How Can I Prevent German shepherd from Barking at People I Bring Home?


Why German Shepherd barks?

German Shepherd barks, and it is perfectly natural. They bark for a lot of reasons, including when they want something, when something is bothering them or when they see a stranger.

Many dogs bark when they sense danger because animals, particularly furry, yelping, four-legged animals that have their tongues stuck out, are a pro at instincts.

Amongst a lot of reasons, German shepherds usually bark when they see a new face.

Why German Shepherd barks at strangers?

It will be unreasonable to expect that a German shepherd dog will not bark at you because apart from you being a stranger to him, there are several more reasons behind that yelp.

Some of them may include these two major ones;

Why German Shepherd Barks?

Marking/Protecting Territory

German shepherds are possessive of their territories and become instantly aggressive when they see anybody breaching it. If they locate a threat, they will bark relentlessly and the shouting will probably become louder if the threat moves closer in.

At times, German shepherds view you as an incoming threat, and immediately become alert against ‘danger’.

Spooked Out

Dogs begin barking when they are startled. If, in any case, you startle a German shepherd by appearing suddenly or without him knowing, you will have to endure the next few minutes of intense barking right at your face. Dogs tend to shout when they get alarmed, and that coupled with a new face, you’re in for a treat.

German shepherds are named “shepherds” for a valid reason –their breed is functioned to guard, protect or patrol. If you are a first-comer to your friends’/colleagues’ house where the mighty German shepherd lives, there are ninety percent chances that he will become an aggressively barking dog the minute you enter in sight.

To curb this annoying habit of your doggy, you can either:

  1. Get him a bark collar
  2. Teach him to follow barking commands
  3. Reward him for learning
  4. And most obviously, make him friendly with the “new face”.

Why German Shepherd Barks At Strangers?

There are elaborated instructions that can train not only your dog, but also teach you a thing or two on how to treat your doggy.

The act of punishing or kicking him when he barks incessantly for all the wrong reasons will turn the tables on you. This behavior will instill distrust in your pet, and there is likely a chance that your dog will rebel instead of being obedient.

Do not join in on the aggressiveness your dog is showing. Calm him down in your own “owners’” way.

The second most hazardous behavior is to shout along with your barking dog. It not only scares him but it will also inflict the opposite effect – your German shepherd might think you are encouraging him.

In order to curb the barks, try training him using your hands. Pin your fingers with your thumb vertically – this is a specific sign language for dogs that they can comprehend. Importantly, if possible, bring over your friend who gets to be the victim and play/train your GSD along with him/her.

A removal of a sense of danger or alarm is necessary in all cases to prevent your friends from being disturbed by your shepherd’s aggressive barking.

How Can I Prevent German Shepherd From Barking At People I Bring Home?

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