How Are German Shepherds Trained To Attack? Benefits & Responsibilites

How Are German Shepherds Trained To Attack

Many people are interested in training their dog to attack in case they need to defend themselves, defend their properties or their relatives from some kind of threat.

It should be stressed that there is an important difference between training your German shepherd to be a guard and doing it to attack.

A guard dog might not be prepared to attack, but a dog trained to attack will also be a guard dog. It is not only about teaching your dog to attack but also about teaching it to know in which situations it should do it.

German Shepherds Can Be Trained To Attack

German shepherds have a unique protective instinct towards their pack, or in this case, their family.

Their protective instinct is so strong that they are capable of attacking unknown individuals who approach their owners if they consider them a threat. Therefore, it is important to provide them with basic dog training so that the situation does not get out of control.

For this reason, it is necessary to train these dogs with responsibility, so they will only attack in situations where it is necessary.

Requirements for Training Your German Shepherd To Attack

So, as we mentioned, your dog must know clearly when to attack. Because this implies the fact of hurting a third party. Having a dog that knows how to attack, more than a whim or a simple desire must have a specific objective, such as protecting your home from thieves, intruders, or any threat.

Before starting the training, the trainer will have to assess the character of the animal to consider it suitable, or not for this type of training.

Normally German Shepherds are good candidates for this because these dogs have a disciplined character with a good personality. They usually measure situations before acting, which is a necessary characteristic in an attack situation.

Dogs Must Be Trained Only By A Professional

Always seek help from a professional dog trainer. The objective of this training for defense and attack dogs is to get the dog to attack only when ordered so that it can never be a danger.

A poorly executed defense and attack can cause the dog to become aggressive, and as an owner, you are responsible for your dog’s behavior, which can lead to serious problems for both the dog and you.

How A German Shepherd Should Be Trained To Attack

Basic Orders

It is imperative that your dog is very well trained in basic obedience commands before starting any other type of training.

There must be a good relationship between the dog and human, for the defense and attack training to work. Understanding who is in charge and assimilating that it should always obey its trainer’s voice, not only when it needs to attack but also when it has to stop.

Physical Exercise

Dogs that are trained for the attack should do a physical exercise that develops their strength and muscles. In addition, dog exercise programs allow them to run quickly dodging targets on the road in any situation by avoiding obstacles.

This can be taught in circuit training for dogs, in which dogs learn exercises such as jumping the fence, running down ramps, tunnels, etc.

Balanced Personality

Originally, the German shepherd is a sheepdog. To develop this work, the best genetic combination that an intelligent, balanced, and energetic (without being nervous) dog could offer was sought.

These characteristics make a GSD a perfect candidate to be a protective dog.

Then, you must teach it not to be too friendly with people or animals but neither that its temperament is volatile and becomes provoked by any simple stimulus.

The real objective is that the German shepherd learns to ignore its surroundings until it receives an order from you.

“Attack” Command

After ensuring that the dog is properly trained, understands, and obeys all basic commands, the next thing you should teach the German shepherd is to attack using one keyword and stop using another one. This way you can better control the dog in any situation that arises.

  • The dog must be trained with specific teethers, then use a lure or the dog trainer with the necessary protections (such as special clothing like a bite suit, sleeves, and all necessary equipment) to be the “prey” or the “target” that will receive the attack.
  • Then, the trainer will sit the dog and touch it to the face with a goblet arm as a way to irritate the dog as much as possible and test its patience.
  • When the dog begins to bite, say aloud the word “attack”, that way the dog will find an association between this action and the meaning of this word.
  • Reward your dog for obeying the order.
  • Repeat the process several times until your dog understands the command.

The dog needs to learn which is the objective to attack, in this case, it must be a third person with the bite suit, or any other “intruder” this way the dog will not come to the person that asks to attack but to the objective that it must attack.

It is a dangerous task to teach because sometimes it is necessary to correct the bite with specific work material and with a lot of patience during training hours.

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Training the Bite

The dog needs to learn to bite in the area of the arms and legs. This way it will not cause any serious damage.

Training the dog to attack the clothing and not the exposed skin. Your GSD needs to learn to identify the areas of the body of an intruder that should bite.

You want it to bite the extremities, preferably one leg, and then hold on to the person until help arrives.

In the last step, the dog should have learned the order to leave it or stop. A good guard dog will not leave the intruder until its owner or a police officer gives the order to do so.

Positive Reinforcement

During the training and with a bite suit you can practice the command “attack”. When your dog complies with the order and when it stops as ordered, congratulate it and reward it for obeying.

With practice, your German shepherd will understand that when the person in the bite suit attacks you, it must protect you when it sees that you are in danger.

With good training, your GSD will learn to act when it feels you are in danger.

Using positive reinforcement is always the best option, if instead of using it, you use punishment when it makes a mistake or doesn’t do what you want, you could cause a negative effect on your dog and make it violent and difficult to control.

Final Thoughts

This type of training is risky and delicate; it is more than a simple obedience command.

It is a way to teach your dog to hurt another person in order to protect you and yours.

The basis for good training is to have a good professional. We really advise you not to do this kind of work by yourself because of the delicate consequences.

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