Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes?

Can German Shepherds have blue eyes

German Shepherd Dogs have a popular breed standard and are widely known for their loyalty and intelligence. They were initially bred as herding dogs. While most people are generally concerned with their body colour, have you ever wondered about any variation in a German Shepherd’s eye colour? Have you ever wondered if German Shepherd Dogs can have blue eyes, instead of the standard dark brown eyes?

Well, if so, then in this article, you’ll find the answer!

A Standard German Shepherd Dog can weigh anywhere between 50 pounds – 90 pounds and stand anywhere between 22 inches – 26 inches tall at the shoulder.

German Shepherd Dogs are available in the following body colours-

  • Black-and-tan (best-known and the traditional color)
  • Black-and-silver
  • Black-and-red
  • Solid colors like grey, white, and black

Regarding the eye colour, I must tell you, yes, blue-eyed German Shepherds indeed do exist!

Fact- If you are planning to sell your show dog, Blue-eyed German Shepherds are a big NO as AKC disqualifies them from dog shows.

So, let’s learn about these beautiful and unique creatures, at whom you will love to stare all day long for their coat and blue eye color!

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Can German Shepherds have blue eyes?

blue eyed german shepherd

Yes, German Shepherds can have blue eyes (due to a genetic variation), but it’s not common as most of the German Shepherds have brown eyes.

Mixed breed dogs may have blue eye color as well.

The few German Shepherds with blue eyes owe their blue eye color to a recessive gene.

Blue-eyed German Shepherds can:

  • Either have both blue eyes
  • Or be odd-eyed with one brown eye and one blue eye (They might have heterochromia)

Do you know that there are two kinds of people in this world?

  • Those who consider blue-eyed German Shepherds attractive and appealing
  • The others who see it as a fault and don’t like to breed them

What is meant by a Blue German Shepherd?

A Blue German shepherd dog is the one-

  • Who has 3 color variations due to a recessive gene – Blue and Tan, Blue and Dark Brown (Sable)
  • Who dilutes black pigment, so their fur color will be either silver-grey or blue-grey, rather than the usual black
  • Who has a diluted pigment of eye color- Light brown, yellow, light green or blue eyes
  • Whose nose and footpads are paler than the usual

Blue German Shepherds can be either:

  • Steel Blue- Have a Dark Grey Fur (sometimes so dark that they are mistaken for Black German Shepherds)
  • Powder Blue- Lighter colour fur as compared to Steel Blue German Shepherds

Takeaway Tip- ‘Liver Recessive Gene’ or ‘Double Blue Gene’ is the gene responsible for the colour variation of Blue German Shepherds.

Do Blue-Eyed German Shepherds have Health Problems?


german shepherds with blue eyes
german shepherds with one blue eye

Generally, Blue-eyed German Shepherds are as healthy as their brown-eyed counterparts. However, there can be some unfortunate exceptions such as:

  • Due to the same recessive gene, German Shepherds and Dobermans can suffer from certain skin conditions
  • Merle Gene- This dominant gene causes random pigment dilution on the dog’s body. Dogs with the merle gene often have blue eyes and white patches on their face and body. A German shepherd dog Mix can have the Merle Gene (if the non-shepherd parent belongs to a breed affected by this dominant gene)

What is a White German Shepherd?

German Shepherd Dogs with blue eyes and white coat color, caused by a recessive and extremely rare gene, are called White German Shepherds.

Some Interesting Facts-

  1. White German Shepherd Dogs first made their appearance in an 1882 show in Germany.
  2. Nazis, considering that the breeding of White German Shepherds might have hereditary defects, controlled and stopped all the German Shepherd Dogs breeding at once!
  3. Because of this action, White German Shepherds with blue eyes became rare, but this unique colour got popular, nevertheless.

Can German shepherd dog Mixes have Blue eyes?

Yes, a German shepherd dog Mix can inherit blue eyes either from its Non-Shepherd Parent (if they belonged to a breed with blue eyes color) or its German shepherd dog Parent as well.

Interesting Fact: German Shepsky, or German Huskies, or Siberian Shepherds are a cross between Siberian Husky and German Shepherd, and they often inherit their blue eyes from their Husky Parents.

Is your German shepherd dog still a purebred if it has blue color eyes?

Not necessarily, but yes, your German shepherd dog might be still a purebred dog if it has blue eyes.

Is it normal for your German shepherd dog to change his/her eye color over time?


German Shepherds have blue eyes

Yes, it is completely normal for your German shepherd dog to change his/her eye color over time.

Melanin is the cause behind the eye color change, and it takes time to be produced. Other factors contributing to blue-eyed coloured dogs consist of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or entropion.

Are there Albino German Shepherds with Blue eyes?

Yes, there are Albino German Shepherds with blue-coloured eyes.

An Albino Dog is one who-

  • Does not have pure white fur
  • The skin around their eyes and nose will be very pale pink
  • Is sensitive to light
  • Vulnerable to both skin cancer and sunburn

Do you know?

  1. Albinism is a rare condition in dogs due to the complete lack of a dog’s eyes, fur, and skin colour.
  2. The pink color in Albinism is due to the blood flowing beneath the skin.

Are White German Shepherds Albino?

Mostly, White German Shepherds are not Albino.

Interesting Fact- White German Shepherds are recognized as their own breed, and not an offshoot genetic mutation or mixed breeds.


Typically, a German Shepherd’s eye color stabilises when they are 2 months old. So, if your German Shepherd is more than 2 months old and you find yourself asking the question ‘Do German Shepherds have blue eyes?’, then technically the answer is YES.

Also, consult the vet ASAP if you are unsure about your German Shepherd’s eyes.

If you have a Blue-Eyed German Shepherd Dog- Don’t mind what other purebred dog owners have to say about your blue-eyed darling. Rather, take pride in knowing that your four-legged friend has something amazing and brilliant, that most of the other dog owners will definitely envy!

German Shepherds Can Have Blue Eyes

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