Why Do German Shepherds Eat So Fast?

Why Do German Shepherds Eat So Fast?

If your dog eats too fast, you may be worried as this could not only cause it to choke but many other problems as well.

For these reasons, here are some tips to try to get your German Shepherd to eat more slowly.

GSDs were once wild like animals, and they had to fight for survival.

Even if they are the most spoiled member of the family, for them surviving continues to be a primary task.

German Shepherd puppies are often born as part of a pack and have to compete with the rest of their siblings to get their mother’s milk and then to get the food they need to grow and be healthy.

This behavior could come from their ancestors, the wolves. As carnivorous animals, the one who eats more is the one who survives, and who also has the greatest chance of reproducing.

Survival Instinct Makes My German Shepherd A Greedy Dog?

We can also associate it with greedy behavior if our German Shepherd is eating to prevent other dogs of the house from getting their share too.

Generally, this behavior could also make it aggressive against people who approach it while it is eating.

It is almost never related to a nutritional problem and, at first sight, it may not seem like a very serious inconvenience. However, there are several options we can take and implement to prevent our German Shepherds from eating too quickly.

How Ill Can My German Shepherd Get If It Keeps Eating Fast?

Some dogs eat so fast that they don’t even get to taste their food.

We don’t only can correct this behavior, we must do it, otherwise, it could bring serious consequences to our furry friend.

When a German Shepherd eats too fast, it does not chew, it swallows a lot of air, it does not even realize what it is eating, etc. This can cause:

  • Accumulation of gases.
  • Vomiting.
  • Choking.
  • And what is worse, a twisted stomach, which can be fatal for the animal

Thankfully, there are some tricks that we can put in place to reverse this kind of behavior.

Tips to improve your German Shepherd eating behavior.

Make eating more complicated: There are specially designed bowls to prevent our pets from eating too fast.

The way they work is based on the fact that they do not have a conventional shape. This means that they are not the typical deep bowl, but rather like those special cups we carry for lunch, which have compartments.

This way, instead of having all the space to bury its head in the food and devour it, the German Shepherd will have to make more of an effort to reach the food between the divisions.

Sadly, this is not something that many people consider a problem, this is the reason behind not all pet stores having these special containers so that your dog doesn’t eat as quickly.

However, if you don’t manage to get it, something that might also help slow down the speed at which your puppy eats is a cookie-cutter, as these have several deposits so the German Shepherd will have to work hard to get all the food.

Make eating a fun game:

Another effective way to help your German Shepherd eat more calmly is through games and activities.

It is well known that dogs love to play, and many of them live by and for tricks and, of course, to play with their owner. If you have a garden or a yard at home, a good option is to hide small amounts of food in strategic places so the dog can look for the food by itself.

This will help its sense of smell, its senses will develop more when it is trained, it will exercise and it will receive rewards for its effort.

By hiding small amounts of food, we make sure the German Shepherd does not eat everything in one bite, but instead, notice how it is receiving rewards for each effort it makes.

This way, your German Shepherd will be more satiated during the day than if it ate everything at once.

Be always observant.

No matter how small or insignificant a repetitive behavior may seem to us, there is always room for doubt.

How do we know if this behavior is normal or harmful to our German Shepherd? The best thing is to keep ourselves informed and take care of it in such a way that such behaviors do not have major consequences.

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