Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix: When Smart Meets Powerful

Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix

Does the intelligence and loyal nature of the German shepherd awe you, but still, you have a soft spot in your heart for the powerful and reliable Bullmastiff? Then it would be best if you considered getting a mix of these two dog breeds, The Bullmastiff German shepherd mix.

Also known as mastiff shepherd, this dog breed is powerful, reliable, and a perfect home companion.

As most mixed dog breeds, the mastiff shepherd can either pick the traits of the Bullmastiff or the German shepherd. It all depends on which parent has the strongest genes.

To learn more about the size, appearance, temperaments, and grooming needs of this dog breed mix, continue reading.

The Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix at a Glance

The bullmastiff German shepherd mix is a large, powerful, but docile dog breed with nice temperaments and personalities. However, compared to purebreds, it’s often hard to predict the attributes of a mixed dog breed. Nevertheless, by discussing or digging deep in each parent, one can predict how this mixed dog breed will take shape.

The German shepherd

Originally from Germany, the German shepherd is a dog with many accolades. Smart, courageous, and confident are the words AKC uses to describe this dog.

Handled with care, the German shepherd is loyal to its handlers. Against it’s a dog who would not mind risking its life for those it loves.

Such accolades have seen this shepherd dog become the most popular dog breed in the world.

This dog is medium-sized. Males have a height range of 24-26 inches and females 22-24 inches. Weight also varies between genders. Dogs have a weight range of 60-90 pounds and bitches 50-70 pounds.

The coat is straight and double, with the outer coat being harsh and tough while the inner coat is smooth and silky. All these coats combine to keep this dog warm during the cold seasons.

The Bullmastiff Dog Breed

The Bullmastiff is a mastiff type of dog. However, this dog is fearless and courageous when working, however very docile whenever it’s around people it loves.

This working dog was created after crossing the English mastiff and the extinct English bulldog, with the first giving out 60% of its genes and the latter 40%.

With its fearless and protective nature, the Bullmastiff worked as a reliable guard dog who would chase away poachers away from the estates.

To date, this dog still retains these attributes and such have made it a perfect guarding hound.

The Bullmastiff comes with a short and dense coat that comes in three color varieties. The coat colors are fawn, red, and brindle.

Worth noting, the Bullmastiff is a big dog. Males weigh between 110-130 pounds, and females weigh between 100-120 pounds.

For the height, males can be between 25-27 inches, and females 24-26 inches. As a big dog, it’s much predisposed to hip and elbow dysphasia, a common joint problem in big dogs.

Given care, the dog breed will live for 7-9 years.

Comparing the German shepherd And the Bullmastiff

German shepherd Bullmastiff
Origin Germany Britain
AKC group herding working
Height 22-26 inches 24-27 inches
Weight 50-90 pounds 100-130 pounds
Coat type A double coat of medium length Short and dense
Coat color Most colors are permissible. Dogs with blue, liver, or white coats are not acceptable Red, fawn, or brindle
shedding high moderate
Temperaments Smart, courageous, loyal Fearless, confident, docile
Relationship with other pets moderate good
Relationship with children perfect good
Level of barking moderate high
Lifespan 12-14 years 7-9 years


The Appearance and Size of the Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix

Combining the medium-sized German shepherd dog and the heavily built bullmastiff dog breed will give you a massive dog breed mix.

Expect a dog breed that will weigh between 50-130 pounds. The bullmastiff German shepherd mix will be bigger than the shepherd dog, but smaller than the Bullmastiff.

This dog often stands between 22-27 inches, with the males being masculine and bigger than the females.

All you should expect is a big and masculine dog breed.

Also, this dog may have the massive head of the mastiff dog breed. The ears may be half-erect –half droopy; however, they will get erect when the dog is alert.

Eyes are medium with dark-brown colors.

Coat pattern and colors will vary. A bullmastiff shepherd dog breed will often have a short-medium length coat that will shed a lot. The degree of shedding will be dependent on which parent has the strongest genes inside this pup. If you get a pup with a German shepherd shedding degree, you need to purchase the best vacuum cleaner to clear away any fur. However, if you get a pup with the Bullmastiff coat, the shedding will not be that profuse.

Temperaments and Personalities

German shepherds are smart, courageous, and high-energy dogs. In comparison, the bullmastiffs are affectionate, brave, and loyal. With that, you expect the bullmastiff German shepherd dog breed mix to have either of these traits or a mixture of all.

What is certain, you will get a loyal hound who will protect those it loves.

Thus this dog will be a perfect match for anyone looking for a guarding furry friend.

If not working, this dog will translate to be a lovely, affectionate pup who will love staying near its handlers.

Although the bullmastiff German shepherd mix is an awesome human companion, he is not a dog you should expect to rest on your lap every day. However, it will appreciate lying next to you occasionally.

Love for children? Yes, both mastiff and the German shepherd are children’s favorite. And so, you expect the same characteristic to occur in the mastiff shepherd pups.

However, supervision is necessary when children play with this dog. If you get a bullmastiff shepherd weighing over 120 pounds, it risks knocking children down and assumes nothing just happened.

Again, these children will need to learn how to interact and play with this dog; they should not pull its ears or tail.

Exercise Needs

The Bullmastiff German shepherd mix is a high-energy dog breed that will need a fair amount of time to flex its muscles.

How much time is needed?

Puppy Bullmastiff German Shard Breed Mix Exercised Needs.

The amount of time these puppies will need will depend on their age. As a rule for every month of age, expose this dog to 5 minutes of play. That is to say, a pup three months old will need 15 minutes, 5 months, 25 minutes, and so on.

During playtime, expose pups to less stressful exercises as you don’t want to injure their growing joints and bones.

Adult German shepherd Bull Mastiff Exercise Needs.

Adult Bullmastiff German shepherd mix will need a minimum of 45 minutes of play daily. Walking, jogging, and swimming are some of the beneficial exercise sessions.

Apart from exposing this dog to physical exercises, you need to expose it to mental exercises. Such mental exercises include playing hide and seek and giving this dog puzzle toys.

As always, aim to physically and mentally exercise this dog whenever you around. If not around, seek the service of a dog sitter or walker.

Also, leaving this dog alone and lack of exercise will affect its mental and physical health. Remember, a bored dog is a destructive dog. And a tired dog is a calm and happy dog.

Grooming and Care

If this dog picks the coat of the Bullmastiff, then you will not have many grooming duties.

However, brushing it with a fine bristled brush once weekly will be better than nothing.  Much emphasis will be required if this dog acquires the German shepherd’s double coat. You will need to use a slicker brush to remove all loose hair, then follow up with an undercoat rake to undo all mats and tangles. Afterward, you can top up with a metal comb.

Brushing this dog ensures your furniture or clothe are free from your dog’s dander or fur.

If you don’t get the habit of brushing this dog’s coat daily, then you should arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner. And I know it will be more strenuous than brushing your dog’s coat.

Bathing this dog’s coat is not that crucial compared to brushing it. You should bathe it once every two months. And remember to use vet-approved shampoo.

Since most dogs fear water, you should start sensitizing your dog to bathe sessions when it is still a puppy. With that, this dog will grow loving all bathe seasons.

After bathing this dog ensure, the ears are clean and free of excess wax or awful smell. If you note any abnormal discharge or unusual swelling, contact your veterinary.

Also, if the nails are clicking the surface of your floor and you can’t withstand such, then arm yourself with a nail clipper and trim them.

Cut them short once weekly while avoiding the nerve endings and blood vessels. And still, it will be nice to teach your dog to become accustomed to this nail clipping session.

Other grooming essentials are cleaning the ears and brushing the dog’s teeth.

Training and Socialization

German shepherds are smart and intelligent, and so if the pup takes this trait, you will have smooth training sessions.

However, if your mastiff shepherd takes the mastiff side, then expect a stubborn dog breed who will not be a quick learner as you may wish. Such dogs may become independent thinkers who will only do whatever they wish.

However, worry less; proper training by an experienced dog owner when there are still puppies will weed out such behavior.

Also, this dog will need a confident and experienced dog owner who will withstand such a dog.

Like every other puppy, start training sessions when the dog is around eight weeks. It’s around this age these dogs are eager to learn new things. However, that should not deter you from adopting an adult mastiff shepherd mix.

Basic potty training sessions should start when this dog is still a puppy.

Socialization Is Vital

Socialization is what will make your mastiff shepherd dog breed acceptable in the community. Dogs who are not socialized are unruly, have destructive behavior, and are unmanageable.

To have an all-around dog who is acceptable, expose it to lots of sights and sounds. Take this dog to a park for exposure. Also, let it mingle with many people around.

By doing so, you will have a dog who can make a judgment without your guidance.

Diet of the Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix

A dog of this size and putting in place its high energy levels will require a diet with high calories. Go for a dog’s diet that will offer this dog between 1200-1700 calories a day.

Whether you choose dry or wet food for your dog, ensure it’s enough to fulfill its nutritional needs.

Additionally, a high-quality kibble will make this dog have strong muscles and still provide the needed energy.

Moreover, if it’s your first time and you don’t know what’s the best diet for your dog, get a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist who will structure the best feeding guideline for this bullmastiff German shepherd mix breed.

Again always remember, when translating from one dog’s food to another, you need moderation. The reason being a drastic change may bring tummy issues for your dog.

Also, notify your veterinary whenever any diet seems not to sit well with your dog.

Health Issues of the Mastiff Shepherd Mix

As a hybrid, the Bullmastiff German shepherd mix has less severe health issues than purebred dogs, all attributed to gene diversification.

Moreover, to increase the chances of having a dog breed free of hereditary disorders, always get your pups from a reputable breeder who will be comfortable revealing all health clearance certificates of the puppy.

Avoiding backyard breeders will save you a lot of money and any unseen agony you may face in your future while with this dog.

With that said, here are some of the health conditions your Bullmastiff German shepherd mix may acquire during its lifetime. Worth noting, it’s not ascertained that your dog may get such diseases. It’s a highlight of the conditions more common in this dog’s lineage (The German shepherd and the Bullmastiff)

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia- as a working dog with big bones, this go may have this joint issue
  • Obesity- If this dog’s diet is not controlled, they may become obese
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Glaucoma

All along, ensure you vaccinate your dog as per the set guidelines in your area. Also, deworming, desexing, and micro-chipping this mixed dog breed will be important.

The Lifespan of the Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix

This dog’s lifespan ranges from 9 to 12 years. The lifestyle and care you give this dog will come a long way in determining how long it lives.

Where to Get a Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix

From A Breeder

Check from any German shepherd or Mastiff dog breeder for the possibilities of getting this dog breed mix.

Since it’s a rare dog breed mix, you may have to walk for miles or stay long before you get any breeder.

If you are to get from any breeder, ensure you see the parent of this dog breed mix.  Also, it will be crucial if you see the health clearance certificates that show this dog is free of hereditary disorders.

Rescue Centers

It’s not uncommon to find the mastiff shepherd mix in a dog rescue center. Here you can get this dog for free, or you will have to part with a small amount of money.

Dogs in such centers are dewormed, vaccinated, and given proper care.

How Much Is a Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix

A puppy Bullmastiff German shepherd mix can fetch from between 800-1000 dollars from a breeder. However, if you get your dog from a rescue center, the price may range from 50 to 150 dollars. Breeders charge that high as they have to do extensive research and health tests to ensure the pups are of high quality.

Does The Bullmastiff German shepherd Mix Relate Well with Other Pets?

If this dog breed mix is raised with other pets, there will be zero chances of you having to separate fights between them. However, introducing new pets needs to be done in a controlled setup as you don’t know how this dog breed mix might react.

However, if well socialized and trained, this dog relates well with other pets

Will This Dog Breed Mix Be Right For Me?

If you want a big canine who will keep your home protected, serve you with lots of affection, and lastly you have a spacious yard, then this dog breed will be the right fit for you

Again, leaving this dog alone for many hours is never recommended; it loves company, whether from other pets or human beings.

Final Words

That’s all about the bullmastiff German shepherd Mix. As you can note, this dog breed mix has high energy levels; thus, it needs an active family. If you’re not ready to have this dog breed mix, there are other alternative dog breed mix that may be right for you.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you have such a dog breed mix?

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