Reasons Why The Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix Is “The Dog For You”

Shiba Inu German shepherd Mix

Dogs breed mixes have become popular pets for most pet enthusiast in the latest century.

And one of the newest entrants in the world of hybrid dogs is the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix. Quite a mouthful of a long name.

As from the name, this breed mix results from breeding two purebred dogs, the German shepherd and the Shiba Inu.

This dog breed has high energy levels, and it is easy to train.

So, if you are interested to know about the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix, it will be vital if you continue reading on so that you can learn more.

Shiba Inu German shepherd Mix: Breed Overview

Looking at each parent dog of this mix will help you understand the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix.

A quick overview table

German shepherd Shiba Inu
Origin German shepherd Japan
Group Working Companion
Popularity 2 45
Date of recognition by AKC 1908 1992
Other names Schaferhund,Alsatian, Berger allemand Brushwood, Shiba ken
Size Large dog Medium dog
Height 22-27 inches 12-17 inches
Weight 22-40 kg 6.5-11 kg
Shedding constant moderate
Grooming needs high moderate
temperaments Alert, intelligent, loyal, protective, obedient Charming, keen, alert, friendly, social, Stubborn
Lifespan 9-13 years 12-15 years

German shepherd

The German shepherd is the second most popular dog as ranked by the AKC. The German shepherd’s intelligence, loyalty and ease to train have led to an increase in its popularity.

This dog has its origins in Germany. A Calvary captain, Max von Stephanitz in the early 1800s had a desire of creating an all-round dog who would herd and guard the sheep and lastly guard the homestead with ease.

Captain Max von Stephanitz traveled far and wide before finding that fine dog to take all these functions.

Overall, the German shepherd is 22-26 inches tall, and weight ranges from 50 to 90 pounds. And males are much bigger and masculine than females.

This dog is energetic, bold and protective of its handlers. However, its temperaments depend on its socialization and training. Hence the reason you should purchase dogs from reputable breeders who will give you a dog according to your specifications.

With its masculine body, this dog needs a bigger space to flex its muscles. Unless you want to find your furniture torn and shoes scattered, exercise is of importance.

Over and above 30- 60 minutes of daily exercises divided into two sessions will be sufficient.

Consequently, this dog is always alert and aloof to strangers. While at that, it takes time before a German shepherd accepts a new face in his brain and heart.

Not like the Alaskan malamute who gladly be-friends anyone he comes across.

With right socialization, the German shepherd can learn on who to trust and not to trust.

Diet of the German shepherd is not complicated, neither special. The diet of this dog depends on this size, age and energy levels.

Furthermore, grooming is paramount when it comes to the German Shepherd, as this dog sheds a lot. The German Shepherd needs frequent brushing of its inner and external coat.

Watch out for any built-up of mats that are common in this dog breed.

The German shepherd is a healthy breed. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not susceptible to a host of health issues.

Some common health issues associated with the German shepherd are bloat/twisted stomach, hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation and obesity.

Regular health checkups with your vet are essential. Do regular health checks monthly.

The life span of the German shepherd is the 9-13 years.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is one of the six ancient Japanese dogs. Consequently, it’s ranked 45 by the AKC in terms of popularity.

This dog is short but sturdy, and can reach heights ranging from 13.5-16.5 inches and weight ranges from 16.5 lbs-23 lbs.


The Shiba Inu was previously a hunting dog used to flush small games out of their burrows. Later on, the Shiba Inu transitioned to be one of the best companion dog.

The Shiba Inu almost went extinct after the bomb raids during the second war in japan. The Shiba Inu that lived away from where the action was happening survived and they were the only option left to help revitalize this breed.

After the wars, pet enthusiast took the surviving Shiba Inu and put them in a breeding program which helped reincarnate this almost extinct dog breed, the Shiba Inu.

The first Shiba Inu came to the USA in 1954.


Although small, the Shiba Inu is a masculine dog with high energy levels. If trained well and socialized correctly, these dogs can make perfect family dolls.

Sometimes, these dogs need a firm handler, experienced on how to handle highly energetic dogs-who can develop a mind of their own.

Like the German shepherds, the Shiba Inus are always aloof of strangers. They will need constant socialization to make them all-around pets.

They also need lots of attention and should never be left off-leash. With their herding instincts still on their DNAs, a watch-full eye is necessary on how they interact with other small pets in your home.

Furthermore, these dogs require plenty of exercises to burn up any pent up energy.

Besides physical stimulation, mental stimulation is crucial.

Overall, with the right handling, this dog makes a perfect exercise companion you’ve ever wished to have.

The Shiba Inu is generally a healthy breed, but be wary of the following disease.

Glaucoma, patellar luxation and hip and elbow dysplasia.

The life span of the Shiba Inu mix is 12-15 years.

The Shiba Inu German shepherd Mix Size and Appearance

The appearance of this mix often hard to predict. However, the size and appearance of the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix will depend on which parent has the strongest genes.

A medium-sized dog breed mix, the German shepherd Shiba Inu mix can reach heights ranging from 19 to 22 inches and weigh 40-60 pounds.

One of their striking feature you will probably not miss is the pointed medium-sized triangular ears that are close to each other.

This dog often has medium muzzle with dark brown almond-shaped eyes that well placed on its skull.

Similar to the German shepherd and the Shiba Inu, this designer dog has a double coat. The outer coat is harsh and fuzzy to protect it from harsh environments. Whereas its inner coat is silky and soft to touch.

The coat coloration can vary from one dog mix to the other. However, dog mixes with tan/brown marking are the most common.


The temperament of a dog is one common trait you should never ignore when deciding which dog to bring home.

Also, a dog that is well socialized and well trained will display likeable characteristics. Hence such a dog is easy to handle.

And the reverse is true!

So, always consider consulting the breeder on the temperaments of the dog you are to get.

Overall, the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix needs an experienced dog owner who has a vast knowledge of handling an intelligent and high energy dog.

That said, the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix is loyal to its owners, one of the characteristics it picks up from both parents. Depending on which parent it picks its traits, this breed mix can either be easy to train or a hard-fur ball to handle.

Sometimes it may get a mind of its own and decide to do whatever he wishes, even after your command.

So, keep away from the German shepherd Shiba Inu mix if you are a new pet owner, novice on handling high energy dogs.

Last, if you are lucky to get a well-raised and balanced puppy, prepare to have an adorable, loyal and easy to handle pet in your home.

Grooming and Care of the Shiba Inu German shepherd Mix

The Shiba Inu German shepherd mix has mild to vast grooming needs. Often because of its double coat. As this dog takes it parents traits of ‘blowing its coat’ twice a year, you need to arm yourself with the best grooming tools around.

Constant brushing of the coat twice weekly will help remove dead hair and dander.

Brushing will help in removing mats and still help in spreading natural oils on its coat.

Nail clipping is also an essential grooming process that the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix has to undergo. Trim those nails if you can hear that cracking sound as they hit the floor.

Remember to brush your dog mix teeth regularly, however, not with human toothpaste. The reason being human toothpaste contains fluoride a poisonous substance to a dog’s system.

Over and above, consult your vet on the best-approved dog’s toothbrush and toothpaste.

Check the ears frequently.

With the erect ears, the Shiba Inu shepherd mix is likely to collect lots of debris. Check the ears once weekly for a buildup of wax. Also, check for any abnormal smell or anything out of place on your dog’s ears.

Exercise Needs

Exercise is paramount for every dog, and the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix is no different. An exercise session of 30-60 minutes divided into two sessions will prove sufficient for this dog breed.

This dog will need a spacious yard. Hence not a perfect breed for those who live in the urban centers.

Swimming, jogging, playing fetch will help clear of pent up energy. If not exercised well, this dog can turn out to be destructive.

Ensure the exercises are fit for this breed mix. Avoid overexerting it too much. And don’t expose this dog to long walks and runs.

Mental stimulation is also part of the exercise. Consider having a mentally and physically healthy dog.

Training and Socialization of the Shiba Inu German shepherd Mix

Like every other dog breed, training and socialization will be vital for this Shiba Inu German shepherd breed mix.

Potty training will be an essential piece of training that will help. You can start these sessions of potty training when the pup becomes eight weeks old.

Crate training will also help in potty training your dog and also help control your dog’s movement around the house.

Socialization is one vital stage every dog should undergo. Expose your German shepherd Shiba Inu mix to lots of sights, sounds and humans.

Take your dog to a people’s park, let the dog interact with lots of people and animals. Don’t endeavor to have a reserved and fearful dog who doesn’t know how to react when faced with different scenarios.

You can also enroll your puppy in a puppy class or obedience classes where it will learn various socialization skills.

Early socialization and training will bring forth to an all-round breed mix.

Diet for this adorable mix

Diet is of paramount to this breed mix. However, avoid overfeeding or underfeeding this dog breed mix. Consequently, the feeding guideline of this breed mix will depend on its age, energy levels and metabolism levels-

With its high energy levels, this breed mix will need food with lots of proteins. Check for food structured for dog possessing lots of energy.

If the need be, you can decide to give your dog proceeded or home-cooked food.

If you decide to use home-cooked food, consider asking for advice from your vet.

Also, check out for any weight build up on your dog. You can check whether your dog is becoming obese by feeling its waistline. With ease, you should be in a better position to feel the waist of the dog.

And if you can’t feel the waistline be ready to cut-off those servings.

One cup or 1 and a half cup of dry kibble will prove sufficient for this dog mix. You should divide these portions into two.

Frequent hydration for this dog will also be essential. Ensure that there is a supply of clean water throughout.

What about treats?

Treats are good for your dog, but they should never become your dog’s stable food. As a rule of thumb, treats should never take 10% of your dog’s calorific daily need.

If the treats are causing your dog to gain weight, cut them off.

Over and above consider consulting your vet on the best feeding guideline for this breed mix.

Shiba Inu Mixed with GSD Health Concerns

The shepherd Shiba Inu mix is a healthy breed, often because of its lineage.

One thing most people think designer dogs are healthy. But that depends on their breeding.

However, that doesn’t entirely mean that this dog is not susceptible to a host of other diseases.

Some of these diseases can either be hereditary or not.

These diseases can either arise from one parent or both.

So if you made it a choice of owning a Shiba Inu shepherd mix be keen on the following health conditions.

  • Glaucoma

Often caused by the increased intraocular pleasure of the eye- common in Shiba Inu breed.

  • Patellar luxation

Occurs when the knee joint slides out of place.

  • Allergies

Like most dogs, the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix is susceptible to allergies. Common allergies that this dog can get are food, contact and inhalant.

  • Cancer

Monitor any abnormal swelling on your dog’s body. If any, promptly talk to your vet.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a condition common in big dogs like the German shepherd. Occurs when the hip bones slide out of position, thus causing pain in your dog.

Overall, it’s not entirely that your dog mix will get these diseases, so worry less.

Nevertheless, endeavor to talk on your vet whenever you note any abnormality.

A quick overview of the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix

Character Shiba Inu German shepherd mix
Size 19-22 inches
Weight 40-60 pounds
temperaments Intelligent, keen, courageous, social, friendly
Energy levels Mild-high
Exercise needs High
Training Easy to train
Lifespan 9-12 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shiba Inu German shepherd Mix a Perfect Pet for Me?

The shepherd Shiba Inu mix is perfect for any dog owner who knows how to handle high energy dogs. If you are a first-time pet owner, consider adopting less demanding dogs other than this breed mix.

Is This Dog Mix A Perfect Family Pet?

Yes, the Shiba Inu shepherd mix is a perfect family pet. However, how right this dog is for your family will depend on its nurturing and socialization. Lack of early socialization will make you hate dogs, as this breed mix will be a handful to maintain if not well socialized. And that should never be the case.

Where to get a Shiba Inu Shepherd Mix

You can get a shepherd Shiba Inu mix from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will show you both parents of this breed mix and their temperaments.

Also, let the breeder show you the parent’s health clearance certificates. The parents should be free of hereditary disorders like hip and elbow dysplasia.

Overall, you can check rescue centers and shelter homes for your next breed mix.

How Much Is Shiba Inu Shepherd Mix?

The cost of a Shiba Inu German shepherd mix can range from $1200 to $2400 dollars.

Final Verdict

There we go, hoping you’ve learned more about the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix. This hybrid mix will be perfect for anyone ready to handle a dog with relentless energy.

If you get a puppy of this mix, ensure you have enrolled it to a puppy class or socialization classes. It is in these classes that the dog will get its temperaments shaped.

With all said, can you welcome a Shiba Inu shepherd mix in your home? Or do you have one? Share any question you have in the comment section.

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