Newfoundland German Shepherd Mix (New Shep): The Cutest Mix Between Two Great Breeds

Newfoundland German Shepherd Mix

Are you a fan of mixed dog breed, and all you want is a large dog breed with the courage of the German shepherd and the sweet disposition of the Newfoundland? Then it would be best if you considered having the German shepherd Newfoundland mix.

Also known as the New Shep, this mixed dog breed is masculine and possesses almost all the temperaments present in its parents.

Not suitable for anyone living in a single room or a confined yard, this dog breed will require ample space where it can flex its muscles.

Furthermore, this dog breed has a high affinity for children and other pets. All in all, this lovely hybrid dog makes a perfect family pet.

With that said, continue reading to learn more about this breed mix.

The German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix

As earlier discussed, the new shep is a breed that comes forth after combining the medium-sized dog breed, the German shepherd, and the heavy and masculine dog breed, the Newfoundland.

Let’s look at each parent breed separately to help us get a clear reflection of how this breed mix will resemble.

Note; the German shepherd Newfoundland breed mix is also known as the New Shep: we shall use this word across the article.

German Shepherd Newfoundlander Mix With A German Shepherd
German Shepherd Newfoundlander Mix with a German Shepherd

The German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a popular dog breed all over the world. This dog’s temperaments and strength have seen this canine become prevalent in the police and the army department.

Trustworthy and always ready to learn, this intelligent breed always excels in whatever it’s tasked to do.

Additionally, with its loyalty, this dog will do everything to risk its life for its owner.

German shepherds are medium-sized but masculine dog breeds. They have a weight range of 50-70 pounds, with males being bigger than the females.

The German shepherd has a medium-length double coat. The outer coat is hard and wiry to protect them from harsh environments. Underneath is a soft and silky wooly coat that helps conserve energy.

Another hallmark present in this dog breed is its dome-shaped head coupled with erect ears, which become more firm when alert.

The GSD has oval-shaped eyes with brown markings and always expresses courage and alertness.

Although this dog breed is popular, it’s a relatively new dog breed, with its history dating to the 1890s.

One captain, called captain Max Von Stephanitz, was not satisfied with the native dog breeds as they didn’t exudate the traits that he desired. Noting that, this captain made it his mission to create a dog that would herd the sheep, guard the homesteads, and most of all be a good home companion.

So, captain Max Von Stephanitz went to a dog championship in England where he saw a dog that had similar traits he desired. This dog was known as Hektor.

The AKC officially recognized this dog breed in 1908;

The Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a large, masculine, and well-boned dog breed with its roots in Newfoundland, Canada.

This dog breed was traditionally used as a helper for fishermen and helped pull the catch for the fishermen to the market.

One striking character of this dog breed is its sweet temperaments. Even with its immense size, the Newfoundland is a gentle breed that loves children. And such an attribute has seen this dog named ‘nanny dog’ for the children.

Besides being good on land, Newfoundland is adept in the water. With its water-resistant coat, coupled with its webbed paws, this dog breed is a great swimmer.

There are many stories of how Newfoundland has pulled drowning adult humans from the water without hurting them.

Consequently, this dog has a flat but coarse water-resistant coat which often attracts dirt. This dog comes with a variety of coat colors like gray, brown, black, and Landseer.

Newfoundland, as earlier discussed, has sweet temperaments which are hard to resist. If not working as a babysitter, Newfoundland will be happy to partake in any swimming sessions if granted.

Though not an excellent guard dog, the Newfoundland is loyal to its handlers, and it will even risk its lives for them.

Consequently, this dog barks less, not unless he notes there is some disturbance in his surroundings.

The Newfoundland can also become a couch potato dog if given way. An exercise session of half an hour daily is appropriate.

As they are not high-energy dogs, these dogs will need non-exerting exercise sessions like short swimming episodes, walking, or playing fetch.

Many theories try to explain the origin and history of Newfoundland. However, what’s known is that this dog breed is from Newfoundland, Canada.

In Canada, this dog breed was a reliable fisherman’s dog who would help haul the fishing nets and help take the catch to the market.

One theory is that this dog breed came forth after crossbreeding other European dog breeds like the Pyrenean sheepdogs, mastiffs, and Portuguese water dogs.

All along, this dog breed was recognized by the American kennel club in 1879. And from then, this dog breed still retains its original traits.


  • With this dog’s coat, he’s best suited for colder temperatures- however, that doesn’t imply that the dog won’t be a good fit in the hot temperatures.
  • The Newfoundland drools a lot.
  • With its dense coat, the Newfoundland tends to attract dirt a lot- such implies they need an extra grooming session.
  • The Newfoundland has a short life span – these dogs can live for 8-12 years.
  • With its big size, leash training is essential for this dog breed.
  • Common health conditions of Newfoundland are epilepsy, Addison disease, and hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • AKC rank of this breed is 40.

Important features


  • 28 inches – males
  • 26 inches – females


  • 130-180 pounds – males
  • 100-120 pounds for females

Comparison Table Of The German Shepherd And The Newfoundland

German shepherd Newfoundland Dog breed
AKC rank 2/197 40/197
Group Herding group Working group
height 22-26 inches 26-28 inches
weight 50-90 pounds 100- 150 pounds
Coat type Medium length double coat Flat and coarse
Coat colors Black, black and tan Gray, brown, black, and Landseer
temperaments Alert, high energy, and loyal Majestic and devoted
Relation  with kids Good perfect
intelligence High high
Exercise needs High mild
Grooming needs High high
barking Mild high
Shedding levels high high
lifespan 12-14 years 9-10 years

The Physical Appearance And Size Of The German Shepherd Newfoundland Dog Breed

As both parents are big, it’s evident that you will get a big-boned masculine dog breed with a massive dome-shaped head.

This dog may either pick the folded ears of the Newfoundland or the erect ears of the German shepherd.

The New Shep breed weighs between 70-150 bounds. However, it’s not uncommon to find these breed mixes reaching weights of 200 pounds.

Also, the difference between both sexes is evident; males will tend to be masculine than females; however, they still share the same temperaments and personalities.

This dog breed will grow at a high rate during the first 4-8 months, and it’s during such a duration, this dog breed becomes susceptible to a host of bone disorders and such warrant careful handling of these canines.

During such a duration, puppy German shepherd Newfoundland mix should not be exposed to strenuous activities, like pulling carts or running for an extended period as it will cause much more harm than good.

The coat of this dog breed mix will be medium to long and moderately thick and wavy. The outer coat will be dense and wiry to protect this dog from harsh environments. At the same time, the inner coat will be smooth and silky.

The colors of this dog breed mix will either be black and tan, solid black, gray, or silver.

The dog breed will have a medium tail that is well furred. Like its parents, this dog breed mix has medium but masculine legs, able to withstand and carry the dog’s weight without altering its gait.

The eyes are brown and oval-shaped; they have a sweet expression that expresses confidence and intelligence.

Traits And Personality

One of the traits of this dog breed mix is its sweet but calm temperaments. This dog is not ill-tempered; instead, it’s always joyful and ready to please it, masters.

This dog will never be happy when left alone; she will be happy when in the company of its family members. Leaving this dog alone for long will expose it to many behavioral cases that can be hard to neutralize.

Also, the New Shep is a dog that can become independent if given its way. With that, you need to install yourself as the pack leader of your house.

If your dog sees any laxity, it might overrun your authority.

However, training your dog will prevent such a scenario from happening.

This dog breed is also friendly with children. They will love playing and snuggling with children who are not a nuisance. While at that, children will need to learn that they need to handle this dog breed with care.

They need to understand that they should not pull its ears or disturb it when it’s eating or sleeping.

Consequently, The New Shep dog breed is not a high-energy canine. This dog breed will become a couch potato type of dog in its given room.

The German shepherd, Newfoundland dog breed mix, is friendly, loyal, and affectionate- though not a perfect guard dog. With its intelligence and dedication, this dog breed will excel in lots of agility championships.

Give this dog breed all the tummy rubs he desires, and he will become a perfect family pet you have never had.

Grooming And Care

With the coat type of this dog breed, it’s evident that it will need more grooming sessions than any other dog breed. However, such should not deter you from owning the German shepherd Newfoundland dog breed.

To keep the coat clean, free of debris, ensure you use a long-toothed comb. After that, follow up with a detangling rake to remove all mats.

Brush your dog breed mix coat thrice a week, if not daily, and you will not come across any fur on your furniture and clothes.

Also, bathes sessions are necessary for this dog. While at that, begin sensitizing your puppy German shepherd Newfoundland mix to bathe and brushing sessions early.

And always make all grooming sessions a positive experience for this dog breed every time.

Do such, and your dog will not be bothersome when you take it to a professional groomer or during vet examinations.

After cleaning the coat diligently, check the teeth. Ensure there is no foul smell emanating from its mouth and use a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the teeth of this dog breed to remove all tartar.

Also, check at the ears. Ensure there is no foul-smelling, excess wax, or redness before you clean them. If nothing is alarming, use a clean moist cloth to clean.

If your dog has red ears and unusual swelling, notify your veterinary and avoid treating your dog at home

Again if you hear the nails of this breed mix producing that cracking sound on the floor, get a nail grinder or nail clipper to keep them short.

As these nails may have blood vessels, remember not to cut them too short.

All along, ensuring this dog breed mix is clean will make you a responsive dog owner.

Exercise And Training Sessions

The German shepherd Newfoundland mix will require 1 hour of daily exercise.

Short runs, walks, or swimming sessions will fulfill all the exercise needs of this dog breed mix. Your dog may either become high energy or not, depending on which genes of the parents it possesses.

If it picks from the Germans shepherd, ensure you can keep up with its high exercise needs.

Otherwise, if it picks the genes of the Newfoundland, it may tend to be a couch potato dog who will have fewer exercise needs.

Nevertheless, this dog breed will not be a suitable companion if you live in a single room or on the highest floor of the apartment. This dog will need space where it can romp and exercise whenever it desires.

You can also get some pet-friendly toys that will keep your dog engaged.

Besides physically stimulating your breed mix, you can get toys that will challenge your dog’s intelligence. With that, you will have a physically and mentally healthy canine.

Also, with its intelligence, the German shepherd Newfoundland mix grasps new tricks and commands with ease.

If you want to train your breed mix, ensure you do it in bits. Also, remember to use positive reinforcements.

The dog will learn good deeds will bring forth treats. Afterward, you can withdraw the treats as it can bring forth overdependence.

As a big masculine dog breed who can tilt the weighing scales at 200 pounds, you must train your dog breed mix to walk on a leash. Don’t let this dog grow with the behavior of leash pulling, as it will be hard for anyone, especially for children, to control such a dog.

As a dog, you want to live with, ensure you have introduced potty training sessions early.

Socialization is also a key aspect if you want to have a smooth stay with your dog. You can take your dog to doggie parks to interact with other dogs and experience various sights and sounds.

Let the dog come across other people and dogs; with that, this canine will become an all-around dog who’s acceptable by the whole community.

You can also enroll your puppy in obedience classes, and it’s in such a place that this dog will get its future molded in the right direction.


The New Shep will need a quality diet rich in proteins to sustain its high energy needs. And remember to feed your dog as per its age, size, and energy levels. For sure, high-energy dogs will need high calorific foods compared to couch potato dogs.

Remember, like we humans; dogs are individuals in that each dog will have its different dietary requirements.

Nevertheless, the Newfoundland shepherd dog breed will find happiness in a bowl of either wet or dry food. It all depends on which food will run well with your dog’s stomach.

Don’t go for premium commercial dog foods if they are not fulfilling your dog’s dietary requirements.

Remember to feed your dog in two sessions; with that, your dog will be less susceptible to tummy issues and obesity. Also, you can consult with your vet on the best human food suitable for your dog breed.

Give your dog water, especially during hot days, since dehydration may be fatal for your dog.

Heath Issues

As most people say, hybrid dogs are less susceptible to hereditary diseases. And such can be confirmed as this dog is not vulnerable to a host of health issues.

Nevertheless, here are some of the health issues that may attack your dog during its lifetime.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Addison disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity

While at that, ensure you adhere to every piece of advice you get from your vet on how to take care of your dog breed mix. Ensure this dog breed is vaccinated and dewormed.

Also, if you are not a breeder, don’t stay with an intact dog, spay, or neuter any puppy you have in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get A German Shepherd Newfoundland Breed?

Look for a German shepherd or Newfoundland breeder in your area and ask them whether you can get this breed mix.

Even if you are so desperate to get this dog breed, don’t visit puppy mills or puppy farms as it is in these places that you may get sick or underfeed puppies, which will cost you a fortune keeping them healthy.

Visit any reputable breeder in your locality.

Also, you can visit a rescue center. Visit any German shepherd or Newfoundland dog breed and ask the possibilities of having this breed mix.

Dogs from such centers are well vaccinated and dewormed, and most of all cheap.

How Much Is The Newfoundland German Shepherd Dog Breed Mix?

As a new dog breed, this dog can cost you between 1000-2500 dollars. If you get this breed from a breeder, the higher the price. However, if you adopt this dog breed, it will be much cheaper for you.

Is The German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix Hypoallergenic?

No, the New Shep is not a hypoallergenic dog breed as it produces lots of furs.

Are New Shep Dogs Good for Families?

Yes, the New Shep is good for any kind of family.

However, as it’s a high-energy dog breed mix, ensure your children can keep up with this dog and its needs.

Also, ensure that your children know how to handle this dog breed when playing or snuggling with it.

What Fun Activities You Can Do With Your New Shep?

You can take this dog breed to any dog park, and it will interact well with any other dog it meets.

You can also take this dog breed to the beach where it will have fun running around in the sand.

You can treat this dog as your child and play with it on weekends. But you must be ready to meet its high exercise needs. Also, ensure your home is big enough for your New Shep to exercise at any time of day.

Can I Groom The New Shep Myself?

You can quickly groom this dog at home yourself. You don’t need to rush to a professional groomer to have its coat trimmed.

However, don’t forget to change the dog’s bedding and always remember to train your dog well enough not to chew things it is not supposed to.

Should I Buy A German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix Dog Breed?

Well, you will find no other better thing for your money than this German shepherd Newfoundland dog breed mix.

As it’s very beautiful, with its short fuzzy coat, and has a charming personality that will surely win your heart.

It’s also a good family dog breed that will play with your children and always be protective of them.

If you are a homebody who likes to spend some quiet time at home with the family, then this dog breed is the best companion for you.

How Big Is The New Shep?

The New Shep is a dog breed mix who ranges from 30 to 55 pounds.

However, it cannot exceed the limits of 200 pounds. If it exceeds these limits, you will be at risk of having harm to the health or have injuries caused to your dog due to such weight.

Is The New Shep Good with Children?

The New Shep is friendly with children, and will love playing and snuggling with them who are not a nuisance. While at that, it needs to learn that it needs to handle this dog breed with care.

Can You Get A Male German Shepherd Newfoundland?

Yes, you can always get a male or female of this dog breed. But your best bet is to get this dog breed mix from a reputable breeder who knows how to maintain the health of their dogs.

How Active Is The German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix?

The New Shep is an active dog breed, as it has its own need for exercise. So ensure that you give your dog enough exercise along with daily walks or runs to keep the high-energy needs of this canine satisfied.

Does Newfoundland German Shepherd Mix Get Along With Other Pets?

Yes, the New Shep can usually get along with any other dog breed. But, as it’s a high energy dog, you will need to be vigilant of your other pets.

Give your New Shep enough space so that it can exercise and play with them. However, they should always respect your personal space and never take over when you are doing something with this dog breed mix.


The above information has provided all you need to know about the Germans shepherd Newfoundland dog breed mix. This dog breed will give you all the loyalty and affection of which it will demand in return.

So, tell us, would this dog breed mix make a perfect family pet for you? Tell us here, down in the comment box.

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