Ways To Help Your German Shepherd While You Are Homeless


Anywhere from 5%-24% of people, who are homeless in the United States, own a dog. It is very important for you to be able to keep your dog even though you are homeless. Keeping your dog while homeless and/or living on the streets, helps in your daily life, in many ways. They provide protection from thieves, they provide extra heat while you are sleeping, and they provide a bond which aids in decreasing and/or avoiding depression and anxiety.

How To Help Your German Shepherd While You Are Homeless

It may be scary to know you are about to become homeless with your dog, not knowing how you are going to provide for him/ her. But don’t worry, there are things you can do, from providing food to providing shelter, to make the situation easier.

Looking for a live in situation that allows you to have your dog with you is ideal. There are often people who will let you live in their home in exchange for doing house and or yard work, or caring for their children, or caring for someone who is disabled or elderly.

You can look for work where you can take you dog with you like; kennels, shelters, veterinarian offices, groomers, and doggy day cares. You may have to volunteer at these locations at first, but it can turn into a paying job. Even if they do not turn into paying jobs, you will have a place for your dog to be out of the weather. Some of these places may allow your dog to stay there at night and/or in bad weather. Places like animal shelters will often return the favor, of volunteering at their location, by providing food and vaccinations for your dog. In most situations, volunteer work will turn into a paying position, once you prove yourself to be a good and reliable employee.

How Can You Help Your German Shepherd While You Are Homeless

You can also look for work that will allow your dog to be with you, that aids in you having a roof over both of your heads. Year round, there are house and dog sitting jobs. Some of these jobs are just stop in and go jobs, but most of the time, the dog/home owner wants you to stay in the home. In most cases, if the home/dog owner knows your dog is friendly and obedient, they will allow your dog to stay with you. If the job is just a stop in and go situation, at least you will have money to buy your dogs’ food.

If you are homeless and trying to find an opportunity that helps you to provide for your dog, go to your local library. Your local library allows you to use their computers to search for work, housing, etc. The important thing is to stay hopeful, and remember that you are causing your dog no harm in being homeless.

Ways To Help Your Gsd While You Are Homeless

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