German Shepherd VS Pitbull Terrier, Which is Stronger?

German Shepherd VS Pitbull Terrier

Comparing one dog with another is never easy, because every breed has its strengths and weaknesses. If we compare a German Shepherd with an American Pitbull Terrier, we will find many similarities and differences.

Both are strong, brave, imposing and very determined dogs, but they are also different not only physically but in several aspects of their personality.

In this post we will try to see the weaknesses and strengths of each one and compare which of the two would be the strongest.

Similarities Between a German Shepherd And A Pitbull Terrier.

Both are dogs with a lot of energy, which require exercise and daily training, as well as need a good education, early socialization, love and care.

They are dogs with good temperament suitable to live in a family since they are loyal, affectionate and protective with their own. They are also appropriate to be service dogs because of their strength, discipline, obedience, intelligence, among other perks.


Physical Differences Between a Pitbull Terrier And a German Shepherd.

As for physical differences, the American Pitbull Terrier is a small and compact dog. This makes its muscles more defined, even so, it is heavy for its size. Males usually weigh 25 – 32 kg and has a height between 46 – 48 cm. Females weigh 13 – 22 kg and are 35 – 46 cm tall.

The Pitbull was originally created to excel in combat against other dogs, but this breed is currently used as a working dog in security or narcotics detection, although its main function is still to be a family pet.

On the other hand, the German Shepherd is much taller, the males are usually 60 – 65 cm high and weigh 30 – 40 kg. Females are usually 55 -60 cm high and weigh between 22 – 32 kg.

The German Shepherd is known for its work in caring for and protecting the flocks of rams against wolves, so they excel in agility.


On the internet there are many people debating how strong a dog is or whether it is stronger or weaker than another. It is a fairly common topic, but it does not have a unique or simple answer.

When considering the strength of a dog, we have several factors such as level of muscle mass, level of bite pressure, temperament, agility, defense, battle conditions etc. Although many people prefer to base strength on the level of bite pressure or physical strength.


The BFQ (Bite Force Quotient) is measured by the pressure exerted by the jaw as it closes to bite.

To measure the strength of a dog’s bite, there is a scientific scale called PSI (pounds force per square inch), which is a unit made to calculate the pressure released on any given point. It is a measured result of all the pressure applied over a square inch of a pound.

Both German Shepherd and Pitbull Terrier breeds are ranked as one of the dogs with the strongest bite. So, to give you a better idea about how strong is this, the force of a human bite is only 162 PSI.

Strength of a German Shepherd’s Bite.

These dogs possess a bite force of 238 PSI This is a force capable of causing very serious damage, like very capable of breaking a person’s bones.

Although it is surprising, it is still not the strongest bite of all, and even though we know that these dogs are generally passive they can get defensive if they or their families are in danger.

Strength of a Pitbull Terrier bite.

Pitbulls possess a bite force of 235 PSI, which is only the 71% of the Rottweilers’ who have the strongest bite at 328 PSI.

Although Pitbulls don’t have the strongest bite in comparison to the Rottweiler or German Shepherd, in the case of these dogs it is not only the force but also the pressure that it exerts and something that makes a Pitbull’s bite so feared, is its holding power.

The Pitbull will hold its bite much longer than other dogs because they were bred to do so, which makes them so dangerous. Because of its wide face and powerful jaw, the bite is its main defense.

They can easily break many hard materials to harm things if they want to.


German Shepherd: This dog is agile, determined and strong, adding its weight of 60 – 65 kg the musculature. Is strong in all its body, its back, chest, belly and back are very developed, making it more difficult to manipulate it at the time of an attack since this is a fairly dominant and robust dog, with great strength, resistance and agility.

Not only are they physically strong dogs, they go a little further. It is a very intelligent, balanced breed capable of reasoning and thinking before attacking, which works to catch its prey unawares. Depending on the circumstances, it can become a double-edged sword.

Pitbull Terrier: is a dog that has more strength than it seems, it is possibly the strongest and most powerful of all Terriers.

The Pitbull is an imposing, agile and determined dog, these characteristics plus its muscular body of 40 kg. Maybe its not the dog with the most physical strength or resistance, but this do not suppose a problem for it to attack with hardness.


This breed has a great strength and is very active, so it needs to exercise daily to spend the excess energy, but it needs people who can devote the time to train it and have a lot of patience.


German Shepherd: they were bred to protect and help manage the cattle herds. Therefore, like all dogs dedicated to grazing and hunting have a strong instinct to prey.

They have a balanced character; they are hardworking, protective, but more cautious, observant and distant, always watching for any threat.

Pitbull Terrier: This breed is characterized by being quite independent and normally it is difficult to train them, so many qualify them as undisciplined dogs.

Despite the negative image, which the Pitbulls have had for so long, owners claim that these dogs have a friendly temperament.

It’s all about training and properly socializing the Pitbull from puppy-hood, these dogs can be very loyal and loving friends. The best way to discipline them is repetition and patience.

It is known that pit bulls are one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs, and yes, there have been violent incidents with some dogs of this breed, but really, the root of the problem is the breeding and education that the dogs receive from puppies, so we could say that these incidents are largely caused by irresponsible owners.

In conclusion, knowing who is stronger between these two dogs is something relative and would depend on each dog, we can say that the German shepherd wins in bite strength and size, but the strong personality of the pit bull combined with its physical strength and determination are not left behind.

Let us know, which do you think is the strongest between these two, the German Shepherd or the pitbull?


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