Orijen Dog Food Reviews

I am sure each and every loving parent wants to feed his or her dog with the best of best.

Even when we have good intentions at heart, we often get fooled.

Nobody wants to feed their pet mineral less food, which is worse than trash. These foods have no nutrients whatsoever and only fill the tummy of your dog for the time being.


Remember, quality over quantity always! The one way that pet owners can contribute in helping their pets have a good, long, healthy life is by feeding them good quality food.

A good quality food which is nutritious and healthy will lead to your pet having a healthy and quality life.

It is a pretty simple thing to understand. Just like us humans need good food to survive and have a good shape, our pets do to. And just like we get sick of eating junk and trashy food, our pets get sick too when we make them eat trash on irregular time periods.

That is why I prefer Orijen Adult Dog Food. By having this good, healthy and nutritious food, you can keep diseases like itchy skin disease, ear infections and stomach infections at bay from your pet.

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Now let’s talk about the benefits of making your pet eat good food. Will, other than the obvious that good food leads to a healthy, sickness free life for your little one.


Having a shiny coat of hair is the number one representation of a healthy doggie! A proper diet includes the dog eating omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to have a shiny and gorgeous coat of hair.

Foods with omega-3 fatty acids also lead to having a proper stomach, free of infections and keeps diseases like itchiness at bay.


The minerals in the dog food help the metabolism in functioning properly and at its best. Vitamins on the other hand, help reduce the damages done to the body. Vitamins help repair the body.

If your pet is not eating sufficient vitamins and minerals, then it will eventually start losing appetite and become sick really quick. So the key is to make sure that your dog food has a good amount of minerals and vitamins.


When looking for a good dog food, make sure that you see it has an adequate amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates enables your dog to digest all the minerals and vitamins and produces enough stool.


Protein, protein and protein! I cannot stress enough on the importance of having protein in pet diet. The cells are made up of protein.

Protein is the key in solving all problems. It enables hair growth and muscles and skin tissues. So when you are buying dog food, read the label thoroughly to check the presence of protein, whether it be fish, chicken beef, etc.


The question we all want a proper answer to, but we can never get. Are you one of those who feel guilty for eating so much whereas your dog is allowed to eat two meals a day only? Well, I can totally relate until I did some research and found out what I am going to tell you below.

You do not have to stick with a general eating schedule, every dog has different needs, hence a different diet.


Yes, it might sound weird to some, but studies have shown that each dog has different demands. It is not necessary that every dog should only eat twice a day.

Keep the food open all day and let your dog deicide. Now, the dogs that are super active and are burning a lot of calories, this is a good option for those of them.

However, keeping food in open requires dry food only and it might attract insects and dirt so you will have to be super vigilant about it. Also, this method is only for those dogs that are already healthy and have a proper weight and no diseases of any sort.


Now if you are worried about following the above method because you do not want to keep the food in open all day, so time it! Fix times to feed your dog. For instance, give your pet 30 minutes to finish the food. Once those 30 minutes are over, throw the food away.

Make this a cycle. This way your dog will be hungry and wanting more after this. This method is for the dogs that eat less than they should be eating.


Another way to feed your dog is through portion controls. This method is for the dogs that eat excessively. The first and the most important step in this situation would be to take your dog to a vet and inquire about the ideal weight of your dog’s breed.

Upon getting that information, prepare a timetable. The best way would be to give your dog proper meal twice a day in 9-10 hour intervals.

Now you must be wondering about the treats, well the dog treats must be 5% of its total food diet. This can also be best explained by the vet, as each dog has a different diet and it cannot be generalized. You can use small treats if you want to train your dog or you can save some from the meal and use them as a treat. Whatever suits the dog best!

I would recommend the best way to deal with your dog’s diet is to go to a vet and ask him or her about it. They will tell you in detail what and when you should be feeding the dog and what is best for him. It is better to spend a few bucks on checkup than overfeeding or underfeeding your dog, which will eventually lead to bigger problems.


Okay, so the best food that I have come across for my dog is Orijen’s Adult Dog Food. It consists of minerals, vitamins and proteins, all which is a must and important for any dog.

It does not have preservatives which fill the tummy for the time being, in fact it has solid protein which makes my dog stronger and active. It also consists of mega rich fatty acids which help in the growth of my dog’s hair and fights against diseases.


I personally love this food for my dog. A meal from this makes him so happy, and he gets very playful. Studies have shown that if your dog eats well, it improves his quality of life.

Orijen’s adult dog food comprises protein like cage-free Cobb chicken, turkey and wild caught fish. It also has eggs, which makes it the best choice for my grown-up dog. This food is suitable for grown sized dogs only and of any breed.


Why do I think it is the best for my dog?

Well, mainly because it consists of minerals and vitamins which are very important for the dogs and are also vet approved. Secondly, I love the whole idea of this company.

It is not one of those mainstream dog food preparing companies which are manufacturing food regardless of what it does to the dog, but its motive is to make food which is biologically appropriate for the dog.

Origen’s idea behind is that they make food for every size of a dog which is vet approved, so that the food is healthy. It does not have a general concept of feeding one food to each and every size of a dog, but it has different ingredients for each.

Like for my adult and grown-up dog, Orijen’s adult dry dog food is the best. Because it has turkey, fish and chicken, which is the best for dogs of such sizes.

Secondly. Like everything else is changing with time and technology, so are the ingredients of dog food, especially at Origen’s. They make food according to the dogs of 21st century, which are less playful and more indoor dogs who want to sit for hours and relax.

They believe that in today’s world, dogs want to be fed regularly, but their activities and movements are very less which leads to the reduction of calories that are required.


Not only me but many of my friends who are dog owners also recommend Orijen, primarily because:

·       It never has had any bad review. I mean, we have been using it for so long and our dogs dig it! They absolutely love it.

·       It is full of protein and minerals, essential for our pets to have a healthy life.

·       The protein content in Orijen’s food is 38.85%, which is a lot more than other dog food, which can only get up to 30%.

·       The formulation of the protein used in making this food is very unconventional. So any dog with special needs who cannot digest traditional proteins, can switch up to Orijen.

·       The best thing about Orijen is that they give what they say. Their label does not include any plant protein. This shows the dedication of Origen towards Dogs. They make sure that they include only those ingredients which are rich in minerals and easily digestible by dogs.

·       Furthermore, the fat content in Orijen Adult Dog Food is between 17% and 18%. Which is within the range of the fat content present in premium products in the market.

·       If we observe, we will discover that most of the dog food brands in the market have carbohydrates around 50% to 60% which is very high. However, the good news is in Orijen, the highest amount of carbohydrate present is around 15%. Which, as you can see, is very low as compared to other dog food brands.

·       One more unique thing in Orijen is that they have made sure that all the food for dog is glutton free. The foods are more vegetable and fruit centric.

·       Like I have discussed repeatedly, how important it is for the dogs to have proper minerals. It does not only make them healthy, but fights against diseases and strengthens the immune system. So, Orijen Adult Dog Food is rich in nutrients and minerals. They have made sure to include minerals like phosphorous and calcium and vitamin A, B, C & D. Not only these, but the food is rich in B- vitamin which is essential for dogs.

·       Orijen’s food does not contain any byproducts or meals. It has a lot of essential fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics essential for a dog.


As nutritious as it may be, people start to think, is it really worth the cost?

The answer is yes, the Orijen Dog Food is slightly expensive. It costs more than the usual dog food from other brands cost, but I believe that it provides with a lot more protein and minerals which are essential to keep our dogs happy and healthy.

Isn’t it better to spend a few extra bucks here on the dog food rather than at the vet?


Remember, just like us, dogs age too and just like us, their needs change as well. You cannot expect an older dog to have the same needs as a puppy. Older dogs need more protein to survive and carry on. However, they require fewer calories.

Chicken and fish are the best protein considered for adult dogs, according to experts. Similarly, the metabolism of a dog slows down as it ages. So it loses fewer calories.

So when buying dog food, you must ensure what it is that your dog requires. Orijen Adult Dog Food is the best and suitable for my old dog because the ingredients are what the dog of his age needs. Orijen’s food for adult dog is rich in minerals, protein, and low in calories.

Perfect for my dog!

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