How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy And Adult Dog?

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy And Adult Dog?

The daily amount of food one should feed to its pet depends on different important factors that include your pet’s age, How active your pet is physically and what type of food you are providing, and how much protein and calcium it contains.

However, being the owner of the dog, we love our pet and try to take the best care of our pet as we can. But if you are always worried that how many times a day should I feed my German Shepherd puppy and adult dog and if you are providing the best nutrition to your dog or not, this article is for you.

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy?

As your pet is growing, it needs more energy to consume. But you being the owner, it is very important for you to feed your puppy the proper amount of food that your pet requires, making your pet grow healthier.

German Shepherd is a large dog breed, so normally German Shepherd puppies need to be fed four times a day. As your puppy is growing and reaches its eighth week, you should feed your pet three times a day. And as soon as your pet gets past the age of twelve-week, you should feed your pet two times a day.

What to feed and how much to feed your German Shepherd puppy in a day?

When you ask what to feed your German Shepherd puppy, there are many opinions and options available out there according to your puppy’s requirements.

Normally there are three types of food which you can choose to feed your pet.

  1. Kibble for your puppy.
  2. Raw meat to feed your puppy.
  3. Homemade diet.

1. Kibble for your puppy:

Kibble is known to be the most popular type of food for your puppy as it is full of nutrition, which is very helpful for your puppy to grow much healthier.

Kibble is a mixture of different ingredients that contain different vegetables, Grains, and meat grounded and shaped into pellets.

2. Raw meat for your puppy:

Some owners think feeding raw food to your puppy is the best type of food, as it contains more nutrients and proteins than any other food.

If you have made the decision to feed your puppy raw meat, then feeding your puppy raw turkey meat is the best option but make sure it is fresh and well-washed as you don’t want to upset your puppy’s stomach.

3. Homemade diet for your German Shepherd puppy:

According to research, some owners think the homemade diet is best for their puppy, but most vets disagree with this as a homemade diet sometimes doesn’t fulfill the daily protein intake which your pet needs the most. And sometimes owners overfeed their puppies.

How much to feed your German Shepherd puppy in a day:

Your puppy’s daily feed depends on the age of your puppy and how active your puppy is. The daily feed changes as your puppy starts to grow month by month.

2–3 months 1 ½ to 2 ¼ cup servings per day.
4–5 months 2 ¼ to 3 ½ cup servings per day.


5–6 months


3 ½ to 4 ½ cup servings per day.

When to switch from a German Shepherd puppy to dog food, giving your dog optimal nutrition?

Twelve months is the age recommended by most vets when you should make your puppy switch from puppy’s diet to proper dog food or make the switch as per your Vet’s recommendation based on your pet’s growth.

Changing your pet’s diet from a puppy diet to an adult dog diet is considered an important factor for your dog because it requires a different level of protein and calcium.

How many times a day should I feed my German Shepherd adult dog?

As soon as your pet ends its puppy stage and steps into its adult age, you should feed your pet twice a day on the recommendation as per your Vet.

Having an optimal diet is essential as the adult German Shepherd is energetic animals that love to play and exercise all day long. Naturally, the diet you will give him will reflect on his energy level, so you do not want to overfeed or underfeed your beloved German Shepherd.

Normally adult German Shepherds demand to be fed twice a day, but if its calorie intake is more than it should be, then you can even feed your pet once a day to keep its diet balanced.

How many calories does an adult German Shepherd need?

An average German Shepherd needs to consume almost 1740 calories at minimum and 2100 calories at maximum, but the calorie intake depends if your pet is active.

And if your pet is less active than the average German Shepherd or your pet is an older dog, then the calorie intake should be at a minimum level.


Food is an essential part of every living being’s life. When one gets less food, one can get weak, and with overeating, one is going into obesity.

As we take care of ourselves, it is natural for us to take care of our pets the same way. And so, as a pet lover, I always get worried about how many times a day I should feed my German Shepherd puppy and adult dog.

Naturally, this is also a concern of many pet lovers as they want to keep things optimal and balanced.

And for those people, here in this article, we have discussed how many times a day you can feed your German Shepherd. And what you should feed the puppy and how much should you feed your puppy.

This article will help you understand everything you need to know about the intake of dog food.

What do you think of this article?

What is your dog’s food intake, and what are you feeding him to keep him smart and healthy?

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