Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments? An Ultimate Guide

Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments

Each person can choose between the types of dogs, some people like small dogs and others like large dogs e.g. German Shepherd.

But what if you live in an apartment and wonder Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments?

According to research by Builder Online in the United States, every two in ten Americans live in apartments.

While living in an apartment and thinking about getting a German shepherd, many people will confuse you that they are not good apartment dogs.

In this article, we will discuss some questions like Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments? Are they good apartment dogs? Does your landlord allow a German shepherd in the building? And what do you need to have a German shepherd in an apartment?

Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments?

The answer to this question is yes, they can live in small apartments, but only on one condition: if you take responsibility for their physical and mental needs. Many German Shepherds live in apartments around the world, but if you don’t meet their specific needs, destructive behavior will ensue.

Are German Shepherds Good Dogs For Apartments

Are German Shepherds Good Dogs for Apartments?

German Shepherds make good apartment dogs; they are not as tough as people think. In fact, they live very easily in apartments if their physical and mental needs are met.

Does your landlord allow German Shepherds in the buildings?

The first thing you should need is the landlord’s permission before having a German shepherd in the apartment.

In many buildings, even where dogs are allowed to live, there are still bred and size restrictions that make it very difficult for a dog lover to have a large dog in the building.

Unfortunately, the German Shepherd is among the breeds that are not allowed in the apartments.

Other breeds that carry this stigma are the Rottweiler and Pit bull. This must be frustrating for you if you live in such a housing society.

Even if your landlord still allowed you to have a German Shepherd in the apartment, he will ask for a training and temperament test because he will interact with other pets and tenants.

Another proof they can request is the vaccination certificate and the temperament test certificate.

Can German Shepherds Live In Apartments

What are the necessary requirements of an apartment living German Shepherd?

There are a lot of things to consider before getting a German shepherd in your apartment. Here are some things if you do them correctly, your dog will live a happy and healthy life.

Physical stimulation

As the name suggests, German Shepherds are classic herding dogs and require regular exercise for their physical health. Daily activity is part of their routine, and you have to meet these requirements if you want to have a German shepherd in the apartment.

A German shepherd living in an apartment will need a 30-minute walk daily. If you work near your apartment, you can take your dog for a walk during your lunch break. If you don’t have time for this and you came home late from work, you may consider the services of a dog walker or pet sitter. Although these services will cost you money, but they are necessary for the good health of your German Shepherd.

Mental Stimulation

German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs; they are classified as the third most intelligent dog breed.

They are the most commonly used as military and police dogs.

They love being busy because they are trained that way.

German Shepherds can get bored easily, so they need mental stimulation. Along with physical stimulation, you also have to pay close attention to them.

Different types of toys can be helpful in mental stimulation, such as puzzles, squeaky toys, treat hiding toys, etc.

You can involve your German Shepherd in games like hide and seek.

Also, try to teach different commands.

As mentioned above, they can easily get bored, so when left home alone, you need to provide them with plenty of interactive toys so that they can spend their time playing without anxiety.

In the absence of mental stimulation, the German Shepherd can display different destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, biting, etc.

Early age Socialization

As you know, socialization at a young age is very important for any type of dog to be a good member of human society. If your German Shepherd didn’t have enough socialization, he can be aggressive and cause harm to you or anyone else.

In the apartment, your German Shepherd may generally experience little interaction with different people, animals, or environments. It is your duty to expose your dog to different environments and situations for proper socialization.

You cannot live in the apartment if your German Shepherd is not well socialized. Your German Shepherd can end up in a shelter or even be euthanized.

Can A German Shepherd Live In An Apartment

Crate training

Crate training is very important for the German Shepherd if you live in an apartment. First of all, you have to invest in a high-quality crate.

The crate must be according to your dog’s size, and it must be durable and comfortable for your dog. House training in the apartment is a challenging task, but crate training can help you a lot.

Crate training has other benefits as well, such as that your German Shepherd will also feel safe inside the crate if you have to leave him alone.

You need to keep a few things in mind, like never leaving your German Shepherd in the crate for more than 8 hours. It can result in anxiety and depression.

Proper Training

Your German Shepherd needs the training to live in the apartment, especially to avoid bad habits. As you know, your German Shepherd loves to bark, but barking can become a big problem while living in the apartment.

Your neighbor can definitely complain about this behavior.

You can’t completely stop your German Shepherd from barking, but you can control it through obedience training.

German Shepherds usually bark when they hear the footsteps of people, see any bird or cat, and hear the barking of any dog. You just need to teach them when to stop.

House training is very important since you cannot take your dog out every time you go outside, so it is best to train him through crate training.

German Shepherds are tidy dogs, so they won’t spoil their sitting place, so crate training can be effective for home training.

The great thing about German Shepherds is that they can easily learn new commands and more often repeat them by up to 95%.

How will you handle with the hair shedding of a German Shepherd?

Even if you take a lot of time out of your daily routine and spend it with your German Shepherd to keep him physically active and mentally stimulated, there is still a problem associated with him in apartment life.

German Shepherds are infamous as the breed that shed a lot. Some people even name them as German Shedders.

This is because they have a double coat of hair, and whenever the season changes from fall to spring, they shed a lot.

So the problem is that you have to vacuum and clean a lot if you have a German shepherd in your apartment. Also, if someone in your household has allergies, their shedding can make it worse.

Is a dog like a German Shepherd is Right for Apartment Life?

Well, it is up to you to decide if a German shepherd is suitable for your apartment life or not. Before bringing the German shepherd home, you should reflect on his needs for exercise, training, and mental stimulation.

If you feel confident that you will maintain all of these factors and be a dedicated dog owner, then go for the German Shepherd because you will not get any other faithful friends than these furry companions.

German Shepherd Living In An Apartment

Final Verdict – Can German Shepherds Live In Apartments

Living in an apartment with a German is not as simple as it seems, but at the same time, it is not as difficult as it looks. You just have to make sure you meet their physical and mental needs and also take into account the well-being and comfort of your neighbor.

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