How To Keep Your German Shepherd From Jumping The Fence And Escape?

How To Keep Your German Shepherd From Jumping The Fence And Escape?

A fenced-in house or farm is an ideal place to have a dog, as it will have space to go out and breathe clean air freely while being safe.

But what about those reckless dogs that can jump the fence and escape even if they have an obstacle? For your German shepherd a strong and brave dog, it can be an adventure, but it can cause many troubles and dangers.

Will Your German Shepherd Jump The Fence?

If your German Shepherd wants to jump the fence, it can do it easily. Because they are not only very determined dogs but also have incredible jumping strength and have the ability to jump between 1.2 – 1.5 meters high. Therefore, if the fence is 1 meter or less, the dog will be able to jump it without problems.

Why Do German Shepherds Jump So High?

Since they are a working breed with jobs where they need to protect others, they were raised to be super-athletic. This, of course, is attributed to their ability to jump.

Your German Shepherd Can Jump The Fence For Different Reasons.

There are many reasons why a dog can escape from its home, even if you treat it well, you love it and feed it.

Loneliness, Boredom, or Frustration.

Your dog may run away because it gets boring. There are several reasons why a dog feels this way.

It can be caused if your dog spends long hours at home alone without toys, physical activity, or a playmate. If your dog doesn’t get any stimulation, it may want to escape and explore its environment.

Separation Anxiety.

Like any other dog breed, German Shepherds can also suffer from separation anxiety. And it may run away shortly after you have left home.

This behavior is due to the high dependence your dog has developed on you.

Usually, a dog that runs away due to a separation anxiety problem stays close to home. It will be easy to locate it.

Fears and Phobias.

Like us, dogs can experience fear, especially when faced with a negative or stressful situation that they believe puts their physical well-being at risk.

This situation occurs frequently in some cases, such as when the dog is subjected to loud noises, such as electrical storms, firecrackers, fireworks, etc.

To help the dog with this situation and prevent it from escaping it is important to identify what scares it and work to eliminate the fear.

Also, providing support such as providing a safe place for it to go when it feels scared or anxious, such as a cage, room, or someplace closed off that is safe for it.

What To Do If Your German Shepherd Escapes?

If your GSD has run away for any of the above reasons and returns sometime later, it is important that it does not feel that returning was a bad idea.

When it comes back, don’t punish it. You may feel that the dog deserves to be punished so that it doesn’t do it again. But, the dog can associate the punishment with what it is doing in that precise moment, which is to return home.

This can cause that instead of eliminating the escape behavior, the dog stops coming home to not be “punished.” If your dog left the house because of loneliness, fears, or phobias, this will make it even more afraid and make the problem worse.

When the dog comes back responding to our call or our tricks, it should be rewarded with caresses, a loving tone of voice, or some edible prize. Reinforcing these positive attitudes teaches it that every time it obeys it will be rewarded for its good behavior and for being at home, the dog will know that this is what is expected of it.

How To Prevent Your German Shepherd From Jumping Over The Fence.

If you want to prevent your German shepherd from jumping over the fence, you must make sure your dog does not want to escape. To prevent this from happening, you must provide a great deal of mental and physical stimulation for it.

Make a farm or house a fun place. Provide toys, fresh water, and some nice spaces for it with shade. If your dog is entertained and accompanied, it’s harder for it to escape in search of stimulation.

And don’t leave your dog too much time alone, play with it often, do some training sessions, etc. With all this attention it won’t want to escape feeling so loved and well cared for.

Once you have corrected the problems that cause your dog to jump the fence and run away, you can make certain modifications to avoid this problem or any other in the future.

  • Putting a fence or about 1.8m high is usually enough to keep your GSD inside, although some dogs can jump that high it is very unlikely that the dog will try.
  • If you already have a fence and can’t change it or make it bigger, there are other alternatives. You won’t need to put up a higher or new fence. Simply add a section at the top that slopes inward. This will prevent your dog from jumping.
  • Keep away from the fence any object that might make it easier for your dog to jump or help it to climb, such as piles of wood, tables, chairs, rocks, etc.
  • Using shrubs and plants inside the fence will not only look nice but will also keep your dog from jumping, as it will be uncomfortable for it.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Fitting A Hole Underneath The Fence.

German shepherds are very smart and determined; don’t be surprised if they always find a way to get away with it. In some cases, if the dog can’t jump the fence, it will try to run underneath it.

On other occasions, dogs do not choose to jump but to dig under the fence to be able to escape since it is easier for them. We can bury under the fence a wire mesh so that it is very difficult for them to dig since their nails will meet again and again with the wire and they will not manage to make the hole.

Also, you can place stones at the bottom of the fence, preventing your dog from digging near the area or pouring concrete along the entire perimeter, burying the bottom of the fence in it.

Final Thoughts.

It is recommended to use collars with tags that identify the name of the pet and the telephone contacts to find its owners. As you can see, preventing the dog from the jump the fence and escaping is very simple.

It is important to point out that by knowing the reasons that lead the dog to escape and giving it a solution, you can avoid great annoyances, as well as an adequate education since your German shepherd is a puppy, will avoid this and other types of inappropriate behavior.

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