Victor dog food review

Victor Dog Food Reviews

It is the responsibility of every dog owner to make sure that their dogs eat good and healthy food that provides them with all the necessary nutrition for their growth and development.

In fact, every dog owner wants to provide its pet the best of the nutrition and diet to ensure its healthy existence.

Proper food and nutrition play a great role in the dog’s physical health, energy levels, and mental health. It is for this reason being mindful of what you put in the mouths of your pet is extremely crucial.

If you do not provide your pet with the right sort of diet, then it can suffer from various health problems that would need medical treatment.

This in turn would make the whole experience of adopting a pet and raising it very expensive and costly.

There are various dog food brands manufactured by different manufacturers available in the market that promise to provide the best nutrition to your dog. It is up to you which one you choose for your pet.

In this article, the famous brand Victor Dog Food “will be reviewed thoroughly.

When you bring your dog to Victor from any other dog food brand in the market, you must do that over a period of 10 days gradually increasing the amount after every 2-3 days.

Ingredients and Composition

This popular dog food in the market comprises different types of meat to give your dog the right kind of protein that it needs; for example high quality beef, chicken, not hydrated Alfalfa meal, fish and other types of seafoods.

This is a wonderful meal for those dogs that need high amounts of protein, for example pregnant female dogs or small puppies in their early years.

It consists of various other important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids for a healthy diet of the dog to give the necessary energy and strength. It also contains grains hat are gluten-free.

Fruits, vegetables, berries, beans and salmon are excluded from the Victor dog food but it contains sweet potato, yeast, Dried eggs, flax seeds, Chicken flavor, Dried Carrots, Vitamin A supplement, Vitamin D supplement, Vitamin E,  Tomato Pomace, Iron, Amino Acids, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Lecithin, Yucca Schidigera extract, Montmorillonite, Taurine, Thiamine, Manganese, Zinc Sulfate, copper sulfate, Biotin, Calcium Iodide, L-carnitine, Folic Acid, Citric acid, Rosemary, dried Kelp, Salt, dried fermented products and many other essential vitamins and minerals.

The pork and beef meal provides an immense amount of protein that is 300 times more than the fresh meat. Sweet potatoes offer the dogs’ good amount of complex carbohydrates to provide energy and high fiber for better digestion.

Peas also provide a good amount of fiber for better digestion. The presence of fish meals, seafood, dried eggs and flax seeds provides high amounts of omega-3 and fatty acids.

All these ingredients help to ensure a healthy digestive and immune system of your dog. When the female dog is pregnant and is the lactating mother, the energy requirements change drastically and so the amount of food given to them also has to be adjusted accordingly.

The only ingredient that is not premium quality in victor is the Alfalfa meal, which is excellent for human beings but low quality meat for a dog. It still has a lot of nutrients and since its present in a dehydrated form, it works to maximize protein levels in the body and does not act as a source of vitamins or minerals.

Since all these ingredients are excellent in quality, victor is popularly recognized as a high-quality premium brand among its customers throughout the world.

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How much to feed every day?

Since the Victor dog food is rich in nutrients, feeding the dog in a right way and a right quantity is very crucial.

A dog that weighs 5lbs need at least half cup of the Victor in a meal. 10 lbs need 7/8 cup, 15 lbs need 1 ¼ cups, 20 needs 1 ½ cups, 30 needs 2 cups, 40 needs 2 ½ cups, 60 needs 3 1/3 cups, 80 needs 4 cups and 100 lbs need 4 7/8 cups of the victor in a meal. The feeding requirements of puppies, however, differ significantly from that of adult dogs.

For puppies, it is important to make sure the food has a lot of moisture. For this you can either mix milk, soup, broth or water in the ratio of 3:1 in the food. It is important to feed the dog 4 times in a day for 20 minutes and let him eat how much he can eat in those 20 minutes.

Following the feeding guide or chart on the back of the Victor is very important for puppies because they need to be dealt with extreme care. Moreover, in order to prevent the food from spoiling, it is crucial to not leave the moistened food outside for more than 30 minutes, after which it can become stale.

Is Victor Suitable for all Dogs?

Victor is extremely good and full of nutrients, but might not be suitable for every kind of dog.

It is particularly excellent for adult dogs of all kinds and breeds, older dogs that have problems with their gums, big gigantic dog breeds, dogs that have high energy levels and are very active, standard dog breeds and those who can eat simple food as it does not have any special ingredients in it that satisfy the salivary glands.

Victor may not be the best choice for the dogs that are very tiny and are referred to as toy breeds, puppies, dogs that have some sort of allergies and pregnant dogs.

The formula is not well suited for these dogs due to various reasons such as their size, diseases that they are suffering and the special care they need because of their condition.

Where is it made?

Victor is one of the very popular dog food brands in the market. It is manufactured in a well-known small company in Texas called Mid America Pet Food LLC. The company also provides cat food and horse food, and all the food is manufactured in its own custom factory.

Although the brand has existed since the mid-1940’s it is only in these recent years since 2007 it has started to gain so much popularity and name in the market and has become one of the most trusted, reasonable, high quality and liked brand of Dog foods that dog owners buy today.


The company that manufactures the victor is a family owned business that takes all of its ingredients and raw materials from different dealers in China and United States of America. As the company is popular as high-quality premium brand, its distribution is mainly through online mediums.

The company has made its own factories and employees more than 90 people in the eastern area of Texas. Their transportation costs are low as all the ingredients are accessible to them and lie within the radius of 200 miles from their main place of operations. Low transport cost helps them to cut the price for the customers without sacrificing on quality.

Types of Dog Foods Offered by Victor

Victor food generally includes all kinds of dry foods in its product line, but now it has also included some wet foods. All these recipes use ingredients that are premium quality and are not cheap, such as corn or soy products. It does not include artificial colors and flavors in its recipes.

The preservatives used in it are all plant based, so there is a minimum to zero chance of allergies to the dogs who consume them. The basic ingredients used in all the recipes are probiotics, complex minerals, selenium yeast and probiotics for better digestion and efficient immune system.

These 4 basic ingredients in all recipes ensure efficient absorption, assimilation of minerals, better digestion and metabolic activity. Let’s look at the different categories of Victor available in the market.


This category of victor food provides a mixture of proteins and complex carbohydrates, which is extremely good for the dogs that need high energy to sustain. The types of foods in this category are Hi-Pro Plus, Hi-Energy, Multi-pro and professional.

Protein Select

If your dog suffers from allergies, this type of recipe is excellent to eliminate and eradicate the foods and meat that can cause allergies.

These recipes use a single type of proteins and are free of gluten. Examples include Ocean Fish Formula, Chicken meal with brown rice, Beef meal with brown rice, Lamb meal with brown rice, Nutra Pro and senior healthy weight.

Free of Grain

Grain free type is particularly good for the dogs that suffer from allergies and have obesity and weight issues. It includes various ingredients in the recipe that grain free and healthy for the dogs.

Examples include Grain free Yukon River, Grain Free Prairie land, Grain free Countryside, Grain Free ultra Pro, Grain Free hero and Grain Free active dog and puppy.

Canned Food

Victor also offers various types of canned foods which are wet food and have a lot of moisture and wet ingredients in them. They are good for puppies and for dogs with allergies.

Since puppies prefer to eat food that is moist and soluble, canned food is the best meal for the puppies to provide them with all the necessary nutrition.

Examples include Grain Free Cuts in Gravy with Chicken and vegetables, Grain free gravy with beef and vegetables, Grain Free turkey and sweet potato, Lamb and Rice formula and Chicken and Rice formula.

The Best of the Victor Dog Foods

The three of the Victor Dog foods are very popular among the customers and are considered being the best that victor offers. These are:

Victor Active Dog and Puppy

This recipe is excellent for energetic, athletic and active dogs as it includes premium quality of chicken, beef, lamb and pork meals. The meats in the recipe are much concentrated than the fresh meats which greatly increase the protein content in the food. The recipe uses complex carbohydrates and DHA, which is very important for the growth and development of puppies.

The Victor Hero Grain Free Formula

This is also one of the most popular of the victor foods that is well received by the customers. It is particularly beneficial and good for dogs that suffer from some joint problems.

In this recipe, a double source of protein is used from sources such as Chicken, Fish and Beef.

It also uses Glucosamine and Chondroitin to support joints. Sweet Potatoes are also included in this recipe to provide fiber for better digestion and improve immunity. This is one of the healthiest meals that can be offered to a dog.

Victor High Energy Formula

This formula provides immense energy and is made for active, athletic and sporty dogs that need high levels of protein and carbohydrates to maintain their energy levels at all times of the day.

In this recipe a lot of protein, complex carbohydrates and other important ingredients are used to maintain their body weight and health for the purposes of activities and sports.


After analyzing the above data it can be rightly concluded that victor is one of the best dog foods available on the market, with an extensive variety and high-quality premium ingredients that work to provide your pet with healthy nutrition while taking care of all the dietary aspects that can negatively affect his health.

The great variety that it offers can greatly help to cater to the needs of all kinds and breeds of the dogs efficiently and effectively.

The brand also offers good value for the price and it is for all these reasons it has gained massive popularity among the customers who own dogs and want the best for their pets to ensure their health and safety is not compromised in any way.

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