Why does my German Shepherd cuddle everyone but me? now what?


Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, protective and all around amazing. They can be unpredictable in their behaviour sometimes, and that is natural. Their cuteness is contagious. When you’ve come from a long and tiring day’s work, a cuddle with your precious dog is something that will brighten up your mood instantly. But all dogs are not the same. Some of them like to cuddle, and some of them don’t. That’s just their nature. If your dog doesn’t like to cuddle, and you want to know how you can remedy that, read on.

Why Do Dogs Cuddle In The First Place?

Why do dogs cuddle in the first place?

They are amazingly social animals who crave a lot of attention and love from their human masters. This cuddly nature comes instinctively to them. They experience most of the emotions that we humans experience. They understand love, joy, anger, rage, frustration and hate at the base level. If you think that your dog is cuddling you at the wrong time, don’t be frustrated, it is just their need for your affection and love.

Some dogs cuddle up as a sign of being protected or safe. This mostly occurs when you’re injured or not feeling healthy, and they are looking to protect you and offer you an umbrella of safety.

A dog has an amazing intuition and they can sense when you are in pain. This pain might not even be physical. It could be an emotional struggle that you are dealing with.

Is Your Able To Understand When You’re Injured Or Not Feeling Healthy

Dogs, like humans are attracted to certain types of people. If your dog doesn’t like to cuddle with you, but instinctively runs to your neighbour living next door and snuggles at first sight, then there’s a problem. It depends on your dog. Few dogs like to get touched, and a few don’t. If you keep trying to touch your dog, when it doesn’t appreciate your touch, it might spark resentment in your dog, and this might be the reason your dog doesn’t cuddle up to you.

Fear could be another cause. If you have a fearful appearance, or if you have been a bit harsh with your dog in the past, it might build a barrier between you and your dog. If fear is the cause, positive reinforcement is the solution to this problem. You must slowly start to shower affection on your dog. Not in a way that is creepy and puts your dog off, but slowly and gradually. Over time, your dog will start to get very comfortable with you and come cuddle with you.

Play a lot of games with your dog. Don’t ignore your dog. Take it out for long walks. To the park. Kiss your dog. Show your affection to your dog. Love for him. With time, a close bond is built between you and your dog. The natural end of this bond expresses love, in this case, cuddling. If you are struggling with this, try the solutions given in this article. It will bring about a positive change in the relationship between you and your dog.

Why Does My German Shepherd Cuddle Everyone But Me?


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