German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix: The Smart, Loyal Dog You’ve Been Looking For

German shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Are you a pet enthusiast who loves hybrid dogs full of energy? Then it would be best if you considered getting yourself a German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier mix.

As from the name, this designer dog (German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier mix) is the outcome of breeding pure breeds of the German shepherd and the Jack Russell terrier.

This subject breed mix is intelligent, energetic and loyal. Additionally, this breed has high energy levels that require lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

However, this German Shepherd jack Russell terrier mix‘s characters and behavior solely depends on the parents’ original traits.

This article will help you know all about this German shepherd mix: appearance, nutritional requirements, and price.

German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix Overview

Before learning about this breed of characters, will first have an overview of each parent doggie, the German shepherd, and the Jack Russell terrier.

Quick Overview: German shepherd Vs Jack Russell Terrier

German shepherd Jack Russell terrier
Origin Germany England
Group Working Terrier or working group
Size 22-26 inches 10-12 inches
Weight 65-90 pounds 9-15 pounds
Type of coat Double coat Comes in three types: smooth, broken, and rough
Coat color Black and red, black and tan White with black or tan markings
Temperaments Loyal, alert and intelligent Intelligent, inquisitive, sociable
Training Easy Difficult to train
Exercise requirements High High
Level of barking Mild High
Level of shedding High moderate
health Prone to hip and elbow dysplasia Quite a healthy breed
lifespan 10-13 years 10-15 years

Jack Russell German Shepherd Mix

1. German Shepherd

According to the AKC, the German shepherd is the second most popular breed out of 195 species of dog. The British and the Irish people have a different name for the German shepherd, i.e., the Alsatian dog.

A Brief History of the Shepherd

This breed dog was bred by a German Captain max van Stephanie back in the 1800s. Van Stephanie had a mission of developing an energetic herding dog. They crossed many species of dogs to get this ultimate herding dog.

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One of the German shepherd physical trademarks is the broad and wedge-shaped head coupled with erect, pointed ears.

Additionally, the predominant colors of the coat are black, yellow, and gray. The German shepherd can weigh in between 65-90 pounds and reach heights of 24 inches. The male and the female have a size difference, with the male bigger than the female.

What’s more, this dog is masculine and very energetic. This breed has a backpack full of incredible characters from its loyalty, alertness, versatility, and of all, a quick learner.

Additionally, the German shepherd is the predominant breed of all service dogs because of its intelligence and easier trainability.

This breed of dog is gentle and never attacks without reason. They are what we call gentle giants.

Additionally, this dog is not suitable for apartment life because of its high energy levels. Consequently, the shepherd dog requires 60 to 90 minutes of exercise daily.

If not well exercised, this breed of dog can channel its energy into destructive behaviors.


Shepherds have a short black and brown coat full of fur. Additionally, the shepherd dog sheds lots of furs seasonally. I have even heard people call them German shedders.

Because of its high shedding attributes, this breed requires constant brushing of the coat to keep it neat.

Bathing should take place once a month to avoid the eradication of the natural shepherd coat oils.

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Life Expectancy

With proper dieting and exercising, the GSD can live in between 10- 13 years.

Some medical conditions associated with the GSD are Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and dwarfism.

What you ought to note is that most of these disorders are hereditary.

Can German Shepherd Get Along With Jack Russell Terrier

2. Jack Russell Terrier

A working terrier ranked as the 175 dog breed by the AKC.

This dog breed originated from England and was bred to hunt foxes. This dog is classified under a group of hunting dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier History

This breed of dog was first bred by John Russell, a reverend who loved hunting.

He bred the dogs solely for hunting and bolting foxes from the quarries.

Physical Characters

Jack Russell Terrier is a medium-sized dog breed with compact, muscular bodies. The coat’s colors are predominantly white with black or tan markings.

Temperament and behaviors

This breed of dog is intelligent, athletic, and fearless.

You need to note that this breed loves digging because of its natural hunting instincts.

Additionally, the Jack Russell terrier loves working and constant exercises.

Consequently, if bored and not well stimulated, the Jack Russell terrier can, in turn, be destructive.

This breed of dog is not perfect for the apartment since he loves exercising and exploring new areas.

Additionally, this breed of dog is untrustworthy without a leash as she can develop a mind of its own. Further, this dog breed doesn’t do well with other pets at home, for example, cats or Guinea pigs. Mostly the jack Russell perceives them as prey.

Other than that, this breed of dog can be hard to train. Above all, it’s one of the dogs that has a strong guarding instinct.

Lifespan Of Jack Russell Terrier

Life Span

If well nurtured, the Jack Russell Terrier has a life span of 10 to 15 years.

Jack Russell terriers are not that prone to diseases. However, they are susceptible to muscle-skeletal problems such as patellar luxation, where the kneecap slips of its original place.

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Choosing a Hybrid Dog: What You Ought To Know

Before you welcome a mixed dog breed into its forever home, you must have a look at its past and its lineages. Carefully check the temperaments and the behaviors of your dog. Also, check whether the parents have hereditary diseases that can be transferred to the pup.

Doing such an assessment will help you choose whether this breed is perfect for your home. There is no need for rushing; take your time as this is the dog you will probably spend most of your life with.

Worth to note is that the puppy may take the characters and genes of one predominant parent or both. However, the outcome is of utmost unpredictable.

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Jack Russell German Shepherd Mix Puppy

German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix Temperament

The German shepherd and jack Russell mix are most likely to produce a loyal and fearless dog. This breed will utmost be overprotective of its handler. This breed will probably have a soft spot for his owners and whom he refers to as a family.

This mix is a perfect guard dog because of its alertness and protective nature.

Additionally, regardless of which parent gene he takes, this mix will be full of energy and in need of physical stimulation. That said, if you practice a sedentary lifestyle, this breed of dog should not be your choice.

Similar to its original parents, this breed of dog will have lots of energy to dispense. Lack of stimulation can and will nurture unwanted behaviors.

Additionally, this mix will require lots of attention and company. If left alone, the German shepherd Russell terrier mix can develop a separation anxiety disorder.

The key point to note is that this dog breed loves company, mental and physical stimulation. However, the critical temperamental issues will depend on the original parents and which side he falls on.

German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix Size and Appearance

A German shepherd Jack Russell Terrier mix has a compact, energetic body.

One key character appearance that this mix will probably inherit is the parent German shepherd’s pointed ears.

When it comes to size, it can sometimes be unpredictable. However, most of the shepherd terriers mix is medium-sized.

This dog mix can weigh between 40-60 pounds; however, these parameters can vary. Additionally, this mix may develop medium-sized sturdy legs that are similar to the original parents.

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Jack Russell Shepherd Mix Color

Shepherd terrier Coat and colour

With both parents having double cots, be ready to have a mix with a dense fur coat. Also, the chances of getting a combination that’s high shedding are still high.

So if you are allergic to dog’s fur, this mix should not be your choice.

This mix’s typical color coat can either be black or brown; however, you can get one with a black color coat with brown patches.

Exercise and Living Condition

Important to note is that this breed will need lots of exercise daily.

And probably you should spend 60 to 90 minutes of your time exercising this breed.

With both shepherd and terrier being dogs of energy level, don’t confine this mix in a small space. Otherwise, this dog will turn out to be a destructive guy.

This shepherd terrier mix is not perfect for apartments as he thrives on lots and lots of exercises.

Jack Russell German Shepherd Mix

Also, ensure you have a fenced backyard as this mix can do everything to reach out for his happiness.

Always ensure this breed of dog is engaged, be it mentally and physically. A lack of socialism can nurture separation anxiety disorder.

If well trained, this breed can harmoniously live with other pets. However, introduce other pets cautiously to this mix as the hunting traits of the Jack Russell may be dominant, and they may come into play.

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Training: German shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Training of this mix should start while still, it’s a puppy.

This breed can be easy to train thanks to the intelligence and obedience nature of the German shepherd.

Training should start early as possible when young, using positive encouragement like hugs and treats.

Worth to note, the dog may have its days when it will altogether refuse to partake any training no matter the treats you try “bribing” the dog with.

While training this breed, be keen to eradicate the hunting instincts and the overprotective nature.

Train your German shepherd terrier mix while young on how to interact with other home pets and animals.

Be keen to walk with your dog on a leash while roaming around other people.

When punishing uncouth behaviors, don’t scold or throw things at this mix.

You can also enroll your pet in a puppy training school if you are unsure how to drive out unwanted behaviors.

German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix Health Concerns

German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix Health Concerns

The German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier mix may have a life span of 10-15 years. Being a mixer of two dogs, we can say that this dog is aloof in severe medical conditions.

That said, the health conditions that this designer dog may have are unpredictable.

Thus you should visit a breeder and have the health history of both parents.

Some medical conditions associated with this breed include:

Hip and elbow Dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia, this condition can affect all dogs but mostly predominant in German shepherds. Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the joint and the socket don’t click collect, thus causing rubbing and gliding.

This condition may occur in German shepherd Jack Russell terrier mix that has a rapid overgrowth rate.

Skin Irritation

The German shepherd Russell mix is most likely to suffer from seborrhea dermatitis. This condition causes the dog to have a flaked dry skin that is extremely itchy.

The condition can be inherited from the parents, and still, it can develop on its own.

Another condition you should be aware of is the luxation patella. This condition is predominant in jack Russell, and it occurs when the kneecap slips off the groove.

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Eye Condition

German shepherd Russell terrier is likely to suffer from eye luxation, a common eye disorder common in Jack Russell terriers.

Glaucoma is another condition predominant in this designer breed.

German Shepherd Mixed With Jack Russell Terrier

Intervertebral Disease

The intervertebral disease is common in elderly dogs. And it occurs when one of the cushioning discs of the spine moves out place.

This condition can be painful and can cause paralysis in your dog.

Another disease you should be aware of is Addison’s disease.

Above all, ask the breeder to show you the health history of the parent dogs. Last but not list, always do your due diligence before purchasing a puppy.

As a responsible dog owner, it will be your responsibility to update your pet’s vaccines. Also, a constant visit to your veterinary will do well for you and your pet.

Shepherd Terrier Mix Nutrition Needs

This hybrid dog requires high-calorie foods because of its high energy levels. Ensure the food is full of proteins to ensure enough provision of energy.

Other than that, ensure the foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality kibble.

Quality kibble, vitamin d will help decrease the chances of developing musculoskeletal problems associated with this breed mix.

Give your dog 3 cups of a balanced diet divided into two portions, daily.

This breed can quickly gain weight, so ensure you sieve out gluttonous behavior. However, consider contacting your vet for advice on the best high-quality food necessary for your German shepherd terrier mix.

Key point: nutrition needs will depend on the age and the size of the dog.

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Grooming For German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Grooming for German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Similar to every other breed, grooming is essential to this designer dog breed. Brushing of the teeth should take place twice a week to prevent dental disease.

Be ready to keep the fur neat and tidy in case the dog is a heavy shedder.

The bathing of the dog should take place every six weeks. Constant washing with shampoos might eradicate the normal flora of the skin.

Trim the nails once a week. Also, don’t forget to keep the ears clean, whether flopped or erect.

Cleaning German shepherd terrier mix ears is easy. However, you can source the services of a groomer to do the job for you.

Related Questions

Cost of the German shepherd Terrier Mix

The cost of this breed can range from $400 to $900.

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Cost of Maintaining a German shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The cost of maintaining this the shepherd terrier mix is not constant. For example, the adult dog will require high maintenance expenditures compared to the expenses of a pup.

German Shepherd Jack Russell

Should I Register My German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix?

Yes, it’s essential you register your dog to the relevant club in your locality. However, your dog will be in the category of hybrid dogs, not pure dogs.

How Many Puppies Can a German shepherd Terrier Mix Have?

A female German shepherd terrier mix can have a litter of between 5- 12 puppies.

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Should I Microchip My German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix?

Yes, as a responsible dog owner, you should microchip your German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier mix. A chip that is containing your dog information and your contacts is injected under your dog’s skin. This chip will help you retrace your dog back in case it gets lost or strays away.

Is Jack Russell German Shepherd mix The Right Dog For My Family?

If you love an energetic, eager and intelligent pet, then the German shepherd terrier mix should be your number one.

Also, if you want a dog companion for exercising, consider choosing this designer dog.

Also, if you love a cheeky, funny dog that will keep your family entertained, consider having a German shepherd terrier.

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Full Grown German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Where to Source a Jack Russell German shepherd Mix

Always adopt a Jack Russell German Shepherd mix or any other breed before you think of buying one.

Adopting a dog is one of the best things you can for the dog and yourself.

Genuine Breeders

With the popularity of hybrid dogs gaining pace, getting a German shepherd terrier mix is more effortless.

Ensure you visit a dog breeder who has a dog’s interest in heart.

Be inquisitive when you visit the breeder

  • Ask to see the parents of the puppy, check whether the puppy is interacting with the parents.
  • Request health certificates of both the puppies and the parents.
  • Being inquisitive will help you understand whether the breeder is legitimate.

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Rescue Centers and Adoption Homes

You can get a German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier mix from either a rescue center or an adoption center. Remember, it’s not a dog’s fault to be in the rescue center.

That said, don’t keep puppy farm/puppy mills in business by purchasing puppies from them. Puppy farms nurture these puppies in a brutal nature and unhealthy conditions.

Adopt before you shop!!

Pet Finder

Pet Finder is an online platform where you are likely to get your forever canine companion. However, due diligence is needed.

Why Should I Choose A Crossbreed?

Here is why people are turning towards hybrids dogs.

  • You will get a dog with a unique feature.
  • These dogs came make great pets; however, it depends on how you train them.
  • Mixed dogs have fewer diseases.
  • A hybrid dog is unlikely to suffer from congenital disease as compared to the parents. Most hybrids are healthier than pure breeds.
  • Also, cross breeding ensures unwanted genes are not passed from one generation to another.

German Shepherd And Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The Exit

Having a crossbreed of German shepherd and jack Russell terrier in your homestead won’t do you any harm.

From its energetic nature, alertness, and loving attributes, the German shepherd terrier mix can be a perfect addition to your family.

Let not the media discourage you from adopting a German shepherd terrier mix.

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