How to protect my German Shepherd from mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are extremely irritating, aggravating creatures whose desire for blood is the cause for so many infections and diseases. As much as mosquitoes like human blood, they don’t have a problem drinking animal blood as well. It is easier for a mosquito to get blood from an animal, as they can’t respond to these bites in the same way as humans can.

It is very common to see a large swarm of mosquitoes tormenting pets. The mosquito repellents that we use contain certain chemicals, that might affect the health of our pets. There are specific ways to protect your dog from mosquitoes and we will look at those in this article.

What Is The Way To Protect German Shepherd From Mosquitoes?

Don’t keep stagnant water near your house:

Stagnant water equals more mosquitoes. When you make sure that there is no stagnant water near your house, you inhibit their growth and stop them from tormenting you and your dog. Mosquitoes breed more faster in stagnant water.


Don’t take your dog for walks at times when mosquitoes are on the rampage

Mosquitoes don’t come out as much during the day time, because of the affect of the sun on them. They however do the most damage during the early morning and in the evenings. Don’t take your dog out for a walk during these times, and you’ll prevent your dog from having to get bitten.


Buy mosquito repellents which are designed for dogs

General purpose mosquito repellents used by humans, might contain certain chemicals which can adversely affect the health of your pet dog. Buy mosquito repellent products which are specifically designed for dogs, so that the health of your dog will not be compromised. Products designed to repel ticks and fleas will also work to repel mosquitoes as well.

How To Protect My German Shepherd From Mosquitoes At Home?

Try out some natural remedies

There are a few effective natural remedies that will work on pets to repel mosquitoes. Lemon Eucalyptus oil is an amazing natural remedy that works well to repel mosquitoes due to its strong, pungent smell. Since there are no chemicals involved in this remedy, it does not affect the health of your dog in any way.


Mesh up the windows in your home

If you live in an area which is affected by mosquito swarms, make sure that you mesh up the windows and openings with mosquito preventing meshes, which have very fine holes, to ensure that mosquitoes don’t get through while giving you good ventilation. This will help keep those pesky mosquitoes away from your beloved dog.


Keep the surroundings clean

If the surroundings of your home are filled with garbage and is in an unclean state, you run the risk of inviting more mosquitoes to invade your home. Mosquitoes thrive in an unclean environment. Get rid of leaks, standing water, and all garbage that are there in the surroundings of your home. Cut the grass in your lawn and make sure it is very short, because mosquitoes love to live in the grass, which protects them from the elements. This will ensure that your dog does not get bitten by mosquitoes.

How To Protect My German Shepherd From Mosquitoes

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