How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost – German Shepherd Puppies and Adult Dog Price


Do you desire to own a German shepherd dog? Yes? However, there is one barrier holding you up; you are yet to know the exact cost of a German shepherd?

Frustrating is that you have visited various blogs, enquired from your friends. Still, they are all giving you contradicting information about the price of a German shepherd?

Enough of that. This article will help you understand the exact cost of a German shepherd. Additionally, you will learn more about other expenses you will incur as you rear the GSD.

Bills that you will ultimately incur as you rear are vet care, training fee, grooming fees, and other miscellaneous costs.

Let dive in…..

How Much Does a German shepherd Cost

On average, a German shepherd costs between $500 and $2000. However, the price can shoot up for puppies whose parents have exemplary or proven abilities.

German shepherd dogs of top breed lines can have a starting fee of $2000 onwards. On the other hand, you can pay between $50 and $300 if you decide to get your German shepherd from a rescue center.

Often, these rescue centers charge you a minimal adoption fee.

Consequently, dogs from these rescue centers are spayed/neutered, dewormed, and micro-chipped—quite a bargain.

Also, you can adopt a free German Shepherd as explained in this article – How to find a free German Shepherd puppy for adoption.

Where Should I Look for a German Shepherd?

There are various sources that you can get a German Shepherd. Check on this list and see where you should look for a German Shepherd dog.

American Kennel Club Market Place: This marketplace is a forum where authentic and responsible breeders meet up with potential buyers.

German shepherds that you get over here can have a varying price. On average, puppies on this forum have an average price of $400.

The German shepherd Dog Club of America Advertisement: this is another forum to get a certified breeder selling a German shepherd.

Pet Finder: another place to get a German shepherd is the pet finder. Pet Finder is a website where potential buyers meet up with breeders. German shepherds on pet finder have an average price of $500.

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue: Shenandoah is more of a German shepherd rescue center. This rescue center often has an adoption fee of $325 for pups under the age of 6 months and $250 for puppies above 6. Above that, they have a $20 application fee.

Mission K9 Rescue: this is an organization that supports and gives care to retired military dogs. Adoption fees from the mission k9 can go high as $1000.

Factors That Will Determine the Cost of GSD


One of the surprising factors is that your location can determine the price of a German shepherd. For example, shepherd dogs are more expensive in the US. The reason being is that these dogs are popular in the US and always in demand.


A reputable breeder can decide to charge you high in case the puppy has other proven abilities. For example, certified dogs with proven show line or working abilities tend to fetch more.

The German shepherd Line

Various German shepherd lines can vary in prices; below is a breakdown of each shepherd line.

American Show Line

Another name of this breed is the Canadian shepherd show line dog.  It’s one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the USA.

Different from other lines of the GSD as they have a step angulation, thus susceptible to hip dysplasia. This shepherd dog has an average price of $800.

West German Show Line

Popular in Germany. For a dog to qualify as a West German shepherd line, it has to undergo rigorous scrutiny.

Besides, it’s one of the best show quality dogs.

The price for this show dog can start from $1200 to $5000.

West German Work Line

These dogs are multipurpose and they are more related to Von Stephanitz’s original breed. Thus expect to pay a hefty price when purchasing this breed. On average, the starting price for this German work line can start from $2500 to $10000.

Czech Working Line

A military working line dog breed. First, most Czech working dogs are not pure since they have been crossbred with other shepherd dogs. Another reason is that already this breed is saturated in the market. Thus expect to pay a lower price for this breed line.

This breed has an average price of $600-$1200.

East German Working Line

They were developed after ww2. Price can start from $1200 going onwards.


Dogs that have original genes tend to be pricier as compared to mixer dogs. However, don’t be cowed from adopting a German shepherd mix. The reason being mixed dogs has particular benefits as compare to the pure breed.

However, a higher price doesn’t imply that the shepherd dog is pure and healthy. Some breeders put high prices on low-quality shepherd dogs to make them look valuable.

New pet owners assume that the low priced dogs are unhealthy and undesirable. Thus unscrupulous breeders cash in such an assumption.

Detailed: Why Are German shepherd Puppies Expensive?

Puppies fetch high In terms of price since they are easier to train, and still, the breeders invest a lot to bring up good quality puppies.

This what the breeder factors in before selling a puppy.

Full health check-up $580
Veterinary bills $900
Food for the mother $300
Micro shipping $250
Spaying and Neutering $150
Vaccination $100
Deworming $150
Total amount 2430


As from the above table, the total cost of bringing up a puppy is high as it can be between $2000 and $4000.

What you should look for before you purchase a German shepherd puppy

  • How healthy are the puppies? Do they look happy?
  • Documents showing the puppy has been vaccinated and dewormed.
  • How clean is the breeding area? Do the kennels look neat and tidy?

As earlier stated, the expenses of having a German shepherd won’t stop when you purchase one. What you will learn is that it’s more costly to maintain a GSD than buying one.


German Shepherd Food Cost

Expenses You Will Incur While Living with Your German Shepherd Dog Food

GSD is a high energy dog. Thus it needs lots of quality food to be energized.

First, puppies at their young age eat more than adults. The reason being they are super active and require lots of energy to explore their world.

On average, you may spend 45$ a month or $540 a year to feed your GSD.  Also, remember you will be feeding your dog treats, which can cost 5-10 $ a month. However, for treats, ensure they don’t exceed 10 % of recommended calorie levels.

The above-stated price can either shoot up or go down.


The GSD has minimal grooming needs. First, the German shepherd needs brushing hair and teeth, Nail gripping, and bathing. You can bathe your German shepherd twice a year. For hair brushing, you can do it twice weekly. However, brushing can be done daily during the shedding session, i.e., fall and spring.

That said, the grooming cost that you can incur includes buying a quality dog rake, and brush, nail grinder, and shampoo.

Most groomers charge $10 a session; however, the price can be down if you decide to do it at home.

Shepherd’s Health Issues

This dog has few health problems. Prevalent in shepherd dogs include hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat.

For hip dysplasia, you can use $4500 for the treatment.

Quite a lot of money. However, you can get a dog health insurance or any other standard pet insurance that can help you cater to such bills.

However, you’ll always have a monthly remittance of between 50-60 dollars for the insurance.

Dog Vet Care

A responsible dog owner takes care of his dogs.

That means you have to do regular vet checkups for six months.

Consider visiting your vet for-the below

  • Heartworm prevention
  • Flea & tick prevention
  • Rabies vaccinations

Obedience Training

It’s essential to you teach your dog some basic commands for easier socialization.

And such training comes up with a price. Depending on the dog size, you can either enroll him in any dog boarding service for training.

The trainers can charge you $50-$100 for both the training and the care cost. Additionally, these classes can last for 4-8 weeks.


German Shepherd Maintenance Cost

The German shepherd Maintenance Cost

Apart from food, vet, and health care, you always consider the miscellaneous expenditures you may incur during your days with the German shepherd.

Such expenses include:

  • Registration with the relevant kennel clubs- 20$
  • Quality bed-$50
  • Quality leash and a dog collar- $30
  • Quality cage $70

How Much Is German shepherd Service Dog

German shepherds have a variety of traits. From their alertness, protectiveness, and a good sense of smell, it’s not unusual to find them working as service dogs.

Additionally, these service dogs undergo rigorous professional training. That said, these service dog prices can vary depending on the professional training they have undergone.

These service dogs can have a price range of $700-$5000.

However, you need to note that service dogs require and thrive in lots of mental and physical stimulation.

Is it worth it to have a German shepherd service dog? Yes!


Trained German Shepherd Dog Price

How Much Is a Trained German shepherd Dog?

Having a trained German shepherd in your house is one of the best investments you can make. A trained shepherd dog is more comfortable to handle and live with as one of your family members. So how much is a trained German shepherd dog?

With the training that these dogs undergo, expect to pay a price of $5000 and onwards.

How Can You Reduce the Cost of Owning a German shepherd?

 Get Quality Food

Diet is essential in your shepherd dog. What I would advise you is never to compromise when it comes to the diet of the GSD. Low-quality food will equate to a malnutrition dog.

Always consider asking your vet about the recommended range of food.

Constant Health Checkups Are Vital

Better Late than in never. Constant checkup with your veterinary will help diagnose or discover diseases before they are full-blown.

Do Home Grooming

Not unless you have a busy lifestyle adopt grooming your pet on your own. Besides saving a coin, you will have time to socialize with your pet.

Purchase the best grooming tools for your German shepherd, and you won’t have to travel to your groomer.

Enroll Your Dog in Any Health Insurance Plan

A responsible owner always cares for his GSDs needs. It’s good to plan for the future. A complicated health issue like elbow dysplasia can turn out to be a financial burden to any owner. However, dog health insurance can help relieve that burden.

Additionally, you can consult your vet on the best insurance coverage plans for your dog. However, my take is that any n pet insurance plan can save you in times of need.

How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost a Year?

German Shepherd Maintenance Cost

The cost of purchasing a German Shepherd, however, is far less than the cost of maintaining a German Shepherd is. They are highly intelligent dogs with a clear sense of performance. Here is an approximate, average breakdown of the aggregate costs of purchasing a German Shepherd as well as the maintenance costs per year.

How Much Does It Cost a Year to Keep a GSD puppy?

  • Veterinary Checkups and medical care: $100-$250
  • Immunizations: $40-$100
  • Good quality food: $400-$500
  • Spay or neuter$40-$150
  • License fees: $20-$75
  • Accessories: $100-$300
  • Note: Any emergency cost or expense might occur as well, so you must consider that.

Total – You have to budget around $700 to $1400 a year for a German Shepherd puppy.

How Much Does It Cost a Year to Keep a GSD Adult Dog?

  • Veterinary Checkups and medical care: $150-$300
  • Immunizations: $40-$75
  • Good quality food: $400-$600
  • License fees: $20-$75
  • Accessories: $100-$200
  • Note: Any emergency cost or expense might occur, so you must consider that.

Total – You have to budget around $700 to $1250 a year for a German Shepherd adult dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do German Shepherd Puppies Eat a Day?

German Shepherd Food Cost

German Shepherds spend less than a year in the puppy stage. But they eat more than adult dogs during this period because they need all the help they can get to grow. Most puppies of this breed have to be fed four times a day, particularly at the start.

After seven weeks, you should cut back to three meals a day. And after the 11th week, they will survive adequately on two meals each day.

As far as the amounts are concerned, the average puppy needs a 1/2-1 cup of food during the first 16 weeks. That figure should rise to 1-1 3/4 cups of food between 16 weeks and 9 months, 2-2 1/2 cups between 9 and 12 months, and 3 1/2 cups after 12 months.

How Much Do Black German Shepherds Cost?

Black German Shepherd Cost

Black German Shepherds are technically no different from ordinary German Shepherds except for the fact that they have black coats. Some professionals will argue that they are somewhat larger and more muscular.

They also command heftier price tags. You can get an ordinary German Shepherd for $300, though some dogs might boast price tags as high as $900. But the average black German Shepherd will set you back by at least $700. And do not be too surprised if that figure jumps to $2000.

Black German Shepherds with the longest, most luxurious coats tend to attract the heftiest price tags.

Are German Shepherds Expensive to Own?

The financial burdens associated with German Shepherds do not end once you actually cough up the $300 to $900 required to buy one. You must also spend $200 on lab tests, $100 on immunization, and $150 on parasite treatment and control, not to mention the cost of toys, utensils, collars and the like.

Once the dog is finally safe and sound in your home, you can still expect to spend $1500 or more a year on veterinary checkups, food, license fees, etc.

Why Does The Cost of German Shepherds Vary So Much?

The cost of a German Shepherd depends on a number of factors. Dogs from first-time breeders, for instance, are cheaper than dogs from a renowned breeder. The renowned breeder is more expensive because they have injected the resources required to ensure that the German Shepherd you are buying is not only healthy but also of the right temperament. Some breeders can demand tens of thousands of dollars for their German Shepherds.

In that same vein, dogs from rescues and shelters can be acquired inexpensively. The type of German Shepherd also matters. Mix breeds, for instance, cost less than pure breeds. German Shepherds with rare bloodlines also tend to attract ridiculously high price tags.

How Much Does it Cost to Train a German Shepherd?

Trained German Shepherd Cost

The cost of training a German Shepherd will depend on the location, the type of class and the duration. Customized classes in some places command as much as $1000, possibly even $10,000 or more. But these classes are quite advanced.

An intermediate class could cost you $400 or less for a six-week session. Basic obedience classes shouldn’t cost more than $200. Puppy training is the cheapest available for $125 or less. But again, it depends on your location. Training classes are much cheaper in some places and more expensive in others.

Final Verdict

German Shepherds are big, cheerful, and intelligent dog breeds that, if you purchase, might prove you worthwhile. However, other than the aspect of purchasing a German Shepherd, the costs of maintaining it are fairly high. You will need to exert more energy on taking its care and making sure it is being treated properly. The cost of German Shepherds varies from one factor to another.

Purchasing them from rescue centers or animal shelters is, however, a cheap way to get German Shepherds. It is your choice whether to purchase it as a puppy or as an adult. But proper care for the German Shepherd is vital for it to survive longer and satisfy your requirements.

If you think German shepherd is expensive for you and not sure if you should invest in buying a GSD, below video may help you to decide!


How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost - German Shepherd Puppies And Adult Dog Price

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