Is It Easy to Raise One German Shepherd Puppy or Two?

Is It Easy to Raise One German Shepherd Puppy or Two

The most obvious answer to this question – ‘it is easy to raise one German Shepherd than raising two simultaneously.

Most people tend to ask this question when they decide to buy a German shepherd. The thing that most people ask is ‘if having two puppies ease things up for them?’

The quick answer to this question is ‘no, there is no way it would be easier to have two puppies simultaneously, especially if you are buying a puppy for the first time.

In this article, we would go through some points that will help you decide for yourself; is it easy to raise one German shepherd puppy or two. These points will give you the idea of whether having two puppies is a good idea or not. Or if you are ready to have two puppies at the same time or not?

Is it easy to raise one German shepherd puppy or two?

On this topic, we will first go through some challenges people face when they decide to raise two German shepherd puppies simultaneously.

German Shepherd Puppies

Complications of having two German shepherd puppies

German shepherds are known for their intelligent personality as they are smart and easy to train. However, having two puppies at the same time is another story. For the people thinking that two puppies would be better for playing among themselves and would not require much caretaking is not correct. Here are some complications that people have faced raising two German shepherd puppies simultaneously.

1. Constant care

While the German shepherds are intelligent, they are also active and tend to fight often with their partner, so they need to have someone to look over them continually.

2. Fighting for dominance

When raising two or more puppies simultaneously, they often fight with each other and try to prove their dominance over the other. In these cases, you need to show that you are in control, and you are the one they need to respect.

3. Keeping dogs separately

Most of the time, when people buy puppies, there is a need to keep them separated at all times because there is a constant threat of a fight breaking out or even worse.

4. Bad socialization

When raising two puppies at once, it is hard to focus on both at once, which means that they both end up getting only half the exercise and care that they deserve, which ultimately leads to the dog having bad social skills.

Is It Good To Have Two German Shepherds?

5. Weak bond with the owner

Puppies raised together often do not care much for their owners, and so it becomes difficult in the future.

6. Difficulty in training

This point is vital as it shares similarities to the last one. Better training can be given to dogs by someone they trust and respect and someone who dominates them. Raising dogs at the same time increases their care about their packs, not about their owners, which ultimately leads to inadequate training.

7. Strong pack drive

Suppose you want to raise puppies and then sell them to someone or find a family for them. Then this point is essential to keep in mind. The more puppies there are, the bigger their pack drive would be and more desire to be with the master of the pack. These dogs are not easily separated, which ultimately causes problems later.

8. A lot of trouble

The German shepherd puppies are a ball of energy and having even one puppy around means having to wear and tear across the whole house. They claw at each thing and destroy everything in sight. Having two puppies means to be extra diligent and never to lose focus of where they are and what they are doing?

Two Gsd Puppies

9. Power struggle:

Having two puppies means having your attention divided. Some puppies are mischievous and trouble makers that frequently get our anger. While others are sweet, and they tend to get more love. The owner’s behavior starts to make other dogs seem less critical, and he tries to get his way with the other puppy. This power struggle will always be there, no matter how much they grow.

Extra tip

Raising two puppies is hectic, and the trouble is that if you do not have a large house or an area to let them play in, this task will prove extra difficult.

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Benefits of having two puppies at the same time

While it is difficult to raise two puppies at the same time, however, it is not all bad. Here are some benefits that you can avail when you introduce two puppies simultaneously.

1. Bonding between dogs

Raising two puppies together has no problem whatsoever in bonding with each other or even other dogs.

2. Fewer individual difficulties

Raising a puppy, he faces many challenges, which gives rise to many challenges for the owner. When raising puppies together, they show fewer signs of such problems.

3. Sharing is caring

When raising dogs together, they learn to share stuff between them, which is otherwise difficult for most dogs. These dogs learn to share their sleeping space, toys, and even food with each other.

4. Early training

If you are well-versed in training or have taken care of puppies before then, you know that training a puppy is a difficult task, especially if you are talking about an adult dog. Having two puppies together and teaching them together will deepen the bond between themselves and you, and it will also train them in the early stage of their life.

5. Adaptation to the house

Whenever you buy a new dog, you have to take care of his space, privacy, and if the place is right for him. However, keeping the dog at a single location from the initial stage of his life, he gets used to it and does not grow uneasy.

Additional benefit

When you have a dog and decide to buy another in a later stage of life, it is common for the owner to give more attention to the one that has come to the family in later stages because of the difficulties he is facing a new environment. Seeing this, the first dog will try to struggle for power and attain the owner’s attention. If you buy and raise puppies together, this issue does not arise.

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Verdict – Is It Good to Have Two German Shepherds or One?

Having two puppies simultaneously is demanding, for experienced or not experienced. There are a lot of difficulties that arise in bringing up two puppies together.

Most of the people who have had the experience of bringing up two puppies suggest others keep one puppy at a time if they cannot give all their time and attention to them. However, it is not all bad; where there are disadvantages, there are also advantages.

The answer is it is easy to raise one German shepherd puppy or two, depending on person to person. But most people indicate that having to bring up two puppies simultaneously is much more complicated than bringing up one puppy, especially if you are a beginner.

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What do you think of this article?

Have you had experience bringing up two puppies at once? If so, how was your experience? Please let us know in the comment.

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