Why Does My German shepherd Follow Me to the Bathroom?

Why Does My German shepherd Follow Me to the Bathroom?

It’s common for you to see your German shepherd follow you all over the house after work.

However, after a few pats and hugs, your German shepherd will settle in his usual resting place.

However, of late, you have noted that your German shepherd won’t stop following you in the bathroom or the bedroom.

Well, he is everywhere.

So why is such occurring? Could it be that your GSD is having separation anxiety, or any emotional issues.

Let’s dive in and see why your German shepherd is following you to the bathroom.

Your German shepherd Follows You to the Bathroom Because He Is Curious

Most dogs like German shepherds are always curious. They will curiously check what you are doing all over your house.

For example, after visiting the bathroom, your German shepherd will try to peep and see what you are doing there inside.

Your German shepherd will think you have gone to get a treat for him from the bathroom. So if you have been wondering what’s wrong, as your German shepherd cannot stop following you in the bathroom- just know he wants to quench his curiosity.

Your German shepherd Follows You to the Bathroom Because of Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a behavioral issue that German shepherds can develop. For example, let’s say you have crated your dog the whole day; utmost the dog will be excited after you arrive.

Some of the telltale signs of separation anxiety are inappropriate defecating and peeing, destroying everything around excessive barking.

Dogs with this behavioral problem will start panicking anytime you leave the house, and all these panic episodes will be over when you arrive.

Your German shepherd Follows You to the Bathroom Because She Loves Company

Dogs like German shepherds are not solitary animals. Remember, like their distinct cousins, wolves, and foxes, these canines love living in packs.

As pack animals, GSDs will see you as part of the pack. They will love and cherish your company every time. Thus at any time, you may see your GSD following you to the bathroom understand that he cherishes and yearns for your company.

Your German shepherd Is Not Getting Enough Attention

German shepherds love attention, and they will try to follow you to the bathroom if they cannot get enough of you.

Consequently, your German shepherd will utmost yearn for your attention if he doesn’t get enough exercise or when he’s bored.

Another point to note: your German shepherd may seek your attention if he’s hungry.

Your German shepherd Sees You as the Leader

As earlier discussed, GSDs thrive in packs. They will try to pick anyone in the house as their pack leader. Just like in the wild, the GSD will follow you in the house as he perceives you as his pack leader, waiting for your instructions.

Your German shepherd Has Bonded with You

German shepherds will bond with one person in the house. Often this person will be the one who feeds or spends most of the time with him.

However, not that they hate the rest of the family members, it’s that they have created an extra bond with you compared to the other family members.

Your Dog Is Clingy

Your GSD who follows you every time could be clingy. Clingy dogs often become nagging, and they will try to follow their masters everywhere.


Imprinting can occur in most animals, and German shepherds are no exception. Imprinting will occur when an animal perceives you as its parent or a person of trust.

Often such will happen to your German shepherd if you adopted him when he was still a puppy.

Such dogs will attach to human beings, and they will perceive them as their sole caregivers.

So don’t panic whenever your GSD follows you all over; perhaps he thinks you are his guardian.

What To Do If You’re German Shepherd Is Following You All over the House

Ignore the Behavior

Giving such your dog attention when he follows you all over the house will propagate this behavior a lot. Don’t give in to this dog’s demands, and after a few weeks, this behavior will go away.

Give Your Dog a Job

Engage your German shepherd all time. Boredom or lack of exercise will make it possible for this dog to follow you’re around.

Don’t Punish Your Dog

Negative reinforcement like kicking your dog has never been the solution.

Get An Animal Behaviorist

If all seems not to work, seek the services of a professional dog handler who will weed out this behavior.

Final Thoughts

Various issues can make your German shepherd follow you all over the house, even in the bedroom or the bathroom. And the above factors can help you understand why your GSD is having such behavior.

If your GSD can’t stop following you even after quenching his needs, seek the services of an animal behaviorist.

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