St Bernard German Shepherd Mix: All About This Big But Gentle Dog Breed Mix

St Bernard German Shepherd Mix

The St Bernard German shepherd mix is a giant-sized dog breed that can weigh over 100 pounds. This breed mix is also known as the German shepherd St Bernard mix or saint shepherd mix.

Even with its sheer size, this breed mix is even-tempered, friendly, and a remarkable home companion.

Like every other dog breed mix, the saint shepherd may pick the traits of either parent. You may have a dog breed mix that resembles the German shepherd, or else you may have a dog breed mix that resembles St Bernard. And utmost a mixture of both.

So, what’s all about the German shepherd mix? Will it be a perfect fit for your family? And what are its personalities and grooming needs? Continue reading to learn more.

The St Bernard German shepherd Mix

The St Bernard German shepherd mix is a cross between a German shepherd and St Bernard. With both parents being big and masculine, the chances are that this breed mix will be no dwarf. It will be a big dog.

Nevertheless, as it can be hard to predict the outcome of this breed mix, we can try to forecast that by researching and exploring more about its parent (The German shepherd and St Bernard).

The German shepherd

The German shepherd is a working dog that has its roots in Germany. Famous for its agility, intelligence, and strong work drive, this dog has become a mainstay in the police and military department.

The history of this dog started in Germany, where Captain Max von Stephanitz wanted a perfect working and guarding dog.

The German shepherd females have a height ranging from 22 to 24 inches, whereas males range from 24 to 26 inches.

Males weigh between 65-90 pounds, whereas females weigh between 50-70 pounds.

The coat of this dog is double and dense with medium to long hairs. And this dog sheds a lot, especially during the shedding sessions.

Besides that, this dog is friendly and loyal to its family members. With its loyalty, this dog can put its life in danger for its owner.

St Bernard

St Bernard is a giant-sized dog breed. However, its big size doesn’t imply this dog is mean and dangerous, as it’s gentle and welcoming.

Known as a gentle giant because of its calm nature, the St Bernard dog breed is affectionate, tracing its roots in the Alp Mountains.

This dog got its name after the Saint Bernard Pass, the area between Switzerland and Italy where it worked as an adept rescue dog who rescued travelers on the way.

This dog is a dependable family companion who will protect those it loves, and in return, they must reciprocate that with much love.

The coat of this dog comes in two varieties. I.e., the long- and short-haired version. Compared to the German shepherd, St Bernard sheds less.

Common coat colors are white with red or red with white. As per the AKC breed standards, this dog should have a white chest, feet, tip of the tail, and the face should have a covering mask.

As a giant-sized dog breed, males weigh between 140-180 pounds, whereas females weigh between 120-140 pounds. When it comes to height, males range from 28 to 30 inches and females 26-28 inches.

Comparing the German shepherd And the St Bernard

German shepherd St Bernard
AKC breed popularity 2 48
AKC group Herding Working
Height 22-26 inches 26-30 inches
Weight 50-90 pounds 120-180 pounds
Coat type A double coat of medium length dense
Coat colors Most colors are acceptable White with red or red with white,
Shedding ability High Moderate
Grooming needs high moderate
Intelligence levels perfect fair
Temperaments Confident, Courageous, Smart Playful, Charming, Inquisitive
Life expectancy 12-14 years 8-10 years


The Appearance and Size of the St Bernard German shepherd Mix

With both parents of this dog breed being huge and big-boned, expect to have a giant-sized dog breed. You expect to see a bigger dog breed than the German shepherd but not big as Saint Bernard.

With that, expect a dog breed standing between 22-28 inches and weight ranging from 50 to 180 pounds. Males will tend to have profound muscles than females.

Then expect a dog breed with a massive head with either erect or floppy ears depending on which parent has the strongest genes.

The coat will also vary. You may either get a dog breed with a double coat that has long or short hairs.

However, what you need to know is that this dog breed will shed. And a lot. The coat colors will vary utmost most the St Bernard German shepherd breed mix will have black and tan, red and black, colors.

The Temperaments and Personalities of the St Bernard German shepherd Mix

Even though this dog has an intimidating figure, it often displays puppy-like behaviors when around its loved ones.

However, its figure alone is enough to chase away intruders away from your home.

Overall the St Bernard German shepherd mix has awesome temperaments; it’s friendly, loyal, and affectionate, always ready to fulfill what it’s tasked to do.

As both parents of this dog breed love companionship, then the same will trait will trickle down to their offspring.

It’s a dog that loves the company of its human where it loves engaging in every family activity. The Saint Bernard German shepherd mix will also thrive where there is attention and affection.

Also, be wary of this massive dog can bark. So if you have neighbors who dislike noise, then this dog will make them more agitated. However, with the right training, the barking can be put in control.

The saint shepherd also loves children’s company, a trait you will find in the Saint Bernard dog breed. This dog breed loves children, and in turn, these children must give back the same type of love or more by treating it nicely.

However, close supervision is required when both of them interact. With its size, it risks knocking down small children.

Grooming and Care

The Saint Bernard German shepherd has varying grooming needs. If the dog takes the Saint Bernard coat, you will need to brush it twice per week. However, if it picks after the German shepherd’s coat, you need to arm yourself with the right brushing, de-matting rake, and a good vacuum cleaner.

Use a pin brush to remove all fur that may end up on your furniture or clothes. Then you can also use a metal comb to remove all mats and tangles that can be painful for the dog if not cleared.

If you don’t want to keep on inhaling the strands of your dog’s hair or have your furniture covered with this dog’s fur, adopt the behavior of brushing its coat daily

And more emphasis will be needed during the shedding seasons. By doing so, you will have a dog breed mix that will appeal to look at.

Even though it may tempt to bathe your dog every day, don’t do so as you risk eroding the normal flora of its coat, and it can an uncomfortable experience for the dog. All you need is to bathe it every four months using a veterinary shampoo available in your next-door pet shop.

When grooming this dog, don’t forget the ears, more so if they are droopy. Clean them using 50-50 parts of lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar. Also, look for foul smell, abnormal swelling, or discharge. If there is anything out of place, contact your veterinary.

Also, to avoid your dog’s nails from tearing the furniture. Then learn to trim them weekly. And when trimming, use a friendly nail clipper that won’t hurt the dog.

Also, like every other dog, general dental health is vital. Use a veterinary-approved toothbrush and toothpaste to keep away tartar and plaque that may form on your dog’s teeth.

Exercise Needs

The St Bernard German shepherd mix is a medium active dog breed. Although the saint shepherd will be happy resting with you, it will still need a few minutes of play to keep its muscles healthy and burn calories.

As a big-boned dog breed, exercise sessions of between 40-60 minutes will be more than enough. Trekking, jogging, or running around with your dog will help keep its muscles active.

If you are not around, avail a spacious yard where it can play around with you or with its favorite toys.

After physically exercising it, don’t forget the mental part. You need to keep this dog’s cognitive part sharpened.

Training and Socialization

The German shepherd is an intelligent canine, and if the Saint Bernard German shepherd picks this trait, expect a dog breed that will be easier to train new commands. However, if it picks after the Saint Bernard parent, expect a stubborn breed mix who will have an independent way of thinking.

However, with the right training, such a character can be eliminated.

And remember, start all training sessions when this breed mix is still a puppy. With that, start with simple commands, then as your dog grows, you can train it with more complicated commands.

Again, always adopt reward-based training. With that, your training session will be smooth.

Socialization is vital. Exposing this dog breed mix to lots of sights and sounds will help curb any behavioral issues. You can go for walks in people’s parks where it will interact with other animals and people.

By doing so, you will have an all-around and acceptable dog that will not be cumbersome to handle.


As a big masculine dog breed, a low-calorie diet will not do justice to it. It’s a dog that will need between 1200-1700 calories, depending on its energy levels and size.

With that, you need to look for high-quality kibble that will provide such calories in a day without you going deep in your pockets to maintain your dog on such a diet.

All along, you can decide to use commercial or home-prepared food. However, in whichever diet you choose it should be enough to provide adequate calories.

When giving it treats, you need to ensure they don’t take over 10% of its calorie needs. It’s a dog that may become obese, so watching its diet is mandatory.

Also, have a feeding guideline that is consistent and don’t overfeed or underfeed it, have a balance.

If unable to structure the correct feeding guideline, seek the guidance of a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist. If fed correctly, you will have a healthy St Bernard German shepherd mix.

The Health of the St Bernard German shepherd Mix

As a mixed dog breed, it’s expected this dog breed won’t be susceptible to many diseases present in its parents.

However, all that will come true if you source this dog breed from a reputable breeder who tests his dog for hereditary issues.

However, here are some diseases that you may find in this dog breed.

  • Entropion
  • Bloat
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy

Again, always remember to update your dog vaccination shots. Also, don’t forget to deworm it regularly.

What Is the Lifespan of the St Bernard German shepherd Mix?

With the GSD’S lifespan of 12-14 years and Saint Bernard’s of 8-10 years, expect a dog breed with a lifespan of between 8-14 years. However, the lifespan of this dog breed will depend on the care and treatment it accesses.

Feeding, grooming it well, and ensuring its healthy will see this fur ball live longer.

What Is The Price Of Saint Shepherd Puppies?

As a rather new dog breed, it may fetch high compared to other dog breeds. Utmost this dog breed will cost between $800 to $2000 if sourced from a legit breeder.

If you get his dog breed from a rescue center, the price can range from between 70 to 150 pounds.

Is St Bernard German shepherd Mix the Right Dog for Me?

I know you may be wondering whether the St Bernard Germans shepherd mix will be a perfect family pet for you.

If you love mixed dog breed, you don’t live alone, and you like grooming and playing with dogs, then this dog breed mix will be a perfect match for you.

However, if you will find it hard to provide all this dog needs, you live alone, and you hate dog’s dander and fur, then perhaps you might be frustrated when you keep this designer dog.

Here are other dog breed mixes that you can consider that have similar traits, like the German shepherd St Bernard mix.

Presa Canario German shepherd mix

Newfoundland German shepherd mix

Samoyed German shepherd mix

Does The St Bernard German shepherd Mix Shed A Lot? Is It Hypoallergenic?

Yes, the German shepherd Saint Bernard mix sheds a lot. We can’t say it’s a hypoallergenic dog breed as it produces enough dander and fur that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Relationship with Other Pets and Kids

The Saint Bernard German shepherd mix will relate with kids who know how to treat and respect it accordingly.

Again, it’s a dog breed that also loves the company of other pets. However, if you have new pets around, close supervision when they interact is paramount.

Final Thoughts

The Saint Bernard German shepherd mix is a masculine dog breed that can be hard to maintain for novice dog owners. If well maintained and kept engaged, this dog will be a perfect companion in any family setup.

Hoping we have given you the information you needed about this breed mix? Can you have such a furry friend in your home?

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