What Size Harness for Australian Shepherd Puppy

what size harness for australian shepherd puppy

Your Australian shepherd puppy has reached the age of wearing a harness. Those muscles in the chest and neck area look pretty strong. That’s cool. But first, what size harness for an Australian shepherd puppy will be fit for your dog.

Remember, it’s always essential to choose the proper size harness for your Australian shepherd puppy that will fit snuggly without pressing that windpipe. You see, you don’t want your puppy to have an awful first experience when you introduce a harness to him.

When you get the correct size harness, be sure all daily walks with your pup will be super fun.

Are you ready to know the suitable size harness that will fit your Australian shepherd puppy? Then continue reading to learn more.

What Size Harness for Australian Shepherd Puppy?

Like we human beings, dogs are individuals, and the right size, which may be perfect for this dog, may be different from the other.

I know some manufacturers will sell you breed-specific harnesses without getting your dog’s chest and neck area dimensions. Don’t fall into their trap.

With so, if you want to get the proper size harness for your Australian shepherd puppy, it’s always essential you take your dog’s measurement appropriately using a tape measure.

With these measurements, you can get the right size of harness that will fit your Australian shepherd puppy body without compressing the windpipe.

If the harness for the Australian shepherd puppy you get tends to chafe your dog’s skin. Also, if the harness for your puppy looks tight, and you are unable to pass your two fingers underneath it, then that’s not the right size for your pup.

How Do You Measure Your Australian Shepherd Puppy For A Harness?

As earlier said, taking your dog’s measurement will be paramount. So what will you need?

(Tape measure, notepad, and a pen)

First, let your dog stay in an upright position.

Then take the tape measure and wrap it around your pup’s widest part of the chest. This area is located behind the armpits of the front leg. Next, note down these measurements on the notepad.

For some harness types, you may need to measure the dog’s neck size. The specific area you have to measure is the one your Australian shepherd collar rests on. Note these measurements in your notepad too.

Afterward, you can repeat the measuring process to ascertain you got the correct dimensions of your dog.

After you are satisfied, it will now be easier to choose the proper puppy harness.

Recommended Dog Harness For Australian Shepherd Puppies

  1. Ruffwear Reflective And Padded No Pull Harness (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Rabbitgoo Reflective And padded, No Pull Harness (Runner-Up)
  3. Bolux No Pull Dog Harness (Budget Friendly)

Types of Harnesses for Australian Shepherd Puppies?

No-Pull Harness

A no-pull dog harness for an Australian shepherd puppy is designed to stop your dog from pulling. It’s a great training tool to train your dog on how to walk on a leash. With such a no-pull harness, your dog is redirected towards you anytime it pulls, thus discouraging this leash-pulling behavior.

Moreover, you find these harnesses have leash attachments on the chest area.

You will also find a no-pull harness with a strong handle on the back, which offers plenty of control over your dog in busy streets.

Padded Harness

As per their name, padded harnesses have soft padding on all areas that rest on your dog’s body. These paddings ensure your dog feels comfortable even after wearing this harness for long.

Car Harness

Most people are adopting these types of harnesses for adequate vehicle safety when they travel with their pets. So what makes this type of harness unique? Car harnesses have a safety seatbelt loop that you can loop with your car’s seat belt. With this seatbelt attachment, it will be rare for your dog to be thrown out in case of a car crash.

Reflective Harness

The reflective harness will help make it easier as you travel with your pet at night. This type of reflective harness has a reflective strip that reflects light when walking your dog under low-lighted conditions. Thus, your dog will be much visible to other motorists even at late nights.

Military Harness

Military harnesses are helpful gears that helps dogs working in the military or police sector work efficiently.

Leather Harness

These are for those people who want their dog to look classy. These types of harnesses are purely made of leather and are always durable.

Styles of Harness

There are various styles of harnesses that you can find.

Front Clip Harness Style

As from the name, these harnesses have a clip to attach your dog’s leash fixed on the chest area. So, why this design? This harness style helps in controlling dogs who are yet to learn how to walk on a leash. So if your Australian shepherds tend to pull a lot, then opt for a harness with such a style as it gives you extra control.

Advantages of these types of front clip harness style

  • Helps eradicate leash pulling behavior
  • Gives owner better control


  • The leash can tangle between the dog’s front legs

Back Clip Harness Style

With this harness style, there is a leash clip fixed on the back area. It’s designed to walk those dogs who have learned how to walk on a leash.

This harness style gives you better control of your dog but not as compared to the front clip style harness.


  • You getter better control of your dog
  • Easy to fix the leash on this harness
  • The loose leash will not get tangled between the dog’s legs


  • They can bring up leash pulling behavior if not well utilized.

Duo-Clip Harness

A duo clip harness has both features of the front and back clip harness style. There is a leash clip attached to the chest and neck area of the harness.

Most dog owners and trainers can confirm that any harness with this style gives you superior control of your dog.


  •  A versatile harness that gives you better control of your dog
  • Controls leash pulling behavior with ease


  • Expensive

Harness for Australian Shepherd Puppy Buyer’s Guide

What essentials should you look into that harness you got for your puppy?

Material of the Harness

Consider checking the material making this harness – is it made of premium quality materials – the best material for harness should be strong to maintain longevity. You will find most durable harnesses are made of nylon as it is durable and super strong.

Worth noting, always choose a harness made of breathable mesh fabric.


A perfect harness for an Australian shepherd puppy needs to be padded on the interior—as this is the first time you will be putting your pup on the harness. You don’t want one that will hurt your pup. Look for one with comfy padding to give your dog that enjoyable experience during all daily walks.

Your pup does not need a harness with abrasive edges that will cut into your dog’s skin.


How adjustable is this harness for Australian shepherd puppies? Look for one with adjustable straps that will ensure this harness stays fit on your dog’s body. More often, many harnesses have adjustable chest straps to enhance safety. Another thing, consider one with plastic or metal buckles that will still help with adjusting for a custom fit.

Machine Washable

Your puppy will roll on the mud with this harness. And it will be your duty to ensure this harness stays clean throughout. So consider a harness for Australian shepherd puppies that is quite easy to wash.

The Price of the Harness

The price of the harness is an important factor. Don’t go beyond your budget. Some brands have learned the art of placing high prices on low-quality items.

Always do your analysis by reading reviews or asking your friend about the harness you are to get.

Other Additions

A harness with assistance handles enables you to have additional control over your dog. Also, if you love late-night walks, you can opt for a harness with reflective stitching. This reflective stitching enhances visibility, unlike any other standard harness.

Key Highlights When Getting the Best Harness

  • The correct size harness for Australian shepherd puppies should fit right on your dog’s chest area without pressing any of its muscles.
  • Another thing, this harness for Australian shepherd puppies should not chafe or cause severe irritation in the dog’s coat.
  • Don’t use a harness as the only way to train your dog – it will be better when you augment it with other pieces of training. Relying on this tool alone can be disastrous.
  • Also, don’t use a harness as a training tool to punish your dog. Remember, you want to create a positive experience for your dog. You don’t want to be in a scenario. Your puppy will hide the couch every time you pick the harness, as he knows what’s coming.
  • An adjustable harness is good for Australian shepherd puppies.
  • As a responsible dog owner, avoid choosing a harness according to your dog’s actual weight- sometimes, such methodology may mislead you.
  • The Harness you opt for your Australian shepherd puppy should be of high-quality materials to enhance longevity.

Is Harness Good For Puppies?

A harness is good for puppies as it gives you extra control, especially when walking in busy parks where your dog can easily be distracted.  The good thing is that a puppy harness spreads pressure all over your dog’s chest area rather than centralizing it whenever he pulls.

Can a Dog Harness Cause Hair Loss

Rarely will a harness cause hair loss. If your dog is not allergic to the harness material, he won’t have hair loss. Another thing, if the harness is well fitting, then rarely will it cause hair loss.

However, if the harness is too tight and contains allergic chemicals, that might cause hair loss.

What Size Harness Should I Get?

The right harness size for your Australian shepherd puppy is the one that will fit snuggly without causing any discomfort on the dog’s chest area.

At What Age, Can You Put A Harness On A Puppy?

Puppies should start wearing a harness when they are 8 weeks.


Not getting a harness for your Australian shepherd puppy is a great mistake, as this gear gives you better control during leash training or routine evening walks. The other error you can make is choosing the wrong size of harness for your puppy.

However, such can be blown away if you take 10-20 minutes and take your neck and chest size to aid you in choosing the right size harness for your Australian shepherd breed.

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