How to keep my German Shepherd safe from ticks


Ticks happen to be parasites that are commonly found in areas that are dense with vegetation. Ticks tend to make an animal their host and multiply within the hair. Since ticks tend to grow in population, exposing your dog to only a couple of them could result in hundreds of them over a span of few days.

How Ticks Can Happen?

In dogs, ticks tend to bury their heads inside the skin, sucking off blood and transmitting a number of harmful disease and discomfort to the dog. Mostly, ticks cling on to the hair or fur of an animal when it brushes against the vegetation and plants. Often at times, ticks are not easily noticeable until after they are already multiplied in big numbers and are sucking off the blood. So the first step towards keeping your dog safe from ticks would be to avoid entering areas that could potentially be infested with ticks. Tick repellent products on your dog could also be a nice idea.

Most of the times, ticks are found in vegetative areas that are dense in the population having a number of shrubs that are overgrown, bushes, and meadows. Ticks usually tend to climb to pushes and leaves as high as 20 inches from the ground in order to successfully cling on to an animal’s fur. So the chances of getting infected with ticks via the ground are quite lower as compared to plants that are above ground level. Ticks tend to recognize a living thing via heat sensors that are capable of detecting the heat that is emitted by an animal. Then, it simply dimps on into the fur like a missile in case a dog happens to pass by. So the best way to avoid them would be to take care of your dog. As a simple precaution, do not let your dog rub against bushes and parks when you are out for a walk. As an added safety precaution, consider walking on the trail only.

Where Ticks Are Mostly Found

It could also very well be likely that your dog is getting infested with ticks via your house yard. Ticks are mostly found in areas where there are a lot of decaying leaves, along with a humid environment. To prevent your dog from sticking the nose in wooded areas or in areas where plants are decaying.

For the sake of grooming, do however check your dog’s hair signs of ticks and get it treated as soon as possible. This is because it is likely that you may also end up catching ticks in your head hair through your dog. Moreover, dogs often catch picks via other animals such as neighborhood stray cats/dogs and rodents that usually carry ticks in them due to the trash cans that they stroll in. So make sure that your dog does not get too involved with other stray animals.

So do not forget to groom your dog after each and every visit to the nearby park for a walk. It is quite simple to remove ticks that are attached to the hair threads by use of a comb with very fine-tooths. Moreover, in order to locate ticks that have already made your dog’s skin home, regularly run your hand through your dog’s skin and notice signs of small bumps that can be quite small.

How To Keep My German Shepherd Safe From Ticks

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