How to train your german shepherd to not jump anyone



A dog is a man’s best friend; We have all heard it and seen actions by our fellow canines that this is in fact, the truth.

However, everyone has flaws and even though we might not want to admit it, so do dogs.

There is hope and good news for all the German Shepherd dog lovers and that is, they can be trained, unless they have rabies. We can train a dog with the proper decorum. Yes! Even train your GSD not to attack strangers or kids or anyone is also something that can be taught.

Jumping is one behavior that is charming when a pup does it.

However, as the German Shepherd puppy grows and becomes older, this is the behavior that dog guardians would like to overcome.

As pleasant as it is during the early months of an alsatian’s life, in the latter part, it may become unsafe. However, to avoid all this, socialize your doggy with people and other hounds when he is a puppy.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Training Your Dog

What Is The Factors To Keep In Mind While Training Your Dog

Teaching a dog takes patience, practice and consistency. Make sure you stick to the routine. It may take time, but you will eventually see the difference and the hard work will pay off.

There are basically two major aspects you need to remember while teaching your dog to not jump. The first one is training and the second one is management. These two factors go hand in hand;

Management: This is what will prevent your German Shepherd from jumping on you or any other person. This is a self-rewarding behavior.

Training: Refers to the act when you present your German Shepherd with a certain reward. When your GSD refrains from jumping on anyone whereas, withdrawing the reward when they jump on anyone. So in a way of training is built on management. Remember that for training, behavior and its consequence is the core belief.

A brief explanation:

You might have wondered why German Shepherd gets aggressive when they encounter an unfamiliar person or other dogs.

You bring home a new friend and your canine growls at them.

The simple explanation for this behavior is their territorial nature, or sometimes even protective instincts.

The reason your German Shepherd might jump on your new friend because he thinks of this new person as a danger to his territory, which can include your home and even you.

What Type Of Aggression Does My Dog Have?

Aggression in types of dogs:

There are many ways for you to figure out the stance your dog adopts when it gets aggressive. Their body language says a lot.

Fearful: If your dog is fearful of the situation faced by it, the attitude it adopts is submissive. You may notice it tuck its tail, crouch, and avoid the stranger. However, it may still lash out quickly by biting the ankle or an attack from behind.

Dominant: a dog who is territorial will become dominant. We can define this as pouncing towards your new friend, attacking, barking in their direction. If the dog is not on a leash, it might even attack.

Both the above types of dogs are dangerous. Therefore must be trained properly to avoid any accidents.

Strategies to train your dog

Following are some strategies that have been tested and tried, if you want to teach your canine to stop jumping on strangers or other animals and even on you.

Take Authority

Your canine might view themselves as the dominant pack leader. Make sure they know you are the one with the authority. To do so, conduct certain exercises with your dog that establishes that you are dominant figure.

Your dog should be trained enough to heel and even follow you with or without a leash on.

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Stranger assistant

After you have established that you are in charge, the next step is to establish a leader relationship. You can get this done by taking a walk with someone who is a stranger to your dog.

The thing to remember is that when you ask a stranger to accompany you, you are putting them at risk, especially if your dog might jump at them. Use an inflexible leash, a muzzle, and a collar if necessary. Above all, stay calm and exert positive energy.

Exercising control

The above mentioned step is easier said than done. So you need to be vigilant when walking your dog along with the stranger. Ensure that the other person is at a safe distance from your dog. Till you are sure of your dog’s training, using a muzzle and a leash is a necessity.

If and when the dog tries to be aggressive towards the stranger, use the leash to exert your control by either pulling it up or to the opposite side. Tap, do not hit, your dog with a training device (a stick). By doing this, you are exercising control over the dog and showing him that you are the dominant leader.

Continue walking

One thing to be kept in mind is that you need to have a confident demeanor. Even if you are shaken by an abrupt outburst from your dog. Make sure the stranger is at a safe distance. Simultaneously, reminding the dog that you are the boss. Have a calm and positive stance. Do not react and continue the path you choose to walk on. Make sure your dog follows you and not the other way round.

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Practice and reward

Practice makes a man perfect, is also true for German Shepherds. Keep at it till your dog learns the proper decorum.

Repeat the above-mentioned exercise.

Make sure you are following the safety protocol, in case the dog gets too hyper. The walk with the stranger is a good way to discipline your dog. This practice will have to be repeated numerous times, with different strangers.

This might take weeks to work. What you can do is reward your dog every time he does not react aggressively towards strangers or other animals.

Make sure he knows you are happy about his good behavior. Do not become frustrated if it takes time. In time, your dog will learn and will start reacting calmly towards strangers and other dogs.

Final Verdict

Teach your dog to stop jumping on strangers is very important in its early age. The better you treat your German Shepherd, the better it will treat others.

So, it’s all depends on you that how you growing up your alsatian.

How To Train Your German Shepherd To Not Jump Anyone

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