German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix: A Dog With Outstanding Intelligence

German shepherd Bloodhound Mix

The German shepherd Bloodhound mix is an exquisite trail dog that comes forth after breeding a German shepherd with a Bloodhound.

Though it’s a rare breed, this dog will be a perfect fit in the police department working as a search and rescue dog. If not in the disciplinary forces, this breed makes a perfect companion.

Friendly, even-tempered, and determined, this dog breed mix is irresistible.

Are you interested to know more about the German Shepherd Bloodhound mix? Then continue reading to learn whether this dog can be a perfect fit in your house.

Understanding the German shepherd Bloodhound Mix

To get a detailed view of this German shepherd dog breed mix, it would be wise to look at each dog breed, i.e., the German shepherd and the Bloodhound.

All About the German Shepherd Dog Breed

Medium-sized and masculine, the German shepherd is ranked as the second most popular dog breed by the AKC. This masculine dog breed is intelligent, loyal, and always dedicated. Such attributes make it a popular dog breed in the police departments.

As discussed earlier, the German shepherd is medium-sized with a length of 22-26 inches and weight ranging from 50 to 70 pounds.

This dog has a double coat with medium to long hairs. Coat colors can vary, with the most prominent colors being black and tan, liver and red.

As a shedding dog, the German shepherd will require regular grooming sessions to keep the excess fur and dander away.

This dog is never keen to make friends with strangers, and its aloof nature makes it a perfect guarding dog.

However, if this dog befriends and trusts you, you will have one of a kind companion.

All about the Bloodhound

The AKC has three names for this dog, friendly, independent, and inquisitive. The Bloodhound is a large dog originally used to hunt deer and wild boars.

Its strong sense of smell is unmatchable. Such a strong sense of smell has seen the Bloodhound become a favorite in the police department working as a search and rescue dog.

This dog has a height ranging from 23 to 27 inches and weighs between 80-110 pounds.

If not handled in the right manner, this dog can become stubborn and independent. It’s a dog that will choose which instructions are worth following as per its will.

However, with the proper training, such an attribute will be easy to eradicate.

Additionally, the Bloodhound has a loose and thin coat that sheds a lot. Most color coats of the Bloodhound are black and tan, liver and tan, and red.

The deep folds that hang on this dog’s neck and head, the long and floppy ears help distinguish it.

Although it looks calm and gentle, you may think that this dog is lazy. That’s not true; this dog will require a big room where it can flex its muscles. If not playing in a yard, this dog will be glad when it becomes your jogging companion.

Worth noting, with its weight and height, this dog needs supervision when interacting with children. The reason being, it risks knocking them down. Also, children will need to learn how to interact with this dog breed.

Compare the German shepherd And the Bloodhound

German shepherd Bloodhound
AKC rank 2 49
AKC group Herding group Hound group
height 22-26 inches 23-27 inches
weight 50-90 pounds 80-110 pounds
Coat type A double coat of medium length Loose and thin
Coat color Various colors are acceptable Black and tan, liver and tan, red
Temperaments Confident, smart, loyal Affectionate and shy, quarrelsome with other dogs
Shedding levels high moderate
Noise levels medium high
Relation with children perfect perfect
Grooming needs High Moderate
lifespan 12-14 years 10-12 years


Appearance and Size of the German shepherd Bloodhound Mix

Here are some important measurements that will guide us.

German shepherds weight range 50-90 pounds, Height range 22-26 inches

Bloodhound- weight range -80-110 pounds, Height range 23-27 inches

Looking at such measurements, the German shepherd Bloodhound mix will have a maximum height of 27 inches. And reach a maximum weight of 110 pounds.

Like most dog breeds, males will tend to be more masculine, whereas females’ feminine features will be evident.

This dog breed can pick different coat varieties depending on which parent has the strongest genes. If it picks from the German shepherd, expect a mixed dog breed with a dense double coat having harsh outer guard hairs and a smooth inner coat.

If the Bloodhound’s genes are stronger, you will get a mixed dog breed with a short and dense coat.

Coat colors will also vary. The German shepherd Bloodhound mix can either have black and tan, liver and tan, or red coat colors.

And either way, this dog breed mix will shed a lot, especially during the shedding seasons; however, it will be manageable if you brush it daily.

Also, expect a dog with folded skin around the neck and head if the parent Bloodhound genes are stronger. Another physical feature worth noting is the ear structure; with the parents varying ears structure, you can either get a dog with floppy or erect ears.

Temperament and Personality of the German shepherd Bloodhound Mix

With the German shepherd’s courageous nature and Bloodhound’s stamina, expect to get an energetic dog worth enough to endure any challenge it passes through.

However, as both dogs are friendly home companions, expect such traits to trickle down to this breed mix.

Worth noting, this breed mix will be a dog that thrives where there is company. It will love to interact with other people or animals. Leaving this dog alone can predispose it to mischievous behaviors that will need various training sessions to eradicate.

Also, if this dog takes the independent nature of the Bloodhound, you will need to be a firm leader who will guide it accordingly. If this dog notes there is a gap in your leadership, then it might take the leading role in your house.

However, a little training will eradicate such behavior with ease.

Both the German shepherd and the Bloodhound relate well with children, and so such an attribute will become evident in their offspring.

If loved and take care, the German shepherd Bloodhound mix becomes an excellent home companion with unmatchable personalities.

Note; The traits and personalities of this dog breed will depend on its training, socialization, and parents. All that we have outlined here is a general description. Before settling with this dog breed, first, meet the breeder and ask him whether this dog will be a perfect match for you.

Grooming and Care

Grooming and ensuring this dog looks neat is your responsibility. Worth noting, the German shepherd and then Bloodhound are shedding dogs; with that, expect such a trait to happen in this hybrid dog.

However, shedding shouldn’t deter you from owning this dog breed.

To keep the coat free of dander and loose hair, always use a fine-toothed comb. If your dog takes the coat of the Bloodhound, you can brush it twice per week. However, if it picks the coat of the German shepherd, always brush it daily. However, more emphasis will be required during the shedding sessions.

Bathing this dog is unnecessary; however, a bath twice a year with a veterinary-approved shampoo will be better than none.

While grooming the dog, check at the ears, especially if the dog picks the Bloodhound’s floppy ears.

Clean the ears using a moist clean towel using 50-50 parts of lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar.

And remember to use a different cloth for each ear.

While grooming the ears, check for any abnormal wax production, redness, or swellings. If you note such signs, talk to a veterinarian.

Afterward, keep the teeth clean and free of plaque by brushing them with a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste.

Cleaning the teeth thrice a week will reduce dental problems that may hit this dog.

Also, while grooming this dog, check the nails. If the nails are clicking the floor, pick up a nail clipper and carefully trim them down without cutting the nerve and blood vessel endings.

If all these seem like a hard task to do, then seek the services of a professional groomer. However, you will have to go deep in your pockets.

Follow all these grooming procedures, and you will have a dog who is happy and good-looking.

Exercise Needs

The calm nature of the Bloodhound can be cunning, as you may think, that a combination with the German shepherd will bring out a docile dog. Right? You are wrong. The German shepherd Bloodhound mix is a high-energy dog that will need regular exercise sessions.

How many minutes will the German shepherd Bloodhound mix need?

This dog will need 45 minutes of play daily. Exercise sessions that will prove to be beneficial include jogging, running, and playing fetch.

If you live in an apartment, this dog will not be a perfect fit for you. The reason being it’s a dog that will require a big space where it can play around.

If not exercised, this dog will look for ways to dispense this extra energy, and you will not like it.

Training and Socialization

The intelligence of this dog breed will determine how your training sessions will be. If your breed mix takes the German shepherd’s intelligence, then all training sessions will be easy.

This dog will most likely have a 5% probability of failing the instructions and commands it receives.

However, if your mixed dog breed takes the characteristics of the Bloodhound, the training seasons may not be smooth as per your desire.

The Bloodhound is ranked 74 in the rank of intelligence among other dog breeds. With that, this dog has a 70% probability of failing the instructions it receives even after training.

Also, the stubborn nature of the Bloodhound is another key highlight.

Your German shepherd Bloodhound mix who picks after such a trait from its parent may become a difficult dog to handle.

With that, such a dog breed mix will need an experienced dog owner who knows how to handle dogs who can become independent.

All along, training this dog some basic commands will be important. And don’t skip the potty training sessions.

While training this dog, always use positive reinforcement. This dog will utmost become sensitive to your tone of voice. Shouting or screaming at your dog will bring in fear.

Instead, use other disciplining methods which won’t affect this dog physically and emotionally.

Socialization is also key. Let this dog come across many people and animals. Take it to a people’s park where it will experience different sights and sounds.

Also, you can enroll this mixed breed in an obedience class. Doing all these will see you have a socially acceptable and manageable dog breed mix.


Like a high-energy and masculine dog, the German shepherd Bloodhound mix will need a diet that will offer between 1200-1700 calories.

Whether you settle on commercial dog food or homemade, ensure this diet has a high percentage of proteins and still mimics the dog’s natural diet.

Also, look for food that will not trigger any allergies in your dog. To ensure this dog is well-fed and free of gastrointestinal issues, ensure you have fed it twice daily and avoid free feeding.

Health Issues

As a hybrid dog, the German shepherd Bloodhound mix has chances of acquiring hereditary diseases. However, that doesn’t imply it will be free from them.

As a big-boned dog, look out for joint and bone issues that may attack this dog. Such include elbow and hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

Glaucoma, kidney issues, and skin infections are health issues you should be wary of in this dog breed mix.

While at that, buying your dog from a reputable breeder will see you evade all hereditary diseases that this dog may have. The reason being, reputable breeders perform health tests to ascertain whether the dog is free of hereditary diseases.

What Is the Lifespan of the Bloodhound German shepherd Mix?

With the German shepherd having a lifespan of 9-13 years and the Bloodhound having a lifespan of 10-12 years- you utmost expect a dog with a lifespan of 13 years. However, don’t become amused when this dog hits over 15 years.

However, how long this dog lives is determined by the care and diet that you give it.

Where Can I Find a German shepherd Bloodhound Mix?

A Reputable Breeder

Though rare, you can talk to any German shepherd or Bloodhound breeder and see the probabilities of having this breed mix. However, since it’s a rather new dog breed mix, most breeders are always afraid of breeding them as the outcome is unpredictable. It will be a matter of chance to get a breeder who breeds this dog in a legit way.

Rescue Centers

Another location you can check is in the rescue center. However, you may have to walk or stay for long before you find one.

Most likely, the German shepherd Bloodhound mix you find in these centers come here because of accidental breeding done by some breeders.

Will The Bloodhound German shepherd Dog Mix Be a Perfect Breed for Me?

If you have a spacious yard, you love a dog with a strong sense of smell, and lastly, you need a loyal companion, then this dog breed mix will be perfect for you.

Is the German shepherd Bloodhound Mix Hypoallergenic?

No, the Bloodhound German shepherd breed mix is not hypoallergenic as it produces enough fur and dander that can trigger an allergic reaction.

The Objective of Crossing a German shepherd With a Bloodhound

Breeders will breed these two dogs because of some essential features. One, it’s the stamina of the Bloodhound and the speed of the German shepherd. With that, you get a breed mix with the agility of the German and the endurance of the Bloodhound.

Final Thoughts

The Bloodhounds and the German shepherds are two dog breeds with exemplary attributes. Mixing these two dogs will give you a breed mix that will be perfect for any active family.

All along, the German shepherd bloodhound mix is a friendly and loyal canine companion. Would you have such a dog in your house? Or do you have one? Tell us here down in the comment box.

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