The 10 Most Dangerous German Shepherd Mixes

The 10 Most Dangerous German shepherd mixes

Breeders have managed to breed the German shepherd with other breeds of dogs. These designer dog mixes have become a darling to many people, from the German shepherd collie mix to the German shepherd Yorkie mix.

Besides that, these German shepherd mixes have different temperaments and sizes. And one temperament we shall concentrate on today is their aggressiveness.

Some German shepherd mixes are dangerous to live with, whereas others are not bothersome, or they don’t pose any threat to strangers or other pets.

So, which are these dangerous German shepherd mixes? Is there any way we can handle such dogs? Continue reading to understand more.

The Most dangerous German shepherd mixes.

Wolf Shepherd Mix

Topping the list of most dangerous German shepherd mixes is the wolf shepherd mix. This breed mix is also known as the German shepherd wolf mix or the wolf-dog. This bred mix is large and has a fearsome expression.

Consequently, this breed mix takes the expression of a wolf and can weigh in between 80-120 lbs. and stand at the height of 24 inches.

Because of its wild genes from the wolf parent, this dog breed needs an experienced owner who knows how to handle fierce animals.

Also, its aggressive nature tends to arise from the wolf parent. Wolves live in a pack, and they love dominating. Thus you may note that this dog will try to take the leading role in your house if you are not careful.

If irked or angered, this dog will attack anyone at sight. Also, the wolf’s predatory genes may arise anytime in this breed mix, so watch out how this breed mix interacts with other pets.

While at that, with its unpredictable nature, watch out how this breed mix relates with children. Children ought to learn not to anger this dog breed.

It’s one of those breeds that has a low threshold of tolerance towards children. This dog will growl or bark to show its discontent.

Also, with its high prey drive, make sure you have a fenced yard. If not so, your wolf German shepherd mix will try to chase small animals that snick in your yard.

All in all, this dog breed will require a stern handler conversant with high-energy handling dogs that may develop a mind of their own at times.

Presa Canario German shepherd Mix

The breeding of a German shepherd and the Presa Canario results in a highly unpredictable dog breed mix called the Presa Canario German shepherd mix.

With its parents being big-boned, expect this dog breed to be masculine and stocky.

This breed mix, as previously referenced, is heavy, and its weight can range from 84 to 110 pounds. It has broad shoulders and enormous jawbones that give it an edge when it comes to its bite force.

With this mix’s parent being excellent guard dogs, such an attribute can trickle down to this breed mix. With their defensive instincts and always aloof of strangers, these dogs will attack anyone they perceive to be a threat.

The German shepherd Presa Canario breed mix has extreme guarding and protection instincts to its owners, that it will attack anyone who poses as a threat to whom it calls family.

Other than that, its physique, aggressive nature, and independent attributes make it not a perfect fit for a family with small children. This breed will bite or attack nagging children.

Suppose you have small children, teach them how to interact with this dog breed without confrontations. Teach them not to pull the dog’s ears when it’s sleeping or eating.

Also, always be on the lookout, don’t let the children play with this dog without supervision.

With its aggressive nature and high unpredictability, you will find the Presa Canario German shepherd being ranked as a dangerous dog breed mix that needs an experienced dog owner.

Read more about Presa Canario German Shepherd mix.

German shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The German shepherd retailer mix has other nicknames like the Rottie shepherd, Shepwieler, or rotten shepherd.

This breed mix has pronounced body features, a hallmark of its powerful nature.

The German shepherd Rottweiler mix weighs between 75-115 pounds and stands at a height range of between 22-27 inches.

With both parents of this breed mix being excellent guard dogs, this breed mix’s outcome is often predictable. This breed mix often has a high sense of protection and will guard everything it owns with its sheer power.

While at that, this dog is aggressive to strangers, often because of its sense of guarding. This guard dog will not treat intruders or anyone who poses a threat with a kind heart. It takes time for this dog mix to make friends with anyone.

Also, this dog breed mix will often develop a mind of its own if not guided correctly. A firm handler will find it easy to live and correlate with this breed mix.

However, a novice dog owner who has no experience will find it hard.

As these dogs have an aggressive nature, don’t shout or try to use negative disciplining methods. If you don’t follow this advice, you will be on the receiving end of the German shepherd Rottweiler mix’s aggressive nature.

Worth to note, introduce this breed mix slowly to strangers and children.

Doberman Shepherd Mix

The German shepherd and the Doberman are from German. This breed mix’s ancestors were excellent guard dogs, and such character has trickled down to every generation.

This dog breed is large and has an average weight of 90-110 pounds. Also, the breed mix has large body features, from the legs to the large ears and muzzle.

Additionally, this dog breed can either take the Doberman’s short coat or the fluffy and double coat tendency of the German shepherd mix.

If handled and trained well, this dog breed is loyal, protective, and intelligent.

However, with the wrong handling and training, this dog breed mix can be your worst enemy. This dog will attack anyone who it perceives as an enemy. Also, this breed mix will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t give in to its demands.

If not satisfied, this breed mix will not hesitate to use its claws or teeth.

Also, this breed mix loves exerting itself as the head of the pack. Give this breed mix its way, and you will get an unruly dog breed that is difficult to correct or guide.

With its stubborn and independent nature, this dog breed is not suitable for novice dog owners. Unexperienced dog owners who dive directly into owning this breed for the first time will be frustrated, and they will hate the idea of owning a breed mix or any dog breed.

With its masculine nature and body mass, young children should not come close to this dog breed.

If agitated, this dog breed will attack children without hesitation. Its aggressive nature and hard headiness make this dog mix appear as one of the dangerous German shepherd mixes.

German shepherd Pitbull Mix

A mix between the Pitbull and the German shepherd mix brings out the German shepherd Pitbull mix. This breed mix comes with other names like the German sheppit, German pit, and shepherd pit. This breed mix has a length of between 18-24 inches and can weigh between 40-90 pounds.

Pit bulls have a history of being stable fighting dogs. The Pit bulls were often useful as they had a high tolerance to pain, vigor, and strong bite force. And to date, they still retain such an attribute.

Also, the German shepherd has a strong bite force, and after a combination with the pit bulls, you get a breed mix with a strong bite force that takes time to release if it gives anyone a bite.

Also, this breed mix is aggressive and has a dominant personality. It’s a dog breed mix that will try to dominate everyone around. Its dominating personality manifests through stubbornness, aggression, and hard headiness.

This breed mix also develops a mind of its own if it notes you are not that keen on its behaviors. This dog breed will choose which commands to follow and which ones it will give a deaf ear.

With its territorial nature, this dog breed doesn’t like other pets around. It will try to impose itself around other small pets or even other big dogs.

Also, strangers should approach a home with the German shepherd Pitbull mix with care as it can become a threat.

However, through socialization and training, such behavior can be faced out.

German Shepherd Bull Mastiff Dog

The Germans shepherd bull mastiff mix is a breed mix that results from breeding a German shepherd and the bull mastiff dog.

This dog breed mix has extensive body features from the abdomen, ears, muzzle, and paws. Everything this breed mix has is enormous.

With that, this breed mix can weigh between 80-200 pounds. With its body feature, this dog has an intimidating expression and can be exemplified if its behaviors are not checked correctly.

The bullmastiff and the German shepherd are efficient guard dogs, and such a trait will still appear in this breed mix. This breed’s guarding instincts can go overboard if not controlled.

It’s that dangerous that this dog breed will attack any animal or person who comes to its handler, if not well socialized.

The German shepherd mastiff dog breed mix will bite children without hesitating if they become a nuisance.

With that, children should learn how to relate with this breed mix. Also, this breed mix needs a handler who is stern with instructions. Shaky or inexperienced owners will find it hard to control this breed mix.

Additionally, the German shepherd bull mastiff mix has a high prey drive. This dog breed will perceive small pets or animals as prey.

To control any mischief that may happen when you are not around, ensure you have a well-fenced compound. Notify any stranger that you have this dog breed to prevent unnecessary confrontations.

Above all, tell the children not to play with this dog breed hazardously.

The German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Breeding the boxer and the German shepherd brings out a German shepherd boxer mix. This dog breed weighs between 60-90 pounds and reaches a length of 23-27 ounces.

With both parents being an excellent working dogs, expect such an attribute to trickle down to this pup.

The German shepherd boxer takes the German shepherd’s long body frame and the big ears of the boxer. With that, you get a medium-large dog breed that can be dangerous at times.

It’s a dangerous German shepherd mix because it’s aloof of strangers and doesn’t take anyone who intrudes his space with kid gloves.

This dog will not hesitate to lunge on or snarl-up anytime it feels aggrieved. This dog will attack if its space is not respected.

If corned, this dog will attack out of fear and aggression, and that’s where and when the combination of the powerful bite force of the German shepherd and the boxer will manifest.

Powerful jawlines give this dog a powerful bite force.

Also, this dog breed is aggressive when threatened. While at that, don’t throw stones or use a stick to discipline your German shepherd boxer mix.

Only use positive reinforcement to culture the behavior you desire.

Additionally, children ought to learn how to relate with his breed because of how unpredictable this dog breed can be.

They should not disturb it when it’s sleeping or even eating.

This breed mix is much more perfect in the hands of an experienced dog owner who knows how to relate well with dogs with high energy levels.

If you are a new pet enthusiast who would like to own this breed mix, please rethink such a decision.

German shepherd Husky Mix

The German shepherd husky mix is a dog with a wolf-like appearance. This dog is medium to large and has a weight range of 50-80 pounds and a length of 20-25 inches.

Other names for this breed mix include Shepsky, and a husky German shepherd mix.

This breed mix is an intelligent but stubborn dog breed that can be tough to handle.

It’s a dog with high guarding instincts and strong working ethics.

This dog will protect its family, and such a trait can transform into bad behavior.

Additionally, the German shepherds and Siberian huskies take time to accept new faces or animals in the compound, and such a trait makes them dangerous.

The Shepsky dog breed will not also hesitate to attack anyone who is contravening his personal space. Furthermore, this dog is aggressive and will exemplify its aggressive nature by either biting, snarling, or barking.

New pet owners may find it hard to keep up with this dog breed mix, as it can also become independent in a way often. Furthermore, the Shepsky will take time to obey commands from unsteady handlers.

Lack of being stern on your orders will make this dog more hostile and unruly.

Also, the German shepherd husky mix can develop separation anxiety if left alone. Such separation anxiety behavior will present by either the dog being dangerous to the people around, barking, or becoming destructive.

Also, watch out for how this breed mix relates to children. Children need to learn this breed mix will react negatively when provoked.

Let the children learn the dos and don’ts of handling this breed mix.


Another inclusion of the most dangerous German shepherd mixes is the Shepkita. This breed mix results after breeding a German shepherd and the Akita.

This dog breed mix is medium in size but with a big personality. This dog breed will not hesitate to show its territorial attribute and aggressive side if provoked.

While at that this breed mix is hostile to strangers even after strict training. So be watchful on how the Shepkita relates with your visitors.

With its territorial and possessive nature, this dog will protect its personal property, be it the toys, food, family, all with its life.

Snatching or taking anything away from this dog will bring unnecessary confrontation.

This dog is also extremely loyal and protective of its owners, and such behavior can sometimes go overboard.

The Shepkita will protect its handler if it perceives he’s threatened.

However, such an attribute can be eradicated with the right training or even enrolling this dog in puppy classes early.

Also, this dog can become dangerous to small pets like cats. It always perceives small pets as prey, and such an attribute needs facing out early.

With its size and temperaments, children need to learn how to relate with this dog breed. Let the children learn about the limits of this dog.

Don’t let the children disturb this dog when it’s eating or sleeping.

When it’s about to attack, this breed mix will warn children or even not.

German shepherd Great Dane Mix

The German shepherd is bred with the Great Dane, and the result is a puppy known as the Great Shepherd or Dane shepherd. This dog breed is masculine and has big body features. On average, this dog breed weighs between 60-90 pounds and reaches a length of 22-45 inches.

The German shepherd Great Dane mix is a gentle giant with great temperaments. However, with the wrong handling, this dog breed will let out its wild nature.

Both parents of this dog breed mix are protective and excellent guard dogs, and such a trait is also present in the pups.

Its overprotective nature can also become a problem that perceives anyone who comes close to its handler as a threat.

And such a problem can also be magnified if the dog is not socialized or well trained. Training and socializing will bring out a dog that is not dangerous or hard to control.

Also, this dog can become dangerous to unruly children. Children ought to learn this dog is not a cat, so they should watch out how they play with it.

Also, this dog desires to dominate its pack or become the pack leader. If it sees a chance, this dog will instill itself as the leader of your house, and dethroning it will take some time.

All in all, handling this dog with care and proper socializing will help phase out any unwanted behavior from this dog breed.

Also, its aggressiveness can manifest in this dog if it develops separation anxiety. With that, ensure this dog is never left alone for long in a day.

Additionally, let visitors learn there is a dog breed mix in your house that may become hostile.

Signs That Your Dog Is Dangerous or It’s Becoming Aggressive

  • Biting – biting doesn’t necessarily mean that this dog will break the skin. Nipping accompanied with a growling sound is a number one sign that this dog is dangerous.
  • Rough playing.
  • Growling when being touched- especially when this dog is being groomed.
  • The dog is chasing animals in your house or the neighborhood.
  • The dog is lunging towards other dogs or people to attack.
  • The dog is angry whenever you touch its toys.
  • The doggie doesn’t allow children to pet or come close to it.
  • The German shepherd becomes hostile whenever another animal or person comes near its handler.
  • The dog starts growling when you find it savaging the trash bin.

What Causes a German shepherd Mix to Become Dangerous?

Here are some factors that will make these dogs dangerous

  • Hormones- Male hormones will become aggressive or dangerous when they are chasing females.
  • Medication- some medication cause excess anxiety, thus causing the dog to become aggressive
  • Hypothyroidism-though the mechanism is not well known, hyperthyroidism will cause a German shepherd mix to become dangerous.

How to Stop a German shepherd From Becoming Dangerous

Get An Animal Behaviorist.

If you note that your dog is becoming worse day in day out, seek an expert’s service.

Enroll Your Puppy in Obedience Classes

Puppy obedience classes will weed out any behavior that should not appear in dogs. Also, it’s in puppy classes that the dog becomes socialized and knows how to relate with other pets.

Final Words

Hoping we have provided you with the information you needed about the most dangerous German shepherd mix.

Afterward, you will be in a better position to choose wisely on your next dog bred. However, it’s not a must that the breed mixes we have highlighted above will be dangerous. It depends on how they are handled and trained.

Poor socialization, training, and handling will make any dog becomes aggressive and dangerous.

However, the above list shows breed mixes that are more hostile and aggressive than others.

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