Does Your German Shepherd Stay in the Rain? This is the Reason And Fix.

Does Your German Shepherd Stay in the Rain

Have you ever seen your German Shepherd stay in the rain like one of those movie dog scenes? Have you wondered why your German Shepherd is usually in the rain? And how rain affects the dogs?

I invite you to read on!

Why Does My German Shepherd Stay In The Rain


When it comes to getting wet on a rainy day, it seems that every dog sees it differently, some dogs love the experience of the rain and want to run and enjoy it, while others would rather run away forever no matter if it’s raining too hard or just a drizzle.

The vast majority of German Shepherds love the rain. It may be because this breed of dogs is quite strong, agile, playful and with a lot of energy and desire to explore.

Besides, it is a very balanced dog, sure of itself and resistant in situations that would make anyone nervous, for these reasons going out to play or walk in a different climate like this one, more than scaring them, it stimulates them physically and mentally.


As everyone knows, dogs have a great sense of smell and in the case of German Shepherds their sense of smell is incredible! It is one of the breeds with the best sense of smell.

Shepherd dogs have used their sense of smell not only to recognize members of the herd but also to detect the presence of predators.

When it rains, the moist air traps the odors, causing them to take longer than normal to disperse, which is why the dogs experience a lot more intense odors than usual.

This of course increases their desire to smell everything, which makes the experience of going out into the rain even more pleasant and enjoyable.

German Shepherd Playing In The Rain


Instead of running away from the rain, try to make this experience a positive one for both of you, as your German Shepherd will see your reactions and probably want to play with you.

You can play some common games that works in the rain like: hide and let it find you, hide food so it can use its sense of smell even, playing with a Frisbee would be a difference experience!


Although German Shepherds are quite strong dogs in many ways, you still need to take care of them, so the experience of being in the rain does not become a difficult or unpleasant one.

For this reason, there are accessories and tips that can help you protect your dog in these climates like the ones you will see below:

Clothing for the rainy season

German Shepherds have an abundant coat that provides them with warmth and helps them to regulate their temperature, it is important to protect them from diseases related to this climate.

There is a big amount of dog clothing in the market specially designed for seasons like these and you can give them an extra protection, especially to prevent their coat from getting too wet.

It is easy to get clothes such as coats or raincoats that protect them from the cold and that allow them to stay dry, there’re sizes as big as your German Shepherd and quite comfortable that allow them to move around.

You can get all these clothes for dogs with reflective light too, so you will be able to locate your dog easier in situations where the rain reduces visibility, or it starts to get dark.

Even there are more accessories such as rain boots, in order to better protect their paws, hats in case the rain only bothers it in the face or dog umbrellas and much more.

Dry your dog well

In case you go to the park, the street or any place where you decide to walk your German Shepherd, take a towel to dry the excess water before entering the house.

It is important that you dry your dog as well as possible and completely! Even those areas where we know they will be bothered.

Not only its abundant coat but also areas like its ears, nails, and paw pads, as these are the places where infection is most likely to develop due to fungus and moisture.

After drying, brush its coat correctly to avoid tangles and keep it clean. Keep in mind that in cold seasons it is better not to cut your dog’s coat so it can better protect itself from the weather.

Limit the use of the dryer

It is very important that we limit the use of hairdryers on dogs, in some cases it damages their skin, but if it is “very necessary”, make sure it is not too hot and keep a safe distance when drying it.

And try to clean it very well without the obligation of giving it a bath, not even with hot water, since it will not be good for it. Also, there is no need to bathe it immediately after having had contact with the rain.

Even so, if you wish you could give it a dry bath which is also very useful, in this case we recommend you to use dry shampoo to avoid bad smells.

Good nutrition

If your German Shepherd wants to go out and play every time, it sees the rain. It is important to maintain a good diet to prevent it from catching a disease.

It is very common that during the rainy season the chances of getting colds, distemper, kennel coughs and other diseases increase.

German Shepherds are quite strong and healthy dogs by themselves, however, you can take care of them by giving them a good diet to help strengthen their immune system through specific supplements.

Consult with your veterinarian since it is advisable to increase the portion of the dog’s food in 30% during the winter because a big part of the feeding that your dog ingests, helps it to maintain the heat in its body.

Other ways to prevent diseases caused by rain are

  • Do not take your German Shepherd out on days when the temperature is very
  • Try to have all its vaccinations up to date.
  • Stay close to your dog, when the storm is strong there are lightning and noises that can seem very strange or scary for your dog and we must avoid the dog going in the opposite direction.
  • Evaluate being close to a safe place, so it can take shelter in case it is too much in the rain or the weather gets worse.

In conclusion, if you see that your German Shepherd stays under the rain, it is not a bad sign, in fact if it hated the rain you would have already noticed, simply in this case your dog is enjoying all the experience that this weather offers!

We hope all these tips will help improve your dog’s experience while enjoying playing in the rain.

The rain is wonderful, and some dogs know how to enjoy it more than others, the important thing is that regardless of the activity they do, they are protected.

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