Top 7 Best Dog Bones For German Shepherds

Best Dog Bones For German Shepherds
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    All dogs, like the German shepherd, love bones. As canines, there is nothing more enjoyable for them than gnawing bones.

    The good thing is that these bones for German shepherds can either be bought at the store. It’s you to choose from the many aligned there.

    Moreover, these bones contain lots of benefits to dogs. One, some of the bones have been packed with lots of nutrients that nourish your dog.

    Other dog bones help clean your dog’s teeth by eliminating any tartar buildup. Some even freshen up your dogs’ breath.

    You see, they pack lots of benefits. That’s why in this section, we have reviewed the top 7 best dog bones for German shepherds that we know your dog will like.

     Here are the best bones that we know your German shepherd will like.

    Top 7 Best Dog Bones For German Shepherds

    K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bones

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    This well-smoked bone packed with a sweet flavor is one we know your dog will like. And this bone for dogs has no ingredients that are hard to pronounce. All this dog bone has is one ingredient that is packed with lots of benefits for your dog. This dog bone is sturdy enough to provide a great challenge that your aggressive chewer likes.

    Moreover, this dog bone has been sourced from cattle born and raised in the USA, free from hormones or antibiotics. Thus, when you give this dog bone to your GSD, safety is not your concern.

    Depending on your preference, you can use this real bone as a treat to reward your dog during those training sessions. With that, be sure your GSD will be attentive to those commands, as he knows he will get rewarded.

    Unlike other dog bones, this K9 Connoisseur Dog Bone is not subjected to radiation for preservation. All they want is your dog to receive a pure and natural product that will not bring any health issues afterward.

    This dog bone also comes individually packed for hygiene purposes.

    Consequently, this dog bone hollow area carries lots of bone marrow with lots of nutrients.

    With that, your dog will always be looking for ways to get the marrow out rather than barking or disturbing you all over.

    Another thing, this dog bone is hickory smoked to lock the flavor of the bits of meat on these bones. With such a flavor, even your picky will find this dog bone irresistible.

    Consequently, this dog bone is almost odorless; thus, your dog won’t be left with a stinking mouth. And you are sure your floor won’t be left smelling horrible every time your dog plays with this bone.

    Most dog guardians on Amazon like the sturdy nature of this bone. Others like how you can easily fill the hollow part with broth or peanut for your dog to feel better.

    The only complaint most dog parents have is that this dog bone is expensive.

    Pros Cons
    Made of fine ingredients Expensive
    No artificial flavors or preservatives
    Well smoked to retain flavor
    Perfect for dogs dental health

    Pet ‘n Shape Beef Dog Bone Treat

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    Has your German shepherd puppy been breaking all those tough toys you have bought for him, and you are looking for something that’s quite sturdy, then you need to get this Pet ‘n Shape Beef Dog Bone Treat.

    This dog bone comes with one high-quality ingredient that is safe for your dog.

    And each bone is carefully roasted and well inspected to ensure there is top-notch quality. This bone is also free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives that most dog food brands incorporate.

    Consequently, this dog bone for GSDs is grain-free with no soy or corn. So even your dog with a sensitive stomach will find something enjoyable that won’t trigger any stomach issues.

    This Pet ‘n Shape Beef Dog-Bone texture and size make it more intriguing and irresistible for your aggressive chewer.  Now your destructive dog will mostly spend time on this bone rather than tearing up your shoes and socks.

    Also, in this dog bone for GSDs, you will not find any china products. All the ingredients have been sourced here in the USA for quality and safety.

    Whether it’s your German shepherd puppy, adult German shepherd, or Senior German shepherd, this dog bone will ensure your dog is preoccupied every time. Besides keeping your dog busy, this dog bone will help remove any tartar from the teeth.

    Importantly, this dog bone comes individually wrapped to wade off any contaminants that alter the overall quality.

    Dog parents on amazon say they like the overall quality of the bone; others say their dogs are finding it irresistible. Other pet owners say this bone is the answer to their problems as their dogs are not destroying everything around like before.

    The only concern that some dog owners have is that this dog bone tends to break with time. However, that’s after prolonged usage.

    Pros Cons
    Made in the USA Not that sturdy
    Only one ingredient used
    No artificial flavors or preservatives

    Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Beef Marrow Bone Treat

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    Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Beef Marrow Bone Treat is a premium high-quality dog bone 6 inches long that will keep your dog all busy as you work indoors.

    Besides that generous length, this tasty bone comes with a savory flavor that will entice your aggressive chewer who cannot let your remote last for a week in your house.

    This strong dog bone for German shepherds has 100 % healthy ingredients that will meet your dog’s needs. Check out these ingredients, Omega fatty acids, to give your dog that healthy coat and skin. Minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium strengthen those bones on your GSD.

    This bone has marrow free of artificial additives that we know most dog food brands include to entice dogs. Everything here is pure, with that natural taste.

    This dog bone has been sourced from grass feed free-range cattle raised with no hormone or antibiotics. So your dog’s health in this dog bone is well prioritized.

    Noteworthy, this dog bone is processed in a USDA human-grade certified and inspected facility. Thus you are assured you will get a high-quality end product.

    Besides being of nutritional value, this dog bone helps clean those dog teeth. It’s a dog bone that will help remove any formed tartar and plaque on your GSD’s teeth.  All because of the texture and the thick nature of this bone.

    This premium quality dog bone is here to challenge your tough German shepherd who has bad chewing habits.

    The only thing you need to know is that close supervision is paramount as your dog engages this dog bone. Also, don’t let your dog overstay with this bone.

    Dog parents on amazon say this bone is quite sturdy, and it’s helping keep in check those dogs who love chewing.

    They also like how it’s individually wrapped. The only concern we can see among dog parents is that this dog bone smells horrible – however, it seems not to bother most dogs. Others say the dog bone is staining the carpets.

    Pros Cons
    With 100% healthy ingredients Smells a lot
    Individually wrapped
    Helps clean dog’s teeth

    Natural Knee Cap Dog Bones- Pawstruck

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    These natural knee caps are carefully prepared and boost a delicious flavor that will keep your fur friend healthy and happy. Moreover, they are purely made of grass-fed, free-range cattle free of antibiotics or hormones. Thus you are assured your dog gets a high-quality product that will not cause any health issues.

    When it comes to preparation, this dog bone is slow-roasted to perfection to lock in the meaty and smoked flavor that most dogs like the German shepherd like.

    Your dog will always wag that tail even before you open this package as he knows what’s coming. Worth noting, this product has no questionable flavors or preservatives. It is a 100 % natural dog bone for German shepherds.

    Above all, this dog bone has low-fat content but contains high protein, ensuring your dog gets lean muscles rather than being obese.

    Besides its high-quality natural ingredient, this dog bone will help keep your dog occupied every time. This is because it’s sturdy and tasty. Now your dog can find something meaningful to do rather than work on your remote, shoes, or table corners.

    During preparation, tendons are not removed to give your dog that chewing experience he’s been desiring.

    Also, all the dog bones are made in USDA-certified facilities and are all sourced from America. 

    Besides keeping your dog busy, this treat rough nature will help clean teeth eliminating all tartar.

    And as a way to give back to the community, some parts of the proceeds are donated to Animal Shelters.

    When going through amazon reviews, dog parents say this dog bone is helping in calming their dogs who tend to get separation anxiety.

    Others like the smell on this dog bone

    Pros Cons
    Perfect dental chews for oral health Costly
    Low in fat but high in protein levels
    Help keep powerful chewers busy
    Packaged in pairs

    Filled Dog Bones - Pawstruck

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    This dog bone made from white femur hollow natures gives you the option of filling it with any peanut butter paste or any other yummy paste that your dog likes. 

    This beef dog bone has a great irresistible taste that will keep your dog engaged throughout as you work at home.  

    Noteworthy, 3rd party inspectors carefully inspect all the facilities manufacturing these dog bones to ensure that every product that gets out there is of high quality and nothing harmful.

    Furthermore, this dog bone has been slowly roasted to lock in that natural meaty flavor that will arouse your dog’s taste buds.

    Also, this dog bone can be used together with other dental routines. It will help remove tartar and plaque, thus giving your dog healthy gums and teeth.

    Although pricy, this is one of the best dog bones for German shepherds as it comes in various packages convenient for you. You can choose the 10, 25, 50,100, or 250 packs.

    Moreover, you can email this brand if you want a bag with more bones;

    Dog parents who have tried this dog bone on their dogs say it has helped keep their dogs calm, unlike before. Others like how you can refill its hollow part with yummy paste.

    However, other dog parents say this dental chew is pricy.

    Pros Cons
    Made in the USA Contains salt
    Clean dog’s teeth well An expensive dog bone
    Sourced from free-range grass-fed cattle
    Come in various pack sizes

    Hotspot Pets Split Elk Antlers For Dogs

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    Do you love giving your German shepherd raw elk antlers? Even us here. Joining our list of the best dog bones for German shepherds are these natural antler bones from Hotspot.

    Hotspot is a company that started manufacturing healthy dog treats in 2015. And this Hotspot Split Elk Antler is one of their premium Product.

    This elk antler is 5- 6inches perfect for your aggressive German shepherd who likes chewing everything around.

    If you dislike artificial treats, then you can opt for these naturally shed antler bones. These bones are naturally sourced from the USA

    Furthermore, these bones have no added preservatives or chemicals that can make your dog sick. All this elk antler has is marrow full of nutrients like calcium and magnesium that meet your pet’s needs

    This premium elk antler doesn’t stink, perfect for use either outdoors or indoors.

    To ensure quality, each elk antler is carefully selected to ensure your dog gets a high-quality product

    Pros Cons
    All ingredients sourced from the USA Some pet parents complain these antlers tend to break a lot
    With center-cut marrow rich in nutrients
    No odor

    Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

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    Blue Buffalo is a reputable brand when it comes to the manufacture of healthy dog foods. One of their products that is hygienically produced is this Blue Buffalo Dental Bone.

    These Blue Buffalo Dental Bones ensure your pup has healthy teeth, fresh breath, and teeth free of tartar.

    And the flavor of these healthy treats is unmatchable. In this chew bone, you will not find anything like wheat or gluten. These ingredients, when consumed by dogs, can cause severe allergy issues.

    Moreover, you won’t find chicken or animal by-products that offer no nutritional value for your dog.

    This dental chew is also enhanced with added multivitamins that will meet your dog’s active lifestyle.

    One of the key ingredients in this edible dog bone for German shepherds is parsley, which gives your dog freshened up breath.

    The added blueberries and raspberries are added to support digestion.

    As a point out, even with the remarkable taste, you are advised only to give your dog this bone once a day.

    Pros Cons
    Keeps dog’ gums clean throughout The quality of this product has been inconsistent as per most dog parents
    No chicken by-products, grains, or artificial flavor
    A delicious treat with plenty of nutrients

    What Are The Types Of Dog Bones?

    There are various types of dog bones you can find in your favorite pet shop.  

    Natural Bones

    As from the name, such bones are 100 % natural suitable for your German shepherd. Most natural dog bones contain marrow, with many minerals and core nutrients that will nourish your dog.

    Most dogs find it enjoyable as they try to remove this delicious marrow.

    As a key highlight, these dog bones tend to have high chances of harboring bacteria. These bacteria can cause tummy issues if consumed. That is why it’s recommended you look at the quality of dog bone your get. If you have doubts, it’s better to leave them.

    Besides being of nutritional value, these dog bones help keep dogs busy. Their crunchy texture help keeps aggressive chewers busy. Thus they can be good boredom buster toys.

    Also, watch out for the quality of some of these dog bones. Some of these dog bones can easily splinter, thus cause internal injuries once swallowed by your dog

    Lastly, raw dog bones for German shepherds are expensive. So if you prepare to put your dog on these, you need to have deep pockets.

    Rawhide Bones

    These types of bones are made from the dried hides of cows and horses. These natural rawhide bones are efficient as they help clean your dog’s teeth. They help remove any buildup plaque and tartar that may be hard to remove with your dog’s toothbrush.

    Also, these rawhide hide bones tend to be flavored. Some of the flavors used include chicken, liver, or salmon to bring out that tail-wagging taste.

    The only drawback is that animal hides included flavors or artificial preservatives, can trigger allergies. Others pose a risk of choking.  So it’s always advisable you supervise your dog when it’s chewing this nylon bone.

    These bones tend to be cheap also.

    Nylon Bones

    Nylon bones are more durable than the previous two we have discussed in this section. The good thing is that they are less likely to splinter as they constitute hard and durable nylon.

     These nylon bones are made of synthetic materials, and they help keep your dog busy as well as clean those teeth.

    What to Consider When Looking For the Best Dog Bones for German Shepherds


    Safety is one thing you need to consider. Even though we have praised how good these bones can be in this section, some can choke your dog. I know no one wants to lose a dog because it swallowed a huge bone. Thus you need to be cautious about the type of dog bone you get your German shepherd.

    Look for one that is not toxic, with no artificial ingredients that can wreak havoc on your dog tummy.

    Also, the size of the bone is one thing you need to consider. Don’t choose a small bone that will entice your dog to swallow it whole.  Most animal vets and nutritionists say the best bone should be the size of your dog’s head.

    Material of the Dog Bone

    Don’t forget the material of the bone. If you want a dog bone for GSDs that will last longer and keep your dog busy, consider one made of nylon.

    Like you, dogs have a preferred taste. Thus you need to consider your furry friend’s taste. Try out various flavors. Does your dog like chicken, beef, bison, or turkey flavor?

    Talk to Your Vet First

    Are you about to start your dog on these bones because you heard they are good? First, consider talking to a vet about it. Listen to your vet’s views and weigh out whether it’s the right time to start your German shepherd on dog bones.

    Dos and Don’ts of Dog Bones For German Shepherds

    Here are the key things you need to learn


    • Do supervise your dog whenever he’s gnawing the bone- Don’t leave a dog with a bone all alone. Supervision is mandatory. Many vets will tell you not once or twice they received dogs who swallowed huge bones when their owners were not allowed.
    • Always look for raw meat bones – raw meat bones are better to give to your dog than artificial bones.
    • As a large breed, always give your GSD big bones – a GSD has strong bite force; thus, a tiny bone may not satisfy your dog’s need to gnaw. The best way is to look for solid bones that will withstand your dog’s powerful bite.

    However, don’t go for overly hard bones, as they will crack your dog’s teeth.

    • Dispose of bones after 3-4 days. This is for hygiene purposes. The more your dog rolls this bone all over, the more it will collect germs that may cause tummy issues.
    • Do separate dog friends when they eat bone?

    Dog friends will become enemies for a while when there is food. When you give your two German shepherd dogs bones together, a fight may occur.  


    • Don’t give your dog the wrong kind of bones – pork bone and chicken bones are easy to splinter and may cause internal gut injuries.
    • Avoid cooked bones- cooked bones lose their rigidity and tend to splinter when the big jaws of your GSD crush them.

    These splinters cause mouth injuries, and some can lodge themselves in your dog’s gut.

    • Don’t give bones to dogs with teeth issues. Even a GSD with gum disease issue will still try to gnaw a bone. Although it looks funny, it’s never recommended. The reason being, bones can cause more damage to your dog’s dental.
    • Avoid weight-bearing bones – weight-bearing bones can be overly hard. Such bones, with their hard nature, may even break your dog’s teeth as he tries to crack them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Bones Are Best For My GSD Puppy?

    Who said German shepherd puppies don’t need bones. They need them as they help exercise jaw muscles as well as keep them busy. However, what is the best bone for a German shepherd puppy? The best bone for GSD is healthy, not overly hard, and contains no allergy-triggering ingredients like what or gluten

    What Are The Key Benefits Of Dog Bone?

    So, here is why you need to get your German shepherd dog bone.

    • Dog bones are nutritious – some contain amino acids and nutrients that nourish your dog.
    • Bones keep your dog engaged- bones will help keep your GSD busy. More so, the one who tends to bark a lot when you are not around. They also help redirect the energy of your destructive dog. This bone will keep your dog busy rather than concentrating on chewing your furniture.
    • They help clean your dog’s teeth. Dog bones help remove tartar and plaque and also help relieve sore and itchy gums.

    What Bones Are Good For Dogs?

    Good bones for a dog should be from healthy sources with no artificial flavors or ingredients. These bones for dogs should also contain no artificial flavors. Again these bones for a dog should offer lots of benefits to your dog. Lastly, these good bones should be not overly hard not to damage your dog teeth but not too soft that they’re easy to splinter.

    Are Chicken Bones Bad For Dogs?

    Chicken bone can be bad for dogs like the German shepherd.

    These chicken bones are easy to break and splinter. These bone fragments can easily damage your dog’s gut. Thus it’s not advisable to give your German shepherd chicken bones.

    Only use the chicken bone to make bone broth for your German shepherd. This broth will be super nutritious and helpful to your dog

    What Do German shepherd Puppies like to Chew?

    Most German shepherd puppies like to chew anything with a rough texture to help soothe their gums during the teething phase.

    Thus you can help ease their sore gums by giving them quality dog bones

    Are Antlers Safe For Dogs?

    Even though many pet owners and dogs like antlers for dogs, some still question their safety.

    It’s one of the hottest debates. Antlers are often hard and thus can break your dog’s teeth. Consequently, their hard nature makes them easy to chip. These segments can easily be swallowed by your dog-thus causing an internal gut blockage.

    Besides their drawbacks, antlers still have great benefits. Antlers packs lots of nutrients beneficial for your dog.

    Besides that, they are natural-based. Lastly, antlers are more long-lasting than other bones.

    Like another dog bone, it’s always paramount you supervise your dog when he’s eating either deer or elk antlers. And if your dog has gum issues, it’s never safe for him to chew antlers for dogs.

    Can German Shepherds Have Ham Bones?

    Yes, German shepherds can eat ham bones. Ham has high levels of protein and fat, which may be beneficial for your dog.

    However, why is giving German shepherd ham bones controversial? Ham derived from pork mainly has a high-fat content. German shepherds don’t need high-fat content in their diet. Although the fat makes ham yummy, this fat can cause gut issues. And one of them is loose stool or bloat.

    Besides that, store-bought ham contains high levels of sodium that can be harmful to your German shepherd.

    Another thing ham is deemed an inferior source of meat by most animal nutritionists. Also, ham is quite not easy to digest compared to other meat sources.

    With that said, only give your GSD ham bones if you don’t have an alternative. 

    Final Thoughts

    Bones are good for German shepherds. These bones will help keep your dog busy and still help remove tartar.

    Whether you have a puppy or senior German shepherd, we have highlighted some of the best German shepherd bones that will be of value to your dog.

    So have you been giving your GSD bones? 

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