Why Does My German Shepherd Keep Going Between My Legs? The Reason Might Surprise You

Why Does My German Shepherd Keep Going Between My Legs

Has your German shepherd been going between your legs, and you’ve been wondering why so? And is it normal?

You are not alone; it’s often a common question that most German shepherds owners ask. Nevertheless, such is a common behavior that is not only present in the German shepherd dogs; many other dog breeds present with such behavior.

Most probably, your German shepherd goes between your legs because it feels secure when around you, your dog trusts you, or he’s seeking attention.

Now, let’s go in-depth and see why such behavior occurs.

Why Does My German Shepherd Keep Going Between My Legs?

Your German shepherd Is Developing Fear

German shepherd may present fear in different ways, and one is by going between your legs. You will often note your dog has this behavior, either when around other animal or dogs or in an unfamiliar environment.

Other behaviors your dog may present with when it has the fear

  • Hiding
  • Pacing
  • Whining
  • Yawning
  • Lip licking

Body languages to look out for

  • Head down
  • Ears pinned down
  • Tail tucked between legs

Your Dogs Want To Protect You

German shepherds are protective animals, and they thrive in packs. Consequently, they love guarding their owners, of which is it’s a trait they possess.

Your dog will often portray such behavior when he perceives you are faced with danger.

Your dog will also have this behavior if around other people or other dogs he perceives to be a threat.

The Dog Is Seeking Your Attention

If you have been away for a long duration, your German shepherd may walk between your legs to grab your attention. Let’s say the dog has been crated the whole day, and he’s missed your presence; the first place the dog will go when you are standing may be between your legs as he waits for you to pet him.

If so, make sure your dog gets enough of your presence every day by either playing fetch or walking for 10 minutes.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety occurs when your dog becomes anxious or scared whenever you leave. Such German shepherds become restless when their owners are not around. If your dog has been attached to you, it will probably develop separation anxiety when you leave.

Other signs of a dog with separation anxiety are:

  • Whining
  • Destructive behavior
  • Frequent urination
  • Barking

Your German shepherd Trust You

German shepherds will give one family member all the love and attention; mostly, this person exercises or feeds this dog. So most probably, your dog may go between your legs as he’s chosen you as the special human being he trusts. With that, this dog will demand the same affection and trust that he has given you.

You Have Been Rewarding the Behavior

German shepherds can learn the behavior of walking between your legs if you have been rewarding this behavior; perhaps the German shepherd knows anytime he goes between your legs, he will receive scratches and pettings that he loves.

The dog has associated walking between your legs with positive things like receiving treats and petting.

My German shepherd Is Going between My Legs; What Should I Do?

Use Positive Reinforcement

If your German shepherd has been going between your legs and it’s becoming a nuisance, you can use positive reinforcement to weed out this behavior.

Note, you only need to reward the behavior you desire. With that, only reward this dog when he doesn’t go between your legs.

Say no in a commanding tone if your dog tries to walk between your legs.

If you want this behavior to go forever, be consistent. And within no time, this behavior will be gone.

Don’t Punish Your Dog

One mistake German shepherd dog owners make is kicking their dogs. Don’t kick your dog when you are trying to stop it from going between your legs. If you kick this dog, it will probably fear you henceforth.

Many dog behaviorists say that kicking your dog may even make the behavior you want to eradicate more permanent.

Nevertheless, punishing your dog by either kicking, pinching, or shouting at it will lead to more behavioral problems

Get an Animal Behaviorist

An animal behaviorist will help eradicate any behavioral problems like separation anxiety in your dog. As earlier discussed, separation anxiety will cause your dog to walk between your legs.

The animal behaviors will enquire from you when this behavior started or when does it happen.

From there, the specialist will be in a better position to structure ways to eradicate the behavior predisposing this dog to walk between your legs.

Be Patient

If the behavior started recently, you can perhaps give it time and let the behavior go as the dog ages. Don’t be frustrated if you cannot see the results you intend instantly.

Final Words

Hoping we have given you all the information you needed to know why a German shepherd goes between your legs.

If the behavior has been nagging, we have outlined ways you can eradicate it.

But, if you are serious about your dog I highly recommend you take an online training program named TrainPetDog – train your German shepherd to listen to you.

They offer a free training that is packed with valuable information, and if you want to learn the techniques professional trainers use, you can take their paid training.

Related Questions

Why Does My German shepherd sleep between My Legs?

Just like how your German shepherd loves going between your legs, it may also find it relaxing to sleep between them.

Here’s are some of the reason your German shepherd is sleeping between your legs

  • The German shepherds feel it to be comfortable
  • The German shepherd dog trust you as its handler
  • The German shepherd is protecting you when sleeping
  • The German shepherd wants your attention

Why Does My German shepherd Sit between My Legs?

A reason similar to why your German shepherd goes between your legs will also make it sit comfortably between your legs.

Here are some reasons that will bring out this behavior

  • Separation anxiety
  • The dog trusts you
  • You have been rewarding this behavior
  • Your German shepherd is protecting you
  • Your German shepherd is trained, and he’s waiting for commands from you

My German shepherd Walks between My Legs and Pees

German shepherds who walk between your legs and pee are often fearful or displaying signs of separation anxiety

Why Does My Dog Rub Its Body Against My Legs?

German shepherds are territorial canines. And so your German shepherd will rub its body against your legs as a way of scent marking. I know you have also seen such behavior many times. However, they do such in none living things.

In such a scenario, the dog may be scent marking you as a way of possessing you.

Why Does My German shepherd Walk In front Of Me?

The German shepherd may walk in front of you if it sees itself as the pack leader. Such dogs take the leading role, similar to how they would do if they were in the wild.

Also, your German shepherd will walk in front of you as he wants you to protect you. Remember, it’s in the genes of this dog to work as an excellent guarding dog.

The dog has been trained as a lead/guide dog- Remember, GSDs are trained to lead the blind or act as trail leaders. You probably have a German shepherd who has been trained as a guide/lead dog.

Why Does My German shepherd Paw Me?

Your German shepherd will probably paw you to get your attention; either the GSD wants you to play with it, or it wants you to note its presence.

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