How to Stop My German Shepherd from Biting


You might not think it’s the case, but dog bites in the United States are quite common. It’s estimated that around four and a half million people are bitten by canines in the United States each year. Around one-fifth of them end up having to have medical attention to wounds they have received. The most common victims of dog bites tend to be children. this tends to be the case because many small children that don’t know how to behave around an animal and these bites occur when small children are playing with the family pet. Here are some ways to stop your dog from biting.

What Is The Way To Stop Your Dog From Biting.

Avoiding Dog Bites

The simplest thing that you can do to avoid having your dog bite other people is to be a very responsible dog owner. If you will not be breeding the dog, ensure that the dog is neutered or spayed as this cuts down on biting behavior in many dogs. Dogs get very temperamental if they are not exercising properly each day. If you’re not taking your dog out for regular walks or giving it regular exercise, the dog may have a tendency to bite because it’s acting out due to its excessive energy. When you take the dog out for a walk, the dog can spend energy and it will be a lot happier. You notice that your dog enjoys going for a walk and this will reduce the aggression in the animal.

How Can You Avoid Dog Bites

Other things you can avoid is to not play aggressive style games with your dog such as tug-of-war, wrestling, and other games which may lead to dominance issues with the animal. You should also ensure that your pet is properly trained with proper saying such as come, stay, sit, and leave. Whenever you’re out with your animal and sure the dog does not roam free and that you’re always with your animal. You may decide to use a leash or not. Just remember that when you use a leash it’s much easier to control your animal.  if your animal tends to lash out, you should ensure that it has a leash.

When you’re out socializing with your animal try to keep the socializing to a minimum. If the dog is overwhelmed with a lot of different people, this can cause issues with biting because it’s not used to the amount of attention to that it’s getting. You should introduce new people to your animals slowly and not all at once. One way to do this is to have someone come over to your house to meet your pet so the person can get to know the animal and the animal can get to know the person. This is going to cut down on aggressive tendencies in your animal.

You should also ensure that your pet is properly vaccinated and if your dog starts to show aggressive tendencies, take it to a professional as this sort of behavior can be addressed right away before the dog develops biting behavior. It’s important to have the dog vaccinated because in some areas, the dog might be put down if it bites someone without the proper vaccinations.



You can enjoy time with your pet and you can avoid biting issues if you just use some common sense. Make sure everyone in your home understands how to behave around the animal. if you have small children, talk to them about behavior around the pet or try to keep the dog at a safe distance from smaller children until the dog feels more comfortable around the children.  if you take some simple precautions, you’re going to enjoy your time with your pet and you will reduce issues with biting.

How To Stop My German Shepherd From Biting


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