Does My German Shepherd Love Me? 19 Ways To Know Your Dog Loves You

Does My German Shepherd Love Me

One distinguishing character of the German shepherds is their affection and loyalty to their handlers. And if these dogs could speak their hearts out, they will tell us how they love us day in day out.

Unfortunately, we can’t have a verbal conversation with them.

However, all is not lost, as by looking at the shepherd’s body language and behaviors, you can know whether it loves you.

As a German shepherd owner, you will need a dog who will show affection not only to you but also to other family members.

So, here is how you will know whether your German shepherd loves you a lot.

Your German shepherd Follows You Everywhere

A German shepherd that loves you will follow you everywhere. If you look behind, this dog will resemble a minor shadow of you everywhere you move.

With your sight only, these dogs will be in much content. Such a dog will forever appreciate your presence, and it will keep following you everywhere. Whether you are going to the kitchen or bathroom, the German shepherd dog will forever be on your hot pursuit.

Highlight: such dogs who follow their owners risk developing anxiety if they attach to their owners for long. Know the limits!

The Dog Is Excited To See You

Have you ever seen how puppies interact with their mothers? The mood is always merry, and affection is all drawn on their faces.

Your German shepherd will always be excited to see you if, let’s say, you have been away for long.

If not wanting to jump on you, this dog will circle and even lick you out of excitement.

A dog who is excited after seeing you, if even if you had not gone for long, shows its affection for you is unmatched.

Your Dog Licks You

Mother German shepherd will often lick its puppies to groom them and as a way to show her affection for them.

As someone it respects and loves, this dog will show its affection for you by licking you all over. Your German shepherd will even lick you to examine your moods, and also as a way to investigate where you were.

Don’t mind the drool you get after this, as the dog cares less; all it wants to show is the affection it has for you.

Dog Sleeps With You

In the wild, the cousins of the German shepherd will sleep together to keep themselves warm, for protection, and as a way of showing affection for each other.

And likewise, the German shepherd will still portray such a behavior. Your German shepherd will be happy whenever it sleeps with you. As a guard dog, this dog wants to ensure you are protected even when you are asleep.

Worth noting, it’s not much advisable you share your bed with your dog. Sleeping with your German shepherd can trigger allergies, which can be quite bothersome for some pet lovers. Also, your dog may develop other behavioral issues, like over-dominance, if you do let in on your bed.

Get your dog a comfortable bed where it will sleep without sharing with anyone else.

The Dog Leans On You

I know you have probably seen this reaction from dogs. The dog will tend to throw its weight all over your body. Such a reaction is a sign of affection.

A dog that leans on you shows that it’s very happy with your presence, and it can’t wait the moment you give tummy rubs.

Your Dog Lets You Rub Its Belly

Your dog will lay on its back and let you rub its belly. Tell me what that is, if not a sign of affection. German shepherds are always vulnerable if they expose their bellies. And if you note your dog is exposing its belly for you, it shows that this dog trusts you a lot.

The German Shepherd Wiggles Its Behind and Wags the Tail

Such body behavior is a clear sign that this dog is happy with your presence. Wiggling its behind and wagging its tail can be followed by either some occasional low tone barks as this dog can’t calm down as he’s excited.

Your dog gives you a smile

Can a German shepherd smile? Yes, your German shepherd can smile. A smiling German shepherd will display its teeth, with sometimes the tongue out, and the eyes will tell you that this dog is full of love.

However, you also need to know that some aggressive dogs display their teeth when they are not happy.

An aggressive dog will have some accompanying body language like raised heckles, a dog standing on all fours while letting out a loud bark, and eyes bright and gazed out.

The Dog Doesn’t Hide From You

A German shepherd full of affection will never hide from you. This dog will be glad anytime it hears you are around.

Furthermore, an ill-treated or unhappy dog will utmost hide from its owner,

as there is no affection in the air.

Often such dogs who hide are scared.

The Dog Protects You with Your Family

German shepherds are protective animals, and they will protect their owners anytime they are granted to do so. A German shepherd with affection will gladly do its job with love.

If anyone tries coming near you, this dog will stand between you and the threat, ready to risk its life. Such shows this dog is affectionate, and it’s ready to risk its life for its handler.

The Dog Brings You Things

Your German shepherd dog who loves you will not be mean. If it has something it thinks it’s a treasure, it will make sure you are the first person to see it. Whether it’s a ball, a stick, a toy, your German shepherd will be glad to bring it to you.

Such a reaction and behavior shows this dog has affection, and it’s ready to give you everything so that this bond of love can remain strong.

The Dog Sighs

Human beings who sigh often show they are bored or tired. However, dogs who are content and happy when you are round will also sigh.

If your German shepherd is sighing when you are around, it shows that the dog is in a good mood and it does not trust your presence.

So, if next time you hear your dog sigh, don’t become worried that your dog is tired of your presence; rather, he is happy.

Eye Contact

German shepherds who maintain close eye contact show that they love their owners. All over, in the animal and human world, eye contact is a way of showing affection.

Whenever the dog stares at you, there is a production of the hormone oxytocin, “the cuddling hormone.”

With the production of this hormone, the environment between you and the dog will be full of love and comfort.

Worth noting, if a stranger dog looks at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s love at first sight. Stranger dogs who stare at you may be on the verge of attacking you.

A stranger dog who looks you directly to the eyes, pulls the ears backward, and raises its heckles is dangerous, and it’s almost to attack.  However, if the German shepherd looks you in the eyes, it means no harm.

The Dog Always Wanting To Play With You

A German shepherd who wants to play with you at all times shows he has affection. Such dogs will never show signs of fatigue whenever they play with you as they appreciate your presence.

The Dog Will Try to Read Your Emotions

Your dog will try to show its affection by using its nose. And this dog will use its nose to learn more about you and even try to understand your feelings. Amazing, right? Such is how these dogs are much caring to a point they want to connect with your feelings.

The Dog Is Always Calm and Relaxed When Around You

A dog who looks tensed up, tail tucked, trembles when you are around, is not a dog with love.

Utmost this dog has fear, and he can’t wait to hide and bolt away from you.

However, a dog who has a relaxed facial expression opens the mouth with the tongue out, blinks its eyes slowly, and wags its tail to show its happy and appreciates your presence.

The Dog Will Come When You Call It

Not all dogs will come when called. And as such, most of them are untrained dogs. However, for dogs who love and respect your authority, they will be happy to oblige to your command.

They will better stop playing with their favorite Kong ball and heed your calls. Such is how these dogs will show that they love you; to appoint, they will oblige your commands.

Nevertheless, it’s always prudent for any German shepherd dog owner to teach his dog always to follow all commands.

The Dog Always Allows You to Hug It

A dog with affection will love when you hug or pet it. If you have ever noted, aggressive dogs will become hostile when anyone comes close to them.

So if you note your German shepherd is allowing you to do all this without a fight, know he trusts you a lot, and he has lots of affection.

The Dog Keeps Checking On You

Some dogs will love keeping a distance from you; however, don’t mistake that for hate; such a dog still loves you. However, what these dogs do is that they will keep checking you every few minutes. Such dogs will be satisfied whenever they see you.

How Can I Make My German Shepherd Love Me?

Always Exercise Your Dog

Walking, swimming or playing fetch dog will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The dog will tend to have more affection for the person it tends to see and engage with a lot.

Give Your Dog Training

As exercising the dog training is one factor that will strengthen the bond between you and the German shepherd.

More so, if you train your dog, he will utmost respect your authority, and never will he fail to follow your commands.

Don’t Punish Your Dog

Pinching or kicking the German shepherd will utmost make this dog develop hate. You know, punishing your dog will bring behavioral issues like fear, and sometimes these behavioral issues become hard to weed out.

Look At Your Dog Directly At the Eyes

Yes, looking your dog directly in the eyes will promote oxytocin production. Do such while grooming the dog, and the bond between you and the dog will be inseparable.

Final Words Of Does My German Shepherd Love Me

There are various ways you can know whether your German shepherd loves you a lot. Many of them are easy to discern, fortunately.

With that said, is there anything that you think we’ve left behind? Tell us here, down in the comment box.

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