Will German Shepherd Protect If Not Trained? How to Train Your GSD to Protect You?

Will German Shepherd Protect If Not Trained

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure with a large dog like the German Shepherd. As you know, the German Shepherd famous for his loyalty and being protective of his territory and his family, but what will be the situation if your dog is not trained.

If your German Shepherd is not trained, he will protect you depending on different factors.

Here in this article, we will discuss the factors that will tell us whether your German Shepherd will protect you if he is not trained. And also discuss how to train your German Shepherd to protect you?

Will German Shepherd protect if not trained?

The answer to this question is neither Yes nor No. Actually, it is difficult to tell whether or not your dog will protect you. For the most time, your German Shepherd will show aggression and start barking to protect you, but will probably not physically do anything.

Untrained German Shepherds are also seen to have protected their owners. This is why it is difficult to say exactly what your German Shepherd will do if he is not trained.

It depends on different factors; here, we will discuss it one by one in detail.

Depend on the Dog

Every dog ​​is different; even two dogs of the same breed show different behaviors in the same situation. For example, if someone approaches you and your one untrained German Shepherd may become aggressive and protect you.

In the same situation, your other dog may not show anything and won’t protect him. Some dogs are friendlier and even good with strangers; in this situation, your German Shepherd may not be protecting you from an intruder.

Instinctual quality

The German Shepherd was bred in ancient times to protect livestock, land, and homes. Additionally, they are the first choice for many important jobs, such as military dogs, police dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

Because of these jobs, they love to learn and obey eagerly for new assignments. Most importantly, they are always ready to protect their owner. All of these habits have been built into this breed for hundreds of years, and that is why they are always ready to protect their owner, whether they are trained or not.

Loyalty and protection are like a built-in trait of German Shepherds. Although they do not know their history, it is still part of who they are.

Herding nature

For the past few years, the German Shepherd has been fulfilling the duty of herding dogs. Herding dogs must protect animals from predators and herd livestock.

Due to the herding nature of these dogs, they think of their home and family as their pack and are ready to protect it at all costs. For German Shepherds, their family is a world to them, and they are obligated to protect their world.

How will my German Shepherd protect me?

You will see different ways that your German Shepherd will protect you. There is no guarantee that your German Shepherd will show all the responses in the moment of need if he is not trained. However, according to their history, they are eager to protect their loved ones. These are some of the ways they will protect you

  • Appearance
  • Barking at intruder
  • By showing anxious behavior
  • Staying close to the owner


Your German Shepherd does not need to attack anyone to protect you because his appearance is enough to make any intruder escape. Also, they are very cautious around people. They don’t lead anyone to get close to you, which makes them very good at protection.

When you walk your dog in the park, he will look at everyone passing by, but not in an aggressive way. In fact, the German Shepherd loves attention, but his appearance is so solid that anyone thinks twice before approaching you.

Barking at intruder

The German Shepherd is a very talkative breed, and they love the fact that everyone knows where they live. So when they are with their family, they will protect them by barking. German Shepherds usually bark a lot to alert their owners to anyone passing by, a burglar entering the house, and even the moving leaf in the middle of the night.

By showing anxious behavior

German Shepherds are also very concerned about their surroundings; this quality is an important part of protective behavior. They always keep an eye on the windows and doors, and when someone comes, they start to get anxious, whine, walk nervously, or act like they are on edge.

Staying close to the owner

If you are ever in a situation where you feel threatened, you may find that your German Shepherd will stay close to you. This behavior is a message of the possible danger that you do not approach; he will protect you at all costs.

However, each German Shepherd has a different nature, and its method of protection can vary. You will see that in case of danger, one German Shepherd will bark a lot to scare the danger, and the other German Shepherd can attack the danger to protect its owner.

How to train your German Shepherd to protect you?

There are a number of things you can do to make your German Shepherd more likely to protect you, which will be mentioned below. The best you can do will depend on how you want him to protect you, for example, when he is on command or when there is someone on your property.

Train your German Shepherd by panic command

In this training method, you must concentrate on training your dog when you say a certain command, your German Shepherd must become protective. The training method by which you should train your German Shepherd to learn this command is given below.

  • Take some treat in your hand that your dog likes the most
  • Give your dog a treat to prepare to obey you
  • Wait for your dog to bark; you can also tease him if necessary
  • Whenever he barks, give him treat
  • Repeat this method over and over again and start using the bark command.
  • Make your dog pro so he knows he should bark when you give him the command.

Train your German Shepherd to protect your home

The positive reinforcement method can also be used to train your German Shepherd to protect your home. You can train them by taking a treat in hand and taking them for a walk around the perimeter of your property.

You should reward them from time to time when they bark and teach them that it is their property and that if an intruder comes, they have to protect it.

Train your German Shepherd to be friendly with your friends

While you are training your German Shepherd to protect, you should also train him to behave well with your friends. Whenever your friends come to your house, reward your dog for being friendly with them, and because he behaves well, you should reward them again.

Train them consistently

If you want to train your German Shepherd effectively, repeat the training session regularly. One training session is less effective, and there is a greater chance that your German Shepherd will forget it. You have to constantly train them until dogs respond each time you give them a command.


German Shepherds are famous for their loyalty and herding nature, so there is a greater chance that they will protect you from any possible danger by barking and displaying aggressive behavior if they are not trained. This also depends on the individual dog’s personality and training, so it is best to train your dog to protect you and your property for the best results.

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