What Size Collar for Australian Shepherd Puppy?

What Size Collar for Australian Shepherd Puppy

The Australian shepherd is an energetic, hardworking, and clever dog. Thus, such a dog needs an owner who will meet its exercise needs, more so walking.

And if you are planning to bring home an Australian shepherd puppy, there is one gear that will help control your dog during those evening walks you take together. And that is a collar.

However, will you pick any collar you find labeled in the pet shop as suitable for Australian shepherd puppies? What size collar for an Australian shepherd puppy is suitable for your new furry friend?

If this is the information you have been looking for, then you have wandered into the right article that will guide you when it comes to choosing a collar for your dog.

What Size Collar for an Australian Shepherd Puppy?

Getting the right size collar for your Australian shepherd puppy is not complicated. It’s most pet owners who make it hard. When looking for the right size collar for an Australian shepherd puppy, it’s always prudent to first take measurements of the dog’s neck.

How To Measure The Australian Shepherd Puppy For A Collar.

It’s time to measure your dog’s neck for a suitable collar. So, what will you need? A tape measure, a notebook, and a pen. Sometimes you may have to carry some treats with you to keep the dog calm.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a ruler and a string.

If you opt to use the tape measure, place it in the middle of the dog” neck. Next, tie it around until you are back to your starting point. For you to get the right collar that fits snug on the dog’s neck, insert two or three fingers underneath. If you are unable to pass your fingers, then that’s not the right measurement.

To get the right measurements, your fingers should pass underneath well.

By doing so, we want to get the right size collar for an Australian shepherd puppy that will not press the dog’s sensitive neck muscles. It’s not cool to get a collar that will give your dog an awful first experience.

After getting the right measurement, you can repeat 2-3 times until you’re comfortable. Now go with these measurements to your favorite pet shop, where you will be guided on the best size of collar fit for your Australian shepherd puppy.

Recommended Dog Collars For German Shepherd Puppies

  1. ADITYNA Leather Heavy Duty Collar (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar(Runner-Up)
  3. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Collar (Budget Friendly)

Why Do You Need A Collar For An Australian Shepherd Puppy?

So why is a collar important? Why don’t I just let my dog stay like that? Here is why you need a collar for an Australian shepherd puppy.

  • A collar helps identify your dog- Most collars have a D- ring where you can attach your dog’s name, your address, or telephone number. With that, in case your dog escapes, someone who spots will not find it hard to contact you.
  • A collar helps in leash training – A collar and a leash will help guide your dog on walking beside you. With this collar and a leash, your dog will learn the art of following you as his master without straying away.
  • Good for your dog’s safety – untrained dogs who are off the leash are likely to go chasing people or even cars. And that’s not safe. However, using a leash attached to a collar will make it much easier to handle such a dog on the road or in busy streets.

What Type Of Collar Does My Dog Need, Types of Collars for an Australian Shepherd Puppy

After getting the right collar size for an Australian shepherd puppy, the other task you are left with is choosing the type of collar that will be suitable for your puppy.

So, which are these types of collars?

Standard Collar

Standard collars are the most common type of collars you can find out there in the market. These collars are designed to lay flat against your Australian shepherd’s neck without restricting its breathing.

Nevertheless, this flat collar is best suited for calm dogs who don’t pull a lot.

Martingale Collar

A martingale collar consists of a large loop that rests on your dog’s neck and another smaller loop fixed on the bigger loop. This type of collar is designed for dogs who like pulling a lot. Whenever your dog pulls, the large loop tightens to prevent your dog from pulling further.

Choke Collar

A choke collar resembles a flat collar; the only thing is that it has prongs on the interior. These prongs dig inside your dog’s skin every time h/she pulls.

Because of how dangerous these collars are, only professional handlers should use them.

Head Halter

Another is the head halter that can give you better control of your dog- this head halter loops over your Australian shepherd puppy snout while still giving it room to pant and drink water with ease. This head halter is for those notorious puppies that like to pull the leash now and then.

What to Look For In Your Australian Shepherd Collar

What key details do you check in that collar you want to buy for your Australian shepherd puppy?


These collars are made of different materials. It’s you to choose which you find better.

  • Nylon collars- you will find plenty of collars made of nylon. These collars tend to be cheap and quite durable. High-quality nylon collars are also waterproof and pliable.
  • Leather collars- if you want your puppy to look classy, then source for a leather collar. Unlike collars made from nylon, leather collars are quite durable. Also, the price of collars made of leather is way up.
  • Metallic collars-it’s not hard to find collars made of metal.  However, we don’t recommend you choose a metallic collar for your Australian shepherd puppy as you may injure its neck. Such metallic collars should only be used by professional dog handlers, not you who want to leash train your dog.

Closure Type

How do you fasten the collar once it’s on your Australian shepherd puppy’s neck? Is it a plastic or metallic closure? And is this closure easy to open and close?

Leash Attachment

Consider the leash attachment point on this collar. Check whether it’s strong and well fixed.

Size of Collar

As the main topic in this article, don’t forget to look for the right size collar for your Australian shepherd puppy. When doing so, look for a collar that will fit comfortably on your puppy’s neck. You will also find some pet shops that will let you try your puppy’s collar, which is a great bonus.

Basics of Teaching Your Australian Shepherd Puppy To Stay On A Collar.

First, introduce your dog to this collar where there is plenty of distraction.

Make it a positive experience for your puppy- with that, reward or praise your dog if it’s comfortably interacting with this gear.

Reward your dog if it’s happy when you opt to put the collar on the neck – when doing so, let the pup stay with this collar for a few minutes, and don’t forget to praise it.

Repeat all that while increasing the duration of your puppy stays with this collar.

Next, attach the leash- most dogs will try to pull, but don’t give in as your dog may develop this leash pulling behavior. Don’t yank the leash; rather stay still till your puppy stops pulling.

After your Aussie puppy stops pulling, don’t forget to reward it.

Consistency is also key when it comes to training your dog ‘leash manners’. Never allow your dog to pull the leash.

With that, ensure even your family members understand that the puppy should not be given a chance to pull the leash.

How Big Are Australian Shepherd Puppies?

Female Australian shepherd puppies weigh 14-21 pounds and height ranges from 11 to 13 inches when at three months.

Afterward, the female Australian shepherd puppies weigh 26- 39 pounds, and their height ranges from 13 to 15 inches when they are 6 months.

For males at 3 months, they can weigh between 21-27 pounds, and height may range from 11 to 13 inches.

At 6 months, they may weigh between 38-49 lbs, and height may range from 15 to 17 inches.

As you can see, males tend to be bigger than females. Like other puppies, Australian shepherd puppies will grow fast within the first 6 months, gaining around 3 to 5 pounds per month.

Should A Puppy Wear A Collar Or A Harness?

You can either opt for a collar or a harness to control your Australian shepherd puppy. For puppies who like pulling a lot, a puppy harness may be suitable- you know, a harness decreases the pressure around the neck whenever the dog pulls. And that’s not the case if you opt for a collar.

Also, a harness is suitable for Aussies with sensitive necks. You will find that such a puppy harness has a padded chest plate that makes it comfortable for your dog.

However, if you have a calm dog who has been leash trained, a puppy collar can suffice.

Should I Take My Puppy’s Collar off At Home?

A collar should not stay on your dog’s neck all day- it can be nagging. Also, letting your dog stay with a collar inside a crate is hazardous.

Many are the dogs that have strangled themselves with a collar when inside a crate. Thus, at all costs, don’t let your dog stay with a collar all day and night.

Final Thoughts

What Size Collar for Australian Shepherd Puppy?

The right size collar for an Australian shepherd puppy should fit right on the dog’s neck. Worth noting, it’s always advisable you measure your dog’s neck size so that you get the right size collar for your puppy.

Sometimes, if you find it hard measuring your dog’s neck circumference, you can ask for help from a vet or a trained animal handler.

With all this information we have provided, we know you will be a proud and informed dog parent as you purchase a collar for your Aussie puppy.

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