best dog beds for german shepherds

Best Dog Beds For German Shepherds
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    Are you tired of sharing your bed with your German shepherd? Then you should get a quality dog bed for German shepherds.

    This dog bed for German shepherds will provide a safe and comfortable place where your dog can relax or sleep when needed.

    As large dog breeds that can also be energetic, German shepherds need a quality dog bed enough of their size and are able to stand their weight.

    However, there is one drawback.

    You will find many pet bed manufacturers that claim to be the best in the market. Of which it can be confusing to choose the best among all. However, to ease your burden, we have created this blog that shows the best dog beds for German shepherds.

    In a hurry? Here is a table of the best dog bed for German shepherds.

    Best Pinch Collar for australian shepherds

    Overall Editor’s Choice : Mypet North States 72” Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate

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    The best dog bed for German shepherds should be made of high-quality materials that keep your dog comfy throughout. And one such comfortable option for your German shepherds is this Sealy Lux Pet Dog Bed.

     This dog bed for German shepherds features quad element foam, which provides plenty of comfort and support to your dog 

    This high-quality therapeutic bed for German shepherds will be gentle on your dog’s aching joints and bones, more essential to your dog suffering from hip and elbow dysplasia.

    Another thing, this pet bed for German shepherds has a removable, machine-washable cover.

    To expel any unwelcoming odor, this dog bed for German shepherds features a pro-charcoal base that ensures this dog bed is smelling nice throughout.

    Another feature here is the cooling energy gel. So what’s all about it? This cooling gel regulates temperature by dissipating body heat away from the sleeping surface, thus ensuring your dog is comfortable always.


    • Made of high-quality waterproof material
    • With a non-skid bottom
    • A bed built with a pro-charcoal base to bar odor.
    • Features comfortable memory foam


    • Expensive

    PETCIOSO Supersoft dog cat crate bed

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    Looking for a cozy dog bed with high-quality materials? Then look no further, get this PETCIOSO Super Soft Dog Cat Crate Bed- Fluffy Pet Bed.

    This dog bed is flexible and finished with faux shag fur, which resembles a mother dog’s fur coat. This dog bed conserves your dog’s heat, ensuring he’s comfortable even with the temperatures dropping.

    Another thing I like here is that this dog bed is stuffed with high-quality premium fiber, which is durable, providing extra comfort for your GSD.

    As one of the best dog beds for German shepherds, this pet bed has an antislip bottom that ensures this bed doesn’t shift or move when your dog is napping.

    Noteworthy, this dog bed is both machine and hand washable with cold water- thus, your dog will always sleep in a clean area.

    Besides being a great indoor option, this dog bed can be used in an outdoor cage, a crate, or a sofa. It’s you to place it where you find it desirable.

    Also, if you are a hiking person, this dog bed is easy to roll up to ensure all outdoor adventures are cozy with your dog.

    Now your dog will thank you with lots of hugs as he now can sleep in a cozy place, unlike before.

    Customer review: It’s so soft that I could just throw a bunch on the floor and lounge! Unfortunately, it’s not that fluffy, though, a lot flatter than I thought it would be, so it’s only a light support. Still, my dog likes it, he tends to bunch it up and rests his head on it. Not bad for the price, really easy to just throw the whole thing in the wash when it starts to get funky. 


    • Available in various sizes
    • Stuffed with premium, high-quality fiber
    • With non-skid bottom


    • Not well padded on the base

    Petmate LA-Z-BOY Lakewood chaise lounger dog bed

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    Looking for a gift to appreciate your dog for being a good boy. Then here is a great option: you can get your dog, the Petmate la- Z-boy Lakewood chaise lounger dog bed.

    Your dog will be happy when he sleeps on this dog bed as it’s made of high-quality furniture-grade upholstery fabric and premium fills.

    If you have a dog who likes additional support on his neck, then this petmate lounger dog bed is a great option. All because this pet bed features supportive bolsters which your German shepherd can lay his head-on.

    Moreover, your German shepherd is protected from the cold floor, as this pet bed is a few inches off the ground.

    The raising allows for better air circulation on this dog bed, keeping your dog cool whenever the temperatures rise and warm when the temperatures drop.

    Washing this dog bed is no big task. All you need to do is remove the outer cover, throw it in a machine washer, or hand wash it to remove all dirt and fur.

    Worth noting, this dog bed is best suited for those German shepherds weighing up to 50 pounds

    Customer review: This is so cute and functional! Bought it for my 16yr old Shitzu Maltese mix. He loves it! He usually wants to sit with me always, but now he has his own place to lie. It’s stylish, well made and so cute!!!


    • Perfect for a dog who like curling or sprawling all over
    • With bolsters for head support
    • Sits a few inches high on the ground


    • Takes plenty of space

    Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed

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    Are you tired of letting your dog sleep on the floor, and you want to surprise him with a quality dog bed? Then it would be best if you got this Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed. This dog bed is 8 inches off the ground, providing your dog with an elevated sleeping place away from the cold floor.

    Moreover, this elevation is not high that your senior German shepherd will find it hard to hop in

    The durable Teslin recyclable mesh allows constant airflow all over this dog bed, ensuring your dog doesn’t overheat or freeze when the temperatures are not conducive.

    Moreover, this indoor and outdoor dog bed is built with a high-quality frame that will last long, withstanding the durability test.

    The skid-resistant feet of this dog bed for German shepherds will protect your floor from scratches and keep the bed immobile even if your dog wants to play when inside.

    Assembling and disassembling this dog bed is easy, thus an important traveling accessory.

    To make your German shepherd comfortable, you can place a dog pad or soft dog bed on top.

    Cleaning this dog bed for German shepherds is not a hard task, too. All you need to do is to hose the surface with tap water or hand wash this pretty bed with mild soap and leave it to air dry.

    Customer review: Great bed. Easy to assemble. I order the large for my Cane Corso. He’s 115lbs and pretty tall. He fit it perfectly. Great price for this bed compared to other brands.


    • Perfect dog bed for indoors or outdoors
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • 8 inches high of the ground
    • With a breathable fabric


    • Not that tough bed

    CLOUDZONE Dog Bed For Large Dogs

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    Its every dog parent’s desire to have his dog sleep in a comfortable dog bed. And that’s what all this CLOUDZONE dog bed for large dogs provides – providing a comfortable place for your dog to relax and soothe his achy joints.

    This dog bed comes in 3 various sizes, i.e., XL, XXL, and XXXL. Moreover, this dog bed is available in plenty of colors. Thus, you can choose one that you find suitable for your dog.

    The material making this dog bed is of high quality – PP fiber that is eco-friendly and nontoxic. Moreover, the material used on this bed is tough enough to resist your dog’s teeth. Still, the material is waterproof.

    When sleeping on this dog bed for a large-breed dog, the soft filling stuffed inside offers plenty of joint and muscle pain relief. When your dog starts sleeping on this dog bed, it will take some good persuasion to take him out.

    Moreover, the rims on this dog bed for German shepherds are key in supporting your dog’s neck and head as he wanders into the dreamland. Another thing this dog bed for German shepherds is washable and ready to use after drying.

    The antislip design at the bottom is another top highlight of this dog bed.  This pet bed won’t start sliding when your dog is napping.

    Customer review: This is a nicely padded fleece lined bed. The bottom is nylon with little studs to keep it from slipping around. My Pitbull likes soft cushy beds with raised sides and she loves this bed. She curled up and fell asleep in about 30 seconds. The outside color is black in kind of like micro fiber. The inner fleece is like a dark taupe, which I’m pleasantly surprised about.


    • Available in various sizes
    • Made of tough materials
    • With soft filling for added comfort


    • Some dog parents find this dog bed padding too little

    PUPBUDD Pet Dog Bed For Medium Dogs (XXL-LARGE For Large Dogs)

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    Are you still looking for the best dog bed for German shepherds? Then here is another option you can choose – the PUPBUDD Pet Dog Bed.

    This dog bed is made of soft hypoallergenic fabric – the super-soft fillings stuffed inside will keep your dog’s sore joints soothed, unlike when sleeping on the bare floor.

    Even after using it for a long time, this dog bed is of high quality less likely to lose its shape after long usage.

    Moreover, this dog bed for German shepherds is machine washable – ensuring your dog has a healthy and comfortable sleep.

    Only dry this dog bed with a drier, but don’t air dry it.

    The non-slip bottom of this dog bed keeps it immobile even though your floor is slanted. And still, the bottom is waterproof; thus won’t seep in water whenever your dog is lying there or not.

    Customer review: The quality of this bed is quite nice. The material is extra soft and warm. The size was perfect for my dog, who is ~60 pounds. It fits perfectly in my closet which is my dog’s “room”. The red wasn’t as red as I expected, but the quality of the bed made up for it. It also came in a vacuum sealed bag so it was securely and hygienically packaged.


    • Available in various colors
    • Unique design
    • Helps soothe dog joints


    • Some dog parents still find the foam padding to be way thin

    Toozey Calming Dog Bed

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    Let your dog have a restorative good night’s sleep when you let him sleep on this Toozey Calming Dog Bed. So why is this dog bed for German shepherds unique?

    The glowing feature here is that this dog bed for German shepherds is made of high-quality, luxurious faux fur on the outside, keeping your dog comfortable while sleeping.

    While on the inside, this dog bed for German shepherds has super soft premium quality PP cotton that will soothe and massage your dog’s aching muscles.

    Away from that, the unique rim design with soft plush material ensures your dog has unparalleled comfort and still provides an area he can rest his head and neck during slumber.

    If your dog soils this dog bed, you don’t have to worry. The reason being this dog bed for German shepherds has a high-quality water-resistant cover that is machine washable.

    And the 2 zippers provided allow you to remove this dog bed cover easily.

    According to this manufacturer, this dog bed should be dried at low heat, and it’s not recommendable for one to air dry it.

    Away from that, the non-slip bottom design ensures this dog bed doesn’t move all over when your dog hopes of.

    Whether it’s your puppy or adult German shepherd, we know your dog will love sleeping on this dog bed. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of sizes. These sizes are large (36ʺ× 36ʺ), medium (30ʺ×30ʺ) and small (23ʺ× 23ʺ)

    Customer review on amazon: At first, I was a bit disappointed when I opened the package as it was tightly rolled up to minimize packing (good thing). It looked floppy and kept curling up, but after my dogs have used it, they love it. I’m going to get another one as I bought this to try it before I bought the second one. My dogs will now have one each.


    • Made of high quality luxurious faux fur
    • With a non-slip waterproof base
    • Easy to remove and washable cover


    • Some dog owners find this dog bed to be flimsy

    Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed For Dogs And Cats

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    It’s time you throw away all those cartons and sheets your German shepherd has been sleeping on and get a high-quality, luxurious dog bed.

    And one such excellent option that will provide a serene and cozy sleeping area is this Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats.

    One thing, this memory foam bed comes in 3 various sizes of which you can choose to depend on how big your dog is. These sizes are large, jumbo, and jumbo plus.

    Still, this dog bed comes in color options like driftwood brown, dark sage, harbor blue, and smoke gray.

    Whichever you choose, your dog will feel comfortable as he rests after a long, tiresome day of walking and chasing squirrels.

    To enhance your dog’s comfort, this dog bed sleeping surface is made of soft faux fur, durable, and offers premium comfort that your dog has been yearning for.

    Moreover, this bolster bed for German shepherds features supportive bolsters wrapped in smooth velvet fabric, providing ultimate comfort and security.

    Another thing, these bolsters will be important in supporting your dog’s neck muscles

    Consequently, the medical-grade orthopedic foam provides joint support and soothes pressure points throughout your dog’s body. With that, your dog suffering from hip dysplasia will feel comfortable as he sleeps here inside.

    Another thing the peak and valley design also works to improve air circulation all over the bed, making sure your dog is comfortable whether it’s in the cold or hot season.


    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Made with lightweight orthopedic memory foam to provide extra support
    • With fluff-filled bolster to support neck and head


    • Not for destructive dog breeds

    The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed

    Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Asin=B08Hchdktk&Amp;Format= Sl250 &Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Tag=Allaboutgsd 20&Amp;Language=En UsIr?T=Allaboutgsd 20&Amp;Language=En Us&Amp;L=Li3&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B08Hchdktk

    Another inclusion in this list of the best dog bed for German shepherds is this Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed.

    This dog bed is for those who like outdoor adventures with their dogs as it comes with overhead to protect your dog from direct sunshine.

    The cover here is waterproof less likely to get spoiled if your dog soils it or comes into contact with rainwater.

    Comfortability is also at its best as this dog bed for German shepherds comes with 3 inches cushion, providing your dog with a luxurious sleeping environment.

    Additionally, the raised platform ensures plenty of airflow, keeping your dog comfortable during summer.


    • Dog bed with overhead to protect your dog
    • Features a waterproof liner
    • Well-cushioned


    • Some dog owners find this bed hard to assemble

    Why Does A German shepherd Need A Dog Bed?

    Thus, your dog needs a bed made of quality material to support his big frame. Yes, your dog may look comfortable while on your bed, but it might not be the best option.

    As a dog breed predisposed to hip and joint dysplasia, your German shepherd needs a bed that will keep its muscles comfortable and relaxed.

    Letting your dog lay on the floor may look cool – however, that will have an aftereffect on his bones as he grows.

    • Provide insulation against a cold floor – a cold floor is not the right place to sleep. Like the way you like sleeping in a cozy bed when the temperatures plummet, don’t expose your dog to a cold floor.

    The cold floor may have an impact on your dog’s general wellbeing.

    • The dog hair is on the shepherd’s bed, not your bed- I know your German shepherd likes it when he sleeps on your bed- however, there is a drawback, he tends to leave lots of fur on your bed, that you find hard to clean it.

    This fur can also worsen your allergies if you are exposed to it for long.

    • A haven for your dog to relax- sometimes your dog may not be comfortable when he is at the center of your whole house commotions. Thus, such a dog may need a bed to burrow himself when the world outside is too wild and unbearable.
    • Time to relax- getting your dog a bed provides a place he can call rest after a long walk or after chasing squirrels in the backyard
    • This is also a time your dog needs time to sleep. If you don’t know, German shepherds need 12-18 hours of sleep – this is the time they have to unwind and keep themselves freshened up.

    A dog bed will ensure your dog has uninterrupted sleeping time as compared to when he’s finding solace in your bed.

    What Is The Best Size Dog Bed For German Shepherds?

    Choosing the best dog bed for a German shepherd is easy. However, most dog parents make it hard for themselves.

    Remember, as we discussed, German shepherds are huge energetic dog breeds. Thus, they need a big bed that will accommodate their size.

    Since they are huge and weigh more than 50 pounds in adulthood, getting a small or medium dog bed may not be the best option – most experts advise you to pick a large or extra-large dog bed for German shepherds

    It’s far too much better to choose a bigger bed than choosing a small bed that you might end up giving out.

    A recommendable dog bed for German shepherds should be 40 inches long and 30 inches wide.

    Also, consider a dog bed for German shepherds 3-4 inches deep with soft fabric inside. This acts as a cushion to support your dog’s musculoskeletal system.

    Most importantly, remember to measure your dog’s overall length.

    How to Measure a German shepherd For A Dog Bed?

    Let your dog lie down. Then take your tape measure out.

    Afterward, measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Then write down the measurements you have got.

    Also, measure your dog’s height while he’s lying down. That is the tip of his claw with the legs stretched to the back-line. Another important dimension to take is the measurement from the tip of the nose to the end of the hide legs.

    You can repeat all these measurements until you are comfortable you have the right dimensions.

    After you are comfortable, add 5- 10 inches to what you got. This will give plenty of room for your dog to coil, sprawl, or play while on this bed without feeling uncomfortable.

    Another important measurement to consider is the dog’s weight – I know this is a parameter you are bound to forget.

    With these measurements, choosing the best dog bed for German shepherds will be much easier without feeling that you might select the wrong one.

    Afterward, you can visit any pet store where you will be shown which dog bed suits your German shepherd.

    Moreover, some dog bed manufacturers will also indicate the weight limit and dimensions of the dog beds they make. With that, it will be pretty easy to get the right bed for your German shepherd.

    Qualities To Look For In The Best Dog Bed For German Shepherds

    What do you consider when looking for the best German shepherd dog bed? Do you go and pick any bed labeled best dog bed for a large dog breed or the best dog bed for German shepherds?

    Some parameters should guide you.

    The Size Of The Dog Bed Is Important

     A good dog bed should be big enough, allowing your German shepherd to lie inside comfortably.

    Your German shepherd’s Sleeping Style Is Vital

     Like we human beings, German shepherds have varying sleeping styles.

    Curled German Shepherds

     These German shepherds tend to curl when they are sleeping. You will note such a dog will curl like a ball with his tail covering the nose.

    If you have such a German shepherd dog breed, the best dog bed should be a circular bed. You can have one that has bolsters or not. Also, this dog bed should be spacious enough to allow your dog to rotate with ease.

    Dogs Who Like Sleeping When Leaning Their Heads

    This type of dog tends to sleep on the side, laying his head on top of something – such a German shepherd will be comfortable if it sleeps on a large spacious dog bed for German shepherds with bolsters.

    Stretching Dogs

    This dog has nothing to worry about and sleeps while spreading his body all over on his back. If that sounds like your dog, you need to get your German shepherd a dog bed with no bolsters.


    The overall support the dog bed provides is important – don’t get a dog bed that feels like your dog is separated from the ground by a sheet of paper. Get the best dog bed for German shepherds with quality cushioning – all-important in soothing your dog’s muscles.

    Material of the Dog Bed

     Is this dog bed for German shepherds made from quality materials – if you have destructive German shepherds, get a dog bed for German shepherds able to withstand your dog’s claws and teeth.

    The dog bed should be made of chew-resistant materials enough to last long and keep your dog comfortable for long.

    Non-hypoallergenic materials are important

    If your dog has sensitive skin, you might consider a hypoallergenic dog bed. You don’t need a dog bed that will trigger allergic reactions to your German shepherd after spending time on it.

    How Easy Is It To Clean This Dog Bed For A German shepherd?

    Your dog will come with lots of dirt and mud and lay inside this dog bed – thus, you need a dog bed that is quick to wash and dry

    Get a dog bed that is machine or hand washable. Also, this dog bed for German shepherds should dry quickly.

    Other important tips to consider include— 

    • Get an orthopedic bed if you have a German shepherd with joint issues.
    • Get a foldable dog bed if you like taking hikes with your German shepherd.
    • If your GSD is an outdoor dog breed, choose a water-resistant dog bed and not easy to fade.

    How to Introduce A New Dog Bed To A German Shepherd

    All German Shepherds are different. Some will hop in when you bring a new dog bed, and some will be hesitant to leave their old beds and lay inside the new bed.

    Suppose you have a dog who is hesitant to get in a new dog bed. How do you do it?

    Put the bed in your room- this happens if your dog likes sleeping near or in your bed.

    Put some treats inside the dog bed- sometimes all it needs for your dog to get in and sleep in that new dog bed for German shepherds is by putting treats inside.

    Instead of treats, you can also use your dog’s favorite toys.

    Praise your dog and use positive reinforcement to make your dog comfy in his new territory.

    What Kind Of Bed Is best for a German shepherd?

    The best type of dog bed for German shepherds is spacious, comfortable, and considerate of your dog’s needs.

    For example, the best dog bed For German shepherds with joint issues is an orthopedic dog bed that will soothe your dog’s joints and muscles.

    Where Should My German shepherd Sleep?

    During the first days with your puppy, you can let her sleep near your bed, where she will feel comfortable.

    Alternatively, you can let your puppy sleep in a crate near your bed.

    After your German shepherd becomes a big dog breed, you can get him the best large dog bed for German shepherds

    You can put this bed in your bedroom. Another important thing is to let your German shepherd sleep on his bed secluded in a certain area in the house.

    Do German Shepherds Need A Blanket?

    Whether your German shepherd needs a blanket depends on its behavior–if you have a dog who is destructive and likes chewing anything that he can fit in his mouth, then don’t get a blanket for the time being. First, eradicate the destructive behavior from him.

    However, less destructive German shepherds can benefit when you give them a blanket, more so when it’s cold. A blanket will keep your dog cozy and warm during colder months.

    Do German Shepherds Need A Bed?

    German shepherd dog breed needs a bed. This is a place where your dog will sleep or relax when tired. Letting your dog sleep on your bed may be good during the first few days, but it poses lots of risks.

    Should Let Your German shepherd Sleep in Your Bed

    Don’t let your German shepherd sleep on your bed. When you let your dog sleep in your bed, either of you will be uncomfortable. You risk getting allergies triggered by your dog’s fur. Also, you risk pressing him. Hence why you must get your dog his bed.

    Final Words on The Best Dog Bed For A German Shepherd

    The best dog bed for your German shepherd will ensure your dog has a quality sleeping time all day and night.

    When looking for the best dog bed for German shepherds, always remember to take its measurements. If not, you may get a small dog bed that your large dog breed won’t fit in with ease.

    With the provided guide, I know now you will have an easy time choosing the best for your furry friend.

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