When German Shepherd Starts Barking?

When German Shepherd Starts Barking?

When do German shepherds start barking? Perhaps that’s one of your questions as you have new puppies in your house.

Unless otherwise, German shepherds start barking when they are 4 months. By this age, the dog’s vocals have developed fully. However, during the first 2 weeks after birth, German shepherd puppies will produce yipping sounds. Mostly they will do so if they are alone or when they want to grab the attention of their mother.

All along, the German shepherd will often use his voice to express himself. It’s one of the dog’s language, and they know to use it well.

Why Does My German Shepherd Bark A Lot?

As earlier said, the German shepherd will bark when it wants to express its emotions.

So, here are some of the factors that will cause your German shepherd to bark a lot.

Its Aggression

German shepherds, when faced when they feel threatened, will use their barking to express their discontentment.  An aggressive dog will bark a lot. The dog will also display its teeth; ears will lay back and heckles raised.

If you note your German shepherd reacting that way, you need to walk away.

The Dog Is Guarding

German shepherds are awesome guarding dogs who will try to wade off strangers. And this shepherd dog will often use its barking to tell them to keep off.


If your dog is not physically and mentally stimulated, he will bark a lot to finish boredom. This dog often has nothing else to do other than bark when bored.

Such a behavior can be eliminated by exercising your dog regularly.

Your Dog Is Asking For Your Attention

If you have not been giving your dog lots of attention that it desires to have, it will utmost bark demanding your urgent attention.

This dog will present with this behavior if you have forgotten to feed or exercise it.

Its Separation Anxiety

An anxious dog will present with the behavior of barking a lot. Separation anxiety occurs when the dog becomes worried when you leave. Such dog perceives that you are not safe when they are not near you.

What To Do If Your German Shepherd Is Barking A Lot

Use Positive Reinforcements

Using positive reinforcement is one of the best ways you can stop this behavioral barking. As such, you need to reward the behavior you desire.

Here is how you can train your dog to bark when necessary

First, have something or a scenario that will make your German shepherd excited.

Let the dog bark and immediately let out the word ‘speak.’ Alternatively, you can use the hand signal. Open the palm of your hand when the dog starts barking, and close when it keeps quiet.

Using your hands or letting out the word ‘speak,’ training this dog under this command will be much easier. Again, remember to reward the dog whenever it complies.

With that, the dog will make a close connection that a certain behavior that you desire will bring out a treat.

Worth noting, always remember to reward the behavior you desire.

Train the dog to be quiet.

Training the dog to be quiet will be easier if the dog has learned the ‘speak’ command.

Here, make your dog excited, and let it bark a lot. Ignore the barking and only reward the dog when it stops barking.

Be consistent, and within a week, the dog will capture this piece of training with ease.

Points out when your German shepherd starts barking

  • Only reward the behavior you desire.
  • Remember to be consistent every time- consistency is a key value that will bring the results you desire. More so, inconsistency will bring more confusion for the dog.
  • Never shout at your dog who’s barking- Shouting at your German shepherd whose barking will not solve the issue at hand- utmost shouting will make the behavior of barking more intense.
  • Never punish your barking German shepherd – Thinking that kicking or hitting a barking dog will make it regret its behavior? You’re mistaken- beating your dog will make it fear you a lot.
  • Don’t use barking collars- I have seen most German shepherd owners use the barking collar to stop the barking. However, what most people don’t know is these collars never help as much. Utmost, they inflict physical trauma on the dog.
  • Only use a dog’s muzzle if necessary.

Final Thoughts

After your GSD has started barking, it will often use this barking to communicate itself. Furthermore, this dog bark when guarding your home or when it wants to grab your attention. However, if the barking becomes bothersome, we have outlined ways to bring it to control.

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