Why Does My German shepherd Pee When I Pet Him?

Why Does My German shepherd Pee When I Pet Him?

Dogs like German shepherds will love when you pet them every time.

If only you had time, these dogs would like it when you pet them the whole day. And I know you have seen such behavior on your dog severally.

Away from that, has it been a concern that your German shepherd always pees when you pet him? And it’s becoming a concern for you as your dog is through with puppyhood?

Well, you are not alone; most German shepherd owners have also faced such a scenario. Most probably, your German shepherd is excited, sick, or probably your German shepherd is still young.

With that said, let’s check why your German shepherd won’t stop peeing when you pet him.

Your German shepherd Is Excited

German shepherds are social animals, and they get mesmerized by everything. After seeing you, your German shepherd will most probably start peeing out of excitement.

Your German shepherd Has Developed Fear

Often known as submissive urination- these dogs will do this to recognize you as their leader. And most dogs will outgrow such behavior. However, some dogs still grow with such behavior to their adulthood.

While at that, you should avoid punishing your German shepherd when it pees as it can aggravate this behavior. Also, you need to check why your German shepherd fears you a lot. Check whether you or other family members have been beating or threatening your German shepherd dog.

Your German shepherd Is Still Young

Young German shepherds cannot hold their urine for long. They need to urinate severally. Most probably, your German shepherd has been peeing a lot when you pet him as he’s still young. Hopefully, your German shepherd will outgrow this behavior.

Your German shepherd Is Pregnant

Female German shepherd may tend to pee a lot when you pet them. During the pregnancy stage, the hormonal changes in their bodies make them have frequent urination sessions.

If you note that your dog is frequently urinating, it will help if you visited a veterinarian who will examine your dog and check whether she is pregnant.

Your German shepherd Is Sick

If your German shepherd was not peeing when you pet him, and now he has started, then there must be something wrong. Most probably, your German shepherd has a disease that causing him to have frequent urination schedules.

Disease like diabetes and urinary tract infections will cause your German shepherd to pee a lot.

The Dog Has Learned This Behavior

Dogs can learn this behavior even after they are through with their potty training sessions. So, most probably, your dog has learned this behavior of peeing when you pet it while it’s still an adult.

The Dog Didn’t Go Through Its Potty Training Lesson

Potty training is an integral lesson that every German shepherd puppy should undergo. German shepherds need to know where they should pee appropriately. Furthermore, dogs need someone who will teach them where they should pee.

Since potty training lessons can sometimes be hard to train, and again time-consuming, you can source for a dog trainer who will do all the work for you, and at times it can be expensive.

You Have Entertained This Behavior

As a responsible dog owner, learn to teach the dog behaviors you desire and those you hate. For example, if your dog has learned you are never angry when he pees when you pet him, it’s less likely he will stop this behavior.

German shepherd will see that is a behavior you desire, and they will not stop doing so anytime soon.

Remember, dogs thrive where there is leadership; if they note you are not admonishing them, they will perceive this as the behavior you desire.

Nevertheless, when you note your dog is peeing after petting him, don’t punish or kick your German shepherd. Instead, check for ways to correct this behavior.

How to Stop It:  Why Does My German shepherd Pee When I Pet Him?

Ensure Your German shepherd Pees Often

Perhaps your German shepherd is not getting enough time to relieve himself. To avoid bladder issues which can occur when your pet holds urine for long, you need to allow your German shepherd to urinate more frequently-.

Avoid Reinforcing the Behavior

If you have allowed your German shepherd to pee when you pet him, then you need to stop reinforcing such behavior. Always walk away when you note your dog is urinating when you pet him. Alternatively, learn to reward your dog when he doesn’t pee when you pet him- with that, the dog will learn such a good trait will earn him a treat.

Also, avoid beating your German shepherd when he pee’s after you pet him, as it can promote the progression of this behavior.

Potty Train Your German shepherd Puppy.

Potty training your dog is necessary. And it would help if you started these lessons when the dog is still a puppy. The dog needs to know when and where to potty. With that, the dog will understand it’s not good to potty in any place. Another thing you need to be consistent with your potty training sessions if you want this behavior to vanish.

Let Your Dog Outgrow This Behavior.

If your dog is still a puppy and he’s still peeing when you pet him, then you need to give him time. Allow your German shepherd to outgrow this behavior, and don’t be in a rush.

Nevertheless, if your German shepherd seems not to outgrow this behavior, you need to check on other reasons that may be causing him to pee a lot.

Visit a Veterinary

As earlier discussed, some diseases will cause your German shepherd to pee severally. Thus if nothing seems to work, and you cannot control this behavioral peeing, you should consider visiting a vet with your dog. The vet will do an in-depth review of what would be causing your dog to urinate a lot after you pet him.

Worth noting, before taking any prompts, you need to ask yourself various questions.

  • First, when did this behavior start?
  • What time does this dog pee- does this dog only pee when you pet it, or even when other family members do the same?

Afterward, you will be in a better position to make a decisive decision of helping your dog.

Highlight; why does your German shepherd pee when you pet it.

  • Your German shepherd is still young.
  • Your German shepherd has learned this behavior.
  • Your German shepherd didn’t undergo potty training classes
  • You, as a German shepherd owner, has been entertaining this behavior
  • Your German shepherd has not been peeling a lot- your German shepherd holds pee in his bladders a lot
  • Your German shepherd is excited
  • Your German shepherd fears you
  • Your German shepherd has been sick
  • Your German shepherd is pregnant

How to stop your German from peeing when you pet him

  • Ensure your puppy pees severally
  • Let the German shepherd start potty training classes
  • Don’t entertain this behavior
  • Visit a veterinarian with your dog
  • Never punish your German shepherd after it pees in an undesignated place
  • If it’s a puppy- let it outgrow this behavior


Hoping by now, we have made you understand why your German shepherd pees when you pet him. Furthermore, it would be best if you acted upon it anytime you note your dog has such a behavior. If you follow the above measures, and nothing seems to change, then you should visit a vet for an in-depth review of your German shepherd.

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