Do German Shepherds Need A Crate? (A Detailed Guide)

Do German Shepherds Need A Crate

Me? Put my German shepherd inside a crate? Not me! It’s more of a detention camp, and it’s cruelty.

I don’t think my German shepherd needs a crate.

That’s what most people have a perception about German shepherds’ crate. Most people disregard the use of crates. And we can never blame them.

Some quarters sight crates deprive dogs of their basic needs like roaming around, exercising or even ability to relieve themselves.

But is it correct? Is it wrong to put a German shepherd inside a crate for a short period?

Well, that’s what this article will help answer you.

You will learn whether there are any benefits. Last but not least, learn on the basics of creating a German shepherd.

What is a Crate?

Before going deeper, what is a crate? A dog’s crate is a cage-like structure where a dog can stay and relax for a short while in privacy.

Like how kings have palaces, and babies have a pen, dogs need a place where they can call a den and become independent for a short while relaxing. Remember their distant cousins in the wild live in dens where they call home.

Do German Shepherds Need A Crate?

It’s not a rule that your German shepherd needs a crate. It’s the circumstance and the dog’s behavior that will push you to crate your German shepherd.

First, you will need a crate if your dog does the following.

  • Your German needs a crate if he potty’s everywhere.
  • Your German shepherd is the king of destruction- the moment you release him, you find your clothes scattered everywhere, curtains torn apart. Everything becomes a mess.
  • Your dog suffers from separation anxiety- in that your dog isn’t happy and comfortable when left alone.

However, a German doesn’t need a crate if he does the opposite of what we have highlighted above.

Benefits of German shepherd Dog Crate

Here is why a crate is beneficial in the long run.

Helps In House Training

Using a crate is one of the easiest way to house train a German shepherd. Dogs love living in a clean area. They don’t love messing up their beddings.

Using such an analogy, one can mold a dog that won’t leave its accidents everywhere in the house.

Additionally, house training your dog using a crate, helps create a routine that dogs like German shepherds thrive on.

A Safe Place for the Dog

A dog will not only need a place where they can relax after a long exercise session. They also want a place they can call a haven where they can hide when frightened or stressed.

Fewer Damages in Your House

A dog that tears cloth in your house, or even chews every dangling cable in your room is better off in a crate. By crating your German shepherd, you will have known that your property is safe and you have limited the damages this dog is likely to cause.

Crates are appropriate to teething German shepherds, fond of biting everything they find on their way.

Safe Traveling Buddy

Your German shepherds need a crate when you are traveling. While traveling, crating your German shepherd helps in reducing the probability of causing accidents in your car.

Also, you will be in a better position to go with your dog anywhere you want as your lovely canine is comfortable inside a crate. Whether it’s those long hikes, visits to your vet or even oversea vacations, the crate will make your workload light.

How Big Should a German shepherd Crate Be?

What size of the crate does a German shepherd need?

Well, the size of the crate will depend on the size of your German shepherd.

If not sure of what size to buy, consider crates that come with partitions or dividers. With the partitions, you will keep secluding the part that your dog doesn’t need.

However, as a rule of thumb, never buy a big crate as it will give your German too much room. Giving your German shepherd a large space will propagate the idea of soiling one area and sleeping in the other.

And you don’t want to mold such behavior.

Only give your dog a small space. A crate should be spacious enough for your dog to stand, stretch and relax with ease.

Where Should I Put A German Crate?

A crate should be in a well-lighted place.

Consider putting your crate where is much family activity, not locked inside your bedroom.

For example, a crate will be a perfect fit in your kitchen while you are cooking, also near the dining room or television room, whereby the dog can see everyone and what’s happening.

Remember, we don’t want to make a German shepherd feel ‘banished’ or as a reject. They are part and parcel of our family. It’s that we need him restricted.

Highlight: Do not keep your dog away from you with a crate.

What Should I Put Inside A Crate?

Now that you have seen that your German shepherd needs a crate, what should you put inside?

Consider Putting Some Beddings or a Crate Mat

However, it may vary from dog to dog. Some are destructive, whereas others won’t bother destroying the mat. Consider anti-tear mats if your dog is destructive.

Dog Toys- More So, Chew Toys

If your German shepherd is inside the crate, he will need something to keep him busy and engaged. If not so, your dog will become bored.

Also, safe chew toys will help soothe your German shepherd sore gums.

Rules You Should Follow When Crating Your German shepherd

After noting that your German shepherd needs a crate, what are the basic rules?

  • Never leave a German shepherd in a crate for long- not over 3 hours a day.
  • Never use a crate as a form of punishment- let the dog associate the crate with positive experiences.
  • Never leash your dog while inside a crate.

A collar or a leash is a no inside a crate. Your German shepherd may strangle or choke himself inside the crate.

  • Don’t put pee pads inside a German shepherd crate- leaving pee-pads in the crate will entice the dog to soil the kennel – whereas that is not the behavior you want cultured.
  • Never rush the process to crate your German shepherd. Be patient, don’t push your dog in a crate.

What Age Should a German shepherd Stop Using a Crate?

There is never a limit of when to stop using a crate.

Only stop using a crate when you are sure that you have enforced the behaviors you desire.

Only stop if the dog.

  • Cannot soil inside the house
  • The dog can live on his own- he is not suffering from separation anxiety anymore.
  • Your dog is not destructive at all.

With that said, the best time of stopping using a crate is when the dog is 18 -24 months.

Should I Ignore My Crying German shepherd?

Not unless the dog wants to potty outside ignore the German shepherd cries. If you oblige to its cries, you enforce the behavior of crying.

The dog will know that any time it cries, someone will bow done to its demand and open the cage.

Don’t enforce such a trait.


Do German Shepherds Need A Crate? Well, I know your answer is a big yes!! As you can see, there are hosts of benefits of crating your German shepherd. From limiting the damages and giving your dog a haven to “mediate”, there is no other place better than a crate.

Tell us, do you object to the idea of crating a German shepherd? Let us hear from you in the comment section.

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