7 Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Guard Dogs: What You Should Know

Why German Shepherds Make Great Guard Dogs

German shepherds can make great guard dogs for many families because they are intelligent and like to have a job.

On this post, let us discuss:
1. Why German shepherds make great guard dogs;
2. What makes German shepherds trustworthy;
3. How to train a German shepherd to protect you and your family;
4. What is the role of a German shepherd as a guard dog?

What is a guard dog, and why are they important?

To understand German shepherds, we must first define what a “guard dog” is.

Guard dogs, also known as watchdogs, are dogs who are trained to protect their homes and families.

A guard dog is not a scary, vicious attack dog. Guard dogs are actually very loving, protective, and friendly toward their family members.

A guard dog’s responsibility is to alert their master of any danger or intruder who may harm their family.

Their job is not to attack the person, but rather to prevent them from becoming an attacker.

Why German shepherds make great guard dogs?

The German shepherd was originally used as a herding dog, but it’s become popular as a police and military dog over the years.

They were used in World War I, World War II, and in the Korean War, to name just a few conflicts.

They’re extremely well-socialized and have a lot of self-control. That makes them ideal guardians for homes where children or other pets live.

Here are seven reasons German Shepherds make great guard dogs:

1. German shepherds are territorial.

A German shepherd is territorial by nature, which is why it’s such an amazing guard dog.
They want to keep intruders away from the homes that they care about, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones they love.

A German shepherd loves its territory, no matter the size. According to SheKnows in Facts about German Shepherd, “German shepherds are natural guard dogs. Without proper socialization, this can sometimes turn into territorial behavior and even aggression toward strangers and other dogs.”

If you need a guard dog that will protect your property and family at all costs, an adult German shepherd would be a great fit for your home.

2. German shepherds will fight to the death.

Another reason shepherds make great guard dogs is that they will fight to the death to protect their families and property.

They have a strong sense of morality, and they know what’s right and wrong. They don’t tolerate things that are morally wrong, so they will defend anyone who breaks the rules in their home.

3. German shepherds love their family and their territory.

I have a German Shepherd named Sasha. She’s incredibly protective of her family. Whenever I bring a new person into the house, she will bark and growl at them. Her territorial instincts are very strong, and it’s an excellent sign of good parenting to have a dog that is protective of its territory.

Any person who enters your home should be a friend of yours. If your German shepherd doesn’t like the way that person smells, then you know you have to be careful around them.

4. German shepherds are serious about their guarding.

The shepherds are so serious about their guarding that they will protect their territory no matter how many hours a day they have to do it. After all, guard dogs are working dogs, so you can bet that they want to get their job done in the time that they’re living and doing it right.

5. German shepherds have a strong bite and strong legs.

A good guard dog needs to be able to bite and hold on until the intruder is no longer a threat.

A German shepherd can have a powerful bite, and its legs are strong enough to hold on to any intruder. These kinds of dogs will maul an unpleasant intruder until the person is no longer a threat.

6. German shepherds have a deep, intimidating bark.

A German shepherd can let intruders know that they are in no way welcome on your property with a deep bark that will intimidate them.

This is something you want to consider when you’re looking for guard dogs for your community or property.

You don’t want a dog that will bark at everything that moves or every sound they hear. You want one that will bark when someone is on your property and make it known that you do not welcome them.

7. German shepherds are intelligent and adaptable.

German Shepherds are intelligent and adaptable, making them very good guard dogs. They can learn tricks and commands easily, adapting to new situations with very little stress because they learn quickly.

This makes them an excellent choice for a family or community guard dog, because they can learn to protect you and your family through training. They also learn quickly and adapt very easily.

However, their brains work against them when it comes to training. Because they’re smart, they may try to jump over their fences or dig under them if they feel like you are controlling them too much.

They need a firm hand, but not one that is too controlling.

Choosing a German Shepherd as your Family Dog

If you choose to pick out a German Shepherd puppy, make sure that you get one from a good breeder. You need to have the dog checked out by the vet. Once your new dog is ready for adoption, you need to make sure that the dog will be safe at home with your kids and other pets.

Your German Shepherd will be protective of their territory, and they can also be territorial of their family members.

How Can You Tell if Your German Shepherd Is a Guard Dog?

The most visible sign that your German shepherd is a guard dog is its attitude.

Guard dogs tend to be aggressive, territorial, and protective of their people. They’re also very territorial and tend to bark unnecessarily.

Guard dogs aren’t social with people they don’t know and can be aggressive with other dogs or people.

So if you notice that your German shepherd has these kinds of traits, it’s likely that you have a guard dog on your hands.

If you believe your german shepherd is not a guard dog, don’t worry, because you can train it to be one. In the following section, we will discuss how to train it.

How to Train Your German Shepherd Dog to Be a Guard Dog?

It is a fact that you can train your german shepherd to be a guard dog.

Training might take a bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end. So if you want to train your german shepherd to be a guard dog, here are some steps that you should follow:

Before you try to train your german shepherd to be a guard dog, it is critical that they first gain the respect of its owners. You can do this by showing that you’re highly knowledgeable about them.

You should also take note of the dog’s behavior and personality.

The next step in training your german shepherd to be a guard dog is to socialize it with other animals and people. This will allow the german shepherd to learn how to act in various situations.

The final step in retraining your german shepherd to be a guard dog is to teach it how to behave when approached by strangers or people that they are not familiar with. The german shepherd must be trained not engage in any type of aggression towards these people.

Below are a few articles to help you train your German Shepherd –

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What You Should Remember About Getting A Guard Dog?

You should remember that a guard dog can be trained from an early age.

If you would like to buy a German shepherd as a guard dog, there are lots of things you should consider.

First, consider your property and neighborhood before bringing an adult German shepherd home.

Next, make sure your german shepherd has a good temperament and is healthy.

Make sure that they’re trained to be obedient before you get them in your home.

Finally, consider adopting a puppy. Because training a puppy is a lot easier than training an adult dog.

Related Questions –

Guard Dog vs. Watch Dog, what’s the Difference?

A watch dog is a great house pet, but it’s not a very good guard dog. A watch dog’s purpose is to act as a deterrent and a protector of the family and their belongings.

But these are both pretty great duties! So what is a guard dog? A guard dog is much more than just a deterrent. A guard dog is a trained and devoted bodyguard.

A watch dog acts as a deterrent. A guard dog will always stand guard over you and your family and your home.

Do male or female German Shepherds make better guard dogs?

While it can be said that both male and female German Shepherds make great guard dogs, I personally believe that male German Shepherds make the best guard dogs.

The reason behind this is that, they are naturally territorial and protectors. Female German Shepherds can be territorial as well, but they tend to be more nurturing than their male counterparts.

While a female German Shepherd is also a wonderful choice for a family pet, but if you want an in-home guardian, then you should pick out a male.

Are German shepherd mixes good guard dogs?

German shepherd mixes are great guard dogs, especially if you’re looking for a larger breed. A German shepherd mix is usually bigger than a German shepherd which is good if you’re interested in protecting your property and family. They also make great apartment guardians, as most of them are very energetic and active dogs.

Will my German Shepherd protect me without training?

No, your German Shepherd will not protect you without any training. This is because they will not understand the signs of danger and the motivation behind selfless acts of heroism. They cannot consistently do what needs to be done without proper training.

Before you get a German shepherd, be sure to train it in case an intruder enters your home.

Train your German shepherd how to protect its territory and belongings by being aggressive towards anything that shouldn’t be there.

Final Verdict

German shepherds are wonderful pets, but don’t forget that they have a job to do as well. Their work is to protect you and your family from intruders who try to enter your territory without permission. If they aren’t trained properly, they won’t know how to protect you and your family in this way.


7 Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Guard Dogs

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