    Like most dog shock collars we have reviewed, this training gear has three training modes installed. These training modes, the beep, vibration, and static shock, make it easier for you to control your dog’s erratic behavior in the shortest time with ease.

    As a caution, start with the lowest levels of stimulation and ascend according to your dog’s reaction. Starting high may not be the best alternative, and it’s inhumane. Away from that, this dog gear is 100 % waterproof, a great convenient feature when you are training your dog in wet conditions or when your dog decides to take swimming sessions on a puddle of mud.

    Like most dog parents, we were happy with the nylon belt on this collar which is easy to adjust, and we find it more durable, unlike other flimsy-made collars.

    The lithium batteries on this collar are easy to charge. And when fully charged, the receiver can last for 11 days, whereas the remote can last for 68 days. Although we are yet to test, the standby time for the remote is 666 days, and the standby time for the collar receiver is 22 days.

    With its strong and energy-saving battery, you will be less worried that your training sessions will be interrupted by low levels of power.

    Finally, if you have been looking for the best shock collar for your fur friend who can’t listen to your commands, then this collar for training dogs may be the answer.


    • automatic protection mode installed
    • ergonometric design


    • Poor quality materials

    8. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

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    As most dog collars compete in ways of improving technology in these dog gear, the highest beneficiary is us dog owners and our dogs. And one of the heavyweights trying to outwit its competitors is the educator E-collar with its ingenious technology.

    And if you have been looking for the perfect tool for training German shepherds that utilize low stimulation levels while getting the maximum result, you should go for this dog collar.

    This electric shock collar delivers tapping stimulations to control your dog when he starts misbehaving. And the essential part is that you can adjust the tapping 1-100 level. And if you have a cumbersome dog who is hardheaded, then this dog shock collar has an additional boost stimulus which ranges from 1-60.

    Another great feature of this top German shepherd dog collar that left out mouths wide open is the pavlovian tone. So how does this pavlovian tone works? When you long-press the button, your dog hears a tone—Which lasts for one and half seconds. Followed by a tapping stimulation. With routine use, you will find the dog will often associate the tone with the stimulation, which is often mild. With such an association, your dog will start responding to the tone, and you will hardly find yourself using the tapping sensations.

    This is one of the best shock collars for a German shepherd that we found innovative, all minding your dog’s feelings. The lock and set feature present in this dog remote enables you to lock the best stimulation levels that suit your dog.

    And it never stops at that; you can set the beeper on to help you locate the transmitter in case it gets lost.

    Consequently, training doesn’t stop when dark sets in as this dog receiver has a tracking light fitted on the collar receiver


    • User-selectable stimulation ranging from 1-100
    • Waterproof design
    • Led display
    • Ergonomic design  


    • The battery life is not that long-lasting

    9. Bousnic Shock Collar For Dogs

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Asin=B08Kzz81Xb&Amp;Format= Sl250 &Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Amp;Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Amp;Language=En Us&Amp;L=Li3&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B08Kzz81Xb

    Designed for dogs weighing between 8-120 lbs, the Bousnic shock collar is the best shock collars for German shepherds. With three training modes, i.e., the safe shock, vibration, and beep—this dog shock collar earns its place as the perfect tool for training german shepherds

    With the remote having a coverage area of 1000 FT, it will be much easier to train your dog in your backyard, beach, or any other open area space.

    Consequently, we find this dog shock collar two-channel design convenient for those dog owners who would like to train two dogs at a time.

    Furthermore, manufacturers of this dog shock have not been left behind when making this training collar waterproof. The reason being, with the ipx7 waterproof receiver, you can train your dog in rainy conditions.

    Furthermore, this dog collar weighs 0.12 lbs, making it more lightweight on your dog’s neck.

    Another noteworthy feature is the adjustable nylon strap on this dog collar which you can adjust from 6-27 inches. This is convenient for German shepherd puppies or adults.

    Also, this electric collar has an easy to hold remote. The remote is ergonometric, and its lightweight nature will not make you feel tired when using it.

    Consequently, the long-lasting battery life is worth mentioning as you don’t want a dog gear with short battery life.

    2-3 hrs of charge give you a long service duration to ensure you don’t have to break in the middle of your training sessions.

    Supplied aside is the long spider-like attachment that we find more effective for long-haired dogs like long-haired straight-back German shepherds. In case you have a short-haired German shepherd, you can put away this spider-like attachment.

    Lastly, this user-friendly dog shock collar has a well-visible remote screen, enabling you to see anytime the battery is going down.

    Most dog reviews were happy with the keypad lock, and the conductive silicon covers fixed on the prongs.


    • Long battery life
    • Ipx7 waterproof design
    • Easy to switch from one training channel to the other
    • Comfortable for all dog sizes


    • Only found in one collar-white
    • Not that adjustable

    10. Funnipets Dog Training Collar

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    Train your medium to large German shepherd in a safe and friendly way using this dog shock collar from FunniPets.

    If you have a dog who cannot stop leash pulling, he barks a lot, he’s unruly, and no other training method seems effective, then this collar is the perfect tool to train your dog

    First, this collar has a remote range of 2600 FT, enough to control your dog when outdoors. Secondly, this dog shock collar has four training modes, light static, shock, vibration, and beep.

    Next, this collar has conductive silicones on the contact pints that will reduce injuries to your dog during all training sessions. Still, these silicones are removable if you don’t want to use the shock training mode.

    Another great feature essential on all shepherd shock collars is the ip65 waterproof receiver when training your dog on rainy days.


    • Has reflective material and inbuilt led light for night vision
    • Super far remote ranges-2600 FT
    • Has ip65 waterproof receiver


    • Collar strap becomes loose with time – this is the top complain that most reviewers had  

    German Shepherd Shock Collars Buyer’s Guide

    What to look for when looking for the best dog shock collars for German shepherds –

    Intended Use

    When looking for the best shock collars for German shepherds, consider the purpose

    Do you want a German shepherd shock collar to control the barking, or is it more of a boundary shock collar?

    In the case you miss this crucial step, then you may not get the intended results.

    Battery Life

    How is the battery life of this dog collar for a German shepherd? Is it rechargeable? Is the battery inbuilt? When choosing the best shock collars for German shepherds, look for one made of lithium-ion and a shock collar with long battery life. You don’t need a dog collar with short battery life- you will be frustrated during your training sessions.

    Levels of Corrections

    As perhaps you have seen, most dog shock collars have various levels of correction. For example, let’s say from 1 to 16 or 0-99. With such correction levels, you can set the level you find to be effective in your dog.

    A shock collar with one level of correction may not be fit. The reason being this permanent level may be too high or too low for your dog.


    The comfort of your dog is one important feature that you should not skip. The reason being, uncomfortable collars will make your dog dread wearing anything on his neck every time.

    When looking for a quality shock collar, look at the strap. Is it too tight on your dog, what material makes the collar.

    While at this feature of comfort, you should also consider yourself. As the one handling the remote, ensure it is easy to handle. Not too big to overburden you, and neither should it be too small that it will slip out of your hands.

    Easy To Use Function

    Ensure the collar is easy to use.

    The buttons on the remote should be easy to use. Consequently, the display screen on the remote should be easy to ready as well.

    Correction Types

    What type of training mode is on this dog training collar? Often you find most modern shock collar manufacturers using sound, vibration, and shock modes.

    Utmost what we have seen with most dog parents is that they hardly use the shock training mode.


    Durability is another key feature that you never need to assume when looking for German shepherds’ best dog shock collars.

    This dog shock collar for the German shepherd you decide to buy should be durable enough that you can use it from your dog’s puppyhood to adulthood.


    At what maximum range can you use a remote control to control the receiver? If you intended to use this dog shock training collar indoors, you can choose a dog collar with a small remote coverage range. And In case you intended to use this shock collar for indoor purposes, then you can seek the one with a wide range remote coverage.

    What Are the Types of Shock Collars for German Shepherds in The Market?

    Anti-Bark Collars

    These bark collars, as from their name, are intended to control excessive barking on German shepherds. You will find the receiver on this bark collar has sensors that can sense when your dog is barking for stimulation to be released.

    Correction or Training Collars

    Such correction or training collar is used to weed out unwanted behavior like jumping the fence, jumping on people, or excessive biting on German shepherds. Such a dog shock collar is remote-controlled.  You, as the handler, increases or decrease the stimulation levels depending on your dog’s reaction.

    Boundary Shock Collars

    Such a type of collar is for dog owners who want to keep their German shepherds from going out of the designated boundary.

    How to Introduce A Dog Shock Collar on A German Shepherd?

    Let the dog explore and sniff the collar when it’s on your palm. You can even leave the dog on this collar. Treat your dog whenever he comes close to it.

    Next, let your dog wear it, and if he obliges, then reward him.

    Introducing the stimulations
    Start with the lowest levels of collection mode. Ascend from 0 to 100 slowly, ensuring your dog is not injured. At this level, only use the vibration or the tone mode.

    If your dog doesn’t respond on any of the two training modes, you can opt for the shock mode. Don’t be in a rush and first use the lowest level, then you can ascend slowly. Thus, it’s important you choose a shepherd collar with adjustable shock levels.

    Nevertheless, don’t force your fur friend to stay on this dog shock collar, as he may become violent.

    Final Thoughts

    Electric German shepherd collars, if used correctly, will enable you to eradicate any negative behavior from your fur friend. Dog parents who use dog shock collars for German shepherds in the correct manners get well-mannered dogs who are easy to handle, and last, they are always happy with their dogs.

    So if you have been looking for the best shock collars for German shepherds, we have highlighted our topic picks that we found to be of the best quality. Also, the buyer’s guide section will be great as you prepare to buy a quality German shepherd training collar.

    So which dog shock collar have you been using on your German shepherd? And what are your thoughts on German shepherd e-collars? Share your comment here down.

    Related Questions

    What Is A Dog Training Shock Collar?

    A dog training shock collar is a special collar intended for training purposes. Such a collar is for weeding out bad behavior from dogs who are hard to train with other training methods.

    How Does A Shock Collar Works For German Shepherds?

    a dog shock collar for a german shepherd produces vibrations, tone, or shock stimulations that distract your dog away from what he is doing. Such stimuli will stop a dog who is barking a lot, jumping or biting other people.

    Do Shock Collars Work For German Shepherds?

    The answer to this question is yes, if the collar is used appropriately and when needed, shock collars can be great training tools to eradicate bad behavior in German shepherds.

    However, if used to punish your dog, then a shock collar may not work.

    Are Shock Collars Good For German Shepherds?

    Shock collars are good for German shepherds as they are complementary training tools that help eradicate unwanted behaviors.

    However, note, this shock collar should be used with other forms of training methods. Relying on this dog shock collar solely to attain the expected behaviors may not be right, as you may either take longer or even fail to get the expected final results.

    Do German Shepherd Puppies Need A Collar?

    Yes, however, only use a shock collar on Your GSD puppy when he is three months old to eradicate the behavior you dislike. 

    Will A Shock Collar Make My German shepherd Aggressive?

    Often, if a shock collar is used correctly, it will rarely make your German shepherd aggressive. However, some bad pet owners who use a shock collar to punish their dogs may make their dogs more aggressive entirely.

    What Is The Best Shock Collar For German Shepherds?

    After deeply reviewing all the ten best dog shock collars for German shepherds, our top pick is the Educator e-collar remote dog training collar.

    We choose this dog shock color for German shepherds because of its ingenious correction modes, which are humane. Also, the ergonometric design and the easy to use.

    The second best choice in our list is the upgraded Dimunt dog training collar which can be effective in training two dogs at the same time.

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