German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix: What You Need to Know

German shepherd Dalmatian Mix

Fancying to have a dog breed mix in your home? Then it would be best if you considered having the German shepherd Dalmatian mix. With the loyalty of the German shepherd coupled up with the alertness of the Dalmatian dog, you will get a perfect and graceful family pet that you have never come across.

Medium-sized and with high energy levels, the German shepherd Dalmatian mix is a dog that will not be suitable for apartment dwellers. This mix will require lots of room where it can flex its muscles two hours daily.

With that said, do you want to learn more about this breed mix? Then continue reading more to learn more.

The German shepherd Breed

The German shepherd is the second most popular dog breed. Highly ranked because of its intelligence, loyalty, and strong work drive, this dog has become a favorite in the police department.

Medium in size, this dog breed can weigh between 50-70 pounds and stand tall between 22-26 inches.

Consequently, the German shepherd has a medium to long double coat that sheds a lot. The coat colors vary. You can have solid-colored German shepherds or German shepherds with black and tan coat markings.

Since its formation, the German shepherd has become a popular family pet. This dog is intelligent, loyal, and is ways ready to fight for its owner. If not guarding its family, this dog is happy resting on the couch beside you.

Because of its high energy levels and body build, this doggie requires lots of exercises that are not exerting; puppies will need 5-30 minutes of play daily, whereas adult German shepherd can have a maximum of 45 minutes of play daily.

As a big-boned dog, the German shepherd is susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia-

The Dalmatian Dog Breed Mix

The Dalmatian is a sleek but well-proportioned dog breed that has a unique coat. This dog has a despicable coat that comes with black or liver spots on a white background. The coat is short and dense, and it’s neither woolly nor silky.

Dalmatians are dogs with high energy levels. Like the German shepherds, these dogs love being in the company of their human companion, always ready to join any activity they are invited to.

Besides their athleticism, these dogs are loyal, intelligent, and always alert.

They are dogs aloof of strangers, and such makes them perfect guard dogs.

Medium in size, the difference between the two sexes of the Dalmatian is clear. Over and above, these dogs have a length of between 19-24 inches, and weight ranges from 48 to 55 pounds.

Consequently, with their coat type and texture, these dogs will need lots of grooming sessions as they shed profusely.

As a point out, Dalmatians are sensitive dogs. With their sharp memories, these dogs will keep count for years if they are mistreated. Disciplining and training this dog requires one to use positive reinforcement.

  • Puppy Dalmatians are born with white coats- the black or brown marking start appearing as the dog ages.
  • The Dalmatian is susceptible to deafness- 8% of the dogs are born deaf- the Dalmatian club America says that any dog born with deafness should be euthanized.
  • The Dalmatian dog breed has a unique urinary system- with that, these dogs need a high protein diet, lots of water, and they should urinate frequently.
  • AKC classifies these dogs under the non-sporting group.

The German shepherd And the German Shepherd Comparison Table

The German shepherd The Dalmatian bed mix
AKC rank 2 56


Breed group working Non-sporting
size 22-26 inches 19-24 inches
weight 50-80 pounds 45-70 pounds
temperaments Loyal, intelligent, and alert Friendly, playful, and high energy levels
Coat type Medium to long double coat Short and dense coat
Coat colors Most coat color acceptable, Coat with a white, black ground with liver or black spots
Ability to shed high high
Barking level high high
Relating with children good Good
Grooming needs Mild-moderate high
lifespan 9-13 years 10-15 years


The German shepherd Dalmatian Mix Size and Appearance

With the German shepherd standing between 22-26 inches and the Dalmatian standing between 19- 26 inches, expect to have a cross standing either between 19- 26 inches. This breed mix also weighs between 45-80 pounds.

Consequently, you will have a dog breed with a short and dense coat or one that is medium and double coat.

Even with the variation of the coat, it’s evident that this breed mix will shed a lot, a trait similar to both the Dalmatian and the German shepherd.

Consequently, the coat color of this cross will vary; you can have a German shepherd Dalmatian mix with a solid color or one with black or liver coat markings.

These markings even appear inside the mouth of this dog breed.

Consequently, the German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix will have a medium-sized head that comes with either erect ears or floppy ears that taper at the end.

The legs of this dog are medium-sized, well able to carry the weight of this dog without affecting its gait. The tail is medium-sized, and it can either be bushy or thin.

Temperaments and Personality

The German shepherd is a loyal, intelligent, and high-energy dog. This dog always loves doing something, whether it’s accompanying the police searching for explosives, swimming sessions, or jogging around the yard; this dog loves using its expertise and energy.

The Dalmatian is also a high-energy dog; it’s also loyal and alert. With such a combination, expect a mix breed that will capture similar temperaments and personalities from its parents.

The German shepherd Dalmatian mix dog has high energy levels, and its intelligence levels are unmatched.

This dog will love high-energy activities, like swimming, running, or jogging next to you. If not exercised, this dog breed will engage in unnecessary behaviors like digging or destroying other properties. However, don’t let it reach those levels.

Furthermore, this dog breed loves being in the company of its family members- if left alone, this dog will untimely become anxious.

Also, its love for children is unmatched, a trait similar to its parent. This dog will love playing in every game. However, children must act accordingly when with this dog; they must learn ear pulling or disturbing this dog breed is not acceptable.

Consequently, playing sessions between this breed mix and children should be supervised; as this dog breed is masculine and heavy, children less than five years risk being knocked over.

Also, the dog breed mix is aloof of strangers. Strangers will not be welcomed with open paws. Thus, its alertness and watchfulness make this dog a perfect watchdog.

Above all, the German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix is an even-tempered, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate breed that will thrive in an environment it receives kind treatment.

Grooming and Care

To keep the coat of the German shepherd Dalmatian mix looking good, ensure you brush it with a fine toothed comb to remove all dead hair. As a high shedding dog, such a grooming procedure is necessary.

It advisable you brush this dog’s coat daily to reduce the instances of its fur from landing on your clothes or furniture. Also, bathe sessions are vital. Don’t bathe your dog more than three times a year.

When bathing the dog, use a veterinary approve shampoo and avoid human shampoo, which can cause flakiness and dryness. Many bathe session sessions are not recommended; they will cause an imbalance of the coat’s Ph., and also, they may cause irritations.

While grooming the dog, examine the ears. And always check them thrice a week. Check for any redness, swelling, and excess discharge of wax. For routine grooming, use 50-50 parts of lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar, and remember to use a different cloth for each ear.

After that, don’t forget the nails of this dog. If they are long, they risk tearing furniture in your house and even to the point of injuring you. If you hear them cracking the floor, ensure you trim them down. Use a friendly nail clipper that will not injure this dog.

Keep the teeth of this dog free of plaque and tartar by brushing them daily. You need to use veterinary-approved toothpaste and toothpaste. To keep them clean, ensure you brush them thrice a week.

Also, remember to sensitize this dog with such grooming procedures while it is still a puppy. Let the puppy embrace being touched its feet, mouth, and general body. When it becomes an adult, you will not have a cumbersome dog that will make grooming sessions and vet checkups troublesome.

If unable to do all these grooming procedures, you can seek a professional dog groomer who will help you do them with ease.

Exercise and Training

Exercising the German shepherd Dalmatian mix is a must to have smooth living sessions with this dog.

With it being a high-energy dog, a trait conspicuous in its parent, you will need to ensure this dog is physically and mentally healthy.

And with that, it’s a dog not suitable for apartment living; if you cannot give this dog two hours of exercise, you will find it hard living with it.

This dog will appreciate a spacious yard where it can romp around. Also, you can source toys that will keep the German shepherd Dalmatian mix engaged. These toys are available in pet stores, amazon, and e-bay.

With the eager to please nature of the German shepherd and the intelligence of the Dalmatian mix, expect all training sessions to be smooth, and this dog will love learning new tricks and commands daily.

Also, socialization is an integral aspect of this dog breed you should not skip. While it’s still a puppy, expose this dog to lots of sounds and unusual but pleasant experiences. Let the pup come across other pets and other people. With that, you will have a well-adjusted and good companion in your home.

You can teach this dog commands like come go and sit. Also, potty training sessions need to start while the dog is still a puppy.

You can enroll this dog in puppy classes where it will learn various socialization skills that other dogs can teach it.

Nevertheless, socialization is key.


As a high-energy dog, the German shepherd Dalmatian mix will need a high protein diet with less fat. Also, it’s essential you feed this dog according to its size, age, and energy level. Puppy German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix will need a whole set of diets that the seniors. Also, to avoid making this dog breed obese, you need to watch its daily calorie intake. Treats are good but let them not replace your dog’s routine diet. As a rule of thumb, treats should not take more than 5% of your dog’s daily calorie need.

While at that, avoid giving your German shepherd Dalmatian mix human food; human food may lead to obesity and, lastly, stomach discomfort and flatulence.

Also, consult your vet on the best feeding guideline suitable for your German shepherd Dalmatian mix.

Point out; if the mix has a unique urinary stem similar to the one in the Dalmatian dog breed, its food needs to have lots of proteins

Health Issues

The German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix may inherit diseases from its parents. With that, it’s always advisable you buy your dog from a legitimate breeder who will show you all the health clearance certificates of its parent.

Nevertheless, here are some of the health conditions that the German shepherd Dalmatian mix may acquire.

  • Congenital deafness
  • Kidney and bladder stones
  • Skin allergies
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

Worth noting, it’s not written that this dog will acquire all these dogs; it’s a highlight of the disease found more prevalent on the parent of this breed mix that you should keep a keen eye on.

While at that, ensure your German shepherd Dalmatian mix accesses all shots without missing.

Also, avoid staying with intact puppies, not unless you are a breeder. Staying with intact puppies is one reason we have stray dogs, which has led to over a million of them becoming euthanized yearly. Reduce the count.

The lifespan of this dog breed is 9-13 years

Where to Get a German shepherd Dalmatian Mix

You can check this cross from a German shepherd or Dalmatian dog breeder. Ask the breeder about the possibility of getting the puppy German shepherd Dalmatian mix.

If not successful, check in at an animal shelter or rescue center. If not successful, you can consider these breeds

  • The Jack Russell terrier mix
  • The German shepherd huskie mix
  • The German shepherd malamute minx
  • German shepherd Great Dane mix

All these dogs possess similar temperaments and personalities like the ones found in this crossbreed.

Is the German shepherd Dalmatian Breed Mix the Right Dog for Me?

If you want a high-energy dog breed that is intelligent and lastly loyal to its family, then this breed will be suitable for your house. It’s also a breed suitable for active pet lovers.

However, if you stay away from your house for long hours, sorry, this dog breed mix will frustrate you.

Also, don’t keep this dog breed if you don’t love grooming dogs.

Is The Breed Mix Good With Children And Other Pets?

The German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix relates well with children. However, close supervision is needed when they interact. As earlier discussed, children ought to learn how to interact with this dog breed.

Also, this dog relates well with other pets whom it has grown knowing. However, it can relate with other pets well if well socialized.

Is the German shepherd Dalmatian Mix Hypoallergenic?

No, the German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix is not hypoallergenic. The reason being, this dog breed produces fur, which can trigger allergies.

Final Thoughts on the German shepherd Dalmatian Breed Mix

By now, you have some information regarding the German shepherd Dalmatian breed mix. This breed is gentle and loving, and its sweet temperaments can never be matched. Quench all the needs of this dog breed, and you will not regret it at all.

Now on to you, can you have such a breed mix in your house? Or do you have one? Tell us here down in the Comment box.

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