What Nutrients Do Adult German Shepherds Need?

What Nutrients do Adult German Shepherds need

Adult German Shepherds have specific nutritional needs like all other dogs. But, it is important to feed this obedient, graceful large dog breed the best diet available, and not just the regular, cheap dry kibble found in your local grocery store!

But the ideal food might not be the fanciest or the most expensive either. With enough slick marketing and these many options to choose from, how do you choose the right food?

So, what follows is an article covering the specific nutritional requirements and different types of diets available for adult German Shepherds.

Also, the article is a complete guide on what you can do to ensure that your German Shepherd Dog gets the nutritious and delicious food they need in the adult stage of their life.

What Nutrients Do Adult German Shepherds Need?

Adult German Shepherd needs the following nutrients to survive-

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

Some important points-

  1. The main nutritional requirement for an Adult German Shepherd is protein. They require a minimum of 18% of the protein in their prepared diet.
  2. The second vital nutrient for your German Shepherd dogs is fats.
  3. The recommended healthy fat nutritional content for Adult German Shepherds are 5%.

What types of food are good for Adult German Shepherds?

  • Dry Kibble Dog Food
  • Wet Canned Food
  • Semi-Moist Dog Food
  • Dried- Frozen Food
  • Frozen-then-thawed Dog Food
  • Organic Dog Food
  • Dehydrated Dog Food

Nutritional Tips-

  1. DHA is good for eye and brain development.
  2. For working and active adult German Shepherds- Carbohydrates and Fat levels are of less concern
  3. For Senior, overweight or inactive adult German Shepherds- Feed them with a quality formula of low fat and carbohydrates nutritional content

Which commercial dog food is best recommended for Adult German Shepherd Dog?

  1. Royal Canin Adult Dog Food
  2. Blue Wilderness Adult Dog Food
  3. Taste of the Wild

Do remember-

  1. A good quality dog food should have 14% fat level and 18-24 percent protein content.
  2. The protein should either come from meat meal (real meat without the moisture for high protein concentration) or meat like real beef, fish meal, or chicken meal.
  3. High-quality food should also contain 5% healthy fat from flaxseed, canola oil, or chicken meal.
  4. The balanced calcium: phosphorus ratio should be 1.2:1 part.

Which is the best commercial dog food for Adult German Shepherd with a Sensitive Stomach?

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog Food is the best commercial dog food for Adult German Shepherd to battle both – a sensitive stomach and an allergic itchy skin. It provides minimal ingredients for a settled stomach and healthy digestion.

Boost Tip-

  1. Vitamin E + Omega-6 Fatty Acids = for a glossy, healthy coat and Healthy Skin
  2. Vitamin E + Vitamin C = Healthy Immune System

Which is the best diet food for Adult German Shepherd?

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food is the best diet food for healthy weight management of adult German Shepherds. Generally, large breed dog food contains extra calories for energy to burn, but this quality formula cut out those extra calories so that your adult German Shepherd burns fat faster.

Dieting Tip- Do not feed your Adult German Shepherd Dog with people’s food or excessive amounts of treats, else be ready to solve the issue of some extra pounds.

Which is the best commercial dog food for German Shepherd senior?

Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food is the best commercial dog food for German Shepherd Senior as it consists of the proper nutrients like-

  • 26% Crude Protein – For Moderate Energy Levels
  • 11% Crude Fat – To avoid unnecessary weight gain
  • 4% Fiber – For better Digestion

Important Fact- Usually German Shepherds start to slow down between the age of 7-10 years. Therefore, transitioning to an adult formula with higher chondroitin and glucosamine levels will hopefully ward off hip dysplasia and aid in overall health condition.

How many calories does an Adult German Shepherd need?

Adult German Shepherd needs an intake of 1700-2400 daily calories, while a less-active or senior German Shepherd Dog should only consume 1300-1600 daily calories.

Secret Tip: Grain Free Dog Food is generally best for Adult German Shepherds as most of them are allergic to grains.

How often should an Adult German Shepherd be fed?

An adult German Shepherd Dog should be fed with 2.5 cups – 3 cups of food, twice per day.

Feeding Tip- Never ever feed your German Shepherd Dog with the cheap food formula of corn, wheat, rice, or oats as the ingredient listed cause a fatal disease called Bloat (Gastric Dilation-Volvulus) in German Shepherd Dogs.

What food should your Adult German Shepherd never eat?

  • Animal by-products
  • Fillers
  • Grains
  • Preservatives
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Corn Syrup
  • Expired Meat
  • Animal innards
  • Protein unfit for human consumption

Pro Tip- Always check and consult with your veterinary nutrition of the dog food that you are feeding to your Adult German Shepherd.

How much water should your Adult German Shepherd drink in a day?

Generally, a dog should drink 0.3 litres (one ounce) of water every day for each pound of their healthy weight.

Normally, a German Shepherd Dog weighs anywhere between 80 pounds – 90 pounds in his/her adulthood. That makes 40 ounces – 90 ounces (1.5 litres– 2.5 litres) of water every day.

 Final Words

How much you feed your Adult German Shepherd is just as important as what you feed them.

Last few bits of advice:

  1. Pay special attention to the first 3-4 ingredients on the back of the packaging
  2. Food Safety > Cheap Food
  3. Always select high-quality tested dog food with the highest nutritional benefits

High-quality dog food is an investment in your German Shepherd’s happiness, wellness, and eventually a healthy life!

Any questions or concerns regarding Adult German Shepherds’ nutritional content are welcome in the comments.

What Nutrients Do Adult German Shepherds Need?

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