How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost – German Shepherd Puppies and Adult Dog Price


If you want to have a German Shepherd you may want to know, how much does a German Shepherd cost?

Let this guide help you!

German Shepherds are medium-sized dogs originating from Germany. Not only are they known for their elegant appearance, but are recognized as one of the World’s smartest dog breeds.

This is because they possess the ability to learn simple tasks in very little time and manage to apply them whenever they are needed.

Their reflection of strength, skills, capability and obedience makes them the ideal choice for many people looking to purchase a particular dog breed.

You will find many German Shepherds amongst various people and workplaces, such as disabled people, search and rescue teams, police and military purposes, or jobs like acting.

Many homeowners purchase German Shepherds for security purposes. This dog breed is therefore reliable, obedient, and commendable to execution tasks. You must go through many factors before buying a German Shepherd.

Before deciding on purchasing the German Shepherd, you might ponder how much it might cost for you. In this article, we will discuss how much German Shepherd costs. The costs vary depending on many factors, such as their size and age. You can share your homes with a German Shepherd by doing your research and enjoying their useful presence.


Where to find German Shepherds and cost

German Shepherd Price

Animal Shelters: Animal Shelters are common places if you are searching for a German Shepherd. Homeless animals are bought to these shelters for custody and care. The adoption fees for German Shepherds differ from one animal shelter to another.

Rescue Agencies/Groups: These agencies or groups perform similarly to that of an animal shelter, but they are restricted to specific breeds. So, you can search for a rescue group working or German Shepherds. The costs might be different depending on which rescue agency you choose. The costs are around $400 to $700 here.

Note that purchasing a German Shepherd from adoption centers, such as animal shelters or rescue groups/agencies, is much cheaper than buying it from a breeder. A breeder, however, is known for providing healthy and well-raised German shepherds that do not compromise on quality, given the reputation of the breeding company.

German Shepherd Breeding Services: You can always locate people who breed German Shepherds on their own. They raise many German Shepherds, enough to carry out a business activity with the animals. To contact a breeder, however, you must indulge in excessive research to see whether or not the breeders are reliable.

They must be renowned, responsible, and caring with the dogs so you know you have purchased a well-raised and healthy German Shepherd. On average, a decent German Shepherd Breeder will charge you around $500 or $1500, given various other factors.


Factors that determine the price of German Shepherds

A range of factors decide the cost of German Shepherds, such as their age, weight, health, food, accessories (leash, color), and the place where you buy your German Shepherd. Once you purchase a German Shepherd, the costs extend to its caretaking and maintenance, too.

If you are looking to purchase a German Shepherd puppy, it will cost you around $1500, considering its veterinary care, tests, immunizations, food, etc. Healthcare might be your major cost with a German Shepherd Puppy since it requires more veterinary attention at this age. The cost of food might vary since it depends on which type of food and what price range you are going for. Training the puppy German Shepherd might cost you an estimate of $200.

how much are german shepherds

This price of the German Shepherd Puppy depends on where you got it from, as well as the breeder you got it from. Expect to pay the previously mentioned price if you are purchasing the German Shepherd puppy from a well-known, decent, and reputable breeder. The German Shepherd puppy would, therefore, be up-to-date when it comes to vaccinations, health certification, and it would be registered reasonably too.

An adult German Shepherd would cost you around $1200, considering its purchase along with its maintenance. Expect to purchase an Adult German Shepherd at various prices, considering whether or not it is trained. Adult German Shepherds are cheaper than puppy German Shepherds since most people aim to undergo the ‘puppy experience’ where they get to raise a German Shepherd on their own and experience what it is like to do so. If you are going for the option of pet insurance, that would depend on the company you choose for this purpose.

The cost of German Shepherds also relies on what color you might want it in. On top of that, the prices also vary as to whether you want a ‘trained/working’ dog or an untrained one. However, most people are inclined to purchase trained German Shepherds since they are exemplary when it comes to following instructions and obeying your commands.

How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost a Year?

german shepherd maintenance cost

The cost of purchasing a German Shepherd, however, is far less than the cost of maintaining a German Shepherd is. They are highly intelligent dogs with a clear sense of performance. Here is an approximate, average breakdown of the aggregate costs of purchasing a German Shepherd as well as the maintenance costs per year.

How Much Does It Cost a Year to Keep a GSD puppy?

  • Veterinary Checkups and medical care: $100-$250
  • Immunizations: $40-$100
  • Good quality food: $400-$500
  • Spay or neuter$40-$150
  • License fees: $20-$75
  • Accessories: $100-$300
  • Note: Any emergency cost or expense might occur as well, so you must consider that.

Total – You have to budget around $700 to $1400 a year for a German Shepherd puppy.

How Much Does It Cost a Year to Keep a GSD Adult Dog?

  • Veterinary Checkups and medical care: $150-$300
  • Immunizations: $40-$75
  • Good quality food: $400-$600
  • License fees: $20-$75
  • Accessories: $100-$200
  • Note: Any emergency cost or expense might occur, so you must consider that.

Total – You have to budget around $700 to $1250 a year for a German Shepherd adult dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do German Shepherd Puppies Eat a Day?

German Shepherd food cost

German Shepherds spend less than a year in the puppy stage. But they eat more than adult dogs during this period because they need all the help they can get to grow. Most puppies of this breed have to be fed four times a day, particularly at the start.

After seven weeks, you should cut back to three meals a day. And after the 11th week, they will survive adequately on two meals each day.

As far as the amounts are concerned, the average puppy needs a 1/2-1 cup of food during the first 16 weeks. That figure should rise to 1-1 3/4 cups of food between 16 weeks and 9 months, 2-2 1/2 cups between 9 and 12 months, and 3 1/2 cups after 12 months.

How Much Do Black German Shepherds Cost?

black german shepherd cost

Black German Shepherds are technically no different from ordinary German Shepherds except for the fact that they have black coats. Some professionals will argue that they are somewhat larger and more muscular.

They also command heftier price tags. You can get an ordinary German Shepherd for $300, though some dogs might boast price tags as high as $900. But the average black German Shepherd will set you back by at least $700. And do not be too surprised if that figure jumps to $2000.

Black German Shepherds with the longest, most luxurious coats tend to attract the heftiest price tags.

Are German Shepherds Expensive to Own?

The financial burdens associated with German Shepherds do not end once you actually cough up the $300 to $900 required to buy one. You must also spend $200 on lab tests, $100 on immunization, and $150 on parasite treatment and control, not to mention the cost of toys, utensils, collars and the like.

Once the dog is finally safe and sound in your home, you can still expect to spend $1500 or more a year on veterinary checkups, food, license fees, etc.

Why Does The Cost of German Shepherds Vary So Much?

The cost of a German Shepherd depends on a number of factors. Dogs from first-time breeders, for instance, are cheaper than dogs from a renowned breeder. The renowned breeder is more expensive because they have injected the resources required to ensure that the German Shepherd you are buying is not only healthy but also of the right temperament. Some breeders can demand tens of thousands of dollars for their German Shepherds.

In that same vein, dogs from rescues and shelters can be acquired inexpensively. The type of German Shepherd also matters. Mix breeds, for instance, cost less than pure breeds. German Shepherds with rare bloodlines also tend to attract ridiculously high price tags.

How Much Does it Cost to Train a German Shepherd?

Trained german shepherd cost

The cost of training a German Shepherd will depend on the location, the type of class and the duration. Customized classes in some places command as much as $1000, possibly even $10,000 or more. But these classes are quite advanced.

An intermediate class could cost you $400 or less for a six-week session. Basic obedience classes shouldn’t cost more than $200. Puppy training is the cheapest available for $125 or less. But again, it depends on your location. Training classes are much cheaper in some places and more expensive in others.

Final Verdict

German Shepherds are big, cheerful, and intelligent dog breeds that, if you purchase, might prove you worthwhile. However, other than the aspect of purchasing a German Shepherd, the costs of maintaining it are fairly high. You will need to exert more energy on taking its care and making sure it is being treated properly. The cost of German Shepherds varies from one factor to another.

Purchasing them from rescue centers or animal shelters is, however, a cheap way to get German Shepherds. It is your choice whether to purchase it as a puppy or as an adult. But proper care for the German Shepherd is vital for it to survive longer and satisfy your requirements.

If you think German shepherd is expensive for you and not sure if you should invest in buying a GSD, below video may help you to decide!


How Much does a German Shepherd Cost - German Shepherd puppies and adult dog price

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