When Will My German Shepherd Calm Down? A Guide For New Owners

When Will My German shepherd Calm Down

German shepherd dogs are intelligent, loyal, and, most of all, very active. And it’s the latter behavior that gives rise to the question, “when will my German shepherd calm down“?

German shepherds will start becoming hyper when they turn 2-4 months. And the more they grow, the more they will become fascinated by everything in their vicinity.

It’s when German shepherds are 4-12 months that they will become super active. Later on, these German shepherds will become calm when they turn three years, and they are almost done with the teenage period.

With that said, if you are interested to know when your German shepherd will calm down, continue reading.

My Dog Has High Energy Levels: Why Is My German Shepherd Not Calm

As a German shepherd owner, it’s a concern for you why your German shepherd is never calm. Various issues will cause your German shepherd to become hyper. So let’s look at them.


German shepherd puppies will tend to be more hyper than adults. Don’t be deceived by your GSD’s big body. The rate of mental maturity is never similar to the physical one.

Perhaps you have checked how babies will react; they will utmost become hyper compared to adults. And so, such behavior is not uncommon in puppies.

Here is a preview of how active your German shepherd will become active as he ages.

  • 1-5 months- the puppy is not much excited. But everything around will grab its attention.
  • 4-12 months- hyperactivity at its best, it’s at this age the German shepherd will have lots of energy- this dog is always happy, and everything around this dog becomes an amusement. These puppies will need lots of exercises and socialization during this stage, as they have lots of pent-up energy.
  • 12-24 months

At this age, your German shepherd is still hyper – however, you will notice there is a difference compared to the previous age bracket.

  • 24 months and above

By this age, the dog is becoming less hyper as the mental growth is catching up with the physical one.

It’s an Instinct

As you know, the German shepherd is classified under the working group- as a working dog, this dog possesses lots of energy, and lots of energy implies hyperactivity.

Since memorial, the German shepherd will always love having something to do- if not herding the cattle in the farms, the German shepherd will be happy to herd your family members.

That’s one of the reasons you would be wondering why your German shepherd puppy has high energy levels.

Your German shepherd Is Not Neutered

Testosterone makes your German Shepherd hyper, if you never knew. And the hormone levels will rise when the puppy is around six months.

Here are some of the signs that your Germans shepherd has high testosterone levels.

  • Increased aggression
  • Increased self-confidence
  • High sex drive
  • High desire to wander
  • And hyperactivity- is one of the point outs

As a point out, never neuter German shepherd puppies below six months.

Lack of Physical Stimulation

German shepherds, as you know, are high-energy dogs, and with that, they require lots of physical stimulation.

Remember to exercise this dog as per its age. As a rule, give your dog 5 minutes of play divided in two sessions for every month they are old. That goes without saying a six months old German shepherd will need 30 minutes of exercise.

German shepherd owner’s fanciers say that a tired German shepherd is always a calm dog.

Remember to have play sessions with your dog to burn any excess energy that will make your dog calm.

Adhering to a regular exercise session will make you see changes soon.

Besides physically stimulating your dog; mental stimulation is needed. Both physical and mental stimulation will come in handy if you desire to have a calm German shepherd puppy.


If previously you have been giving your dog attention, then you stooped, it’s most likely your German shepherd will be demanding for it. Also, this dog will demand attention if any of its need is not met by becoming hyper all the time.

If your dog notes that you have been directly your energy to other nonsensical things other than spend time with him, he will try to become hyper to grab your attention all over your house.

Its Separation Anxiety

German shepherds are social animals, and they like it where there is company. If you are not around, this dog may become anxious. As a protection dog, it will think that you are not safe where you are.

And with that, the dog will become hyper anytime you arrive. You can exacerbate this anxiety by always making arrivals dramatic and your departure emotional for your dog. Don’t do that.

Your Dog Is Bored

Is your dog bored? Then he will look for ways to cheer himself up. This dog may start a hysterical barking, running wildly across the field, or even destroying everything. Caution, your dog, has not run mad; it’s a bore doom that has triggered his all of a sudden burst of energy.

It’s Teething

Teething Germans shepherd puppies have lots of discomfort on their gums. The itchiness that comes with teething will make your German shepherd restless and hyper.

So if your German shepherd is around 3-6 months and he’s hyper, know somehow the teething process is exacerbating this behavior.

How to Calm Your German shepherd

Calming your German shepherd needs patience from you as the dog owner. Remember, if you become angry and start punishing your dog, you will not have resolved the issue; you will utmost aggravate the already worse situation.

The AKC has a program that’s called STAR that helps dogs to become acceptable family companions




R- Responsible dog owners

Such a program will be a cornerstone if you want to have a calm dog.

Never the less here is what you can do


Dogs who are not socialized are ill-mannered as they lack direction, and one of the keys signals of a poorly socialized dog is hyperactivity.

As a key, socialization should start when the dog is still a puppy. It would be best if you exposed this dog to lots of sights and sounds. Let the dog come across other animals, small or big.

Also, let the dog come across different people. With that, your dog will not act hysterically whenever your home receives a visitor.

Besides, you can take your dog to doggie parties and dog parks where it can play with other pets. It’s here this dog will play and socialize with other dogs.

After having his muscles worked out and interacted with various environments, the last thing in this dog’s mind is becoming a nuisance.

Training Your Dog

Training will perform wonders if you want your German shepherd to become calm. Training helps your German shepherd understand you are the leader, and your commands need to be followed.

One piece of command that you need to train your dog is to stay and sit.

More on that, a trained dog will be easier to control than an untrained one. If you are unable to train your dog, then you need to source the services of a competent dog trainer.


Physical and mental stimulation is vital if you want to make your German shepherd calm. As a high-energy dog, you need to ensure you have excised this dog daily.

And as earlier discussed, the length of excise should rhyme with this dog’s age. For every month, the dog should have 5 minutes of play.

You can play with your dog fetch where it will use its muscles in short distances, and with that, any energy build-up will burn. If your dog is exercised and tired, the first thing it will think of is sleeping rather than becoming hyper in your house.

Besides physical stimulation, the German shepherd will require mental stimulation. And such mental stimulation will blow away any boredom that may creep in.

You can get toys that will challenge your dog’s intelligence. Such toys are readily available on amazon. A mentally stimulated German shepherd will not be hyper.

Be a Responsible Owner

A responsible owner equals a well-mannered dog. For example, if you become hyper when your dog is around, the dog will capture the same energy.

Perhaps you should try that with your German shepherd or any other dogs. Acting in high energy levels near your dog will make this dog believe you are in the energy of playing.

Also, you need to ignore your hyper dog until it calms down.

Eradicate Anxiousness from Your Dog

As earlier discussed, separation anxiety will cause your German shepherd to become hyper. And with that, you need to weed out any anxiousness from your dog. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Always leave your dog with your a piece of recently worn cloth
  • Don’t make your arrival more exciting; take some time before you hug your dog after you arrive
  • Also, don’t make your departures emotional.
  • You can use calming collars for your dog

If not working, train your dog how to be independent.

First, leave the dog in a room and have your dog stay alone for a few minutes. After you are back, remember to reward your dog. With that, the dog will note calmness will bring forth goodies.

Next, increase the duration you stay away from your dog. If your dog reacts calmly, then reward him.

All along, use positive reinforcements when teaching your German shepherd. It’s such a process that makes training sessions smooth.

Always Learn To Ignore the Behavior

Also, discuss with other family members that they need to ignore this dog whenever it becomes hyper. If the dog notes you are not at the same energy levels, it will utmost become calm.

Neuter Your German Shepherd Boy

Low levels of testosterone will result in low levels of activity. As earlier discussed, your German shepherd, who is intact, is most likely to become hyperactive.

Ensure your puppy is neutered immediately after its first birthday.

Rewarding the Calm Behavior

If you note your German shepherd is calm at any time, remember to give it a treat. Do this consistently, and the dog will capture that silence, and being calm results in positive things than hyperactivity.

Use Calming Essential Oils

One of the essential oils that even works in human beings is lavender. Lavender will bring a serene feeling for your dog ad such will make him calm.

Nevertheless, ensure your dog does not consume the lavender.

Final Words Of When Will My German shepherd Calm Down

Hoping you have known when your German shepherd is most likely to calm down. Also, some factors will make your German shepherd puppy hyper. Check them keenly, and perhaps they are the reason your newly rescued dog cannot keep calm.

Let’s hear from you; what are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have any additional information?

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