How Much Should I feed my German Shepherd puppy?


If you are the proud new owner of a puppy, congratulations. You will have an enjoyable time filled with hugs, snuggles and kisses. But let’s get real for a moment.

The first thing that pops into your mind at this moment is, what can I feed my beautiful, cute puppy?

And how much food is good enough for a puppy in a day?

How Much Food Is Good Enough For A Puppy In A Day?

In this article, we look at how much food you should feed your puppy every day, and what you need to be looking at in terms of nutrition?

You might be under the misguided assumption that “a dog is a dog” and so the food you feed your puppy should not matter, as long as it is labeled dog food.


Food specially formulated for puppies is very different to dog food that is fed to older dogs, as the food you feed your puppy in the initial growth phase sets up the foundation for the complete development and transformation into a strong and healthy dog.

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Your puppy needs essential nutrients in its food, which will help in the development of its brain, organs and bones.

When compared to adult dogs, puppies need more proteins, fat, calcium and phosphorus, and it needs to get them in proper dosages spread out in the appropriate time.

If a puppy gets too little of a nutrient, it will cause deficiencies, but if it gets too much, it can cause complications that will last it a lifetime.

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How To Calculate The Number Of Calories That&Nbsp;They Burn Every Day


You should feed a puppy a certain amount of food each day based on its weight.

When you look at adult dogs, they are fed based on their daily activity, and their current body condition, and you can easily calculate the number of calories that they burn every day.

But with a puppy, most people think that since they are constantly growing, that the quantity of food that they are fed every day must constantly change. But that is not entirely true.

A puppy must be fed the same quantity of food from around 4 months till a year, because the puppy uses the same amount of calories to grow, and so even as a young dog, will use the same amount of calories to mature.

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So, how can you determine how much you need to feed your puppy? You need to determine the estimated adult weight for your puppy.

You can consult your local veterinarian doctor to get the estimated weight for your puppy’s breed, or if you are sure about the calculation, you can do a search on the internet.

Once you do that, you will able to find the required calorie intake for your puppy, for that estimated weight.

You can read more about the daily calorie requirements on this post.

Since you know that a young dog will consume the same calories as your puppy, you can estimate the amount of food needed to feed your puppy today.

But remember, don’t just feed your puppy to satisfy some calculated number. Make your judgment based on the amount of food required to maintain its body condition.

How Much Should I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy

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