German Shepherd Coyote Mix – An Ultimate Coydog Guide

German Shepherd Coyote mix

The German Shepherd Coyote mix is one of many mixed dog breeds that breeders have managed to create.

As from the name, this breed mix results from breeding a German shepherd with a coyote. And such a dog mix, between a coyote and a German shepherd, is referred to as a coydog.

Finding a coydog in a rescue centre or finding a breeder who breeds such a mix can be a matter of chance.

Additionally, the parent dog breeds can determine the characteristics and temperaments of this coydog.

Nevertheless, comparing the physical attributes and the temperaments of each parent can help us predict the outcome of this hybrid mix (German shepherd coyote mix).

Can a German shepherd And a Coyote Mix Mate? (When Wild Meets Tame)

A German shepherd and a coyote can mate. The reason being both of these parent dogs don’t have a huge discrepancy when it comes to their size.

Again because of their proximity in terms of size and weight, the female dog will not find it hard to carry and deliver the litter.

However, it’s rare to find a coyote and a dog like the German shepherd mating in the wild. Mostly, it happens through the interference of humans.

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Advantage and Disadvantages of Having a Hybrid Dog like The German Shepherd Coyote Mix

It’s a debate that will never end soon of whether it’s right to breed two different canines with different attributes and backgrounds.

For breeders and pet enthusiast who wouldn’t mind venturing in new breed mixes, they need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning a hybrid dog.

So, what are the pros and cons of having a coydog?

German Shepherd Coyote Mix Puppy


You will utmost get a dog with unique physical characteristics. So if you are someone who loves diving into the unknown, you can get a coydog.

Additionally, hybrid dogs often come tolerant of diseases and also they have reduced chances of contracting their parent’s genetic diseases.

In continuation, you may get a hybrid dog with a healthy physicality and perfect temperaments that you would love from a pet.

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There are unknown dangers of breeding two different members of the canine family. And unfortunately, the cons may outweigh the pros.

You may get a hybrid dog with unpredictable temperaments. Often dogs have better traits than coyotes. So on the downside, you may get a German shepherd coyote mix that has picked the bad genes from the coyote.

Unless you are an experienced pet lover, you may find it hard to contain the temperaments of this breed mix.

It’s not a surprise that you may find this hybrid mix presenting with one of its parent’s genetic diseases if breeders don’t adhere to the right procedures of crossbreeding.

Also, there is a danger that this hybrid mix may arise with its own set of diseases.

Understanding the German Shepherd Coyote Mix

Like every other dog breed mix, it can be hard to forecast how this coydog presents. However, by analyzing each parent’s attributes, it can help us get a clue on how this new dog breed will present.

Coyote And German Shepherd Mix


Also called prairie wolf or brush wolf, the coyote is a member of the canine family. Their distant cousins include the jackals, wolfs and foxes.

Coyotes are most predominant in Canada and the USA.

Coyotes are not that muscular, and they are often as big as a golden retriever. From head to body this canine can reach lengths of between 32-37 inches. With its bushy tail adding another 16 inches.

Coyotes weigh from 20 to 50 pounds (9-23 Kg)

Additionally, they have a coarse coat with colours like grey, and brown being the most predominant.

Furthermore, the coat of their colour can vary depending on their location. In that, coyotes who live in the desert tend to be lighter than coyotes who live in the highlands.

Additionally, coyotes are nocturnal hunters, and their excellent sense of sight and smell gives them an advantage.

Additionally, coyotes are not selective when it comes to diet. You will find their diet comprising berries, wild fruits, and small wildlife games.

As from many folklores, the coyote is an intelligent and smart canine. Coyotes can also be aggressive.

Common diseases that strike coyotes include mange, rabies and canine distemper- with mange being the most predominant.

Coyotes often have a similar gestation period like the dogs. Additionally, they can produce a litter size of 3-12 puppies.

Furthermore, locality and circumstance can determine the litter size of coyotes.

For example, in an area with a few coyotes, the litter size is small. Whereas in areas where coyotes are few, the litter size increases.

Coyotes in the wild can have a lifespan of 6-10 years. Whereas in captivity, they can have a lifespan of over 15 years.

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Gsd Mix With Coyote

German shepherd

One of the most popular dog breed in the word placed second by the AKC in terms of its popularity.

It’s a medium-sized dog that can reach weights of between 50-90 pounds and reach lengths ranging from 22 to 26 inches.

Additionally, the German shepherd presents with a fuzzy double coat. With the predominant colours being brown, black/tan.

The German shepherd is an agile, intelligent and hardworking canine. Because of its proven attributes, you will find this dog working in the police and army department.

German shepherds make wonderful family pets as they are loyal to their family members and lastly they co-exist well with children.

German shepherds cherish a spacious backyard where they can flex up their masculine bodies.

Training German shepherds is easy as since they are quick learners that love to make their owners happy.

Like every other dog breed, the German shepherd is also susceptible to a couple of diseases-with the most predominant being hip and elbow dysplasia, obesity and diabetes.

The lifespan of the German shepherd is 10-13 years.

The comparison: The German shepherd Vs the coyote

German Shepherd Coyote
Group Domestic working canine Wild canine
size 22-26 inches 21-26 inches
weight 20-50 pounds 50-90 pounds
Coat Coarse double coat Coarse and fuzzy double coat
Coat colour Black and tan Grey
Temperaments Intelligent, trainable, loyal, friendly Territorial, aggressive, cunning
Speed 30 mph 40 mph
Bite force 238 psi 153 psi
Vocalisation Bark, growl, wolf yips and low growls
scat Large and fat Thin and often has fur
Length of legs short long
Life span 10-13 years 10-20 years

German shepherd And the Coyote

The above illustrates how the German shepherd and the coyote presents. As you can see, both of these parent dog breeds have a slight difference when it comes to their physicality and attributes.

Hence by now, you can predict how this breed mix the German shepherd coyote mix size and temperaments will present.

German Shepherd Coyote Mix Size And Appearance

German shepherd Coyote Mix Size and Appearance

How big is a German shepherd coyote mix? The coyote mix is often not a muscular breed. It has a length ranging from 30 to 50 inches and weight ranges from 20 to 70 pounds.

Overall, the size and weight will depend on the parent breed with healthier genes.

Additionally, German shepherd coyote mix present with a fuzzy double coat, with coat colours being either dark brown or light grey.

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German shepherd Coyote Mix Temperaments

Forecasting the temperaments of this breed mix can be challenging. However, like every other dog, the parent dog breeds influence, the offspring attributes.

A key point out is that the German shepherd coyote mix is often smart and intelligent since its parents share these traits.

Additionally, it’s a dog that will require close monitoring when around children as it can be snappy at times. However, like every other dog, this breed mix will need lots of socialization to weed out any unbecoming behaviors.

Proper socialization and coupled with training will help shape the characters of this breed mix.

Don’t expect this breed mix to live solitary on its own it would be best if the dog gets company. Therefore, seclusion from the outside world or leaving this dog enclosed in a kennel for long will nurture unwanted behaviors.

This breed mix also makes a perfect guard dog. It will try to pick out any anomaly in the surroundings.

Furthermore, watch out how you interact with the German shepherd coyote mix, as it can pick the wild nature of the coyote.

Coyote German Shepherd Mix Temperaments

German shepherd Coyote Mix Training

Training the German shepherd coyote mix needs lots of tolerance and patience. Positive reinforcements will be beneficial when teaching this breed mix.

Positive reinforcements help make the training sessions efficient.

Since both parent dogs are smart, you can expect somehow a less gruesome training session without straining.

However, start the training session when the puppy is eight weeks old. The earlier you commence the pieces of training, the better.

Even after training, don’t let this dog off the leash- as the aggressive genes from coyotes may come in play when around other dogs and strangers.

NB: housebreaking this German shepherd coyote mix can be challenging, the earlier you start, the better.

Exercise Needs

Like every other dog, this coydog will require lots of exercise sessions. 2-3 hours of playtime will be sufficient. Since both the German shepherd and the coyote are highly energetic dogs, expect a breed mix with high exercise needs.

You can take German shepherd for hikes or even swimming.

Mental stimulation will also prove to be beneficial for this breed mix.


The German shepherd coyote mix is a high shedder. It sheds twice a year. So arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner if you are to allow your dog inside your house.

Nevertheless, daily brushing will be sufficient to control the shedding and also make the coat look tidy.

Additionally, constant bathing is not necessary. Once per every six months will be adequate for this dog.

In case the dog contracts seborrhea common in this breed mix: you can use a seborrheic shampoo to wash this dog.

Furthermore, nail clipping twice per month will help prevent injuries that this dog can inflict on other people or other dogs.

Additionally, keep its dental clean by brushings its teeth every two days. However, consult your veterinary on the best dog’s toothbrush and toothpaste to use on your dog.

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Dietary Needs

The German shepherd coyote mix will benefit from a healthy diet.

Foods with plenty of healthy calories will make this dog grow big and masculine, thus reaching its potential height and weight.

However, have a limit as this dog can turn out to be gluttonous, thus exposing it to obesity and other gastrointestinal problems.

Next, watch out on how you ditch out those treats. Treats will be good at supplementing your dog’s daily diet. However, they should never replace your dog’s regular diet.

Additionally, don’t overly on commercial foods as some of the products have low production standards that may subject your dog to some health condition or even death.

You can supplement your shepherd coyote mix diet with simple natural home-cooked foods. However, consider your vets advisory before taking up this route.

Consequently, you can give your German shepherd supplements like omega three and vitamin b complex. They keep this dog healthy and provide multivitamins that a dog’s regular commercial food may lack.

That said, consult your vet on the best diet to give your German shepherd coyote mix. The vet will structure a dog’s feeding schedule according to its size and age.

Living Conditions

Don’t take up the responsibility of rearing this breed mix if you live in a confined space or in an apartment that dislikes dogs.

This shepherd coyote mix will thrive in rural setups where there is ample space.

German shepherd Coyote Mix Health Issue

Similar to every other dog breed, this breed mix is also susceptible to diseases. However, they are not that common.

Coyotes are susceptible to some zoonotic diseases like mange and rabies. German Shepherd’s most prevalent health conditions are hip and elbow dysplasia, obesity, degenerative myelopathy.

Nevertheless, a great percentage of a shepherd coyote mix diseases arise from the German shepherd parent.

Other health conditions you should keep a close eye on include;


Often common in coy dogs. However, it is not life-threatening. As the name this worm enters the bloodstream after a mosquito bite then lodges itself on the heart chambers.


Canines like coy dogs can at times be greedy, and they eat anytime food is present. Such behaviour can predispose a dog to obesity.

Obesity is life threatening as it can lead to other hosts of diseases like diabetes.

So in the case, you see your dog is obese, consult your vet on ways on how you can overturn this health condition.

Also, learn about the supplements for your GSD.


As human beings, the German shepherd coyote mix is vulnerable to joint disorders. Often present in elderly dogs. However, teenage dogs are also at risk.

Arthritic dogs need to be handled with care as this condition can turn out to be painful, thus reducing the dog’s quality of life.

Overall, the German shepherd coyote mix is a resilient dog breed less susceptible to diseases. Additionally, consider updating your dog’s yearly shots like rabies or kennel cough.

More so, your vet will be in a better position to give you the best vaccination schedule for your German shepherd coyote mix.

Coyote German Shepherd Mix
Coyote German Shepherd Mix

German shepherd Coyote Mix Puppy (The Litter Size)

The litter size of this breed mix can vary from 3 to 15 puppies.

However, a host of factors can determine the litter size of this coydog.

The Lifespan

The lifespan of this breed mix will depend on the care that this dog receives. However, in the absence of any underlying health condition, this breed mix can have a life span ranging from 8 to 20 years.

FAQ: Are German shepherd Coyote Mixes Perfect Family Pets

If handled correctly and socialized early, this coydog makes a perfect family pet who is loving and cuddly.

This breed mix has a bubbly and willful spirit that you would cherish from a dog.

However, care is necessary when this breed mix interacts with children as the aggressive genes of the coyote may still manifest.

However, this dog is not perfect for a family novice on how to handle pets, as sometimes they can be hard to tame and control.

Why Should I Own a German shepherd Coyote Mix?

If you need a dog with a unique physicality, then you can try out this breed mix. You can also try this breed mix if you are expert and firm dog handler who understand a dog’s body languages and behaviors.

Also, if you have the space and time for exercising, then you will find peace in this breed mix. As earlier said, 2-3 hours of exercise will be sufficient.

NB: Don’t adopt or take up this dog if you are not knowledgeable about how to handle energetic dogs. You will be in for a rude shock.

Where Can I Get a German shepherd Coyote Mix?

It’s rare to find a German shepherd coyote mix, as most breeders are hesitant of breeding two canines sharing different backgrounds.

It’s a matter of luck.

However, if you are into this breed mix, visit any trusted breeder in your locality and ask the possibilities.

Next, you can visit any local animal shelter or adoption centre. How lucky it will be for you.

Note: don’t visit puppy farm/puppy mills as that is where most backyard breeders thrive. You are utmost likely to get an unhealthy dog from a puppy farm.

Adopt! Don’t shop.

What Is the Cost of a German shepherd Coyote Mix?

What if I am lucky, how much it will cost me to get a German shepherd coyote mix? Since this breed mix is rare, be ready to go deep into your pockets. On average, you can spend $600 to $1000 to get this breed mix.

Final Thoughts

It’s a rare but unique breed mix that is full of life and will live up to your expectations if you need a high energy dog.

However, consider evaluating yourself whether you will be in a better position to quench all needs for the German shepherd coyote mix.

If not, consider checking up other moderate dog breeds before ascending to this breed mix.

That said, would you mind having this coydog in your home? Or do you have one? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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