How to Prolong the Life Expectancy of German Shepherd?


Life expectancy of German shepherd depends on what kind of lifestyle you provided for them!

The average life expectancy of German Shepherd Dog is approximately 9–13 years. Some can live longer and some may die a lot earlier.

So, How to prolong the life expectancy of German Shepherd?

As a German Shepherd dog (GSD) owner, it’s you who decides how longer your GSD’s can live. The better grooming, training and lifestyle you provide to them the longer they can live.

If you are concerned about your German Shepherd dog’s health and don’t know what to do? Well, we will discuss German Shepherds; How long do they live, and what efforts should you make to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your beloved canine?

The lifespan of GSD depends on their breed and what environment do you give your dog to live in! This environment includes everything. It includes meals, vaccines, and lifestyle, everything which affects the health of the dog. German Shepherds are one of the best breeds of the dog.

They are also the most sensitive breeds among the dogs. They are young dogs with less life expectancy.

Since they are unique and sensitive, special care should be ensured to give them a healthy life so they can live more than their expected life.

Life expectancy of German Shepherd

How To Prolong The Life Expectancy Of German Shepherd?

The life span expectancy of German Shepherds does not mean that they cannot live beyond that age, but it means that the majority of the dogs do not live further because they are not properly taken care of.

As discussed above, German Shepherds being one of the best breeds of dogs needs special care and attention to live healthily. Normally, their life span expectancy is from 9 to 13 years. Many of the German Shepherds do not live for more than 9 years. This is because they are not looked after or they die mostly due to some disease.

Those who live beyond 13 years are healthy dogs. They take proper meals and enjoy physical activities, which keep them fit. These are also given vaccines properly, so there are fewer chances to become a victim of any disease. This is another reason German Shepherds are also called the young breed.

How to Prolong the Life Expectancy of German Shepherd?

German Shepherd Life Span

If you own a German Shepherd, you must be concerned and stressed about how long your dog will live and how to prolong the life expectancy of German Shepherd?

You may have adopted your dog from somewhere or from somebody else, or you might have bought a newborn.

Most dog owners make a big mistake by not knowing the health history of their dog when they get it for the first time.

They do not emphasize much on getting out the medical history to better understand the lifestyle of the dog. They miss this part and make the dog adopt the lifestyle they develop for it.

You need to understand first that you cannot make your dog quickly adopt the lifestyle you developed for it.

You need to understand your dog and then develop a lifestyle suitable for it.  You should know if your dog is vaccinated or not. You need to make sure that the dog lives happily with you by building a pleasant environment at home.

Make a friendly relationship and give maximum attention so that your dog does not feel alone or left out. These are small things, but they have been made important to understand because if your dog becomes a victim of depression, this can become deadly for it gradually.

And this is the most common disease found when the dog is not well settled in the house or with the new owner.

Let us see some tips that can ensure a healthy lifestyle for your German Shepherd and increase its life span, eventually.

  • Make Efforts to Maintain Their Weight

German Shepherds are the best breed of dog. GSD’s at any age are supposed to be active and energetic. That is why dog owners need to make efforts for their dog and maintain a healthy weight so they stay healthy and fit.

Make sure you involve them in some physical activities and exercises so they do not have a lousy posture even if they are moving or resting.

  • Keep Physical Activities Minimum When They Are A Year Old

Since German Shepherds are young dogs, they get mature slowly unlike the other dog breeds. They are sensitive when they are one or two years old.

That is why; make sure you do not involve them in a lot of work or physical activities when they are this young. Their joints are not much strength in this age to lift any heavy thing or perform excessive physical activities.

  • Socializing Will Develop Healthy Dogs

Gsd Life Span Expectancy

German Shepherds are young, friendly dogs. They like to socialize and play around. They are pretty active and that is why you cannot keep them isolated. They like to move around and release their energy. Make sure you keep them happy and busy so they do not go into depression. Depression will make them sick and they might die early as they are sensitive by nature.

  • Ensure regular Checkups

This is the most important tip to remember. Most dog owners take it easy and miss out on these healths check-ups. It is extremely crucial not to miss any because you never know what might be going on inside your dog.

You might not know which disease is your German Shepherd suffering from. Never delay or show a laid back attitude when it comes to getting health check-ups done. German Shepherds already have a short life span, so it’s better that you do not make them shorter.

  • Always Keep Your Eyes On Their Actions

Always be attentive. Observe what they are picking up from the ground in their mouth or what are they sniffing to. This is because German Shepherds has a strong sense of smell. They can quickly sense if there is something fishy, and that is why they are also kept as watchdogs. So always observe their actions because you never know if there is any deadly disease to what they pick up or sniff. Make sure you keep your dog vaccinated well.

  • Mixed Breeds

If GSD is mixed with a Labrador Retriever, who has a longer life span, they may live longer or die sooner. If you ask – what is the life expectancy of german shepherd mix? It’s 10-13 years.

This is better than the average life span of a normal GSD (9-13 years).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Do German Shepherds Die?

The average German Shepherd lives roughly eleven years. Some will perish after 9 years. Most do not live past 12. The oldest German Shepherd on record supposedly died at the age of 18. So it is possible to exceed the 11-year lifespan that most vets suggest.

The key is to screen your dog regularly, watch out for hip and elbow dysplasia, not to mention eye problems and cardiac issues. If you can catch your German Shepherd’s illness early, you can treat it before it permanently debilitates your dog’s health, allowing the animal to live much longer.

What are the life stages of a German Shepherd?

What Are The Life Stages Of A German Shepherd?

German Shepherds start in the Neonatal Stage. Here, they are just babies that can barely open their eyes. All they do is eat, and it falls on the shoulders of their mother to feed and clean them. This stage normally lasts ten days after which the dog enters the transitional stage.

The transitional stage is short, lasting just seven days. This is where the puppy opens its eyes and begins to observe and internalize its environment. By week 3, the animal should have entered the socialization stage. This is where it starts interacting with other people and animals. This stage can last three months depending on the dog in question.

In the juvenile stage, which comes next, typically manifesting when the dog is between 3 and six months, your pet will start exploring its environment. This is supposed to be the most difficult stage, where your dog begins to show any aggression or anxiety it might be harboring.

The Adolescent Stage, which comes next, will start at five months and continue for the next year and a half. This is where the dog matures sexually. Hormones will drive it to seek out sexual activity with other dogs. It will also develop an adult body.

By the time the German Shepherd is three years, it would have entered the adult stage.

Do German Shepherds Get Sick Easily?


How Can I Keep My German Shepherd Healthy?

German Shepherds are loyal dogs, but they are often plagued by ailments related to their sensitive stomachs. Chief amongst these issues is diarrhea, ulcers, and eosinophilic gastroenteritis. You must also keep an eye out for hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and allergies.

Some illnesses that plague German Shepherds are the result of the inbreeding that happened in the early days of the breed’s history. You also have breeding problems that have persisted in contemporary times. For instance, you have breeders who have continued to breed German Shepherds with the intention of producing sloped backs.

This has produced animals that struggle with malformations related to their joints and limbs. Owners of German Shepherds are encouraged to screen them on a regular basis to combat those genetic illnesses from which they are known to commonly suffer.

How can I Keep My German Shepherd Healthy?

There are many steps that you can take to keep your German Shepherds healthy. For one thing, you need to maintain their weight.

German Shepherds are substantial dogs. If it looks like they are losing their muscular form, you should adjust their diet. If they are still young, less than two years old, do not work them too hard. Their joints will suffer as a result. But that isn’t an excuse to keep them inside.

Make sure you walk them on a regular basis. Take them to places where they can socialize with other people and animals. This will allow them to combat any behavioral problems they might have. Read up on the symptoms that are associated with the illnesses that most commonly plague them.

Even if you fail to observe any worrisome signs, you are still encouraged to take the dog to the vet for a check-up on a regular basis.

What Should You Feed Your German Shepherd?

What Should You Feed Your German Shepherd?

A proper German Shepherd meal should have proteins, at least 18 percent. You can get this from beef, chicken and other forms of whole meat. You also require some healthy fat. This can come from flaxseed and canola oil. There is also chicken fat to consider.

Additionally, you are going to require some omega-3, carbs (focus on food items with low carbs. Sweet potatoes should do.), DHA, Phosphorous, and Calcium. Of course, you don’t have to procure individual food items that can provide your dog with each of these elements.

Just pay close attention to the information on the packaging of the dog food you wish to purchase. Make sure it has all the elements above and even more, depending on the attributes of the dog in question.

Final Verdict

These are some tips which can also affect the life span expectancy of German Shepherds and make them live longer. It’s just that we need to make some effort for them to live long.

Please let me know, in the comment, how you taking care of your German Shepherd so it can live longer than the average.

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How To Prolong The Life Expectancy Of German Shepherd?

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